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Found 117 results

  1. This Kadillax (pronounced similar to "Cadillac") originally belonged to Black Hole Gang's second in command under the Brick Daddy. This financial / legal wizard is code-named Mister Gray. The Kadillax remains his personal transportation now that Gray is "retired", but this is a ruse to keep the Space Police off his tail. The real work that he does is helping rebel cells fight the Space Police IV forces, either by smuggling oppressed people around in his spacious limo and it's opening trunk, or using the secret panels to covertly transport gold or cash around to rebel hideouts or stops on the underground railroad to freedom in the galaxy's central core. The core is where sensors can not penetrate and big ships cannot enter due to the increased gravity and many asteroid chunks. In reality, this model started as 70906, Joker's Notorious Low-rider. I changed the colors, removed most of the golden parts and exchanged the bouncy wheels for hover pods. The vehicle's obvious weapons such as missile launcher / ray guns were removed when Mister Grays went clean, but the secret is that he kept the EMP generator and code scrambler as a precaution. These would prove to be most helpful in his new role as founder of the resistance network and underground railroad to help oppressed aliens and techno-mages to freedom. Mr. Gray also keeps a classic blaster in reach at all times... just in case. The vehicle can seat one figure at the drivers seat and figure in the passenger's seat . The trunk opens up and the roof is removable. After the death of the Brick Daddy, a criminal power vacuum caused a gang war to erupt between Squidman and the mysterious Mister Gray, who was Brick Daddy's shady accountant and corrupt lawyer. As Mister Gray slowly took over the Black Hole Gang from rival Squidman, he forced the Space Police III (who were at war with Blacktron 3 at the time) to regroup into the totalitarian Space Police IV by way of the Gang joining sides with Blacktron 3 forces. This proved critical to anti-alien leaning leaders of the Space Congress' plan of eradicating both the Blacktron scourge and Black Hole Gang. In the end, the Blacktron retreated to the edges of known space, and the Black Hole Gang was destroyed save two major members: Squidman, who was no longer a Black Hole Gang member when the Gang declared war of the Space Police, and Mister Gray, who sold out the gang's location to save himself. He is sometimes now called Mister "Grave" instead, but never to his face, as he alone was responsible for the saturation bombing of the Gang's hideout. This bombing killed most members and blew up it's ammo dump, thus destroying any evidence of Gray's complicity in any past crimes. After this, he decided his clean slate was not worth the blood on his hands, and thus helped found the resistance network to fight the Space Police IV forces. His immense wealth helps out those in need, and he personally smuggles wanted people around in his limo from time to time. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  2. I was inspired by this Winter Village build over on the Town forum by user @Nieks from 2015 to build this mid-20th century (think like around the 1960's or 70's) inspired Gotham City police station. The station comes with a Bat-phone on the Commissioner's desk, and a Bat-signal on the roof. (though, it's lacking a single printed part on the signal plus the front door should have this printed piece above it) On the right side you have an drive-thru awning for patrol cars to drop off criminals for booking at the station. Inside the station on the upper floor, just above the holding cell is Commissioner Gordon's office with the Bat-phone. Dotted around the station we have five desks for the officers to do paper work at, and finally, a single holding cell for inmates before transfer to Arkham Asylum (for the super-powered inmates and / or the criminally insane, such as the Joker or Poison Ivy) or Blackgate Prison (the common riff-raff / lower rated powered criminals who are technology dependent go there, such as The Penguin or Kite Man.) NOTE: The grille pieces in front of the building are supposed to go on the desks as part of the typewriter assembly. (It doesn't fit in LDD, sadly.) As it's the late 1970's or early '80's here in my model's timeline, the desktop computer has yet to make it's mark on crime-fighting.... unless you're a billionaire / inventor named Bruce Wayne that is! Set 71016 (Kwik-E-Mart) has had the police car changed from black and white to blue and white. The car feature seating for three, with two officers in the front, and one criminal in the back behind the security fence. The trunk of the police car should have this part on it. The trunk opens up, and both side doors open as well. Most of the roof lifts away (not shown) for access to the inside. As for the Batman and his arch-nemesis, I've already got his ride and the Joker's covered by previously released Lego sets. I also plan on manning the Police station with Lego Batman movie figures, such as Commissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara, and a few other surprises. If anyone has any comments, questions, suggestions, or complaints please don't hesitate to respond below!
  3. ThePlasticWerks

    MOCk the Police!

