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Found 61 results

  1. Through the moonlight, two men made their way along an old wagon path. The terrain was uneven, and the low spots off the path were more bog than terra firma. Finally they reached their destination: a small warehouse and dock on the edge of marshy waters that opened out into the bay. “Well, this is it,” said the man of noble bearing dressed in black. “As you can see, no one comes to this part of the island. Here you will have all the privacy you need.” “Yes,” replied the smartly dressed man in cape and broad-brimmed hat, “the location is good.” He walked over to the cobweb-covered freight doors, being careful to step only on firm planking. “And clearly no one has been here in some time,” he remarked slyly. “That is true!” replied the man in black. “I acquired this property a few years ago, before the war. The previous owner discovered it was too out of the way to make a profit from what little shipping came to Tanari. And now, with Oleon dividing Terraversa, I must find a way to generate mercantile traffic to my holdings.” “And I need a market for some goods I procure that would not be accepted in more, shall we say, regulated ports.” The men proceeded around the dock to the far end of the building. “As long as I can collect my ‘import tax’ on any goods offloaded here, I am not concerned about their provenance. What concern is it to me where or how you acquired them?” “Count, I had a suspicion we would hit it off soon after we met in Pamu. You understand … economics.” “Thank you, Commodore,” replied the count. “I, too, had a sense we were of like minds on the subject.” Just then the count took a step back and … “Whah?!” … CRASHED through the rotting boards of the dock, his legs dangling above the water. The commodore immediately swooped in to help him up before the nearby crocodile could take notice. “Let me help you up! Just because you are dipping your toes into the world of piracy, so to speak, does not mean that we should let that croc prep you for a peg leg!” The count scrambled back up to safety and sighed in relief. “Quite right! I shall endeavor to keep both my feet on dry land!” The commodore surveyed the dock. “This is not as bad as it appears. The building is sound. The dock needs some work, but it is nothing that my ship’s carpenter and a few men can’t fix in a day.” The men walked, carefully, back to the other end of the warehouse, the commodore looking things over in the moonlight. “Ships should be able to anchor over there, not far from shore, and cargo brought over in boats. It is the same in many ports, but without the snakes and crocs.” “It sounds as if this suits your purposes,” said the count. “Does my ‘import tax’ still meet with your agreement? And as we discussed earlier, I can provide you with legitimate cargoes to export as well.” The commodore thought things over in his head for moment, making sure he was comfortable with all the elements of their deal. Finally, he nodded and extended his hand. “Count Navarro, we have a deal!” As the two men shook on it, the commodore thought to himself “yes, this will make an excellent 'Dragon’s lair'!” ----------- The full build, in the moonlight: And in the daylight: ------------------ About the build: The night scenes were created with a black background during primary photography and a dark filter in editing, but otherwise normal lighting. I wanted to avoid using any prefab doors or shutters. I was particularly happy with how the shutters turned out, not to mention the submerged croc! The physical inspiration for this build was Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, a bar in New Orleans. And for certain players out there, this build holds a big clue to what you're looking for! All C&C welcome!
  2. When Archduke Oldis returned to Kings Port, he toured the city to view the damage from Oleon’s assault. The citizens saw Oldis as stoic, and he exuded a calm that gave them confidence that they would be able to rebuild. But Oldis’s mind was elsewhere. When he finally returned to his main palace, he was quite distraught over the damage to his opulent home, particularly the main ballroom. There was extensive smoke damage around the windows, floor tiles were chipped, upholstery ruined, and the chandelier would need extensive repairs. The people could clear the rubble from the streets and their simple homes, but Oldis would call on artisans and workers of all skill levels to restore his palace to its former glory! Oldis oversaw the repairs personally, directing the foreman with detailed instructions. The foreman was just happy Oldis didn’t blame him for the damage! Here a worker scrubs the smoke from the walls and windows… …while a journeyman upholsterer sets about repairing the window seats. A tiling master removes broken tiles in the ballroom’s intricate floor design and replaces them seamlessly. The chandelier was fixing up easier than the craftsman had expected, but reaching some of those tight spots was difficult. He just hoped nothing dropped on Oldis below! Oldis did not forget about the people who fought to save Kingsport. He made sure a militiaman injured in the war had a job sweeping up debris. Soon the palace would be returned to its former glory, but Oldis would not rest easy until his gilded living conditions were restored. - - - - - - - - - - A build in support of Archduke Oldis. - - - - - - - - - - Here’s the build without minifigs and such: And a view of the floor design: This started as just an experiment with what designs I could make with some of the new wedge plates and tiles, and grew from there into a way to show how Oldis is “a man of the people.” All C&C welcome.
