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  1. Hi, thank you for your post. I'see I 've made a mistake. I'm sorry about that. The work is in progress. So we will place the necessary informations immediately. Kind regards, Matthias
  2. I will place your informations at first... i'm sorry for your affliction...
  3. It's a bug... we're working on it... We want to introduce the designers with name, photo, etc.pp., if they want of course... but it doesn't work yet...
  4. Of course it's testet... We need six months for modelling.
  5. Hi there, after 12 months of hard work the building instruction for the lowboy trailer - compatible to lucios tractor truck - is finished. More informations here: http://www.technicdi...e=37&modell=370 Hope you enjoy it! Kind regards, Matthias