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Found 662 results

  1. Hi This weekend I could finsish the 8x4 dump truck project which I started somewhen in February. It is a simple 8x4 dump truck inspired by Scania G450XT. The functions are driving, steering, dumping and automatic tail gate locking. Everthing is controlled via Powered Up. I control the model with the brickcontroller2 app. For propulsion I used 2 x PU L motors and for steering and dumping one PU L Motor. I'm really happy with the PU system. For this moc it works great and the model is powerful. At the front axle I developed a new supension system. it is inspired by leave spring systems. However, there are no leave springs since I haven't found a proper solution for LEGO. Anyhow, the suspension works great. The model is built in scale 1:16.5 and fits to my telehandler and other mocs and Technic sets (42043)
  2. StudWorks

    [MOC] 2024 Toyota Tundra

    A Speed Champions-scale MOC of the 3rd Generation Toyota Tundra pickup truck. Instructions are available for purchase on my Rebrickable page. Unlike most 8-wide-scale full-size truck MOCs, this MOC is 9 studs wide instead of 8 studs wide to look realistic and lifelike next to slightly narrower, 8-stud-wide sports cars. I used a lot of special building techniques with jumper plates to achieve this, and along with my work translating the Tundra's unique exterior into LEGO form, I'm incredibly happy with the final product. The truck features a generously-sized bed with a removable tonneau cover, along with a huge 7-stud-wide interior that can easily fit four minifigures. Unfortunately, the tailgate is non-functional, as making it functional would have vastly compromised the rear design of the truck. This Tundra is made to represent a gray Platinum with the TRD Off-Road package. If you'd prefer building this truck in a different color or trim, like a TRD Pro, it can be done with some simple modifications.
  3. Hello everyone! Please welcome my latest moc- the US Rednose truck. It does not represent any existing US truck model, though, it can have similarities to some of them. This is not a scaled model, just a truck) It's 62mm wheels scaled model and compatible with the most of existing trailers/trucsk in the same scale to play together. It uses 2 PU motors for drive and one PU L motor for the steering, as a power source I prefer Buwiz, but the regular PU battery can be used also.Hope you'll enjoy! All images: Building instructions are available:
  4. I was inspired by Overwatch set 75972 (Dorado Showdown) to create this modular small town auto repair shop with 1950s tow truck called Smokeys Garage. The building features a raised platform for cars to roll onto and be worked on, with folding ramps to keep the broken-down vehicle in place. The front of the building. I've been working on this tow truck and building on and off basically since the Overwatch theme released in 2019. NOTE: There are quite a few parts missing or lacking prints, including the sign out front and the billboard on the side of the building. The rear of the building featuring a few empty OCTAN-brand oil barrels and some old engines. The first floor of the building, with the ramps lowered for receiving a broken-down car. Several types of tools (will) hang from the walls. Upstairs on the second floor is the employee break room. The tow truck has been turned into a 6-studs wide 1950's-style tow truck, and seats one figure at the wheel. Rear of the truck. The hook is too high off the ground to actually pull anything... the cab roof is removable to seat the driver behind the wheel. So I started building the building in real life just to see how far I could get. ...Needless to say, I didn't get as far as I thought I would, as I've got a LOT of parts missing that I thought I had pulled out! As of now, I'm seriously questioning the integrity of my parts list but I think (hope?) this is only a minor speedbump on the road to getting this done in real life.
