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Found 14 results

  1. 42156 Peugeot 9x8 alternate: Chevrolet Corvette C8.R Here is my Chevrolet Corvette C8.R car, using the pieces only from the 42156 Peugeot set.You only need the Peugeot set to build this car and no additional LEGO pieces. Model info: Parts: 1534 Scale: 1:10 Dimensions: 49.6 cm x 23.6 cm . Height: 14.9 cm. (Studio data)Instruction steps: 406. Pages: 191. Links: Rebrickable (instructions for $12.99) Instagram page List of functions: Openable doors on both side Openable hood Independent suspensions (x2) Working steering wheel Mid V6 engine (due to part limitations, but space left for V8, as in the real car) Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) In comparison to the real car:
  2. This is a B model for the Peugeot 42156. I have wanted to make an Audi R8 for a while and with all the grey pieces from this set I thought it could be possible. It was a nice challenge to try and create the Audi shape from limited parts of the Peugeot. And I hope I have captured the major features of the R8. I have had to simulate the 4-wheel drive as the two differentials spin at different speeds and to prevent damage to the pieces I have placed a pin connector as a fake differential. You can steer the car via the steering wheel and HOG steering, the latter can also be removed for a cleaner look for the model. Due to part availability, I have chosen a street race concept with carbon fibre bonnet/hood and roof, with large rear spoiler. I know the R8 is a V10 but I hope you forgive me for a V6 The doors can be opened, and the bonnet/hood can be lifted to see the suspension. This is my first time creating a B model and I hope you like the results. The instruction can be found here: Audi R8 Quattro - B model for Peugeot 42156 Features and Functions: · opening doors, bonnet/hood · independent suspension · HOG steering · 4-wheel drive I think the area around the engine could be a better angle but I didn't have enough long beams left I think the front is not too bad.
  3. My First aternative build for the 42148 set. A simple Excavator. I hope you're gonna enjoy the build! Feel free to share your pictures of assembled model! FEATURES Working Tracks Working Excavator arm
  4. Ahoy there, and welcome to Jose's Inn, located on the scenic Skull Rock boardwalk just a stone throws away from the pirate port itself! This Inn has all amenities of (both ship-or-land-based) home, such as five cozy beds and a large wine cellar stocked with all best ale's, beers, wines and spirits. The food served is guaranteed by our cook Dan "Dysentery" McGee to be the best served in all the world's navies, with no-maggots* crackers a staple of the pre-dinner meal! We are also proud to feature twice-a-week amusements by "Davy Jones and the Cursed Immortals" as our house band on Monday and Friday nights. Come around for such hearty songs such as "Point of Know Return", "Wooden Ships", "Octopus's Garden", with "Hotel in Tortuga" as their usual closer. The rear of the tavern, with the crow's nest-like lookout on top. Inside and upstairs are the (cost is per night) beds. Downstairs is the tavern area. So come on down to Jose's Inn, where our famous waitstaff (Manfred the waiter on left, Rosemary the barkeep on right) will treat you like old friends! (*Crackers may or may not contain maggots. Resulting disease may vary; Check with your local barber for more details on whether the crackers may be safe for you!) Davy Jones and the Undead Immortals Band are, from left to right: - Cpt. Vanderdecken, on drums (cursed God on a trip round the horn of Africa, so God cursed him) - Corporal Punishment, on guitar (from a Spanish expedition to El Dorado) - Major Paine, on bass guitar (officer from the English Civil War) - Davy Jones, on vocals (made a deal with goddess Calypso to ferry souls to underworld) NOTE: Their instruments are made from ectoplasm and not visible to living beings, thus they are not visible here. MODEL NOTES: This tavern idea came to me in early February, and was built in late May, and is based off set 31109's B-model with the printed sign from set Pirates of Barracuda Bay (from the Ideas set 21332 number . I thought I should build accommodations for my pirate crews upon arriving at Skull Rock, and it will hook into the boardwalk via clips on both sides of the model's dock easily. The song list is the one I thought long and hard about... thinking of REAL songs with pirate or ship themes, however slight, was hard! However, the easiest one to add was because of @Professor Thaum and his awesome pirate-y rendition of Hotel California, as seen in the post linked to above in the actual song list and again here, because I love it so much. Comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints welcome!
