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Found 16 results

  1. CastleBeachFire

    MOC: Brick Mawr Fire Department Truck 43

    Hi everybody! My latest fire truck creation is this 2014 Smeal Sirius tower ladder featuring nine functional compartments! The city of Brick Mawr is a small bustling town located in the southeast portion of Los Angelego County. Brick Mawr Fire Department annually runs 5000 calls per year out of one station: Station 43, which houses one engine, this tower ladder, a paramedic squad, a McCorbrick BLS ambulance, and a battalion chief. Truck 43 is a 2014 Smeal Sirius 100’ rear-mount platform and responds first-due to all structure fires. This truck also carries a complete Holmatro extraction tools, Paratech struts and airbags. For structure fires, the rig is equipped with forcible entry tools, ventilation tools, and 167 ft of ground ladders. Technical Specs: 2014 Smeal Sirius 100’ RM tower ladder B&M Super Chief siren Federal Signal Touchmaster siren Grover air horns Code 3 lighting package 2000 gpm Waterous two-stage pump 420 gal water tank 20 gal Class A foam 40 gal Class B foam 500’ of 4” LDH 400’ of 2.5” attack hose 400’ of 1.75” attack hose 400’ of 1.5” attack hose 300’ of 1” attack hose 100’ of booster hose High rise packs Certified ALS non-transport unit Complete Holmatro EVO-3 battery operated extraction equipment Paratech struts and airbags 167’ of ground ladders Credits: Bryn Mawr, PA for city name and color scheme inspiration St. Louis Fire Department H&L 1 David H for the compartments
  2. While working on another fire department truck, which I will present you soon, the idea for a neat small vehicle came to my mind. So I interrupted the other building process for ten minutes and created this fire department turntable ladder. I consists of 24 parts (26 parts with nozzle and "water" as shown on Picture above). Maybe we can renounce the mandatory video this time... The picture with the bottom view will reveal all the intricate mechanisms ;-)
  3. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Ladder no. 3

    Hi Folks! Today I introduce you to my Fire Ladder no.3, based on set 60112. I modified the engine (now two stud more long), and redesigned the trailer. The new features are a longer ladder in front position, 4 new main compartments, more storage boxes, accessories, an additional fire hoses and control panels. Hope you like it and be inspiration!
  4. Firefighterlucas

    Lego Fire Engine Responding [VIDEO]

    Hi Guys! I made a short Stop motion video about a water tender of the BDFD (Brickdam Fire Department) responding to a fire. The video is made out of 185 pictures and it taked took 1 hour to film. I hope you guys like it!
  5. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] Car fire at the gas station.

    Panic at the Octan gas station today. The motor of a car was overheat so it caught fire. The drive left his car just in time and called the fire department. One of the workers at the gas station tried to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher, with no succes. Ather a couple of minutes the police arrived and closed the entrances to the gas station. Afther that the fire department arrived. They extinguished the fire verry quick. The fire was out and a tow truck came to tow the burned car. No injuries were reported at this fire. The car on fire in front of the Gas Station The Fire department arrives. The firefighters attacking the fire. Thanks for watching!
  6. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Off Road Fire Truck 2

    Hello everyone! This is my Off Road Fire Truck 2, based on set 60111, I added two storage boxes, move inside the main fire hose, added control panels and accessories, on the roof of the truck there are two other fire hoses and lights. Hope you like it!
  7. Firefighterlucas

    [MOC] Truck trailer accident

    A truck lost his trailer while making a turn to left. One car has been hit by the trailer but the driver is alright. Police was at the scene verry fast and closed the roads to the accident. The fire department arrived to clear the scene for the tow trucks. When the tow trucks arrived they started to clear the scene. The police is investigating how the accident happend. The accident just happend. The police is closing the roads. The fire department arrives at the scene. The scene is getting cleared. I hope you guys liked my MOC!
  8. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego Fire Hazmat Unit

    Hi all! After a long absence I returned with new creations, and i hope you like. Today I share my Lego Fire Hazmat Unit, a truck with two hazmat suites, fire hose, and a lot of accessories as Geiger meter and metal detector. The style of this creation is inspired from Lego City set 60023.
  9. Farnheim

