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Found 18 results

  1. - Are you looking for a new exciting challenge and want to be part of our special firefighter family in Bricksonville? Then you're very welcome to join us. - This is my newest video creation about the firefighters of my illuminated Lego city, Bricksonville. And as always, don't take it to serious, it's a fun project ;-) I hope you'll enjoy it!
  2. scottwb2010

    Scotsburgh Fire Department Update

    Hi Its been a while since I first posted my origanal Scotsburgh Fire department Appliances photo's so thought it was about time I gave an update. Here are appliances/engines that were introduced through 2014. The first appliance/engine is a Scania/Bronto 28m Allrounder, which is an Aerial Rescue Pump. Basically a combined aerial appliance and Rescue Pump. As detailed its on a Scania crew cab chassis with double rear axle to take the weight and has Bronto 28m boom package. First photo's of this are from my LDD design of the appliance. I have brick built it so photo's to follow. Scania Chassis with water tank Scania Chassis with bodywork Unfortunatley I couldn't work out how to get LDD to allow the boom package to fit on the body, but you'll see it when I post the brick built version. Comments as always welcome.
  3. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Ladder no. 3

    Hi Folks! Today I introduce you to my Fire Ladder no.3, based on set 60112. I modified the engine (now two stud more long), and redesigned the trailer. The new features are a longer ladder in front position, 4 new main compartments, more storage boxes, accessories, an additional fire hoses and control panels. Hope you like it and be inspiration!
  4. Firefighterlucas

    Lego Fire Engine Responding [VIDEO]

    Hi Guys! I made a short Stop motion video about a water tender of the BDFD (Brickdam Fire Department) responding to a fire. The video is made out of 185 pictures and it taked took 1 hour to film. I hope you guys like it!
  5. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Off Road Fire Truck 2

    Hello everyone! This is my Off Road Fire Truck 2, based on set 60111, I added two storage boxes, move inside the main fire hose, added control panels and accessories, on the roof of the truck there are two other fire hoses and lights. Hope you like it!
  6. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] Truck trailer accident

    A truck lost his trailer while making a turn to left. One car has been hit by the trailer but the driver is alright. Police was at the scene verry fast and closed the roads to the accident. The fire department arrived to clear the scene for the tow trucks. When the tow trucks arrived they started to clear the scene. The police is investigating how the accident happend. The accident just happend. The police is closing the roads. The fire department arrives at the scene. The scene is getting cleared. I hope you guys liked my MOC!
  7. Chilly_Productions

    Which Modular Buildings Do You Own?

    I own the pet shop and the fire brigade, my sister owns the green grocer, the grand emporium, the palace cinema and the town hall, she isn't into LEGO anymore, but she keeps them as ornaments.
  8. It has been five years ago since I had finished this hazmat truck. So I think, time for a make over. During the rebuild, the model got a longer wheelbase for more loading space, but tried to save the overall look. I had put on some new features like a more realistic hydraulic platform and a lamp post. This truck now features a lot of equipment for huge technical assistances and of course incidents with hazardous materials. It can also be alarmed by the municipal fire department in case of incidents thoughout the city area. In Europe, this treaty with municipal aid agencies is called TUIS. Which can be translated with Transport-, Incident- and assistance-System. Btw, the little red thing at the front end is a typical covered winch. Enough (in roughly English) said, let the photos speak... This is it. Hope you like this, too. Thanks for watching.
  9. Hello Community! It's been quite awhile since my last MOC. But I wasn't passive. In the meantime I've upgrated some of my models, especially the ones of my petroleum plant fire brigade "Jade Öl AG". So, let's start with a new special tanker equipped with a high reachable Turret, mobile water cannon and a heavy duty pump. It carries 7,000 liters of water and 3,000 liters of foam to the scene. You'll find a few more pics in the gallery on my blog. So, hope you like it. Comments and critics are welcome as usual. More MOCs to come. Regards!
  10. happer

    10197 Fire Brigade Mod

    Hi, that's my Mod of 10197 set, i have some problems uploading several photos, so if you'd like to see full gallery in high quality go here
  11. Brick & Mortimer

