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Found 618 results

  1. Description After over a year of prototyping, building and rebuilding, I'm finally done and want to take this opportunity to present my "magnus opus" properly. The idea for this project came when I finally got my hands on a copy of 5571 Black Cat/Giant Truck. This set came out when I was in high school and I always regretted it a bit that I didn't get it. However, when I finally did get it a few years ago, I realised that LEGO has come a long way in the intervening 25 years, and resolved to build one myself: inspired by the 5571, but pack with features enabled by modern LEGO pieces. It took a while, but it's finally done. The model features: 6x4 drive to a fake 3-cylinder engine with idling function powered by a PF M-motor. Solid axle suspension on all axles Steering front axle with Ackermann geometry, connected to steering wheel in cab Built-in pneumatic pump (powered by the same PF M-motor) with connection points for future trailer Motorised fifth-wheel decoupling (powered by the same PF M-motor) Cab interior Openable doors and hood Many details HOG ready (requires two tiles to be removed from the sleeper roof) Exterior Interior and engine Obligatory underbelly shot High-resolution and additional photo's can be found on my Bricksafe page. I'm super proud of this model, so I hope you like it too Some additional background information and progress photo's can be found in the WIP topic.
  2. Hello to the group. My daughter June complained about no trains in the Friends Series, so I tried to redesign the set 10219: Maersk Train (for me as a Noob in Trains one of the train sets I like the most) in LEGO Friends Style and Colors. The main structure of the objects remained the same, major changes were a) the interior of the locomotive cabine so that a friends figure fits in, b) the extension of 1 stud of the truck's cabine (a friends figure can also here sit in now), the front of the locomotive and the layout of the containers. All the parts exist in the corresponding colors, the light bluish grey train base plates are more or less the most "rare" parts. Maybe you like this mod of the 10219: Maersk Train. [MOC] June's Cargo Train by legolux1973, on Flickr Regards, legolux1973
  3. I missed out on the 5571 Black Cat as a high school kid (other priorities...), but ever since I got my hands on it a few years ago, and inspired by Andrea Grazi's truck and Ingmar Spijkhoven's trucks, I wanted to build a "Black Cat v2". An upgraded version with modern parts and more functions, such as full suspension, working engine, pneumatic pump for trailer attachments and a working fifth wheel coupling. This is turning into a "Magnum Opus" for me, since I've been working so long on it, rebuilding again and again various parts. Now that I have a rolling chassis, I felt it was time to share. I'm building digitally also, mostly to assess what parts I need to purchase and try out things: The differential that's peeking through the chassis is intended to have an idling engine by the PF motor (while e.g. the pneumatic pump is running) and that is "added" to the motion of the rear wheels. I posted the rear and front axles before. The fifth wheel coupling is adapted from @functionalTechnic Scania-inspired truck. Since I now got a rolling chassis that I'm happy with, I hope to make progress a bit faster and provide updates. Feel free to comment in the mean time; advice is always welcome too.
  4. A new project I started working on. It'll be a model of a classic dump truck, with a pickup truck style body and two axles. It'll be something similar to the following: So far I've only done some preliminary modeling, but I already have a general idea for the cab. The model will feature a lime green cab with a gray or black dump bed, two axles with pendular suspension, and BuWizz (not for speed, but to save space as the battery/controller are all in one unit), a fake engine with mini cylinders under the opening hood, and lights. I'll either use the tires from the 42122 Jeep or the the tire/rim combination from the 10279 VW Camper Van and 10290 Pickup Truck. I've wanted to make a lime MOC for a while now (haven't made one since my CLAAS Challenger 95E MOC from 2018). I've expanded my collection of lime pieces a bit after getting the 42138 Mustang set at BrickFair this year, so I decided to make at least the cab for this model in lime. I'm definitely planning to further expand my lime collection in the future, especially with pieces from the 42115 Lamborghini Sian set. Photos:
  5. Months of collecting pieces is finally showing a bit, on the 8285 tow truck. Changing this set, as much as I can, to a white model, with black or red, thought it would be fun...... Next task, how to suspend it without it looking to high and staying with a solid front axle, struggling with this alot. Suspension is a bit of a mess, but working on it. I have kept all the original pieces seperate, I'm not sure why but my brain said I had better lol.
  6. I made a kinetic sculpture of an exploration car challenging rough road conditions. (Find it on LEGO Ideas) The video says it all really. The vehicle is attached to the landscape on the starboard side, keeping it in place. I hope you like it, don't forget to comment and support . Thank you!