  3. Just because the Order of the Faith had secured the Quiver of Artemis didn’t mean the search for mystical relics on Terraversa had ended. Another item belonging to Artemis was also found, a shell purported to have supernatural powers! Soon a small shrine was built on the beach near where it was discovered, displaying the precious artifact for pilgrims of the Faith. The shrine was built of stone on a small earthen mound and nestled into the natural flora of the beach near Nola Mar. “This is quite awe-inspiring,” said the cleric. “Indeed,” replied his benefactor. “People will come from all over the Brick Seas to bask in the presence of The Shell of Artemis.” The two men stood in silence as they gazed upon the relic. Behind them on the sand, two hermit crabs had their own thoughts on the matter. “I just saw Artie yesterday,” said the first crab. “He’s still got his shell.” “No, they’re talking about some other Artemis that lived long ago,” said the second crab. “Besides, that’s not a shell.” “What is it?” asked the first crab. “Well, it ain’t chocolate ice cream, I can tell you that!” replied the second. “Should we tell them?” “Naw, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” - - - - - - - - - - A build in support of the clerics, such as it is. Forgive me for having a bit of fun. A view from above: All C&C welcome.
  4. The Desert King has been growing increasingly dissatisfied with his control of Kaliphlin - sand, palm trees, more sand - he wanted something more. Sure, it's nice to relax in the cool of an evening on a rooftop, while being served fruits and star gazing - not to mention the best linens, the seemingly endless riches, and the finest spices in all of Historica - but he wanted more. He wanted control. Control of all of Historica, not just Kaliphlin. He began secretly gathering troops to Al Tajir, near the Avalonia-Kaliphlin border, preparing to launch a surprise attack on Cedrica. He also planted spies in several locations, using the current unrest of the guilds to garner support for himself. As more and more troops began arriving in Al Tajir, some residents of the city loyal to the High Council began to grow suspicious. They soon discovered what the Desert King was planning, and immediately sent word to the Queen and Resistance leaders. The queen gathered some elite Avalonian troops, and had a few of her Generals lead the march to Al Tajir, hoping to catch the Desert King by surprise before he left the city. With the help of the Resistance troops their journey was swift and undetected. Before the Desert King knew what was happening his armies were being slaughtered and driven from the city, while he himself was trapped in the palace. Such a swift and successful strike against one of her primary detractors quickly quieted public disapproval of the queen. Even much of Kaliphlin appreciated her help, as the Desert King was deposed and leadership was restored to the High Council. And while many still were not fully convinced of her right to leadership, no one dared openly rebel against a queen with such solid military backing. There were of course a very few Kaliphlinites who were more concerned with the safety of their goods than who their ruler was... Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. So this is my entry for Challenge IV, Category A. As soon as I saw this category, I knew I had to use the opportunity to at least try to rid Kaliphlin of the Desert King's rule The build weighs in at 34.8 pounds, making it my largest MOC so far both in footprint and weight. Very glad to be done with this though – now our desk isn’t mostly covered by a single build! Well, once it’s taken apart anyways… Thanks for looking, C&C welcome!
  5. The Guilds of Historica Book III Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild Challenge II: Bread and Circuses Challenge III: What Will Tomorrow Bring? Challenge IV: The Turning Point Preludes: What Lies Beneath The Spring of Hope The Winter of Despair Even a Feather Can Tip the Scales Historica On the Edge The rumors have been pouring in from every corner of the land, of undead monsters, secret powers behind the scenes, rebellions against the guild leaders, demons from other realms, lizard people, giant chickens, and Drow invasions, to name a few. There is great unrest in the Guilds. It seems that Historicans find peacetime to be as difficult as war, perhaps because they had such high expectations for it after so many years of war. But work in peacetime is still work. Crops need planting and harvesting, bread needs baking, iron needs pounding. Life goes on, and so do the complaints. Is it Queen Ylspeth's fault? She is of the royal Cedrican bloodline, but is she the strong, unifying leader the Guilds need? Or is she weak, in need of a replacement? Category A: The Crown in Danger It is time. The