    Every season, a new Lego City subtheme is announced, and every time somebody makes a joke about "(subtheme) Police!" So, I took that idea and rolled with it for a while. These are all mods of existing City sets, most contemporary but I've thrown in a few classics. I've also drawn on past City Police color schemes for some additional throwback goodness. There are definitely more themes out there I haven't touched on (Airport Police!). Feel free to contribute your own silly police builds :) Coast Police (Based on 7726) Who watches the watchmen? Patrol the seas and find the corrupt coast guard! Fire Police (based on 60002) Anarchy has consumed the City! Good thing the cross-trained Fire Police service can extinguish their firebombs AND arrest the hooligans! Cargo Police (based on 60020) Make critical shipments of standardized equipment to all of your City Police services! Special delivery! Shuttle Police (based on 6007) When the Space Police fail, who is Lego City's last line of defense? Lock up the criminal in the shuttle jail! Farm Police (based on 7636) There's trouble a'brewin' in the countryside! Help Constable Cornfield and Cow Cop sow justice! Bonus: Bonus: Deep Sea Police (based on 60090) Sharkbite and his underwater minions have stolen the Atlantean treasures! Octo-Cop and the Deep Sea Police to the rescue! Potty Patrol (based on 60073) Beat the Party Pooper at his own game! A clever trap by the Construction Police saves the day!
  4. This is my attempt at a 2016 Dodge Charger slicktop police car. It was inspired by marv and ER0L.
  5. jalemac34

    [MOC] A french police station

    Hi everyone, This is my new MOC, the police station. It's a typical hausmanian french building, with 3 floors You have a shooting room, a garage , a lab, an interrogation room, Different office, conference room..... Everything you can find in police headquarters. Hope you'll like it More pics on my flickr account French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr French police station by Jean Macou, sur Flickr
  6. Mini LEGO

    Police Combiner Transformer

    Here are a baby police robot and a small patrol drone. They are not strong at this state. But if they combine into a big police robot, it is strong and fast.
  7. HanMS85

    MOC Police Bike

    New line up to keep my street safe
  8. badchriss

    [MOC] Mercenary Truck

    Armored Mercenary Van A while ago i was surfing through the Internet and was kinda curios what other Brick / Clone Brands have to offer. My Eyes fell on an interesting looking SWAT Van from the Clone Brand Enlighten. I really liked the overall Design of the Vehicle and so i started searching for better Pictures to pull off a daring Move: Cloning a Clone Brand Set :D Of course without actual Instructions i only could guess what`s underneath but i think i did a pretty neat Job.I added some Details here and there like Clips in the rear Compartment that hold two Guns and a working Driveshaft / Rear Axle with Technic Pieces. Towards the End of the build i noticed that i don`t have 3 black Roof Plates so i used one with a cool looking Sticker. So now it`s a Lego Mercenary Truck completely made from danish Bricks that are compatible to most Clone Brands :D 20170515_130533 20170515_130601 20170515_130615 20170515_130634 20170515_130656 20170515_130714 20170515_130825 20170515_130837 20170515_131048 20170515_130853 So,how do you like my Version?
  9. Bricked1980