  7. - 4 wheel drive - 4 wheel steer - 4-cylinder straight fake engine - 4 link axle - 4 long soft shocks for each axle - 4lding seats, rolling wheels - 4 steering there is HOG More photos: Building instructions:
  8. Hello everyone! I present to your attention the Scania T143 truck model. The model is made in 1:20 scale. XL motor is used for movement, L motor is used to turn the front wheels. The semi-trailer is equipped with an automatic tipping body. The model is able to transport and independently unload up to 2 kg of bulk cargo. Instagram:
  9. Hello everyone, I have been in contact with a few fellow eurobrickers and some of them have wanted a truck topic where we can all share different designs for our trucks and trailers. These designs could also include maybe some clever and effecient suggestions to show others how you made your amazing MOC! All forms of trucks are accepted tow trucks to mighty expedition trucks! Post your truck, or gain inspiration from others! For starters I will share mine: A sporty flatbed truck!
  10. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 5pin trucks

    Hello! I want ot share my car models. Previously designed trucks and cars 4pin wide, I thought that the truck should be wider than the car - whitch means 5pin, since 6pin - its too much :) 4pin trucks can be seen here p.s. If I made a mistake in the section - please forgive me and move the topic to the ride one. Thank you for the attention! Next trucks ( Which is betten - add new models in the first (main) post or in the following comments? ) My topics: micro city + micro village
  11. Hello. I am glad to present you my new project for LEGO Ideas. my model :) I like to build trucks on a scale of about 1:64. Previously, they were mostly single models, but now I plan to add some environment to them. One of the first ideas was to build an automated truck assembly line. The assembly takes place in several stages: at the first stage, a suspension is added to the truck frame, at the second - wheels and engine with transmission, the third stage adds the assembled cabin, and at the fourth stage, glazing and fastening of additional equipment takes place. Next, the finished model is checked, and you can send it to a car dealership. Well, or add some module for cargo :) Trucks can be assembled with different cab and rim colors. As for the assembly line itself, it is automated. The staff only monitors the process. I will be glad to see your comments with reviews, and thank you for your attention!
  12. I wanted to make an old custom truck car hauler based on 1948 COE, my model isn't a replica of any particular truck, I searched some and then I make this one based on several different trucks I saw. it's 9wide'sh and can fit any Speed Champions 8 wild car. The cabin was a huge challenge, to many angles in such a small space, yes it is fragile, but it wasn't built to be played. This is my last "car" I will close shop for a while and focus on other projects. 1948 COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr 1948 COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr 1948/COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr 1948 COE Car Hauler truck by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  13. One of my favorite Eurobricks builds over the past couple of years was the Garbage Truck @steph77 completed in 2017. It's been a while since I have made a Garbage Truck, so after Thirdwigg Jr. Jr. (6) asked if I could make one, I jumped at the opportunity. I asked if he would be willing to test it as I built it. He said yes, so we were off. First, I wanted to make the truck fully manual with the following functions: Three axle, two steering Fake engine Removable garbage container Opening compactor Extractor plate Two stage compaction cycle Bin lift/tip Everything had to work smooth enough for a child to process the smallest of LEGO parts, particularly the 1x1 plate round. Nothing could get stuck in any movement, as this would frustrate a child (and me, frankly). Back in March, I finally figured out a little design that would be the first step of the compaction function. It wasn't perfect, but it was enough to proceed. The arch part at the bottom will be where the trash is dumped into the compactor. Back of the truck is to the right. I decided to model the truck after the Dennis Olympus garbage truck/bin lorry/refuse truck, in the colors represented by this stunning little build by Jonathan Elliot. So after another build session, I created this simple bodywork. I built a draft of the compactor, and put the two parts together and came up with this. Test one with Thirdwigg Jr. Jr. identified some problems with the compaction. Currently the bottom plate does not pull up far enough, so I'll need to turn the gear mechanism around. Here you can see how it processes from one gear on the side. It's not perfect yet, but I think I may be able to get there. See the video here. We'll see where this goes, but I like what I have so far. It's been almost a year since my last large project, the Ionos Sedan, so it's time for something bigger again. Questions, Comments, Laments, and Insults always welcome...
