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  1. Been away from my collection for a while, but decided to build this model. However, lacking a lot of white pieces in my collection, I decided to build it in an unconventional color scheme as I had a lot of pieces shared from Pvdb's Mclaren F1. IMO the end result turned out badass, but let me know what you think The finished model is seriously fantastic. Probably the best supercar I have built so far. The way it all fits together and has a bit of sturdiness to it is amazing. The gearbox is fantastic considering it comes from the pre-Porsche era and doesn't make use of something 100% reliable (for example Didumos's 90 degree stepper mechanism). It works every time and have not encountered any problems despite using one worn out rubber band. During the build it often feels like working shifting is a dream that is never bound to happen. I was playing around with it while building and kept thinking to myself that "damn this model probably won't work in the end I'm going to be disappointed", but when it all comes together wow it is ingenious; The doors are great too, and having build Jurgen Krooshop's Koenigsegg, it is interesting to see how both builders tackled the complex mechanism. The only problem I experienced is that my left door has a lot of friction, but still works. I only have a few critiques of this model. First off the lack of HOG is a bit annoying, but makes sense as the model is really dense and has no room. Also would break up the fantastic body lines. Next the front suspension is pretty much maxed out, meaning no travel at all. This doesn't really bother me as it really gives the model a low look like the real thing. Finally, and probably the most annoying, is the instructions. I'm not sure if its the fact that I haven't built in a while, but wow these instructions were really frustrating at times. A lot of modules require forcing and bending in order to make them fit resulting in two broken pins for me. This could have been avoided if they simply placed a few pieces in before hand, but instead the builder is required to do a lot of wrestling with the car to make stuff fit. I particularly found the rear axle and doors really difficult to fit on, but there were quite a few areas where you really have to use force, which was always worrying as I didn't want to break any drivetrain stuff Overall though, what a fantastic supercar. Definitely staying on my shelf and highly recommend building it to anyone interested. For people struggling to find rare white pieces, black is a viable option IMO. Most of the pieces aren't too hard to find, just need about 13 of those rare black bushes, and around 50 3L black pins to make the body look better. Also easy to substitute the 14L axles with 12L and a connector. If anyone wants the Rebrickable parts file for the black color scheme or has any questions, feel free to ask
  2. Lucky LEGO finds

    10177 787 Dreamliner missing around 5 parts for 20 dollars at a used book store
  3. Hey guys. I'm looking for a set on the smaller end to keep on my work desk. Just want something to keep my hands busy if needed. I was thinking something such as 8837, a small set with good functionality, and price well under 50 dollars, although it does command a premium now due to the metal hook. Any suggestions?
  4. Every single time you make a new car, you get exponentially better even at such a high level. Can't wait to see what you come up with next as this looks fantastic
  5. Nice review as always Jim. The pictures are as crisp as ever and IMO it seems like the get better with every review if that's even possible. On the other hand the pictures do a great job of showing so much of the color vomit in this set. I thought it would end with yellow axles and such, but TLG has added even more than usual. Orange 1x2 liftarms? All those yellow connectors and liftarms? And then the different coloring on either sides of the chassis. Gearbox is interesting looking, Claas tires are nice. always good to have something large scale, and the color is nice, but that in no way redeems anything for this set. IMO its one of the most disappointing sets in the last few years.
  6. This looks great! Guess it can be used for some Lego tofu deliveries
  7. [WIP] Supercar in 1:8 scale

    This is looking fantastic so far! IMO something about it reminds me of the Jaguar XJ220 not sure why. Also nice that it incorporates pop up headlights
  8. I've been off the forums for a while now, so just wondering whether there is a full functions video for 42069 like how 42070 got? Also wonder how close 42069 puts us to making our own purple GT3 RS
  9. Absolutely beautiful model. You captured the lines of the car incredibly well
  10. Great Scott! Looks spot on. Always wanted one of these after watching the movie for the first time
  11. This model turned out to be fantastic! Especially cool that it was noticed by Koenigsegg
  12. Gotta say no matter how ridiculous that color scheme is, I do love the tracked vehicle. Fire truck looks good and as others have said it's a modem 8454. Surprised the tow truck has such few pieces.
  13. Unfortunately do not have the modification. I don't remember exactly what was wrong with it, I think it was that it gave the back wheels nearly no travel. So I converted it back, and haven't really had time to try again
  14. Sorry for the confusion. To clarify, when James originally wanted to upload the model to Rebrickable, he could not get it to work properly. So I offered to upload it for him but gave all credit to him http://rebrickable.com/mocs/Rishab/james-jts-lancia-stratos. The LDD file was also created by him. All I did was upload it to Rebrickable. I can delete it if James wants to upload his own version
  15. Wow the 8880 rendition looks just fantastic. If I were ever to build this, that is the way I would go. Maybe if the chassis was LBG or something, the body would 'pop' more. Again great work and looking to see the brick version of this