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Found 22 results

  1. Hi everyone, Finally, I have finished a project which I was building since last September. It is the scale model of the Intrac 2011 snow blower which is/was often used in the swiss alps by the army and other communal parties. It was the aim to create another working snow blower after the success of the snow blower from last winter. The blower is powered by three buggy-motors which are all controlled by a separate Sbrick. Each track is driven by two PF XL motors. The snow blower shoot direction is controlled by two 9-volt micro motors and the height of the snow blower by one PF L motor. As power source I used two Buwizz as battery or a custom lipo battery. After a certain time in the cold I had the replace the Buwizz with the custom lipo battery. Cheers FT
  2. Hello guys i've finaly made a working lego usb optical mouse out of this (atleast i think its this one but its a fairly old model so i am not shure if the pcb is the same) mouse and i thought i give you a sort of instruction how to make it. First you have to remove the cirquit board out of the logitech one (you have to pry it open using a sqrewdriver or a brick seperator) Next you have to tape the lens of the mouse ( that transparent thing in front of the led) onto the cirquit board using a clear tape like this. then you have to follow my pictured instructions: you have to insert your cirquit board with the led to the back (unfortunatly my design has no space for the scrollwheel so remove that) you have to adjust the 1x1 tile so that the cirquit board sits in there thight next step is to just add some bricks. and now we are going to add the mouse buttons: in this step we add the mouse buttons and a cover: in this step we are adding the scrollwheel button: and here is a view on how the button should look: and now if you have followed the steps carefully your mouse should look like this: and last but not least you can have a 3d view of the model over at feel free to tear it down in the editor so its easier for you to build it. XG BC
  3. I have been thinking of putting my safes on Eurobricks for quite a while, and I've finally got around to doing it, thanks to the interest from @Leonard Goldstein. So, starting with the smallest... 1. Micro Combination safe Size: 4 x 6 x 6 1/3 studs. Instructions: No. Digital Model: Yes, for LDD. Video: Yes, see below. Photos: Video: 2. Mini Lock with key Size: 6 x 6 x 2 2/3 studs (not including shackle). Instructions: Yes, available on Rebrickable. Digital Model: Yes, for LDD, LDraw, and Video: Yes, see below. Photos: Video: 3. Mini Combination safe Size: 6 x 8 x 7 2/3 studs. Instructions: Yes, available on Rebrickable. Digital Model: Yes, for LDraw. Video: Yes, see below. Photos: Video: 4. Big Combination safe Size: 8 x 16 x 9 2/3 studs. Instructions: No. Digital Model: Yes, for LDD. Video: No Photos: That's all I've got for now, though I do plan to make some more (bigger/better) safes and (better) locks in the future...
  4. The last time this older 7-wide industrial saddle tanker steam loco design was seen in complete form in the real world was in 2014. I have since added working pistons and an "American" style headlight for use on my US layout. (These working pistons were inspired by Hunterdobb's 2015 replica of Lady from the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie as seen here on Flickr.) The bulk of the original model was a ScotNick creation inspired by Thomas and Friends engine "Stanley". Here we see the @ScotNick engine circa 2013. The rear of the loco, with the "glowing" firebox showing. As you probably know by now, BRS (as stated on the tank sides) stands for Brick Railway Systems, my fictional railroad company. Anyway, I thought this engine looked cool, and I don't think there was a thread about it that was a stand-alone or at least recent enough to bump up and edit, since just added the pistons two weeks ago. As usual Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome!
  5. Hello all, im not a very experienced train builder, but since i saw the movie "Unstoppable", i got inspiration to build trains, so, i made my own version of the 777 train of the movie in LDD, which if im not wrong its a BNSF GE C44-9W, so here it goes: Im not very talented for the aesthetics, thats why it is a bit ugly, it was supposed to have a yellow stripe on the sides, but i think it would look much better with stickers, however, i will see if i can make of bricks. I decided to make it 8 wide, to have more space for details and to make it more scale-realistic. The propulsion system its done by one battery box, one sbrick and 2 XL motors for each locomotive: And this is how it steers (it still can steer to take the normal curves) I hope you like it, i will try to post more pics of the working parts. Thanks.
  6. Hello! It's my first topic on eurobricks. After i saw many beautiful lego tractors, and equipment i think about one thing: Why they dont work like real one? So, i want to biuld a tractor with real working attachments: seeder - it will place the seeds in rows sprayer - for watering the plant. cutter - willl cut and load the cuted plant on the trailer trailer - for transpot. Photos soon. P.S. Sorry for my bad English
  7. The driving idea behind this MOC, was to have moving targets. Once I had those designed, I figured some functional ballistas would be a good addition, so the build basically became a target game. Both the large targets move together, and you can conceal one target at a time inside the control building. I also experimented with a dark tan and dark green landscape, and am pretty pleased with the result. The Annual Marksman tournament at Valholl consists of standard archery, and a separate competition with moving targets for ballistas. Who will win this year? More pics here. C&C always appreciated
  8. LittleJohn