    Hi everyone This my latest MOC and project for LEGO Ideas. My interpretation of a classic American style Police Station. Brick Town Police Station is a corner modular building built to the standard 32x32 footprint. The model is made up from 2826 pieces. The main focus of the model is the Police Station itself but I've also included doughnut store and a Police car. MINIFIGURES The model features 6 minifigures, including 4 Police officers, a criminal and the doughnut store worker. A Police dog is also included. LEVEL 1 - DOUGHNUT STORE AND POLICE STATION The ground level depicts a corner street scene. Various details include a bench, tree and water hydrant. A series of steps lead up to the main entrance of the police station which is set at a 45 degree angle to the rest of the building. The Police Station also features a garage with a barrier that can be raised and lowered to allow the Police car to drive through to the back of the building. Next door to the Police station is the doughnut store featuring bright red striped awning and a large doughnut sign on the roof. A narrow recess between the 2 buildings leads to a separate staff entrance in to the police station. On the ground level of the police station is the reception desk and waiting room. Behind the desk I've included a coffee machine and some equipment storage. There is also a door in this room that leads out to the back of the building where the police car can be parked. LEVEL 2 - OFFICES AND INTERROGATION ROOM A staircase on the ground level leads in to the Chief's office on the next floor. The office features the Chief's desk with a tiny typewriter and other details. Level 2 also features a staff office room with a water cooler and equipment storage. A window in this room overlooks the interview/interrogation room. LEVEL 3 - HOLDING CELLS The third level includes 2 prison holding cells. A door inside this room also gives the mini figs access on to the roof. POLICE CAR The police car is 6 studs wide but has space to fit 2 mini figs side by side in the front seats. THE FINISHED MODEL The image below shows this moc alongside my other modular buildings. Left to right - The Queen Bricktoria, Brick Square Post Office, Bricks & Blooms and The Convenience Store LEGO IDEAS I've added Brick Town Police Station to LEGO Ideas. If you like the model then I'd be massively grateful if you could please spare a few moments to check out the page on LEGO Ideas and give it your support. Thanks for reading and I hope you like Brick Town Police Station, feel free to let me know what you think. If you'd like to see more, then head across to my Flickr page where I've uploaded many more pictures of the model.
  10. REVIEW - 42091 - POLICE PURSUIT INTRODUCTION Every year two new Technic Pull-back Racers appear in the line-up, so it's no surprise to see two new ones this year. What is a surprise though, is that TLG has chosen the "cops and robbers" theme from 2016 again. Obviously, kids love this theme, so it's understandable, but it feels like a cop get it?! The 42047 - Police Interceptor doesn't really look like its successor, although the stickers use the same color scheme PICTURES Pictures can be clicked to view hi-res versions. More pictures can be found in my Flickr album. DISCLAIMER This set has been provided by the CEE Team of TLG. It's not my goal to promote this set. It's my goal to give you an honest opinion about it. Therefore, the opinion in this review is my own and is in no way linked to TLG. SET INFORMATION Number: 42091 Title: Police Pursuit Theme: Technic Released: 2019 Part Count: 120 Box Weight: 287 gram Box Dimensions: 26,1 x 14,0 x 6,0 cm Set Price (RRP): € 19,99 Price per Part: € 0,17 Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX As usual this model can be combined with the other Pull-back to create a combined model. This time it is a rather unconventional tank-ish vehicle. You can see the image on the back of the box. The combined models are often odd vehicles, but this one is taking the cake. CONTENTS OF THE BOX The box contains: 1x Booklet 1x Sticker sheet 1x Pull-back motor 1x 19L Flex axle 3x Unnumbered bag PART LIST The complete part list for the 120 parts. COMPLETED MODEL Looking at the completed model, I can't help but think; what exactly am I looking at?! "Don't worry about it. Just use a couple of panels and turn in into some sort of Police vehicle!". And this vehicle turned out to be a formula one style vehicle. Choosing formula one style isn't a problem. The actual design of the set IS a problem though. I bet that most AFOLs could easily come up with a way better rendition, using more or less the same parts. Basically this set is comprised of four wheels, a couple of panels and a pull-back motor. Looking at other (smaller) sets, I do notice that they heavily rely on panels. This made me compare the part count of this set with the version from 2016. The sets respectively contain 120 and 185. I know you can't judge a set by its part count, but buying (more or less) the same set, gives you 120 parts instead of 185. That's a difference of 65 parts, which is a major difference given the total part count. It's no secret I am big fan of panels, but this is pushing it. The fun of LEGO is building a model out of different parts. Using 120 instead of 185 parts greatly deminishes the building experience. It probably optimizes the profit though. Only the most-profitable is good enough. Move along, nothing to see here! And another picture of this wond.........drous vehicle. Turns our this is the bad guy after all. The usual left-overs. SUMMARY Being a pull-back racer, I didn't expect any functionality besides pulling it back and letting it go. What I do expect, is a decent design. I am very disappointed with the design though. Especially the use of panels, combined with the decreased part count. This set screams profit optimization. The combined model doesn't really help either. However, since the combined models are often quite odd I won't judge this set by that criterium. PROS None CONS Horrible design Part count seems intentionally low Horrible design Horrible design SCORE How do I rate this set? (Wow, I needed to search for images I don't use often) 2 DESIGN One extra point for the trouble. 4 BUILDING EXPERIENCE Done in a minute. 7 FEATURES On par with other pull-back sets. 7 PLAYABILITY I have rated other pull-backs the same grade. 4 PARTS 65 parts less than its predecessor. 5 VALUE FOR MONEY The low part count makes this set less attractive than previous versions. 4,8 IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FINAL WORDS Thanks you for reading this review. All pictures can be found here.
  11. bricksboy

