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  1. At least I have noticed it as well, though compared to the problems with the general color consistency (especially the color yellow has horribly inconsistent shades between individual bricks) and misprints on helmets (honestly, some custom makers produce nowadays more qualified helmets - the modern scout trooper still being an exception of excellence in the Lego brand), I have not really bothered myself about it. - Samppu
  2. Very interesting, thank you for explaining this! - Samppu
  3. Samppu

    (MOC) Suwantek TL-1800 Freighter - 1505 pieces

    Wow, I would be really curious to hear about this! Like in general did he introduce the concept of the ship personally (I guess so?) or alternatively was it accepted or maybe even introduced by the Lucasarts or someone else first, or did he just imagine the concept and then someone else tried to give it a picture, how it should look like. - Samppu
  4. Samppu

    (MOC) Suwantek TL-1800 Freighter - 1505 pieces

    Oh, I really love that book and seeing this marvelous piece inspired me to grab that story from the shelf again! - Samppu
  5. Samppu

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Wow, love these! What is the head piece for Darth Nihilus?
  6. Ironically, this is very true. In addition, I would be happy if Lego or other companies alike would show some bold moves by not caring about random and totally pointless shouts that only add up to the cancel culture in these kinds of cases, where there obviously is nothing bad behind the product. I think what he is doing with the reviews is a smart move from his point of view, as the information is still there as pointed in the earlier comments, but he can safely say to anyone accusing him of leaks or whatsoever that all he did was a review.
  7. Technically, all the lightsaber "hearts" are white. Even those that have a colored such as green or blue glow around the white heart. It is this glow that is somewhat colorless for Ashoka's new sabers. Speaking of which, it would be cool to have dual-molded bars with white hearts.
  8. I totally agree, but I would at least personally still prefer any set to no set. Though the same policy has been around for cheaper sets as well. No Cody in the Grievous fighter even if the set itself almost screamed to have it. No AT-RT driver in the Kashyyyk AT-RT Anniversary set. Luckily Clone Army Customs has high quality customs for those, but still.
  9. I only build MOCs myself, so the minifigures are usually the only reason to buy SW sets instead of just buying parts elsewhere, and I bet I am certainly not the only one following this philosophy, so it is really weird they do not bother with more interesting figures in opportunities like this. There are other examples, too. There are, of course, many more collectors, AFOLs and casual Lego lovers alike, than pure MOC builders, but I would still guess that the increase in sales following better minifigures - which also attract collectors as well - would easily be worth it. Especially in this case Beru Lars would not need a new mold, just a new print and a suitable hair piece, so the problem would not be about the budget.
  10. Haha, I can totally imagine this scenario in my head... :D The employees gathering around the morning coffee table when the CEO crushes in and asks if the Episode V sets are ready as they are going to the production line tomorrow, when the brave one tells that he spoke about Episode VI earlier. "The difference between V and VI is I, aren't I?" the CEO laughs and leaves the room leaving the employees staring at each other. That one as a joke, I am honestly very happy that we get more scout trooper helmets (also in this year's Advent calendar) and that Lego actually pays attention to the traditional Expanded Universe lore.
  11. I weigh in to this a little, because I consider the rage on these mistakes was in fact justified (albeit in the internet it easily gets out of proportion, but that is how it tends to work, unfortunately). It is not that these mistakes themselves were so bad (we do have a clone pilot relatively easily accessible for those who desire it, and I did not believe a second that they would have made a new mold of any kind with this set, not for Cody nor the pilot on the basis how they have treated such opportunities before - e.g. missed AT-RT pilot in the 20th anniversary walker and missed Cody in the recent Soulless One). Rather the problem that enraged the people was the highly unprofessional attitude reflected in the ignorance whether the figure is a pilot or a commander "because people anyway only remember seeing a yellow clone". For anyone buying such expensive sets, these things do matter and such details shouldn't be that hard nor expensive to take care of. Additionally I think this episode reflects one root reason behind many short comings in Lego SW production line during the recent few years, which - as far as I am aware of - is that some of the key designers in the Lego SW team have been working there since the very beginning now two decades back in time. They were certainly the best available recruits back then who were also highly enthusiastic about the original trilogy, because that was all that there was to Star Wars back then. But things have drastically changed since then. The original designers are no longer the best nor even the most enthusiastic. We have tons of new content (I would bet that the original old school designers have not bothered to pay attention to look through it all), a myriad of new revolutionary parts and a world wide pool of genius builders who could make child friendly, low part count but still miraculously impressive snowspeeders with their left hand, whereas all we get from the original designers are repetitions of the very same design that has been around now two decades. These kinds of examples, the snowspeeder in particular but also the small things like the clone commander vs. pilot issue, are clearly a sign that the problem is no longer about time or resources.
  12. Samppu

    Season 2 Holonet | Info Drops and Discussion

    Missions sounds great, I love the idea of actually trying to make way through something that associates to that game mode. Could there be a versus match from time to time as well? Two builders who mutually accept to challenge each other competing to accomplish the same Mission?
  13. Samppu

    Season 2 Holonet | Info Drops and Discussion

    An additional idea I am just throwing out considering the maintenance cost mechanism I introduced in the previous message. Would it be fun and simple enough, if the types of the planets would follow a logic that each faction must have at least one planet of the farmland type and at least one planet with a shipyard, or if they don't, their maintenance cost would go up some number of points until they conquer a planet that has them. In addition, it would be fun to have a rule that if your faction did not have a shipyard at the moment, every vehicle of that faction that appears in a build must be somehow rugged or rusty. Similarly if your faction did not have farmland in its control, your builds must show problems with famine or lack of supplies. Sure, no problem, I am totally intrigued by this game. In personal life I have been working with my studies very hard, so I haven't really had the chance to join this yet, but I am now eagerly looking forward for the upcoming season. I totally agree with the freedom to choose issue, and like you said, equal number of builders does not necessarily produce equal number of XPs due to different experience and time available for each builder, so it is a fair and a good choice to try to get everyone interested in, be it in any faction they wish to join. I am also glad if the maintenance cost idea spawned interest. It is just a thought I am throwing, so anyone can feel free to develop or use it further or then not.