  5. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 5pin trucks

    Hello! I want ot share my car models. Previously designed trucks and cars 4pin wide, I thought that the truck should be wider than the car - whitch means 5pin, since 6pin - its too much :) 4pin trucks can be seen here p.s. If I made a mistake in the section - please forgive me and move the topic to the ride one. Thank you for the attention! Next trucks ( Which is betten - add new models in the first (main) post or in the following comments? ) My topics: micro city + micro village
  6. Hello! Today I would like to present my first foray into the city theme. This truck started out as a load for a planned train (rolling highway), but I also wanted to know: can I build a trruck that can be driven by remote control? Without hiding the electronics in a Container box.... Yes, I can! The little one is fully roadworthy: 1x Cicuit Cube HUB, 1x Circuit Cube motor as drive motor and 1x CaDa MicroMotor for the steering (here the PF plug had to be exchanged for a Circuit Cube plug, soldering skills helpful). And because it's nicer: front/rear light in the truck ;-) A matching semi-trailer was also built, of course with a prototype. I like the north of Europe, so I often see the semi-trailers of the Freja haulage company and my daughter is also called Freja (only in the German spelling). So it was obvious which haulage company would serve as a role model for me. And the logo was a great snot job: approx. 200 parts per logo.... The trailer has a retractable/extendable pillar, operated by hand via a gear wheel at the front. It's hardly noticeable there and could also be a ventilation detail... I also built a manual version of the truck with “Hand of God” control: no soldering, just drive, no foeign parts required.... .... and with twin tires. I'm still missing them on the RC version and have fallen victim to the lack of space. And because only pictures of moving trucks are boring: I have created a (attention, longer^^) video of the development and with many detailed explanations (but in german, sorry) : have fun watching it: I hope you have as much fun watching the photos / videos and reading here as I had building ;-) Thomas / Ts__
  7. Hi! It’s time for new MOC :) I’m glad to show you my Concrete Mixer Truck. The project was started almost one year ago, but I’ve finished it only now. I used KAMAZ 6540 trucks as inspiration. Dimensions: 45 x 12 x 20 cm, weight 1570 g, 2492 pieces. There are no motors here, all functions are manual: - 4x8 wheel drive with working V8 piston engine - 4x8 steering, working steering wheel in the cabin - pendular suspension on rear axles - manual drum rotation - driving wheels drum rotation - cabin lifting - opening doors - opening roof hatch - folding ladder - high detailing: mirrors, lights, spare wheel, fuel tank, exhaust, seats, chocks, additional unloading gutter There are no working unloading system here like in 42112 LEGO set. I wanted to create the drum using only Technic pieces. Video demonstration: More photos on Flickr: Building instructions: MOC review: Thanks for watching!
  8. Beach Rescue scene to display my 3 lifeguard vehicle MOC's. Quad and Jet Ski. Side by Side. Truck. Lifeguard Tower. Enjoy ;)
  9. snaillad

    MOC: Time for a rest!

    Hello fellow EB members. A small vignette showing a mid century streamline truck in an Octan livery. The driver stops for a well deserved break! You can view all my creations on my flickr account here if you so wish. Regards!
  10. Hi eurobrikers, Here is my current project. A Volvo FH truck destinated to be part of a larger play set using the TLG Volvo EW160. The whole model will have a crane truck full RC, a trailer and the EW160 official lego excavator. As always i build this for my son and so i t needs to be really playable set with lots of function fun to play with. Regarding to this the new Volvo EW160 inspired me. So the concept is to have a fully rc truck with manuals function added to it. The toy will have pneumatics, PFS, RC, manuals functions.... so much for a child to enjoy! My goal with it : Truck : 7 motorised functions + RC PF light = 8 channels on standards Rc official system. Propulsion by L motor Direction by servo on first and second axle with reduction . report to the cab Deploying stabilisator by rotation. Able to set up the stabilisator on 180° : M motor Stabilisator up and down: M motor Crane rotation: M motor First section of the crane arm: M motor Second section of the crane arm: M motor All the these functions are realised and integrated into the framme actually. All working very smothly and with corrects speeds. Time for some pictures of the WIP : I have now to face some difficulties and have to answer some question. What is your opinion guys on these points : 1 Color of the rear crane ? actually thinking for black, to fit with the EW160 design or orange? 2 Position of the two PF receivers, actually in trouble with that, no neat solution 3 tilting bed. The EW 160 is equiped to load a bedactually. Cannot imagine not being able to lift it. The problem is Zero place for an additionnal motor into the frame. Thinking to lift it manualy ? Thanks for your feedback on these points.