    [MOC] Police Motorcycle

    LEGO MOC Police Motorcycle #2 Stop Motion Speed Build My other MOC models: [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  12. My other LEGO animation: "Grand Theft Auto" - LEGO Stop Motion Animation LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Spider-Man: Trunk Man's Challenge" LEGO Stop Motion Film-"I Will Get You..r......Hot Dog" LEGO Short Film--"The Bad Day Not Too Bad"
  13. [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car My other MOC models: [MOC] Ferrari F355 [MOC] Toyota AE86 Coupe (2018 version) in Initial D Animation [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  14. LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Spider-Man: Trunk Man's Challenge" I hope you will like and enjoy the film. More videos are on my Youtube channel. Thanks :) My other LEGO animation: "Avengers: Vulture Battle with Iron Man and Spider-man" - LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Grand Theft Auto" - LEGO Stop Motion Animation LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Spider-Man: Trunk Man's Challenge" LEGO Stop Motion Film-"I Will Get You..r......Hot Dog" LEGO Short Film--"The Bad Day Not Too Bad"
  15. Police Cruiser of Super Secret Police Dept. of Bricksburg. 8 stud wide, 22 stud long, 7 brick height. 4 seaters for minifigures (2 front, 2 rear), criminal records computer, large trunk, classical american police color scheme (black and white), and, obviously, donuts! Lego Police Cruiser updated v. 2.0 (1) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Police Cruiser updated (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Police Cruiser updated (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Police Cruiser updated (4) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr
  16. I'm a big fan of police cars, and the Lego Movie uses one that I intially thought was custom made for the movie. This is the four wide police car that is used mostly in background scenes, though it does show up en masse after the escape from Bricksburg. After spending some time reverse engineering it from the various scenes, I realized that the model is actually a slightly modified civilian car that was released in 2012 as 4435 Car and Caravan (the trailer hitch is the giveaway) with influences from 4436 Patrol Car. The car appears to be Black and Light Grey in the movie, which I changed to white because some of the main parts don't exist in light grey, such as the wheel arches. I also added red and blue lights behind the main headlights, though these were my personal preference. Interestingly enough, the roof piece in black does not yet exist and won't until the release of 60097 City Corner later this year. When that set is released, I'll be building several of these to put in my own town. EDIT: Turns out Mark2 has an error in the lights. Instead of using two 99780 Inverted brackets and one 1x2 plate, it should have been one Bracket 1x2 - 1x4 and two 1x4 plates stacked on top of each other. Mark5 has this corrected. LDD File: Lego Movie Police Car - Mark5.lxf Lego Movie Police Car - Mark2.lxf
  17. bricksboy