  5. Hi guys, I have designed my second alternate build for the island part of Lego 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay! When building this set, you will discover a mini pirate world on an island. On shore, you will find a multilevel harbor cottage, including a stockroom, a gundeck, a living cabin and an outlook platform. When walking over the hanging bridge, you enter an ancient fortress, in which secrets may be found.. Check out the YouTube video and images, and I would really appreciate your comments/feedback! The INTRUCTIONS will be available on soon!
  6. Hey everyone, As soon as I saw the defender set and heard about its ambitious gearbox I knew I was gonna get it! Loved the set but felt that it didn't show off its engineering enough so I set off on building a B model for it. It has two speed gearboxes for each arm and a four speed gearbox for the turntable. Still has a few tweaks needed but for the most part all major mechanisms are in place. It's based off the design of my V2 spirograph which makes use of the sets differentials. I was worried about the stability of it as it is hand cranked, however I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The finished prints almost hide imperfections when viewed as a whole. I love this set, looking forward to see what others come up with. Once I am happy with everything I will make some intsructions and a full video of it, just wanted to share it with you all. Peace:)
  7. Made a B model using pieces from set 70834 "MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike!" Very happy with the shape I was able to get from the pieces and was even able to give metalbeard a body with the spares.
  8. I've recently returned to LEGO, thanks in no small part to being given the 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS set as a birthday gift by my excellent friends. It was amazing to see how Technics sets have progressed since my childhood but was very dissapointed to find that there were no B model in the instructions. In my early days B models taught me that it was OK to pull apart a build and make something new and this was more than half the fun. Well there was nothing else for it but to make my own and here it is! The Lancia Stratos was an impressive, almost otherworldy machine that loomed large through my childhood and it seemed a fine choice for the orange parts of 42056. The wheels are the right diameter but a lot wider so they take up a lot more room inboard than the real thing and have what you might call a cheeky amount of overlap on the guards but I reckon it works here. I've kept the wheel base and track to scale. Everything opens and shuts like the original and there's a working 5 speed "H" pattern shift gearbox driving the transverse V6 in the back. You can add an additional part to activate reverse gear but this is not neccesary if you want to stay within the parts list of 42056. There are instructions available and the first chapter, the gearbox, is free so that you can see if you can work with them or not. They're available here: INSTRUCTIONS You'll find some unusual choices in terms of parts and placement but remember that this is an alternate build and the bricks available are somewhat limited. Since this is a B model and all the parts are sourced from 42056 it was tricky to get the form and functions that I wanted without too many compromises but the details of the MOC are: Dimensions : Studs = 69 x 56 x 23 cm = 55 x 44.6 x 19 Weight = 2.02 kg Part count = 2197 - 5 speed "H" pattern gearbox with optional reverse - working fake transverse V6 engine - steering via HOG that moves the wheels and steering wheel - front and rear independent suspension - openable bonnet, boot and doors I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in this community, I never knew what an AFOL was until a couple of weeks ago and now it turns out I am one - it's a brave new world for me!
  9. jus1973

    Modular Expert B models.

    Hi all Just got into the whole modular building idea after purchasing a couple of the predesigned models, Cinema, and Detectives office. I've had a bash a MOCing using the very limited parts I have to join them. I was just wondering if there has been much interest in creating B models and instructions, from the parts in the modular sets, which retain the modular rules?
  10. UPDATE: *A-MODEL Break the rulez with this strit razer! Features : Chain driven mini v6 HOG steering Foldable rear view glasses 4 point harness on the seat Pneumatic gull-wing doors *B-MODEL European style truck Dimensions: 18x16x28 WIP Topic Good day all and Happy New Year! After many time I finally post my current progress on my entry.The box volume is 56103 studs but the model itself is 50823 studs It is supposed to be a modified car for street racing. Most of the rear part is provisional ,later I'll install a mini fake v6 engine.