  11. My alternative model of 42167 Mack LR set - skip loader truck. It features HOG steering and detachable container which can be loaded/unloaded.
  12. What started out as what to do with 2 chrome fuel tanks has morphed into a monster. Also wanted to design and build a cabover truck so this is what I ended up with. Already have 75% of cab and trailer parts at home. Will get the rest plus forklift parts from Bricklink. Forklift can slide fork hoist back and forward as per prototype. Turning the air cleaner also steers the back wheel.
  13. AllanSmith

    Allan's Food Truck empire

    I have just finished building my food truck empire. 8 USA based food trucks and 8 Italian based Piaggio Ape food/drink/toy selling trucks. Donut Food Truck: Piaggio Ape Wood Fired Pizza Truck: Has a LEGO light brick installed to simulate the pizza oven glow. Popcorn truck: The popcorn machine is from the polybag set so the corn can bounce by inserting finger thru rear door and tapping lever. Piaggio Ape Coffee Truck: Coffee machine this side. Coffee bean grinder and top opening milk fridge. With doors down.
  14. I had seen the Volvo FH Aero cab a couple of times before it was publicly presented but I hadn't decided to actually build a lego version of it until the weekend before the press release Last week my model premiered at the Volvo Trucks Factory in Ghent, where I work. I'm not so happy with how the upper front grille turned out, my previous model really was spot on, in fact I dare even say that that one is the best out there when it comes to that section. But! There is a good reason why this one's upper grille is rather mediocre, I managed to include a cool feature that would not have been possible on the previous model; Cab Tilt! I have more pictures in my Brickshelf gallery, for some reason I am no longer able to embed those in here. You can check these out once the gallery is public: Brickshelf. As you can see in the video, the model is motorized: A System PoweredUp hub sits under the cab, an L motor for drive and angular M motor for steering are fitted in the wheelbase area. The model features front and pusher axle steering. However due to the unbalanced weight distribution I have experienced a lot of issues with the driving stability. The weight on the front axle is massive, giving the rear driven axle a hard time to find some grip on the road. A reflection I had; I'm quite happy with the fifth wheel, it's the first one I ever made and I wanted it to actually look like a real fifth wheel. Strangely no one else seems to care much about a realistic looking fifth wheel. Don't forget to check out my Volvo FH Hooklift!
  15. Hello people! I want to start showing you some of my latest models, it's quite a lot of time I don't share them here. This is an Iveco T-Way, full RC with PU motors and hub, controlled via Brickcontroller2 and a Joypad. It is equipped with suspensions on all axles (pendular on the front axles and pendular in 2 directions on rear axles). The drive motor is directly connected to rear axles (it "moves" together with the third axle). Stickers are self made. This model is a mod of my original static model, in grey and black version, which features Hog steering, rear pendular suspensions, fake engine and tipping body. Instructions available here:
  16. With my Ripsaw Tank MOC essentially done by now (just waiting for some final pieces to arrive) and my PAB order for my New Flyer XD60 articulated bus model still yet to arrive (with more pieces coming for that), I've decided to start another MOC in the meantime. This will be my second model combining Control+ and Robot Inventor after my Heavy Duty Skid-steer Loader. It will have two identical axles, each with a steering motor (medium angular motor) to control steering, and thanks to their absolute positioning feature I don't think I'll have to calibrate it every time, like on e.g. the 42099 set. I was originally planning to use Control+ L motors for the steering, and have this be a Control+ MOC, but found the medium angular motor to fit better with the absolute positioning being another plus. I plan on creating a control profile in the Mindstorms app with different sliders for normal, crab, and 4-wheel steering modes. The drivetrain consists of heavy-duty differentials and planetary hubs, so this eliminates the need for significant gearing down inside the chassis. For propulsion, I plan to use 2 Control+ XL motors, with a fake engine driven by a separate motor. This way, the fake engine can run at all times and there will be less friction in the drivetrain. I anticipate building the chassis to be pretty straightforward, as the entire chassis is essentially a mirror image with two identical axles. As for the bodywork, I'm leaning towards a red car-like body. If so, I will probably name this MOC "Red Beryl C", where "C" is for Crawler. It would be the third model in my Red Beryl series, after my Red Beryl GT of 2018 and Red Beryl X of 2019. Let me know what you think, and any suggestions you may have. Photos: The front axle, with planetary hubs, long shock absorbers, and a medium angular motor for steering: The front axle, with the wheels attached. Note that this is the underside, with the heavy-duty differential visible:
  17. I based this vintage dump truck MOC off the Moving Truck GWP (set 40536) from last year. I made the cab 6 wide and added a new back half. Two each of these brackets are missing from the LDD file: 36841 in black is needed for the front bumper 36840 in yellow is needed for the headlights The rear of the dump truck with the bed lowered. The MOC seats two figures, while the cab doors open and the bed raises to dump the load. Free LDD file available at Bricksafe. Thoughts?