uncertainty about the Queen must come to an end. Is she the queen or must we look elsewhere for leadership? Pick your side carefully. You must either: build a scene that depicts the end of the rule of Queen Ylspeth; or: build a scene that depicts the solidification of the rule of Queen Ylspeth. The scene could be anything: a decisive battle, a key assassination, banishment of enemies (or Ylspeth), or whatever else your imagination can create. It does not have to feature the queen in it, nor does it have to show the literal moment of the end (or the opposite) of her rule (though it could), but it should be a decisive moment that makes or breaks her reign, like Actium or Hastings. But again, choose carefully! This category will be scored by the judges in the same way as the quarterly freebuilds, taking both quantity and quality into consideration. If the side in favor of the queen has more points, Ylspeth stays in power; if the anti-queen faction wins, she topples. You, the people of Historica, are building the story of the Guilds. Size limit: your parts collection (a.k.a. unlimited base). But remember: bigger is not always better. Quality always wins over quantity in a LEGO build. You can build an entry for both sides if you so choose. However, in doing so, you are increasing the chances that the side you want to lose will win, unless you just don't care. Category B: The Crown in Daily Life While weighty events shape the course of history, most people are about their own ordinary lives. But even the ordinary folks are thinking occasionally about the events transpiring around Cedrica. So, build a scene of ordinary life in Historica, but with a catch: you must use at least one crown element in the build. Any of these will work: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12. The creativity of crown integration will factor into scoring. You can build in any scale (i.e. macro, minifigure, or micro) and use as many crowns, and styles of crowns, as your imagination can conceive. Size limit: 12x12 (or equivalent stud area) with limited overhang. General Rules Scoring: Builds will be scored on build quality, presentation, and photography with bonus points to entries with original concepts or stories. For both Categories, a 1st and 2nd place will be selected. Each Guild can have up to 1 winner per category (so 2 guilds could have 2 winners, there can be 1 winner per guild, etc.) Rules: One entry per side for Cat. A, and only one entry total for Cat. B. Borders can exceed the maximum size restriction, within reason. Maximum sizes can be varied as long as the build does not exceed the footprint of the given size restriction (e.g.: 32x64 instead of 48x48 is permissible). No clone brands (Megablocks, KREO, etc) allowed, but 3rd party fig parts and accessories (Brickarms, Citizen Brick, etc.) are acceptable. All entries should be posted in their own topic, with the title of: "CHALLENGE IV: Category X: Name of your build". Please also post a link to your topic here. Deadline: Entries due the end of the day on Oct. 31st. November 3rd. The deadline was extended so builders can use entries for the CCC if they so wish. Prizes: The build with the highest score in Category A will win set 75946: Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge.* The build with the highest score in Category A, from the opposite faction as the first prize, will win set 70671: Lloyd's Journey.* The highest scoring build from the winning faction will have its story enter the official canon of Historica. *We reserve the right to substitute a LEGO gift card of equal value to the set if shipping costs to your location prove to be financially ruinous.
  6. Here is my entry for Book III Challenge IV, Category B "The Crown in Daily Life". It was a bright, sunny autumn day in Horgaard, but Sigrid was worried. The rulers of the nearby villages had gathered to discuss the rumors that kept being relayed and amplified. Bards from the south sang the greatness of Queen Ylspeth, her wisdom, and how pleasant and prosperous life was in Avalonia under her rule. Scalds from the north sang her weakness, her ignorance, and how hard and barren life was in Mitgardia under her rule. Some of Horgaard's neighbours wanted Queen Ylspeth down, while others were ready to take up arms to defend her. The debates had been heated, to say the least. And Sigrid had no idea of what was the right thing to do. The information that reached the tiny, secluded village of Horgaard was so inconsistent and distorted that she felt unable to make an enlightened decision. After an endless, sleepless night, she needed to empty her mind. She had neglected her precious garden lately, and there were many things to do to prepare it for the winter. As with my previous MOCs, the hidden text gives more information about the featured flora.
