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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, A week ago I uploaded my latest stop-motion animation, which is based on real accounts of the charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo. Probably not one for the purists, as it involves a fair amount of compatible parts to make it authentic to the period, but hopefully those who enjoy minifigures killing each other brutally in battles will still appreciate it!
  2. You can now watch all of season 1 of Being Pirates as one short film. I changed some things and added new music. Enjoy! It took me a while, but here it is, the season finale: Episode 6: Vane Indeed. I hope you enjoy and stick around for the after credits scene: And here is episode 5: Episode 4 is up: I've completed Episode 3: Battle at Sea: Episode 2 is online! UPDATE: Episode 1 is online. So if you're up for a swashbuckling adventure filled to the brim with humor, bantering pirates, and pirates being very piraty, then watch Being Pirates! If you like it, feel free to subscribe on youtube and you'll be notified when there's a new episode. Also let me know what you think! Hello There! The formidable Barracuda Bay got me out of my dark ages last march and reignited my Lego fever, especially for lego pirates. I'm new here, but actually many years ago I was a regular Eurobricks visitor, and it was great to discover this site is still up and well. Lockdown was also helpful in resurrecting an old hobby: making lego stop-motion films. I'm working hard on a pirate series called Being Pirates. Here's the trailer: The first episode is coming soon. If you like the trailer, consider subscribing. Thanks!
  3. France_et_Alex

    LEGO sports in quarantine

    It's great to watch TV during quarantine, but it's better also to find something else to do (or not)... Enjoy! :) Short version of the brickfilm (1 min 20 s): LEGO sports in quarantine Full version (2 min 43 s): Farniente English subtitles available! (Sorry, but I didn't find out how to embed the videos)
  4. Things go awry in the department store when Santa doesn't show up as promised. Youtube Link An Entry into the 2019 Christmas Brickfilm Collaboration! … llab-2019/ Story Prompt by Plastic Point Productions: "Santa replaced after incident with a fake in elaborate coverup!"
  5. Just realized I haven't posted a film here in a while. Might as well change that! A Stormtrooper gets into a little trouble... My first attempt at melding live action and stop-motion animation. It was made for a compilation of funny videos that had a tight deadline, and so is a bit rushed. However, I hope you enjoy it anyway.
  6. Otto Films

    Otto Films Presents

    Hey everyone, Otto here!! Just wanted to say hi. I'm an AFOL. I make lego stop-motion videos for my Youtube Channel. You can check out my work from the link down below, I'd really like to have some feedback from you guys. Lets inspire and get inspired by each other. [media] [/media]
  7. A group of adventurers venture into the desert to obtain an ancient object, unknown to most of them, evil forces are also trying to take it. please tell me what you think
  8. LEGOshibainu

    [Brickfilm] Ninfiltration

    A team of elite robot ninjas break into a facility to steal a mysterious diamond. This was made for a competition, please tell me what you think
  9. Here it is, my first scripted movie, all the others were improvised on the day of filming, the story follows 2 scientists who must defeat the robot creatures which they unleashed, It took 3 months in total, please let me know what you thought
  10. This the the trailer for my upcoming film; Skull spider invasion.
  11. A stop-motion video I have spent month on making. I has been a great deal of fun and I hope that you will like it. It is a version of the comic book Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, witch I wasn't fully satisfied with. Please share your thoughts. Anyway, Deadpool wakes up after a beat down and realises that he has to kill every other superbeing in order to become the one.
  12. Hi LEGO-Fans :-) Here a LEGO-Spider-Buildup in "Transformer-Style". Its a huge Stop-Motion with 50 fps; done with a DSLR and a lot time xD maybe i´ll do the crane too ?! :D Greetings from Germany & nice weekend LK
  13. The father of a family is angry about the refugees. However, in a dream he becomes himself such a refugee. He experiences the problems of a refugee. When the dream is finally over, he has to make a decision.... The film is the second one of a team of students on our school. They are between 12 and 14 years old. The film was made for a German audience.
  14. Hello! I made this series of comedy sketches featuring my Microfighter versions of classic space sets, mainly to amuse, but also to practice some new animation techniques and try and encourage some more support on the Lego Ideas submission which is languishing below 1k. It's a mixture of practical and CGI models, some stop-motion, and in the case of the micro space monorail, pulling it along on a bit of thread! If it raises a giggle, or even just a smirk, I'd be grateful if you could support the project on Lego Ideas, the link is in my footer.
  15. Transparency for Effect

    Aardman Animations LEGO adverts?