  14. Piece count 2193. Price 249.99 EUR. Special part and features: - New C+ motor with horizontally driven axis (like LEGO ® Spike 45602 (Large Angular Motor) - 1 Control+ XL motor, 1 Control+ L motor - Control+ Hub - 2 Land Rover mudguard 15 x 2 x 7 46882 in yellow for front wheels - XL linear actuators - 1 Corvette mudguard 42531 in LBG for dashboard - 3 new differentials, 1 old differential for center diff - Small panels #21 and #22 in yellow - Shell panel 3x7 in yellow - Curved panel 3x13 in yellow Functions: - Driving - Steering - Lifting and lowering bed - Hood can be opened manually Go nuts
  15. I'm a huge fan of the olive green from 42110 and I've been thinking of how to best use the olive green elements from that set. I eventually settled on Toyota's most recent generation of 4Runners. While I have a ways to go, I've made decent progress on the basic chassis and suspension: I've opted for a 1:10 scale but want to use 2 hard springs per wheel to maintain maximum resistance. Body panels are for reference to adjust suspension height. Chassis is partially inspired by filsawgood's Toyota JS as I used it as a test mule for the live axle design: I'm still waiting on Bricks and Pieces for some parts so the center differential is a placeholder at the moment. I'm interested in implementing Nico71's CVT design eventually: The rear live axle is currently a mess as I balance the various linkages, but I have to add that unfortunately there is no read diff lock like there is in the TRD Pro, I don't think I have the ability to effectively build one yet. One good thing about the higher ride height is that there is plenty of room for the spare wheel. I've also designed it to have a slight front caster angle, though I still have kinks to work out. If you have any suggestions or reference MOCs I should borrow techniques from feel free to make suggestions. March 20: Added prototype roof, doors, and partial front grille. I like the additions from some angles but I'm not completely satisfied. I also still need to work more on the frame and chassis to increase rigidity.
  16. I present to your attention a model of one of the most recognizable trucks in the post-Soviet space. KAMAZ-5410 is a bolster-type tractor, mass-produced from 1976 until the 2000s. The three-axle truck, designed to work as part of a road train with a gross weight of up to 26 tons, was equipped with an eight-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 10.9 liters and a power of 210 hp. It had a spring front and rear suspension. Now, directly to the model. The model is approximately made in 1:18 scale.It has a working suspension on all wheels: the front axle is attached to the frame with four trailing arms and 2 gray shock absorbers are used as a shock-absorbing element; the rear axles are equipped with balancers. The wheels consist of a native Lego disc and scale tires (outer diameter 60mm) from RC trucks. The model is driven by the XL motor of the Power Functions system. The motor is directly connected to the axles via 12:20 gears. The steering of the model is carried out using a servo motor of the same system. Almost the entire cockpit space is occupied by a small battery pack and a Sbrick pack.A container semi-trailer with a 20-foot container from Maersk was also made to the tractor. The semi-trailer is also equipped with all-wheel suspension and has manually lowered "legs". Thank you all for your attention! Subscribe on all platforms!
  17. KAMAZ-4310 is a Soviet and Russian large-tonnage cargo, off-road vehicle of the Kama Automobile Plant. A significant part of these machines were produced for the Soviet Army. But despite this, a huge number of civil modifications were produced on the basis of this car. It is hardly possible to find industries where this car has not been used. On the chassis of the car, side bodies, cranes, manipulators, tanks, logging trucks, etc. were installed.I decided to choose a civilian version of the classic flatbed truck with folding sides. Like many of my recent works, this model is approximately 1:18 scale. It has a working suspension on all wheels: the front axle hangs on 4 trailing arms, the rear axles have a balancing suspension. The tires are from RC trucks. Unlike my previous KamAZ, this model is all-wheel drive. The drive is carried out by means of the L motor of the Control + system. The model is steered by the L motor in servo mode. There is a large Control + unit in the cockpit. In the future, I plan to build several modifications based on this car, such as a logging truck and a kung, I will be glad to hear your ideas. Instagram: youtube:
  18. Model of an American Mack truck with a container semi-trailer. The model uses small battery pack, sbrick, XL motor for driving and servo motor for steering. The truck and semi-trailer has a working suspension on all wheels, which you can see in the video.