  11. Lego 42008 Service Truck (B-Model) Thanks to EuroBricks for making this review possible! As I looked at the recent Technic sets, this was one that I thought looked interesting, but not enough to buy. So when the opportunity to review it came up, I jumped! The main model is a European-style heavy tow truck with pneumatics and motors, so that's pretty cool. But what about the B-model? It's a claw truck with a trailer. We've seen similar models from Lego before (we had the 9397 Logging Truck [though no trailer on that one], 8049 Tractor with Trailer, and we could stretch to the 8110 Unimog and 8258 Crane Truck as well). So how does this compare, since it's a B Model? (If you'd like to see my review of the main model, it's right over here) Name: Service Truck Set Number: 42008 Pieces: 1276 Price: $129.99 Minifigs: n/a Theme: Technic Year of Release: 2013 Links: Bricklink Peeron Brickset The Back of the Box The back of the box shows the B model for us. The instructions are online only, not printed, but that's normal. It seems to have a lot of functionality for a B model but is very similar to many other Technic sets with a claw arm and trailer. The Build, 1 Following the instructions on screen (not my preferred way to build, although at least the quality was decent on this set) we get the frame of the truck to start. The Build, 2 Now the back wall of the cab is partially installed, as well as most of the steering system in place. It's simpler than the main model, since there's only 1 steered axle this time. You can also see some of the weird design bits due to it being a B model, such as the exposed pin on the connector being used to brace the right angle in the steering. You can't see it, but actually BOTH pins of that connector are unused. The Build, 3 The cab's made a lot of progress. You can see a few more oddities, like the white license plate stickered beam that's mostly hidden. I probably should have turned it around, but oh well. (the manual doesn't show stickers on the B model). (and yes, I hadn't found one of the grey grill pieces, but I was tired of digging through the parts. I found it later and put it on) The Build, 4 Now the cab is done. It's ok. Not great, but ok. There's weird color things going on due to the part limitations, and the doors feel too recessed, and the "winch" on the front is just an excuse to use those pieces up. (and yes, I did it backwards in this photo. The cable should hang down the inside rather than the outside to make the ratchet work correctly) The Build, 5 The chassis has also been extended backwards. The rear axles are visible, as are the starting points for the crane, rear stabilizers, and lots of other pins waiting to be built upon. The Build, 6 Time for a gearbox. Looks like we'll have the central input shaft going to 3 outputs. The Build, 7 The gearbox slips into the frame and we get to connect up the outputs. As in the main model, we have a powered air compressor (the black and grey cylinder right in the center) plus, so far, an output going back through a couple u-joints to that vertical crane connection we saw in the last photo. The third output hasn't been used yet. The Build, 8 A whole layer has been added to the back of the truck. The third output from the gearbox now runs back to the outriggers. The colors all seem haphazard. It's understandable, but does make it obvious this wasn't the main model. The Build, 9 Those "wings" sticking out behind the cab turned out to be the battery mounts. Simple and effective, and it's unusual to see a horizontal battery box behind the cab like that. Also unusual, there's that mini-LA at an angle to rotate the crane. Lego has used linear methods (LAs or pneumatics) to rotate things before, but it's unusual. Since the main model didn't have a turntable, this is an alternate way of making a "powered" swiveling base. The Build, 10 That's a very unusual boom setup there. And seriously, an axle with a bush on it as a manual control for rotation? The whole setup is just weird and slapdash. I hope it at least works well... The Truck, Finished Here's the final truck. It functions, but it's got some issues. The pneumatic hoses are too stiff and since they come horizontally across the red beam, they keep the claw from hanging as freely as it should. And again, the controls are awkward. There's the manual rotation control on the left, the pneumatic control on top, and the gearbox controls on both sides. Too many levers in too many places. The the rear outriggers... they're there, but barely. The Truck, Reaching Out Here's the full reach of the crane. It'll reach the ground barely, and can rotate to the sides. It's not really enough to reach into the trailer though, if the trailer is connected behind the truck. To do any