  7. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Balls of Steel (Elostirion) Traitor at the Livery (Silentwolf) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Undercover for the Final Piece (Bregir) Plundering the Treasure Fleet (Ayrlego) The glass was falling, and fast, and large specks of grey cloud were forming an impenetrable heavenly roof, while the waves were growing taller by the minute. The Ironsides were on a chase, running under reefed courses alone through the swell. Only hours ago, the look-out had reported the flash of guns reflected in the heavy clouds, and short thereafter the thunder of the great guns had reached the deck, and since then. A hushed silence and tension had fallen over the crew. This would not be an easy battle, not in this storm, and not against this enemy. Only a few days since, Cooke had looked on in horror as the Black Oak had departed with Allcock and his consorts on board. Their plan had been simple: Allcock should have left the Oak under the cover of night after acquiring the "smoking gun" - the evidence to legitimise pre-emptive action against the privateer. Returning to the Ironsides, they would then have taken up station to intercept the Oak before she were to catch her prey. But as ever, the plan had only worked until the first encounter with the enemy, and he had had to improvise. Rushing back to the Ironsides in Mooreton Bay, he had taken on as many volunteers from Major Allcock's Light Company as could be accommodated aboard, and set sail to intercept the Oak. And they had been rushing on just this side of recklessness ever since, the timbers moaning and the rigging singing from the stress. "Deck ahoy" the look-out shouted through the cacophony of sounds, "Sails spotted, just off the starboard bow. Two ships, apparently damaged." Cooke, with a firm hold on a stay, trained his spyglass towards the enemy, and as they reached the top of a swell, his mark, clear and true. "An extra ration of grog to that man - AFTER the battle." he replied, before barking out a number of orders, putting the Ironsides about, setting her on a course towards firmly gaining the weather gauge of the enemy. "…and shake out another reef in the fore and main course. They shall not escape us now!" he added with a confidence he did not feel. In fact, he had little doubt of catching up, as the Ironsides had proven a very stiff ship, well-suited for harsh weather, and the crew would have their fight. However, he knew as well as the crew that the odds were now very different. It was clear that the privateer had taken its prize, and this meant he now had two enemies to deal with. But would this prove to be two undermanned, heavily damaged cripples, or two battle-readied warships? Cooke had seen the Oak close by, no doubt more than a match for the Ironsides, and he knew enough of the Eslandian Treasure Ships not to disregard the formidable power of the prize galleon. A plan was forming in Cooke's mind, which always seemed to take on a life on its own in these situations. He expected the Eslandians to have put up a ferocious fight, and therefore assumed at least some damage on both ships and crew, but more importantly, he expected the pirate crew to be in a state of disorganisation. With a prize just taken, some would be drunk, and all would be exhausted from repairs, as well as spread out across the two vessels. He reckoned he had three things at his advantage: The element of surprise, the sharpshooters of Allcock's light brigade, and the heavy, short range carronades. Armed with 24 pounder carronades and with a crew trained to near perfection by their former commander, the Ironsides could release a hellfire of heavy steel, if only she could get close enough. Cooke's mind lingered for a second thankfully on Ferguson, who, during the voyage to New Terra, had drilled the crew to near perfection at the great guns. He would rush down between them, fighting both broadsides, forcing them to a swift surrender. Two things worried him, though. First, if the privateers were ready for him, his command on the Ironsides might be ended prematurely, as would many lives under his command. Second, there was the risk of maiming or killing prisoners on board the two vessels, or Allcock and his men. But this was a risk he had to take. If only the privateers would give some sign as to the level of damage and fighting ability. If only…. "They flee, Captain!" hailed the lookout. Cooke smiled. "Beat to quarters! And let's show those ruffians a measure of Corrish justice!" Considering their current positions, battle would be inevitable… __________________________________ A few words on the Ironsides: She is a small razee galleon of considerable age, cut down in '04 to improve her characteristics. She is armed with four long 12 pounder chasers, two fore and two aft, and a broadside of eight 24 pounder carronades on the gundeck. Further, she carries a number of 18 pounder carronades on the upper deck, currently two per broadside. Alongside the scantlings of a much heavier vessel, she is a very effective brawler, able to take on heavier opponents if she can get to close quarters. However, her rather outdated rig makes her somewhat sluggish in light airs. While Cooke had the pleasure of a spacious cabin in the Athena, he must now content himself with a bulkhead aft, enclosing the aft part of the gundeck, allowing him to sling his hammock between the chasers and broadside carronades. Before being cut down, the Ironsides would have had a spacious cabin above deck, but in the name of true Corlander utilitarianism, this had to be sacrificed. ______________ Thanks for looking! We hope you have enjoyed our little story (even if you are Eslandian). For now, this is the final entry, but perhaps time will show the outcome of the battle? ;) C&C welcome as always.
  8. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - CH4B] Bon Voyage!