    [MOC] LEGO Police Car

    It is a police car base on USA pattern. I hope you will like it and support it on LEGO Ideas :) Lego Ideas link: My other MOC models: [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  18. LEGO MOC Police Motorcycle Stop Motion Speed Build I have slightly modify the police motorcycle from the city set #60137, 60139, 60141. My other MOC models: [MOC] Police Motorcycle #2 [MOC] Sport Bike Stop Motion Speed Build [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  19. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: The Money Laundering Launderette

    I’ve always believed that that little minifigs can be big criminals and so I present the Money Laundering Launderette. This is a MOC I wanted to build for quite some time now and use up those spare (unfortunately LEGO) 100 dollar notes I have lying around. The scene is pretty simple, the good guys (the police) have surrounded and are about to raid the Soap n’ Suds launderette, a front company for a crime organisation involved in smuggling contraband clone brands and dangerous addictive plastic substances among other things. An accountant who works for the gang and two heavily armed gunmen are deciding whether to fight or flee (presumably through the backdoor into the boiler room and out into the adjoining yard but who knows…) Two oblivious customers are also downstairs. The launderette does also actually wash clothes with 6 large 10kg capacity washing machines and dryers. Washes from €5, wash and dry €8. Special thanks to miniBIGS, BrickArms and BrickForge for the custom parts. More pictures of the inside on Flickr
  20. Greeting, I am very happy to share my recent modification on the 2014 police series of Prisoner Transporter. Background I am usually a fan of Medium size Lego Police vehicle, e.g. 7033 in 2003, 7245 in 2005 , 7286 in 2011. In 2013, I was originally excited to hear from EB forum that a medium size prisoner transporter van would be coming in the 1st wave of 2014, but when I saw the pictures of 60043 Prisoner Transporter, I decided to give it a skip as the outlook of the set wasnt appealing to me (No flashing light bar, not too colourful). Besides, in 2014, we saw a great fleet of city vehicles rolling, hence it gave me further reasons for not picking this set up. It wasnt until late November 2014 I had a change of heart, after looking at the sets of 2015, both the swamp police and great vehicles, I found a lot of 2015 sets are bulky and related to water, which are not really my cup of tea. Therefore I decided to re-consider 60043, as I began to see a lot of MOD-ability in this set. I also went on the internet to see pictures of this set, and how did the others view the set. The more I looked to the set, the more I liked it, and I made the purchase in retails, though making modification on this set was always on my mind. After building according to the instructions, in some ways, I was slightly disappointed about the proportion of the van, as I considered it too short, but then, because I was prepared to be disappointed, I immediately know only by MODding this set would this set feel completed. With a few hours of MODding, I now present you the upgraded Armor Van. Armor Van / Mod Prisoner Transporter The actual modification was actually quite straight forward, what you see what you get, the MOD is 1 brick higher than original. I decide to maximise the use of flashing light, partial arrow-lightbar at the roof, and the 4 no. of grill/forward light I have yet to form ideas to develop the interior nor replace the funny door at the back, thought I am confident I will come up of a few ideas later, it is currently same as the original. The new Amour Van shares the same colour scheme (battenburg) as my previous Police Van. I want to keep the scale (minifig to vehicle) similar to the Sprinter Van similar for display purpose. Scale On the topic of scale, I found this scale keep the realism while maintaining the feeling of Lego blocks. Over the course of 2014, I made a few MOD to suite this scale, as follows: Thank you for your attention.
  21. o0ger