    Modular Rebuilding Project

    In the lego community, the modular buildings are held in awe. For most AFOLS, they represent a high point in all the sets TLG has released. Rumors about the new modular building are eagerly followed by the fans. These sets even made their (previously anonymous) designers into a sort of celebrities. A couple of months ago my girlfriend and I moved to a new, bigger, apartment. When we were packing I decided to tear down my modulars in order to clean them from dust etc. Now I’ve finally found the time to start cleaning and rebuilding. And I’d like to use this opportunity to see if the modulars hold to their reputation. Hence this rebuilding project. The sets I’m going to rebuild are: 10182 Café Corner 10190 Market Street 10185 Green Grocer 10197 Fire Brigade 10211 Grand Emporium 10218 Pet Shop 10224 Town Hall Palace Cinema and Parisian Restaurant are not a part of this project for the simple reason that they I can’t be re-build them. I own Palace Cinema, but I never had the room to build it when we were living in our old apartment. The Parisian Restaurant was the first set I build when we moved to our new place. I’m not going to use a fixed checklist for judging every set, but basically I’ll be judging the modulars on building techniques, esthetics and (lack of) repetitive building. I’d like to point out that all this is just my personal opinion. I realize that not everybody is going to agree with things I think of as beautiful or ugly, but as the old saying goes: de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est. This rebuilding project is not going to be is a series of reviews. There are excellent reviews of all the modulars in this rebuilding project, so I’m not going to rehash what is already written. Also, I’m not going to focus on (rare) parts etc. Firstly because I’m not familiar with this and secondly because for me, rare parts or parts in special colours are no reason to buy the modulars. I like the buildings and the techniques, but special parts are not a selling point for me. Again, this is just me and again, this rebuilding project is very subjective. I'm not going to grade the modulars on a scale. I find it very hard to do, so you'll have to do with vague terms like "beautiful", "nice" "boring" etc. Maybe (just maybe), I might give a ranking after rebuilding all my modulars. 1: Café Corner 2: Market Street 3: Green Grocer 4: Fire Brigade 5: Grand Emporium I’ll try to post as regularly as possible, I hope to post at least once a week (if RL allows). I hope you guys are going to enjoy my trip down memory lane!
  12. TheBlackFool

    (WIP), My Corner Fire Brigade

    Hi again! Here to show my work in progress my modular 64x32 corner fire brigade. I tried to do something a little unique compared to other FB mods, and I don't see many corner mods. I'm going to rip apart a lot of it later to tweak some seams and get a sturdier design in some areas. I don't particularly like my bell tower, and will probably redesign the whole thing to make it....blockier. Sorry about the picture size. I'm riding the strugglebus today.
  13. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I got myself a fancy account and everything. So I finally got around to starting my own MOD, since I figured it was a good segue into making my own custom modular buildings. I'm working on a full on expansion to the Fire Brigade. I want it 64x32, with one end being a corner. I don't see too many 64x32 buildings on a corner, and I wanted to do something a little more unique than adding another floor or just extending the same design outwards like I see with many FB mods. The problem I'm coming too is angled walls. I would like a 45 degree wall on the corner, but nothing seems to be working out. Does anyone have any good recommended guides for angled walls, or maybe a technique in LDD they could show me? I'm truly stumped. I had a really good curved wall similar to what is shown in the Helm's Deep sets, but it didn't feel like it matched the FB motif. Finally, I would like some advice on roads. While I prefer brick built roads, I'd rather put my resources towards my buildings and just use road plates. The problem I come to it that if I use the sidewalk with the modulars plus the side walk on the roads it seems too wide, but if I build the modular on top of the side walk in the plate, the streets seem very narrow and tight. Any advice? Look forward to showing off my MOD once it's worthy of your guys' eyes. I admire the work I see here so much.
  14. 3BrickFriends

    MOC Japanese Restaurant

    Hi, my name is Mike and this is my first post. Let me know if I do anything wrong. I've been reading posts on this forum for a long time and thought I'd start getting involved. My latest project I've completed is a Japanese Restaurant based on the Fire Brigade modular set. I produced a video showing the details of the design. I'd really appreciate it if people would have a look and let me know what you think. I really respect the opinion of the builders on Eurobricks so it would be great to get some feedback. Thanks, Mike.
  15. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide water rescue unit