  18. I'm a huge fan of the olive green from 42110 and I've been thinking of how to best use the olive green elements from that set. My initial goal was to design a model with working V6, 4-speed sequential gearbox, and AWD. The project has evolved to include part time AWD, central and rear diff locks and an implementation of Toyota's Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, which modulates anti-roll bar stiffness. I'm working on the second version now. New Update 01/08/2023: My 4Runner model is coming together and approaching complete. Most changes so far are aesthetic, and I have re-designed parts of the body and filled in major gaps. I still need to add seats, steering, gear controls, mirrors, and a rood rack though. I also want to try making this model with alternate colors eventually, and to paint the dark green pieces olive to complete the look. The final model will have a 4 or 5-speed gearbox, fake engine, part-time 4WD, center differential lock, and rear differential lock. I'm also planning to make an RC version with a different gearbox: Brand new front end and headlights I've worked hard on filling gaps head-on 4 NewUpdate 2/19/23: I've been spending a lot of time re-designing my 4Runner moc from the ground up. Work/school has kept me really busy but I've been able to make some progress here and there. My version 2 of the 4Runner has a number of improvements compared to the first version. Overall it is a much more sturdy and functional model compared to the previous design. Playability is way better and the roof feels very sturdy: New suspension is much much better than before. I plan to add pneumatics to front and read for shock absorption in addition to the coilovers that are already present: I'm lot lot happier with the rear axle now. I've finally made a rear axle that has 4 links in a way that I like. I will add the 5th link/panhard rod later. I still haven't found a way to add in the rear diff lock while also creating an axle that is satisfyingly durable with all 5 links. That is a major to-do right now... As a result of the new setup, suspension travel is much greater and satisfyingly responsive: The interior Is much more roomy/spacious now too. I will add seats at the end when I'm satisfied with all of the functions: Finally, I've looked at a lot of other builders including Kevin Moo for inspiration when designing non-right angles. I've used a lot of triangles here to get a design that is compact and strong at the same time: The new chassis has vastly improved rigidity and implements the 4-speed gearbox with a much smaller footprint: Top: Side: Here is a shot of the first version model: The Chassis was originally inspired by filsawgood's Toyota JS as I used it as a test mule for the live axle design:, but it has since evolved
  19. Just began another baja/ trophy-truck project, the other 2 (or 3) being ”canceled”. I managed to put 2x L motors and 1x servo motor, both Power Functions; it also has positive caster-angle, independent suspension in front and solid axle suspension on the rear, (at least) semi-detachable body and the headlights can be be lit (there are 4 pin-holes for installing lights). Heavily modified version of this
  20. It is based on a Ginaf HD 5395 and I chose it due how rare ti is, it looks like it is between a mining and a normal tipper truck, icing on the cake was that fifth driven and steered axle, the challenge was inevitable . It has openable cabin doors and bonnet. Tiltable cabin that hide the 6 in line fake engine. 5 axles, 2 are steered, 2 are drive axles and the last one is a drive and steered axle. All the drive axles have its diff and are connected to the engine. The steering axles are controled by 2 HOG on both sides behind the cabin. The tiltable bed woks with a long linear actuator operated with a lever that has to be used between the first and second axles, they are a hole for it on both sides of the truck. The gate of the bed has two movable connectors to close it. It is a totally modular MOC so it can be easily improved. I hope you like it, I will post a video and I put a couple of pics more to see it better. Here with the 42112 to see better the real size. And now with my other 2023 MOC (if I do not promote myself... ). Ok, ok the last one... Thank you for comment. The WIP thread is here Ginaf HD 5395 Video here Ginaf HD 5395 Video
  21. It is been a while without building, so good for me whatever it ends... It will be a 10x6 truck with 3 steered axles, the last one is the rare one, I do not know if it will be motorized or not, pneumatic or not, I do not know much so I just keep building. I discarted using bigger wheels because it would be too large but who knows...