    [MOC] Police L.E.V. 5

    Police L.E.V. 5 (Light Enforcing Vehicle - Pursuit Class) Just thought I'd share this with you guys if you haven't seen it yet. The LEV is the most common police vehicle in colonies with a sanctioned judicial system all over human explored space. There are several classes of LEV modified for specific tasks. The Class 5 (Pursuit Class) is equipped with multiple types of suppression weaponry, jammers and a local weak inertia suppression field, protecting the pilot from high G-forces during hard accelerations. This is a power consuming ability but the being able to quickly overtake fleeing suspects is clearly advantageous. Built for 2018 Lego Speeder Bike Contest, Category: "ENFORCE" This MOC started with the Throwbot Visor (Windscreen) and then I just tried to find pieces matching it. While building this I came up with a neat idea to attach the windscreen to regular LEGO System:
  22. The Enforcer is back and better than ever before! Support on CUUSOO! Introduction The Enforcer is a fully motorised remote control Technic off road vehicle. The vehicle has a police theme and is loosely based on the Hummer H2 but many subtle changes have been made to obey copyright restrictions. Here are some examples of the inspiration for my design: The Enforcer was originally an entry for the ‘You Design It, We Make It’ competition but ended up coming in second place to rm88’s ‘Boss’ crawler. However I do not think that it is the end of the road for the Enforcer. The Enforcer Recharged is a massive overhaul of the original Enforcer. Firstly, as this is CUUSOO, the original 9398 chassis could not be used anymore, so the chassis has undergone a massive redesign to adapt it specially to the Enforcer’s needs. The winch has now been motorised and all lights are now power functions. The battery box has now been changed to a 8878 rechargeable battery box which reduces weight massively (by about 160g) and is more convenient. There is now no need to remove the battery box so this allowed major part optimisations to be made. The result is this, The Enforcer Recharged: Note: LDD does not contain certain power functions elements so in some images the following elements will be represented as shown: Chassis The Enforcer now uses a redesigned chassis and not the 9398 chassis.: The new chassis does not have 4 wheel steering like the 9398 as I did not think that it was needed on a model of this theme. The 88004 servo motor for steering is now located in the front suspension module. The chassis is powered by one central 8882 extra large motor transmitting power to all wheels through the power joint system, unlike the 9398 which had one 88003 large motor for drive above each axle. Below is a diagram of the drive-train and gearing: I have now changed the design of the drivetrain to prevent breakages of the gears in and driving the centre differential. The older style non-bevelled differential is now used and the gearing converts the torque from the XL motor to RPM before reaching the centre differential. Further gear reduction has been added after the two axle differentials to maintain an overall gear ratio of 1 : 6.72. The gearing results in 0.44 times the original torque on the centre differential. That's 40.2 mNm with an RPM of 495. I am just finishing the casing for the new rear axle module. I am also thinking of working on an alternate setup which is the 9398 chassis with the battery box changed for the rechargeable version so that the bodywork can still be directly attached. Here are some comparisons between the 9398 crawler chassis and the Enforcer chassis to show how the gear ratios were decided. These stats have yet to be updated for the new drivetrain: Because the extra large motor does not deliver quite as much total power as the two large motors, two gear configurations are available for speed focused or torque focused performance. This is shown in the drivetrain diagram above the table. Although the 8878 rechargeable battery box only outputs 7.2V which is less than the 9V from the 8881 AA battery box, this voltage is more consistent because the voltage from a Lithium polymer battery remains constant until the charge is depleted, whereas the voltage from AA batteries drops significantly throughout use. Note that unlike the 9398 chassis, the front and rear differentials need to be facing in opposite directions as shown, otherwise the wheels will not rotate in the same direction: On the Enforcer chassis, the space above the rear axle in the rear suspension module is occupied by an 8878 rechargeable battery box which is much lighter and more convenient than the regular 8881 battery box. More importantly, this means that the battery box does not need to be removed to change the batteries, it can just be plugged into the charger