    MOC - Rescue Helicopter

    Hello community, after the refurbishments of the swap body trucks I could finish another project. It was one of these projects, you start very ambitious and stop immediately due to the lack of parts and/or solutions for building problems and such. The helicopter should have a modern and compact appearance, a color scheme that fits to my other rescue vehicle and some functional details. Now after being more a construction site than a MOC on my desk for months I gave it a second chance. And here it is... Hope y'all like it. C & C welcome as usual. Thanks for watching!
  10. It has been five years ago since I had finished this hazmat truck. So I think, time for a make over. During the rebuild, the model got a longer wheelbase for more loading space, but tried to save the overall look. I had put on some new features like a more realistic hydraulic platform and a lamp post. This truck now features a lot of equipment for huge technical assistances and of course incidents with hazardous materials. It can also be alarmed by the municipal fire department in case of incidents thoughout the city area. In Europe, this treaty with municipal aid agencies is called TUIS. Which can be translated with Transport-, Incident- and assistance-System. Btw, the little red thing at the front end is a typical covered winch. Enough (in roughly English) said, let the photos speak... This is it. Hope you like this, too. Thanks for watching.
  11. Hectorin

    MOC lego fire truck

    Hi this is my new vehicle for the fire department its an small fire truck that is for 2 minifigs in the interior and 2 more at the exterior I really love the detail becouse its inspired on a lego pick up i made and i just use as mold to add the back part that has all the fire men equipment I wish you like my truck and this is the first one for my fire deparment the idea is that this one was fast and compact for a fast operation here is my flickr :)
  12. Hello Community! It's been quite awhile since my last MOC. But I wasn't passive. In the meantime I've upgrated some of my models, especially the ones of my petroleum plant fire brigade "Jade Öl AG". So, let's start with a new special tanker equipped with a high reachable Turret, mobile water cannon and a heavy duty pump. It carries 7,000 liters of water and 3,000 liters of foam to the scene. You'll find a few more pics in the gallery on my blog. So, hope you like it. Comments and critics are welcome as usual. More MOCs to come. Regards!
  13. happer

    10197 Fire Brigade Mod

    Hi, that's my Mod of 10197 set, i have some problems uploading several photos, so if you'd like to see full gallery in high quality go here
  14. This is the fire department in our city - Godwins Hollow. This MOC is basically alteration/extension of the Fire Brigade but it works well in our layout. You can see more here and here.
  15. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide water rescue unit

    Hello all! The next one (of my 120+ firetrucks, containers and trailers ) I want to show you is a water rescue truck in combination with a boat on a trailer. This unit carries rescue divers and a lot specific equipment to the scene. The truck is highly recommend for rough and/or weak terrain. The boat (which features a solid aluminum hull) carries a powerful outboard motor and a lot of equipment for the first responders. It's quite basic-built, but features the typical bicolor paint scheme and the drive train as a little more detail under the car. Like every MOC of mine this truck also features some epuipment like the divers' suit, a respirator and a special platform to rescue people from thin ice. Finally a picture of the complete a water rescue squad that will be released when an incoming emergency call is indexed by the dispatchers with the word "water". It features from the right: incident command van, pumper (also equipped with stuff for the technical assistance, water rescue truck (divers truck), boat truck and a crane and a rescue van. Hope you like it. C&C are welcome as usual. Thanks in advance. Regards, Farnheim
  16. Hi everyone! Well, it's time to share a new MOC with you. The Monorail Emergency Train. The idea of such kind of equipment resulted from a derailing incidient on Brixe's monorail diorama during the last Fanwelt in Cologne, where the Farnheim Fire Department was called for technical assistance. So I started to create a special Monorail-based emergency and rescue vehicle. With that train the Farnheim Fire Department should now be well equipped for such future incidents. The train features an emergency module where evacuated injured passengers get first medical aid. The second supply module is equipped with lots of stuff for technical assistances and a huge watertank with a separated smaller foam tank. On the roof a big water cannon and a high reach extendable Turret (HRET) for structure fires nearby the railroad system are also installed. The electric drive has the advantage to evacuate passengers in heavily smoked tunnel systems. The train is sited in a special building near downtown Farnheim. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching. Critics and comments are very welcome as usual. Best regards, Farnheim