    Ahoy, fellow fleet protectors and plunderers! After the prequel, here's the continuation - Cat. B entry incoming! Bon Voyage! A week after the events in the green navy's HQ back in Terr... let's not do this again – green capital city – the esland... seriously?! – THAT nation's treasure fleet was on its way. The Kings Port Advertiser featured that awareness poster in its latest edition, the fleet had left Nell... that green island in the East – smooth, Mr. Narrator, smooth... without any incidents, and what was best of all – there were no rumors out on the streets about a large convoy filled with gold whatsoever. The green chief's plan had worked out. Kudos on that, Mr. green chief! Time to relax and have a look at one of the treasure ships en route, shall we? What have we got... this one right here, yes, the Santa Clara. Once famed expedition ship of whatwashisname Ivo Fortesque, now commanded by his son Pedro, and assigned a task not less important than the discovery of new shores – the collection of the riches of said shores. Yes, the Santa Clara, here she is. ...wait, is she being boarded by Oleanders? Ah, no, this is just a patrol, obviously helping the fleet to steer clear of the reefs and shallows in the tricky northern waters of LeBellan. Yes, Oleanders, what friendly folks, by the way much nicer than those uptight and arrogant Corries... but let's not go there. Back to the Santa Clara. Well, it seems she and the rest of the fleet will soon be on the final stage of their journey, on the finish-line so to speak, only save waters ahead – what could possibly go wrong now?! Bon voyage! … wait... I just thought I had seen something in the water... … WHAT THE...!!! What is this? What is going on?? Is this a... are those those... MINIONS??? *looses it* It seems... they've come up with a... device – wait, is that their toy from the sewers, but in big?! – and have drilled right through the hull of the Santa Clara... now vacuuming and shoveling the gold right into their dive boat! And nobody is taking notice!! They... they are sneaky geniuses!!! Oh my gods, actually, I'm not even mad, that's amazing!!!! *grabs popcorn* Well, it seems the narrator is gone for a while, so let me continue from here. Nice to meet you, let me show you my overhanging bowsprit... Ahem, let's better have some more pics of the MOC, after all we've barely just met... And lastly, the ships - together with their 'toy' versions: About: Well, where to start... as usual all parts exist, both vessels can be built. I finally managed to finish the Santa Clara, complete with a full hull - which in general is maybe the most annoying thing I've ever 'had' to build. Credits for the technique go to cb4 and Frank Brick Wright. As you can see the upper part of the ship merely rests on the lower hull, which might not seem that stable per se, but something tells me this works... Next, the 'device' - it's sort of a diving vessel, propelled mechanically, and - as the narrator has already pointed out - equipped with a circular saw and a drill for sneak attacks from down below. In case you're wondering where I got the idea from... well, I kind of grew up with it, as the 'Tauchboot' is prominently featured in an old GDR comic, that I've always loved. And the best thing: once the minions dive off, the cut out part of the hull neatly falls back in place... hopefully - otherwise the Santa Clara is doomed So, in the end it seems those Minions are to be reckoned with after all. Still not sure whether this qualifies as protecting or plundering the fleet Hope you enjoy C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  9. Ahoy, mateys! Here's my Challenge IV Cat. A entry - witness the return of the dreadful Colonial MinionsTM *evil laughter in the background* What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! Somewhere in Terelli... no, it is Tereli... no no no, it must be Terrelli... oh well, never mind... Somewhere in the capital of Esland... andia. Hmm... no, that's also not quite it, not really simply somewhere in the capital of Eslan... d'oh... ria... Alright, now: In the office of the Secretary of the Eslandian...doliander...ser... ahh, screw this... In the office of the secretary of the Green Nation's Navy. 'Have I made myself clear?' The Green Chief skeptically looked at the guy standing in front of him. 'Why again did I hire him?!' He thought. 'Okay, one more time. Here are two letters. The one in my left hand is meant to be brought directly to the admiral of the Esland... of our fleet. The letter in my right hand is for the chief editor of the Kings Port Advertiser for immediate printing. In short: The letter in my left hand goes to the fleet, the letter in my right hand to the newspaper. Do you understand?' The guy looked at him with a smile that strangely hadn't changed during the whole conversation – what a weirdo. Oh, sorry for that comment, I'm only the narrator here. Anyways, the guy went '…!' 'Right' the Green Chief now remembered the reason for hiring that fellow. 'You guys don't talk much. Yes, yes, yes. Splendid.' He couldn't have sent an official courier to the harbor, it was simply too dangerous these days, as there were spies and corrupt officials everywhere. It's Esland... olia after all. Sorry, another narrator comment. Where were we? Right... Dangerous. And the treasure fleet needed to be absolutely safe! So hiring a bunch of weird guys unable to talk as messengers – nobody would suspect a thing. Brilliant! 'Now, get going!' Confident with his plan, the Green Chief put on a smile, too. 