  22. Hello everyone, I have been in contact with a few fellow eurobrickers and some of them have wanted a truck topic where we can all share different designs for our trucks and trailers. These designs could also include maybe some clever and effecient suggestions to show others how you made your amazing MOC! All forms of trucks are accepted tow trucks to mighty expedition trucks! Post your truck, or gain inspiration from others! For starters I will share mine: A sporty flatbed truck!
  23. Hello everyone, this is the latest work from MTC: Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV Designed by Muen 1. Function Description ① XL×2:providing power ② Servo×1:steering ③ M×1:2-speed gearbox shift ④ M×3:3 differential locks for front, middle and rear ⑤ SBrick×2 ⑥ Small battery box ×1 ⑦Yellow hard spring ×8 2. Appearance "Modularity" is a design concept that runs through the design of the car from start to finish. From the exterior to the interior, I have modularized all the parts as much as possible, with the obvious benefit that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and no longer afraid of transportation. At the same time, each model is clearly positioned before it is designed, which determines the tendencies and trade-offs when designing. The positioning of this car is mainly to do my best to restore the appearance and rich interior of the real car, so this car uses technic parts to build the chassis, and particle parts to build the appearance and interior. The following are photos of the whole car's appearance, and according to the real car's beautiful pictures taken at the same angle, please enjoy. 3. Interior I always think that the interior of an RV is a very important part, so in the process of designing this car, it can be said that the design of the interior took up half of the focus and energy. Another important reason why I personally like RVs is the various storage spaces, which can be a storage space in places you don't expect, so I also built more storage spaces when designing the interior. The following is a detailed introduction to the interior of this car, I hope you can enjoy it. (1)Cab ① Seats The design of the seats uses #99563 to shape the unevenness of the surface, while the base under each seat consists of four #4532 for additional storage space. Behind the front seats are shelf baskets and in-car video for rear passengers to use and provide entertainment during the drive. ② Central Console I divided the center console into two parts, front and rear. For the front center console, there are several storage spaces with three drink holders. At the same time, there is a shift lever, handbrake and a number of function control buttons set up on the side near the main driver. And the side near the passenger side is the air conditioning vents. For the rear center console, a number of storage space and drink placement that must be the regular configuration, front and side air vents and air conditioning adjustment knob. There is a small clock in the middle for the rear passengers to see the time, but also equipped with a blue satellite phone, we all know that the wilderness places or satellite phone more reliable. Here are photos of the combination of the front and rear master consoles (2)Living area The living area is also designed with rich interiors and "modular". There are two main purposes, one is to facilitate the display of the interior, because my first off-road RV work "Conqueror F", in the process of display found that the interior can not be well displayed. the second is to allow the weight of the car to be reduced during the driving process. So the interior of the living area is very easy to remove as a whole. The interior of the rear compartment consists of 9 main parts, let me introduce them one by one below ① Kitchen Due to the limited space, the kitchen is all open, I personally divided it into 3 sections. First is the lower area, which is a variety of storage space for dishes, I also placed a garbage can, specifically for food waste. The second is the middle area, where the cooking is done, the left is the sink, the right is the stove, most RV's kitchen stove is covered, this is no exception. A variety of pots and pans as well as a wealth of spices hanging on the wall, and a range hood directly above the