    One of the many companies Aardman Animations (the studio behind Wallace & Gromit and Creature Comforts) have made adverts for is LEGO. What is uploaded on YouTube by the Hall of Advertising channel is one advert done for Train... And one very impressive advert done for Pirates... But also, my Creating 3-D Animation book mentions a spaceman advert Aardman made that was similar to the Pirates one. I looked it up and yes, I found a Space advert with the same construction characters (2:30): But I've also seen listed in an interview a mention of producing advertising for LEGO Star Wars. This interview came out before Chicken Run and LEGO Star Wars came out in 1999 so it must have been in the franchises early years. Does anyone know of some early LEGO Star Wars advert with stop-motion in it?
  16. Yup, Suddenly Lego loves Porche! And futuristic cars*! Last week I subscribed to Rebrick's YouTube Channel, and Yesterday they Uploaded this Video, Another Contest: '' To Enter you have to make a stop motion video between 15 seconds and 1 Minute to complete the Video. And as anyone how cares about rebrick, Should by now know that '' as we know it is about gone. And the link should, by sometime today, start redirecting to '' A totally different site focusing on the CONTESTS Part! There are two current contests running and, imo, the second one is much more interesting, especially with the grand prize including VIP tickets for two courtesy of Porsche to Le Mans 18 – 19 June 2016. which includes: Travel and accommodation, and Complimentary exclusive access to the Porsche Hospitality area. I don't know about you, But I am pumped up. What will you guys Do?!?! *I was referring to the Mercedes of the Future Competition. Edit: Ok... So the tittle is chopped off, I didn't see that coming, there should be a warning or something. The last word is just videos, so the ellipsis '...' and the space between stop motion could be removed and then fit videos
  17. Check out my latest video! Hope you guys enjoy as I put a lot of work into this!
  18. BaratiProductions

    Brickflick LEGO Music Video

    This is the first of 8 brickfilms I will be releasing over the the next 8 days. LEGO Let's Go is a music video I produced for LEGO with LEGO. Enjoy! If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them.
  19. Enjoy!! (warning: adult/sexual content)
  20. Behind the Camera


    In this official beginning to Project U and entry to BRAWL 2014, an ad agency is pitching an ad to the renewable energy company Solarum, but it seems that both sides have a certain agenda that one is not telling the other. What is going on? The mysteries of Project U are about to be established! Link to film:
  21. Recently I had the idea that I can use the camera while building. I decided to make a video with pictures taken during the build. I used the Canon EOS 550D and EOS Utility. First I built 42011. I made about 450 photos. This is the result of this operation: Another set was 42006 Excavator. In this case, I made a 1450 photos. The mistake I made ​​was half the battery. In the film, if you can not see when I take out the battery and Stand the tripod. Photos were taken at night with a fluorescent lamp. A little strange being built with the knowledge that the picture is taken every 5 sec and you have to take your hands :). Significantly increases the time to build if you shoot images. Here is the result: I think to build all the sets in this way. For sure I have to build 42000 and 9396. Here a link to my YouTube channel: Sorry for spelling errors
  22. -Carson Haupt-

    Misty Mountain Stop-motion

    Here is a stop-motion I've been working on for awhile. I know it isn't the best, but it was taken on an iPad and is my first foray into moviemaking. Never mind, I couldn't attach it.
  23. Hello,I made this forum to everyone can promote LEGO The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings stop-motions.I hope we will have so much fun.We can put some parodies,real battle,or any stop-motion You would like to promote.Stay well,and enjoy :) Let's start with one my preview of upcoming stop-motion :)