'What could possibly go wrong?!' he thought. Oh, narrator here – again In case you're wondering what's inside these letters... Well, the one intended for the admiral contains a map with the route the fleet is meant to take from Nelissa/Nellisa/Nelisa/Nellissa. And the letter going to the Kings Port Advertiser contains sort of a poster add, reminding every green citizen to keep their mouths shut about state secrets – you know, matters of national security and such, pretty standard these days. Oh, narrator here once more, just FYI, that strange yellow fellow dude wasn't alone: It seems there's a whole bunch of – what shall I call them – minions living underneath the city in the sewers. Effing weird, if you ask me. But no one ever does, so, well, just have a look at them, and I'll leave you to it. Narrator out. And an overview of the map side: Last but not least, a detail of the poster side: about: Well, this was quite some fun bringing back the Colonial MinionsTM. Do they look like guys with a plan to you? Wait and see. You might wanna remember their strange toy for Cat. B What else... The poster is based on a WWII awareness poster, a simple google search will surely show it. As always, all parts exist, and the entire structure can be built, I think - it all fits diagonally on a 32x32 plate. With the right amount of clutch power the sewer water and the sea part with the ship should hold in place, as they are attached to the wall and additionally supported by bars. I hope you enjoy C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  10. While in the New World all was hurry and commotion, it was in the Old, that plans were now being decided which would guide the fate of nations - and that of a great deal of treasure, which, naturally, was more important. In the East Trade-Wind Company's headquarters in Terreli "Excellent, de Chauncourtois, excellent. If we cannot with that outmaneuver and outwit any pirates daring or foolish enough, it will be a wonder indeed." "I'll say, Sire," replied Wilkinson with a mischievous smile, "if anything goes wrong it shall undoubtedly be only the fault of that cousin of yours in Granoleon." King Fernando looked around for a nightcap to throw - he still hadn't gotten over that whole thing - but finding nothing, he only responded with a half-amused grimace, and looked back at the map. Guy K. Wyndzon had been rather quiet up until this point (the idea of treasure had clearly suggested its opposite of debt, which naturally brought his uncle to mind, which obviously made him half wonder who was hanging from a palm tree now and made him hope that worthy wasn't planning on dropping in until this talk was over, at least). "We ought to loop over here though on the way back though," he interjected, pointing at the map, "as the MCTC has a thriving business going on there as well." de Chauncourtois and the King leaned over the map. "True, true," remarked the latter, with a laugh, "but I hope you see to it that we don't pick up your uncle there as well, or every man of the crew will be hanging by their toes from the yard-arms by the time they drop anchor in Terreli!" Guy looked up at the swinging chandelier with a little silent whistle. "I'm afraid that if you want to be certain of that the only way is to make sure he's busy hanging somebody else in some other place," he rejoined. "Well, then, he may be busy hanging you for your pains!" returned Fernando with another laugh. "But as to the route, that will do very well. And in anything to do with treasure, you know," he winked, "Eslandolans may be sure to get it all right!" The Room: And a closeup with E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois: More to come soon! I've went with kabel's cutaway style for his build in Terreli as this is situated in the same place, and am quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  11. A NOTE to all those who have not signed up yet: Please still do so!!! Even if you feel as if the challenge has already started, there is plenty of time to build for all three categories! Ulandus needs members the most, followed by High Council, then the Desert King. choose by skaforhire, on Flickr Kaliphlin Civil War Book 2, Challenge IV Starts March 1st, Deadline for Category A &B: July 1st Aftermarket products that cannot be replicated in LEGO are accepted, but should not be the defining element of a MOC. Weapons / armor from aftermarket sources is always fine. (Final Preludes will be up soon (ish), but I thought we could get rolling on general signups.) Chapters so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 The Civil War is a three way battle between the Ulandians, the Desert King, and the High Council of Kaliphlin. You may sign up for the civil war on this page. The roster is at the bottom of the post. When signing up, please note your first and second choice. We will attempt to put everyone on their first choice team, but if the teams get too uneven, some people may get their second choice. choosingsides by skaforhire, on Flickr There will be three categories to this challenge. The winning and runner-up side of each category will earn points towards determining which faction won the civil war. Category A: Consequences In this category you will show something that has changed since the war started. For example, It could be a MOC about a boy becoming a man because he has to work his dad’s farm, a MOC of a person turning to a life of crime after their livelihood has been destroyed, refugees, the aftermath of a battle, etc… Anything that shows how a individual(s) life has changed because of the war. The build should clearly represent a defining moment in a person or person(s) life. Story is not a major factor here, but it may help you clarify for the readers. Restriction: 32x32 studs with reasonable overhang. Challenge B Unlimited Build / Story Challenge The story of sir Brick-a-lot. It is your job to chronicle Sir Brick-a-lot’s journey in the Kaliphlin Civil War. Sir Brick-a-lot can be your sig fig, or another fig you used for the war (no, don’t actually name him Sir Brick-a-lot). The fig does not have to be a soldier, but you should have at least a couple builds to tell their story during the Kaliphlin Civil War. Each side will be judged on the quality of the builds presented and the quality of their Heroes’ tales. If you use your Category C builds in your storyline, there is a limit of ½ of your