    County Fair

    My fourth and final entry for the 2016 MOCathalon. Built for the County Fair category. The build features a fully functional ride, ice cream trailer with interior, ring toss game-stand, and a popcorn vendor. Plus lots of people enjoying the fair. See the ride in action here: Lots more pictures here: Link Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  9. Bricksmith

    Working Signal Box MOC

    Hi all! This is a small idea that I had quite recently as an item that could be found in a set that added playability to a Lego train set. It's less for show displays and more for a child's little Lego City oval of track in their room. There's no electricity, just a mechanism that'll hopefully make it feel like the operator is a signalman! It's not based on any particular signal box, but the signal is very clearly an old British design. The box is cut in half to reveal the interior of the box and to provide access to the lever of the mechanism: It's a very simple set-up, with the mechanism being the most complicated aspect to it. Here's a (VERY) quick diagram of the mechanism: I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions to improve this! I might put it forward to Lego Ideas in the near future, maybe with a little train to go with it! Many thanks, Isaac
  10. soccerkid6

    Tea Box

    I made this as a Christmas gift for my mom. It was my first attempt making a functional LEGO model, and I'm quite pleased with it. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  11. Hiya guys! Hope you guys can help me out here. Is there a way to check how these train motors work? I've got two of the black ones. They seem to be complete. I'd love to know if they are in working condition, but I haven't got a clue how to check... I'm a nitwit when it comes to electronics I'm afraid U_U Hope you guys can help me out! Thanks!
  12. Imanol BB

    mini 42043 made in Lego City scale

    Hello all, i want to show you an smaller version of the lego technic 42043, the Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245, built in Lego City scale, this truck has various functions, the crane can move just like the technic version, and the bed can tilt, there are also 2 outriggers, the truck has full suspension in all the axles using rubber parts, i couldnt make the front grille because its too complex for a model this size (there is supposed to be an sticker), i hope you like it, any suggestion is well received. more at my brickshelf gallery
  13. Hello everyone, some time ago i got amazed when i saw the lego trains, and after a long time watching thems i wondered, if there was any lego technic train, so i decided to search, and i didnt find any one,i ve just found some trains on internet, but none really a technic model, so i wanted to make one by myself, so here it goes: This is the main idea its to have a fully working lego technic train, i wanted to make it to work without rails (because it would be to hard to make or buy them), it would work like a crane like movement. The whole model isnt very good because i had almost no time to make it, the idea its to have 2 bogie motors, both powered and steerable, i have used normal wheels with tires, because normal lego train wheels arent enough big or grippier, also the profile and the look wouldnt work, so i made this: The bogies would be powered by XL motors in the frame (from the green part) and rotated by servos, the drivetrain its like a normal truck rear transmission (but without suspension), differentials are to prevent damage to the axles during turning: And this is a picture showing how it would work: I know this model is really ugly and simple, but is because i hadnt time and im first designing the working parts, there are obviously some strength problems, but i will do my best and i will keep working on it to make it better (and maybe bigger), any suggestion for an improvement or ideas are welcome (sorry if i have a wrong spelt or misused word). Thanks.
  14. soccerkid6