work, you need to park the truck between the load and the trailer. There are a bunch of beams left over you could use as a load, but the claw doesn't grab them very well. The Build, 11 Time for the trailer. A basic frame to start - axles for the single set of wheels, a "hitch" up front, and a manual leg that can come down. The Build, 12 Here's the start of the tipping setup. That is a weird linkage from the mini-LA to make the trailer tip sideways. And again, a bush as a knob to manually control it. The Trailer, Finished The previous frame mounts to the trailer and a bunch of panels fill out the trailer. Too bad there's random stickers all over. Guess it gives it a "distressed" look? The Trailer, Tipped That's as far as it tips, but it's enough to get the job done. The Conclusion So, what's my conclusion on this model? It's meh. The build is ok, the functions are ok, but the final thing feels definitely B and not main model material. The colors are random, the stickers are in the way, and the functions just feel haphazard.I'd recommend building it first so there's no stickers and you can see it for a day or two, and then take it apart and build the main model and leave that one built. It's much better than the B. The Ratings Value: 10/10 - It's so close to the famous 10 cents a part mark, and there's so many useful parts. Lots of panels, PF, pneumatics, so it's solid. Design: 4/10 - Haphazard colors, stickers from the main model, etc. Minifigs: n/a - Playability: 6/10 - It's got some functionality, but the controls are awkward and it doesn't actually pick things up well. The reach of the boom is short as well. Parts: 10/10 - It's got both pneumatics and PF, plus if you want green Technic, it's the only place to go. It's the only source of 1x7 beams, the best source for 1x9 and 1x13 beams, and the only current(ish) source for green panels. Overall: 5/10 - Ok to make once, but then build the main model since it's much better.
  12. I got this today. So I decided to type something up and share with you my thoughts about the re-release of the 42041 Race Truck Set. This set was very fun to build. Before I know it I was already finished building it. I built the B model first over the A model. There are lots of nice things about this set in terms of building. I like how the rack and pinon is on this race car but even tho this set does not have any kind of suspension setup whatsoever for the wheels, on the other hand, this car is well built. It would have been awesome to see some kind of improvements done with new part that were develop after this set was released in 2010. I like how this race car looks construction wise, I think it looks sharp. That supercharger tho makes the V8 engine looks ridiculous, if the supercharger was tone down a little then the V8 engine would look much better. I've some thoughts on motorizing it but right now that will need to wait. I plan to make this Race car feel like it.
  13. mblochu12 posted these two YouTube videos (one of the , and one of the ) for the 1H2013 Lego Technic 42007 Moto Cross Bike set:
  14. So I finally opened my 42004 set, and built the B model, so that I would have the mini turntable. Something immediately jumped out at me, and that was the fact that there was no mechanism to control the bucket tilt, aside from moving the thing yourself. I looked at the sizeable pile of spare parts, and thought, why couldn't I modify it to include that mechanism? This mod is incredibly easy, and as mentioned before, only uses the parts left over from building the B model. I'm actually kind of shocked that Lego did not do this originally, as it's very simple, and would not have required any additional parts. Well, enough of my blabbering, let's get to building! Start with the B model: Then, remove the following parts: the bevel gear from the steering control, the 2 L liftarm from one of the steering arms, and the bush above it, and remove the side of the bucket linkage with the axle joiner, as shown. Then, pull the following parts out of the pile of extras: A 9L beam, and a 7L axle. everything else should be easily recognizable. Now, assemble as shown in the pictures: Now, knock out the 4L axle holding the arm to the chassis: And remove the piece from between the arms. (It's a liftarm with both an axle and a pinhole.) Put that piece on the empty steering arm. Put the arm back together, and thread the 7L axle through as shown. Now attach the arm piece, which you built a couple of steps ago. ( I actually made a mistake with this, the liftarm holding the two pieces together should be facing the other way.) Now add the control knob, which should be fairly easy to make. Now put the bucket linkage back together. And you are done! So, do you like this? Edit: Booyah! 300th post!