builds may be from Category C builds. IE: If you want to use 3 of your category C builds, you must have three additional MOCs to add to your story. Category C – Dynamic War and Map Challenge Please see this thread for now on the rules. This is the actual "game" thread. It has links to the mini-challenges for each week. Please do not sign up on the preliminary rules thread, please sign up here. Also, all discussion for Category C should happen in the category C threads, that is where you will report MOCs for that category also. Category D - Victory Parade Although it may be premature, each side is throwing a victory parade in their regional capital. Builders should put together a parade in no more than six pictures. There should not be more than six parade groups (bands, floats, military units, Zem Zem go-cart formations, etc...) in your parade. Although this category will impact the outcome of the war the least, it does show to some extent the pride your side has. There is no limitation in sizes, but remember to photograph carefully for detail so that all of your parade is covered well. Finally, there should be a final picture that shows the Grand Marshall of the Parade's stand with all the dignitaries inspecting the parade. The winner of this category will be known as the Grand Master of Ceremonies of Kaliphlin. LDD - LDD will be allowed in Category C and D, but not in Category A or B (as it has always been with official challenges). Since Category C is voted on by the public, there may be people that have some bias towards digital bricks, but we will let that play out. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Supporters declared: Ulandus Goliath Gunman Infernum Kai NRG Garmadon Narbilu Andrew Spader Lord Robin Alfadas Elostirion Gabe Bacon Potatoes Kayne Rconn0 Marcu22 Rogue Angel Dragonfire Igunnuk Eelu Desert King Hammerhand MKJoshA Tomsche Lord Vladivus MassEditor Emma Sir Gareth Blufiji Disco86 LordDan Jacob Nion Robuko The Lego Dwarf DrCogg Umbra-Manis Brick Man Studios Captain Braunsfeld High Council Carson Haupt De Gothia Gedren_y Soccerkid6 LittleJohn Mike S TheUtilityBelt Gideon Maxim I mrcp6d SarahJoy Mccoyed Bregir Adair Jakorin Scarst BrickCurve Graham Gidman MiloNelsiano J031 Ty3r IF I missed someone from the other thread, please let me know.
  12. Countless citizens of Kaliphlin lost their homes, belongings, and even loved ones during the drawn out war between the High Council, Desert King, and Ulandus. Many chose to take what little they had left and travel with makeshift caravans, to try and find a haven from the constant strife, whether within Kaliphlin or another guild: C&C welcome
  13. Before the war, life in the isle of Morkerna was simple. Everyone lived peacefully, and the town was reasonably safe. And I was innocent. I was a young girl with few worries. I was happy. Isolated as it is, I had hoped that the war wouldn't affect Morkerna much. Indeed, at first, it seemed as though life would go on as normal. But the war affects everyone, and avoiding it can only delay its effects. The impact was subtle at first: a few men gone to battle, an old knight killed. But as time went on, the war began to change Morkerna even more. The atmosphere became tense; nobody felt safe, and it seemed like a fight could break out any minute. People that I knew began to be killed. Life had changed. After a month, I realized that I needed to do something. One day, I saw children walking down a road pushing a catapult, preparing to fight. When I returned home that night, I found my parents dead, killed by supporters of the Desert King. That was when I realized that if I didn't get involved in the war, everyone would be changed for the worse. I joined the armies of Ulandus and went into battle. We went through many battles, large and small... Along the way, I met a wizard named Gremlon. I took up his offer of protection, and he saved my life during a failed siege. But all the same, I do not trust him; he is too unwilling to share information. It feels as though there is something he is hiding from me, and it worries me. The war, ultimately, has destroyed my life. In the past, I had hoped to be a simple townsperson, living in Morkerna without having to worry about war. Now, with my parents dead, I must fend for myself, while figuring out how to deal with Gremlon. ___ Enjoy! You can see more photos on the flickr albums: 1 2 3
  14. My entry to war zone 19. Arcannon was not of a mind to let his brother's indecision give the Cresenthorn elves a name for cowardice and disloyalty. Knowing that the High Council will maintain the sovereignty of the Cresenthorn Elves, Arcannon has decided to capture hostages amongst his brother's allies to convince him to right his ways and support the Republic. Therefore, Arcannon's trappers have been setting traps all along the regular patrol routes of his brother's troops. Thanks for viewing - C&C welcome
  15. Hereby my entry to warzone 18: The Battle for Eastgate The Eastern Guardian Tower is almost impregnable from land, and commands the entrance to the inner city. Without it, The Desert King cannot hope to take Eastgate. Therefore, he has launched an assault to take the fortified bridge across the river to be able to attack the Eastern Guardian Tower from the back. However, our brave heroes from the Trifork has taken up position on the bastion in the river, prepared to repel any attack with their lives. However, they are not alone, as Kaliphlinite forces are marching across the bridge from the inner city to brace the walls and defend it if breached. This will not be the day that Eastgate falls to the regime of the Desert King. Not if these warriors have their say... __________________________ This was a fun build, although I initially had not included the tower - rereading the warzone description, however, forced me to find a way to include the tower - and considering it is an afterthought, I think it turned out pretty well! C&C is welcome, as always.