without being removed. This allowed the bodywork to be built directly on to the chassis, saving parts. Another main feature of the chassis is the dual shock absorbers above each wheel. This is to help prevent the easy rolling behaviour which is common in Technic off-road vehicles with a heavier bodywork and to scale the suspension stiffness more appropriately to the weight of the model. Softer suspension such as using only one shock absorber per wheel results in the bodywork leaning away from the chassis on lateral inclines, causing premature tipping so the new design helps prevent this: Care had to be taken to allow each shock absorber joint to rotate on two axes to allow the front and rear axles to move freely with the suspension. The main image shows the shock absorbers functioning. Different Forms The model with the most features has a very high part count so I have decided to make multiple versions of the model simplified to various degrees for different and slightly more practical part counts. The features of each version are shown below: Features on all models All models feature 4 opening doors, an opening tailgate and an opening bonnet. The doors feature compound hinges to allow the doors to fit into their frames properly. Each door also has a rotary handle to secure the door shut with: The tailgate has a sliding handle which locks it in place when closed: All models also feature power functions headlights and taillights which can be switched on or off while driving: All models except the Enforcer Rapid Response have a rear roof section which can be removed for an alternate form. Charging can be done easily by opening the rear door: The Enforcer Elite The Enforcer Elite features power functions flashing police lights. The flashing is performed by a mechanism containing a medium motor and 2 control switches: The same motor is also linked to a piston engine in the bonnet: The gear ratios mean that the piston engine will run at 127rpm and the light flashing system will be driven at 26.4rpm which will result in the police lights performing one on/off cycle every 1.14 seconds. The Enforcer Elite contains a front mounted winch powered by a medium motor which is shown on the left in the above diagram. The gear ratio for this winch is the same as the gear ratio for the winch on the Unimog U400 (1 : 24 gear ratio, 15.8rpm winch speed, 40mNm torque). The winch would also contains a clutch gear to avoid damage in the event of a string jam or when the winch is fully reeled in. This is replaced by one of the white 24 teeth gears in the render as LDD does not contain the clutch gear. The Enforcer Elite will be controlled with 2 8885 IR controllers. The power functions wiring layout needed to make the functions run correctly is shown below along with the physical locations of the PF elements: The Enforcer Standard Issue The Enforcer Standard Issue shares largely the same bodywork as the Elite version but does not contain the winch, flashing police lights or piston engine to reduce the part count and number of power functions elements required. The bonnet has been modified to accommodate the removal of the piston engine. The power functions lights are now turned on and off by a control switch in the boot which can be accessed by removing the rear roof section. The switch can be secured on with the red push bolt. The power functions wiring and layout for this model are shown below: The Enforcer Rapid Response The Enforcer Rapid Response shares the same functions as the Enforcer Standard Issue but has the entire roof removed for a whole new look and a lighter and faster feel along with a further reduced part count. Possible Stickers The Enforcer has potential for a great sticker set to emphasize the police theme. Below is an example of a possible sticker set: SUPPORT NOW ON CUUSOO!!! Thank you for taking your time to read this, all support is greatly appreciated!
  23. mandaci-customs

    [MOC] Police Tank

    Hi Everybody, I want to show you my LEGO Police Tank:
  24. mandylion7

    Chevy Fleetmaster - Range

    Here are my latest, Actually completed and posted on the last day of the last year. I am a big child and I wanted to make some cute old-timers, and are there cuter cars than those from the 40's? Anyway, I made toys I could play with when I put my kids off to sleep and so I did. Everything opens and each model's got something extra. For example Fleetmaster Fastback version which is the police vehicle's got guns and a rifle. Coupe version for the Fire Chief's got some fire extinguishers, Sedan version which is the TAXI's got 2 suitcases and the Delivery stretched Ambulance version some medical gear an oxigen tank, water tank with a pipe and a gurney. I hope you like these and if you want to see more it's on Flickr. Just click on the pic