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  1. Such an awesome model! You should put the model and building instructions on ReBrickable! ;-)
  2. A small modification of Saturn V

    I suggest you should go for Imgur instead. Photobucket's revised TOS states that all photos hosted on other sites are blocked without the original users upgrading to Premium.
  3. I have just came up with the idea of building a stage lighting gantry out of straight/curved roller coaster track (as seen on 70922 Joker Manor for example) I wonder if anything with a 'clip holder' (e.g. 4085 can attach to the central cross-members between the rails?
  4. I need to make it very clear to everyone, especially on Flickr/Brickshelf & those questioning the legalities of my work that my LDD Models are Strictly 100% Non-Profit i.e. they will not make me even a Solitary Dollar.
  5. [MOC] Apollo Launch Tower (WIP)

    If only you could make the tower 'modular' so that it can be easily transported or stored in a confined space.
  6. Indeed, they did photoshop the image to the wire-frame style.
  7. Hi there, An eBay seller by the name of 'zacparis' specializes in reproduction stickers. However, for some bizarre reason, a reproduction sticker set for 5571 Black Cat has a derivative of my LDD 'Legacy' model which I posted in 2013! I suppose this did had to happen, eventually given this kind of planet we live on. Here is the mentioned model: And here is the derivative: Anyone else seen something happen like that to you?
  8. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    And it better be it or else!
  9. [MOC] Apollo Launch Tower (WIP)

    Nice work! I hope it's finished in time before 2019!
  10. Who let the dogs out? ;-) A colourful, cheerful, crowned canine takes centre stage in the winning design as our official poster for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. Originally Created by Sydney-based graphic designer Jacqueline Daniel, the poster celebrates the Year of the Dog with a balloon version of the Chinese horoscope. Ms Daniel, whose winning design was picked out of more than 300 submissions, said 2018 would be the year for Fringe-goers to unleash their festive spirit. “My poster design is about crowning everyone who joins in on the festival and unleashes themselves into the night,” she said. “With the jewels of the festival to light their way, they will experience the true treasures of the Adelaide Fringe.” Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO Heather Croall said the design was a perfect fit given next year’s festival opening would coincide with Chinese New Year celebrations and the Year of the Dog. “We asked poster competition entrants to represent the playful, inclusive and cheeky spirit of the Adelaide Fringe, and we feel that Jacqueline’s design has really embraced that brief,” Ms Croall said. “She has given us a quirky new mascot with a royal flair and surrounded by diamonds to highlight that the Adelaide Fringe is the jewel in the crown of Australian arts festivals.” In keeping with Adelaide Fringe’s open access nature, there is a long history of the official poster being chosen from a design competition that anyone from around the world can enter. This year saw over 300 entries submitted. The festival will run from 16 February until 18 March. This is the second time a poster coincided with a Chinese horoscope (2007's celebrated the Year of the Pig). Adapted from this OC by Artisan Bricks:
  11. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I'm so excited for this one!
  12. REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    I've built mine a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely awesome! It is the tallest/longest model in my collection! Though the LUT didn't get approved, someone might provide a link to the building guide of their OC.
  13. So LEGO is getting really sharp this year. As most of you know, it's a big surprise.
  14. Perhaps they opted to break their promise and retire the gallery instead.