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  1. Samppu

    Custom Stickers

    Whoah, great many thanks! These will become handy when using water decals to create ranks not existing in official Lego pieces!
  2. Ah, love this! The rain effect is cool, though trans black tiles might be more accurate color (water is only blue when the sky is blue). Or edit: the sky is actually pretty bluish in your edit, so it does work, but I might still miss some gradient at least: the water tiles in the shadows being trans black and the ones that hit the light from the sky blue, perhaps even in different shades of blue. Great build too! The bith advertisement especially was a nice idea. At first glance, I thought he was looking through a window so a can or other such product in his hand (if it fits) might make the purpose more apparent, but the idea is very creative.
  3. Still about the TIE Bomber: Big sets need to have tons of play features, yes, but who said the TIE Bomber could not have more than dropping bombs and shooting flick fire missiles? I think this is where the designers could put some more imagination into. Light up motors, sound effects, some motor details, an ejections seat (TIE Bomber actually had one in the EU at least) and a small ground piece including e.g. a technician and an officer. The possibilities are plenty.
  4. Samppu

    Custom Stickers

    These are so great! Warm thank you. =) I have been waiting to join the Factions, too, once I have my thesis finished, and I believe these will find some good use. One future idea that I thought for consideration is to separate the figures that include white and the ones that do not, because most of the printers do not print white, which might become a minor problem if one wants to print these on water decals instead of a paper, because water decal sheets are usually either transparent (for figures that do not have anything white) or white (for figures that include something white). This is problem only because one water decal sheet costs something like 7 euros, so you want to use each of them very carefully... :D
  5. Samppu

    Anakin's lightsaber [MOC]

    Whoah, love this. Excellent find with that cylinder piece, it is perfect 1:1 scale to my eye!
  6. Samppu

    Updating Your Minifigs

    This works very well, cool idea! And high five for not including the Disney staff to one's personal SW universe! :D I have ended up buying quite a bunch of resistance minifigures as well, because they are a good fit for different rebel staff of which we often do not even have any canonical description (e.g. how should a rebel gunner/artillery trooper or driver look like?).
  7. Well, "many", a few at least. Batman, Spiderman and some others at least. Though now that you said it, Batman is DC but whatever. I guess this is a matter of personal opinion, too, but I haven't really understood the idea, why not to make the figures as detailed as possible. Some ten years ago people complained about the leg printing being unnecessary, when it started to be a standard of a sort, so I guess it is a phenomenon that new phases in figure upgrades inevitably face some resistance.
  8. Samppu

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I actually prefer the orange(-ish) color. She does have a red hair in the SW universe, but ginger hair in real life is not actually deep red usually, and also in many comic representations Mara's hair is actually almost perfect match to the one above. Of course, in the Lego world it is not only about the perfect match between the reality and the Lego world but also about the correct relations between the in-universe elements. In this case it means that even if the color above is a realistic tone, it does not look so "red" compared to the other Lego hair pieces as it would in real life, because the Lego hair colors in general are much stronger and varying than the ones in real life. So yes, deep red color works very well, too. It depends if you seek a perfect match to the real life or if you want to make it better stand out among the other figures, I would say.
  9. Speaking of molds, it is irritating that they do not use the double-molded legs or hands for Star Wars figures. Yes, the minifigure series are purposefully made to be more catching than the figures in the sets, but many Marvel characters do have double-molded legs, so why not Star Wars characters? The budget is an argument, because the Star Wars figures tend to sell well anyway, but using, for example, for the scout trooper the already existing mold of black legs with white boots (that has been almost lazily used in at least 3 or 4 recent CMF figures instead of creating new combinations) probably would not be so much more expensive... - Samppu
  10. Samppu

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Gotta love the way you composed Mara Jade! How is it done, especially where comes the hair and face piece? @ARC2149Nova - Samppu
  11. I don't want to let all the hope be gone, but sadly this is probably the case and we do not get Cody. However, I have to counter-argue that especially among the afols there are quite a few of us, who buy large sets only or mostly for the minifigures.. ;D Consider e.g. the Solo sets with Mimban stormtrooper and the range troopers, for example. (It is not that expensive either if you sell most of the parts on Bricklink afterwards). - Samppu
  12. Samppu

    MOC Cyberpunk/SW Room

    Whoah! This if fantastic! The lightning really adds up for it! - Samppu
  13. Samppu

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    This is simply impressive in the amount of detail. Love it! - Samppu
  14. Samppu

    [M12 - Byblos - TT] Forced retirement

    The build is just marvelous! My personal favorites are the big chairs and tiling on the floor. However, an idea for a future scene: use human eye (or even frog eye view). The plot of the scene has a potential to spawn more sparkle, if one can feel more like being there and being part of the events. With the bird eye view (camera looking downwards from somewhere above) it easily creates a little distant feeling regarding the story line, like the audience is just a fly on the wall. Nevertheless, gotta love this one! Looking forward for more! - Samppu
  15. Samppu

    [MOC] Separatist NR-N99 Tank Droid

    I would love to see this in real Legos! Maybe even as motorized. The scale is just correct, too, I would say. The size enables more details, but it is not too much over. I especially like the round 10x10 curved bricks (the big gray pieces from the Droid Gunship) as the main circles attached to the body. Perhaps I would have preferred the tracks to be unitary black altogether, but nevertheless, this is great. - Samppu