    Hello all! The next one (of my 120+ firetrucks, containers and trailers ) I want to show you is a water rescue truck in combination with a boat on a trailer. This unit carries rescue divers and a lot specific equipment to the scene. The truck is highly recommend for rough and/or weak terrain. The boat (which features a solid aluminum hull) carries a powerful outboard motor and a lot of equipment for the first responders. It's quite basic-built, but features the typical bicolor paint scheme and the drive train as a little more detail under the car. Like every MOC of mine this truck also features some epuipment like the divers' suit, a respirator and a special platform to rescue people from thin ice. Finally a picture of the complete a water rescue squad that will be released when an incoming emergency call is indexed by the dispatchers with the word "water". It features from the right: incident command van, pumper (also equipped with stuff for the technical assistance, water rescue truck (divers truck), boat truck and a crane and a rescue van. Hope you like it. C&C are welcome as usual. Thanks in advance. Regards, Farnheim
  16. Alldarker

    Modular Building 10197 Fire Brigade

    10197 Fire Brigade Ages 16+. 2,231 pieces. US $ 149.99; CA $ 199.99, UK £ 97.85, DE € 149.99 Build an authentic vintage fire station! Ding ding ding! There’s a fire in town! The fire brigade drives to the scene from this detailed and realistic 1930’s fire station. Designed to fit with other modular buildings like 10182 Café Corner and 10185 Green Grocer, the station features rare LEGO® pieces and innovative construction techniques. It includes a ‘30s-style fire truck, 4 minifigures, a fire-dog, an opening station garage door, and a removable building roof for interior access. It also includes 2 fully-furnished floors with fire-fighting tools, racks for the firemen's helmets, fire-pole, ping-pong table, kitchen with fully-stocked fridge, couch, bookshelf and a roof with a water tower and bell. Measures 14" (35 cm) high and 10" (25 cm) wide. • Includes a 1930’s-style fire truck, 4 minifigures and a fire-dog! • Features lots of realistic details including fire-fighting tools, racks for firemen’s helmets and even a fire-pole! • The station house features an opening station garage door and 2 fully-furnished floors including a kitchen with fully-stocked fridge and a ping-pong table! • Remove the roof for interior access! • The roof is equipped with a water tower and bell! • Fire Brigade features rare LEGO elements including bricks and plates in dark tan, 1x1 dark red tiles, a red hot dog and the 3x6x5 Belleville® arch. It also features gold fireman’s helmets, a tan hand bag and a red sliding garage door! • Measures 14" (35 cm) high and 10" (25 cm) wide. • Add Fire Brigade to your LEGO® Town and combine it with other modular buildings like 10182 Café Corner and 10185 Green Grocer! Available for order directly through LEGO® beginning September 1, 2009 via All pictures link to HR images which can be +7000.pxl All Pictures © 2009 The LEGO Group and used here with permission!
  17. scottwb2010

    MOD 10197 Fire Brigade - 2 bays

    Hi After taking a while to find a good time to upload this, as there have been a few good variations of this Modular plus the Coastguard version and after several requests, I thought now was a good at time as any to upload my version of a 2 bay MOD of the 10197 Fire Brigade. I built this over a year ago and realy only some internal details to finish it off. The building has been extended to the rear also to accomodate the fire engines based there. As my trucks are 23 studs long I needed 25 studs clearance and I wanted a bit of space all around so I built this station on a 48stud long baseplate and the applaince hall floor is 32 studs long using 2 x 16 stud tiles. There is even enough room for the engine from 7945 if it was stationed there. Front View - Date of when Station was extended Rear View - On roof you can see the enclosure for the pole drop from the room and this goes direct to the Ground floor. Side Side (Junior officers room) Side (Breathing Apparatus servicing room) Appliance Hall - Engine Room Upper Floor Rear (clockwise - Dorm, Pole Drop, Lecture Room, Senior Officer's office, Bathroom) Upper Floor Front - Not much different from the original but extra sofa and a table with chairs Hope you liked it and comments are always welcome.