  19. After 42099 and the whole new PU system, I'm here with a MOC that uses something a bit older - RC system. After all these years it is still the most powerful 100% LEGO solution. Watch it in all its glory: Features: RC drive - 2x RC motor, geared 3:1 (slower output) RC steering Front suspension - double wishbone, soft, long travel, positive caster angle, 7 stud ground clearance Rear suspension - floating axle, soft, long travel, 5.5 stud ground clearance Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  20. Truck, Forklift, Trailer and Pallets for Load Zone / Rig & Roll competition. 8 PoweredUp motors in a very compact design. Controlled by PU remote and Pybricks, no device. It was a lot of fun to design, build and is a lot of fun to play with. Truck heavily inspired by the Seahorse Truck of Mahj, redesigned from the ground up. Forklift lift design by Jovlem/Appie-NL and adapted. Free building instructions per model and python code for Pybricks on Rebrickable:
  21. When I got Off Road Buggy set (42124) in my hand and saw new tyres I instantly get idea for new creation. I must make new Tatra truck. The only question it was if would be the 815 model or the new Phoenix. Then I remembered that I made my first version of Tatra Phoenix model 10 years ago and now it is the time to fix the problems of that model... This is my new model of legendary Czech brand of trucks Tatra. The model Phoenix is in trial truck version. This is full RC with Buwizz 2.0 brick and 2 Buwizz motor for drive. These motors make the vehicle very powerful (watch the video). Also the new tires give it good features and appearance. Specifications:-Full independent suspension (front axle hard springs, rear axle soft spring)-Modular desing (chassis, cab, superstructure)-Detailed interior-The door can be opend-The superstructure is not only for the design but also serves to protect the cab from tipping over 360 degree view Instructions are also available:
  22. Hi! Here is small preview of my first serious Technic MOC. More info will come if this is good enough content for here. Here it is: Goal here was just to mod set 42043 B-model, but things got out of hand as always, you test ideas and then suddenly there is something to show for. Truck pulling this is my mod of 42043 B-model, drive by 2x PF XL motors geared 1:1 in drivetrain, then reduced by the new diffrentials, 1st axle is locked, 2nd axle with differential. Steering mechanish is modded from 'Ppung daddy' YT video. Trailer functions: - 3 axles with suspension, soft springs (might need to replace 1st axle with hard springs) - RC loading ramp, L-motor - RC leg support, L-motor - manual motorized winch, M-motor - rear PF lights, black tape is used to cover the extra shine Heres also a mod of Madoca1977's work: source=[/img]
  23. I would like to present my Heavy trial truck. It is indeed the result of many attempts that began with a 6x6 heavy truck to this version, with one less axle. But in the middle, there was two additional versions that, maybe, I would refine and finish for a functional MOC. For the truck, I wanted a functional “Dynamic automatic gearbox”-driven heavy vehicle, featuring a significant body resistance, differential locks (at least, front and rear axles) and a good geometry for climbing obstacles (including front and rear attacking angles, big ground clearance, and low gravity center). And this is the result. More images at Bricksafe: Features (motorized and powered by a BuWizz 3.0 unit): Dynamic automatic gearbox (powered by 2 L PU motors) Differential locks (front and rear axle) (1 L PU Motor) Steering (1 L PU motor) and moving steering wheel Features (manual): Linked suspension with centering system Opening doors, openable roof window (which also serves for an easy access to ON/OFF switch), and 3 openable engine doors Effective ground clearance of 7 studs Detailed cabin Gear ratio from (continuous) 10:1 (177 Ncm) to 90:1 (1600 Ncm) (Calculated by Sariel's app) Video 01 Video 02 Features (video) Features description: Dynamic automatic gearbox: It was the starting point of this MOC. Since I found them, I was very interested in the potential of the differential-based automatic gearboxes. I found that for heavy models, it was not very easy to use. In this case, I opted for doubling the gearbox to avoid any cracking when stepping up obstacles as well as increasing the resistance of the “high torque/low speed” pathway. After the two gearboxes, all the power is driven through a common central axle. After several testing, I found that the resistance should be proportional to the difference between the max and the low gearing; the bigger the difference, the bigger the resistance. The problem is that increasing the resistance, obviously, decreases the efficiency of the system… but, by now, I did not find any other solution. With this gearing, and the vehicle geometry, the truck can climb up to 42º steps. Suspension: Although not motor-driven, this was an aspect that gave me several headaches. The starting idea was to have a suspension on which when a wheel is elevated because and obstacle, it benefits from the suspension of the opposite wheel, increasing the ground adherence. In practical terms, this means that you can rise one wheel up to 10 studs keeping all other three wheels still touching the ground. An issue with this system (and having only 2 axles) is that the body of the vehicle tends to stay tilted after overcoming obstacles. To solve that, I included an extra pair of shock absorbers that, instead of being supported in the opposite wheel, they are attached to the body of the truck. Differential lock: Because of the geometry of the vehicle, front and rear differential locks were not indeed and option but obligatory. Indeed, the turning radius turns from 90 cm (diff lock closed) to 47cm (diff lock open). Although it is driven by a single motor, thanks to two clunch 24 gears, it is ensured that, despite a significant different backlash, both locks perform perfectly fine. Steering: About this feature, the major challenge was to minimize as much as possible the backlash of the steering rack. I even considered including an actuator-based steering system. Unfortunately, for this model, I could not manage to make it happen. In exchange, the steering rack is designed to reduce the backlash in any direction. Openable doors: In total, the model has 6 openable doors. 2 that access the pilot and co-pilot positions, 2 laterals that allow to see part of the gearboxes (and how they work in flat and step terrain), 1 rear door that access the rear differential lock and 1 last roof door that, besides the appearance, it allows an easy access to the On/Off switch. The instructions are available in Rebrickable: Many thanks for the reading and please, leave your comments and feedbacks! :)
  24. #82 Ghostbuster Ecto-1 01/28/22 #79 Shell Tanker Truck 10/22/21 #78 Honda Insight -09/19/21 ]
  25. Hi. This is a continuation of the LDD Buildings theme. I decided to start building a 6WD off-road truck (not too big). I already have some parts (all in Bricksafe).