    The City of Katoren

    My finished collab with LittleJohn. This is our largest build to date, with a base size of 66x98, and weighing in at 30.2 pounds. There are 70 minifigures in the city, including quite a few familiar sigfigs, see how many you can spot We constructed it over a 6 week period. Every building has a full interior, and every floor is accesible via stairs or ladder. There are four moving features: the windmill, the potter's wheel, the hidden trapdoor in the city hall, and the bell; see them in action here: The city buildings include: windmill, tower, gatehouse, potter's shop, tailor's shop, city hall, noble's house, palace guesthouse, and palace. Windmill module: link Gatehouse module: link Market module: link City hall module: link Gardens module: link Palace module: link The city of Katoren is growing quickly and has already become a prominent city in Kaliphlin. It is well known for it's thriving marketplace, and elegant palace. See lots more pictures here: link Well we hope you've enjoyed our efforts, we certainly had fun creating this slice of Katoren
  15. This is a counter to Kai NRG's build: link LittleJohn countered Garmadon's build here: link The design was based off of JKBrickwork's ballista and medieval ballista images. The ballista uses only official LEGO parts. Two twisted 'fishing pole' strings are what gives the ballista its shooting capability. The Ulander's fiery darts were proving rather devastating, punching a hole in the outer wall of Ras-el-akhen. But with each shot their ballista grew drier and more flammable, until as one of them lit the bolt for the next shot, the ballista burst into flame: Video: It shoots 18 inches, not counting the distance the bolt slides after it hits the ground . Otherwise, about 2 feet. I put K12 as the location in the title, to mirror Kai's post. I'm not sure if the attack was moved to a different location, as Ska has it listed for H5 in the guerrilla thread. If you see something out of order per the challenge rules, please let me know. C&C welcome
  16. I've seen a lot of dead topics about LEGO flight recently, but no-one has anything electrical that actually flies. I did some research, and some math. We need to strip down our 'planes' , take off the plastic motor casing and battery box casing, maybe even just homebrew a battery box. Tethered flight is possible, according to zblj''s principles, but we need to start looking at the untethered side. Maybe this is going to look like a lego-frame quadcopter, but at least we will be using a lego motor, the buggy motor. Overvolting will also be needed, and maybe a gear-down.
  17. Please join my Lego Pistol Contest! link removed
  18. This is a home-made version of comic-con 2008 exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones set. Picture of previous modification. MOD steer-able fake Exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones set at Comic-Con 2008 by Nachapon S., on Flickr
  19. Hi there, here you can share your Lego Guns!
  20. recently the bluetooth compatibility on my mindstorms NXT 2.0 has stopped working, the mindstorms porgram now does not recognise it as a bluetooth device, it says "unavailable". I run mindstorms v2.0f5 on a 2009 macbook (wich I recieved in 2011) the computer runs on 10.8.3 mountain lion and the NXT runs on firmware 1.31. I have established that the bluetooth connection on both machines (laptop and NXT) as I can in fact pair the two devices. the problem is the NXT Retail program itself, it just does not connect making it useless, so there must be some patch to the program. I have attached a picture of the window in question, when I hit "scan" essentially nothing happens, it appears to be searching but within a millisecond the screen returns to its previous state (the state the picture shows). I watched it in activity monitor when I hit scan and the program did nothing, nothing new came up. Please respond with any ideas, questions or even possible fixes, I really need help here!
  21. REVIEW OF THE BRICKGUN BOOK – Build the World’s Most Realistic LEGO® Handguns Details about the 232-page work by Jeff Boen Title: The BrickGun Book Author: Jeff Boen Place of Publication: San Francisco, California USA Publisher: No Starch Press, Inc. Date of Publication: May 2013 ISBN-10: 1-59327-490-4 ISBN-13: 978-1-59327-490-0 Number of Pages: 232 in four colors Dimensions: 8” x 10” x 1/2” thick (20.2cm x 25.4 cm x 1.27 cm thick) Reviewed By: David G. Luders [NOTE: This book is not authorized or endorsed by The Lego Group. LEGO® is a registered trademark of The Lego Group, but in this Book Review I use the word “LEGO” without the trademark symbol for readability.] INTRODUCTION As stated in the YouTube video above, ‘The BrickGun Book shows you how to build five remarkably sleek LEGO® handgun replicas, like the classic Beretta 92FS and a formidable rubber-band-firing MAC-11. Each chapter includes step-by-step building instructions and a complete parts list using only readily available LEGO pieces. Builder Jeff Boen has designed each model with stunning accuracy and attention to detail, focusing on everything from 1:1 real-life scale to functioning cocking and trigger mechanisms. Each BrickGun is ultra-realistic in look and feel, but mostly harmless -- perfect for display or your next backyard battle.” BACKGROUND INFORMATION The author wrote, “WARNING -- Adult supervision is required. These models are not suitable for children under the age of 12.” The first four models do not fire projectiles, but “The MAC-11 shoots rubber bands….Be particularly careful when handling [all of] these models in public because they have been mistaken for real weapons. If you take your LEGO gun out in public, add a bright orange tip to the muzzle to show that it’s not the real thing.” SUMMARY OF CONTENT Chapter 1: BG22 with Magazine – 299 Total Parts and 69 Unique Part Types Chapter 2: Beretta 92FS – 263 Total Parts and 69 Unique Part Types Chapter 3: Desert Eagle – 290 Total Parts and 78 Unique Part Types Chapter 4: Colt 1911 – 268 Total Parts and 67 Unique Part Types Chapter 5: MAC-11 Rubber Band – 312 Total Parts and 61 Unique Part Types RECOMMENDATION Gun aficionados would enjoy building these realistic LEGO models. One can appreciate the author’s engineering of each gun’s trigger and slide movements. The illustrations are superbly done with LDraw software – they are similar in style to the building instruction booklets in official LEGO sets. The BrickGun 1911 is my favorite. Click on the hyperlinks below each of these images to enlarge them and see the details: The print book has sharper lines and better color rendition than can be seen on a computer screen, or on a PDF page printed on a color laser jet. The print book is a good value at USD $0.129 per page. The paper is of high quality. As the author suggests, one can get the necessary LEGO parts from . If you like both weapons and LEGO, this book is for you! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If you would like to order this book, it is available on the publisher’s website in print book form and/or Ebook. The book is also available at Amazon: . Visit the author’s BrickGun website: .
  22. Inverted LEGO Roller Coaster 1 by luc.2000, on Flickr It's here: my newest LEGO Roller Coaster! Some facts: - 5 cart inverted roller coaster train - 10 minifigures per train - 4 person staff - Half corkscrew followed by a half loop (is this called a Diving loop? Reply in the comments!) - Total heigth: - Track: 79 studs - Overall: 95 studs - Track length of the track (measured from the middle of the track): 655,5 studs - Built on 4x2 baseplates (128x64 studs) - Powered by 1 Mindstorms NXT unit - 3 NXT servo motors - 3 NXT sensors: 2 touch and 1 color More pictures are available at flickr. Hope you like it! Want LEGO to make some sort of roller coaster set? Support here: I know there's a different roller coaster on the picture, but it's about SOME SORT of Lego roller coaster. If this reaches 10000 votes, LEGO will consider making a design themselves, and then produce it so you can buy it in your local store!