stove. Finally, there is the upper area with a blue microwave oven and two storage spaces. ②Bar I personally like the bar very much, so I also designed a bar in this RV, mainly for making various desserts and beverages during the rest of the day in the car. The lower half of the bar has 2 levels of storage space, mainly for cups and unopened drinks. The upper part is mainly for a small number of commonly used cups and 2 desserts that have just been made, and there is also a beverage machine with 4 different drinks. These 4 drinks are: orange - Fanta; red - Coke; green - Sprite; blue - Mizone. ③ Left side of the entrance door This module consists of three parts. The lower part is a fire extinguisher. In case there is a fire in the process of parking rest or entertainment outside the car, you can get the fire extinguisher nearby at the first time. In the middle is a white fridge, close to the kitchen and bar for easy cooking. The upper part is a small open storage space. ④ Right side of the entrance door This module is also composed of 3 parts, the lower part is a two-layer shoe rack, placed at the door, in and out of the door is convenient to change and put shoes. In the middle is a small storage space, which is mainly used to place umbrellas to prevent rain from touching the wetland board; There are also two hooks for hanging hats. The upper part is the switch box, the whole living area power switch, there is a specific instrument to show the real-time data of the living area electricity. ⑤ Sofa This car is equipped with two large electric sofa, placed opposite, sofa side armrest has adjustment knob and small display screen. Among them, the sofa near the side of the bed, the bottom is installed with a slide rail, moving the sofa, can enter the storage room under the bed. A sliding rail is installed at the bottom of the sofa to facilitate horizontal movement. ⑥ Table There is a table in the middle of the sofa. To expand the limited space, the table can be folded. After the table is folded, flowers can be placed on the table to beautify the interior environment. ⑦ Storage room The living area has 2 large storage units, mainly distributed under the bed. One is the common storage room, mainly placed washing machine, cleaning tools, repair tools and other common items; The other is a hidden storage unit behind the sofa, which can be accessed by moving the sofa and is used for infrequent items such as suitcases. ⑧ Toilet The toilet is equipped with a toilet that can also be used for bathing. There is a hot and cold water sign and a toiletries basket in the corner. ⑨ TV set The TV set is placed above the sofa and facing the bed, so that whether you rest on the sofa or in bed, you can watch TV programs and relax. Finally, a panoramic view of the living area! 4. Some Details (1)Where is the battery box hidden? (2)The living area tank is located below the rear door (3)Where is the spare oil drum hidden? (4)For parking rest and picnic outside the car, there is a foldable table on the back of the door of the living area, and it is equipped with a storage box (5)Because the car chassis is higher, so the left side of the staircase is designed with handrails, when entering the living area, convenient borrowing; There is a clock on the top of the handle, which is mainly convenient to check the time when taking a rest outside the car or having a picnic (6)The shoe rack is by the door (7)A fire extinguisher is placed in the back of the cab. (8)Skylights in the living area can be opened (9)It's 2023, car phone holder must have! Convenient map navigation! Finally! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for browsing! Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV From MTC·By Muen·For Gap.Li
  24. dimka_ya

    Trucks 9-12 wide

    Hello! I designed almost everything I wanted in a width of 5-6 stud. It's time to grow :) The new line of my models is approximately the same scale as the SpeedChampions series. I'll start with the Mack Defence. "offroad'' version 6x6 with short wheelbase civil version 8x6 with long wheelbase and photo nearby :) Thank you for watching! I will be glad to comments :)
  25. MOC Lego Technic Military Truck Building Instructions: Lego Technic MOC - Military Truck (Building Instructions) Lego Technic MOC - Military Truck (Building Instructions)