  16. Before the war, I had a real family. I was happy. I lived an innocent life at my home near Zelpunra's Tower. But my parents died during the war, and now I have no true family. Gremlon, that old wizard everyone knows about, is watching over me, but it's not the same. It doesn't feel safe here anymore. I used to come to this stream to wade in the cool water; now I come here ready to fight my enemies. When will this ever end? More pictures can be seen on my flickr This is my entry for Category A of Challenge IV. It's one of my smallest serious builds in a long time, and I really love how it turned out . I had a lot of fun incorporating as many angles as possible in the landscaping, which was also an experiment with a color scheme I've been wanting to try out for a while. This build was also a way for me to experiment with a new angled whitewash technique, as well as a new stonework technique. I quite like how they both turned out, although they're pretty complex . Enjoy! C&C is welcome.
  17. Hereby my build for war zone 15: The battle for Amrakect. Should I win, C6 should be the next war zone. It had been a long march since the desperate battle of Queenscross. Circumstances had forced Beorthan to lead his unit, now bolstered by a group of beastmen, out of the city before the outcome of the battle was clear. However, judging by the overwhelming forces thrown into it by the socalled Desert King, Queenscross would be lost. While their own skirmishes had been succesful, and seen many a mummy and goblin slain, they could not quite shake the feeling of defeat from their hearts, as their legs grew weary and Amrakect appeared on the horizon. Already, smoke was rising from the farmsteads and villages surrounding the city, obviously the result of Desert King troops approaching. After entering the city, Beorthan bade his unit to halt for a final rest, before again joining the frey, defending the city. He looked around at his unit and saw the rugged, ready-for-anything expressions you only see on veterans tired of war, but still set to defend their cause. "Will there ever be an end to war?" he thought to himself, before standing up before this troops, clearing his throat. "Even though large tracts of Kaliphlin and many old and famous cities have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Desert King and all the odious apparatus of his depotic rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the desert, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength. We shall defend every grain of sand, whatever the cost may be..." "...We shall fight at the gates..." "...we shall fight in the streets and in the alleys..." "...we shall fight on the rooftops..." "We shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, Kaliphlin or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then the Guilds beyond the borders, armed and guarded by the brave men and women, would carry on the struggle, until, in Gods' good time, Historica, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the people of Kaliphlin." Pausing for a moment, Beorthan looked around at his troops, all with determined smiles upon the their faces. "FOR THE REPUBLIC! FOR THE PEOPLE!" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: First of all, credits go to Winston Churchill for a slightly paraphrased speech. I have tried to emulate Erynlasgalen's style in the corner towers walltexturing, and in the city wall, while still adding something new. (Further, I have taken some inspiration from some of LittleJohn's brilliant Katoren builds. ) I rather like these builds with narrow passageways, but it is a real pain to photograph, which is why I have a included the first picture, where the wall is removed. Hope I have succeeded in presenting the build reasonably well. There are a few extra pictures on my flickr. C&C is always welcome
  18. The mighty Ulandian army advances into the center of Desert King territory. Although they have quickly constructed an important coastal stronghold, the mummified - and other - followers of the false Desert King stand no chance against the Ulandian host! From the front: A very fun experiment with mirrors! Although I would certainly like to use a mirror with a build again I don't think I'll try two again for a while! Here's a picture of the setup I used, and the build is actually a total of 6x20 studs. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome! And yes, there should be another Ulandian guerrilla to help mine out pretty soon!
  19. The Desert king mummies took it into their heads that handing out money to the civilians would be a good idea... it certainly boosted the recruiting business! many of those who had received the monetary support went off and promptly bought themselves uniforms to sign up for the Ulandian army! Figless: The original and more atmospheric shot My counter to robuko's guerrilla. I hope to revisit the photography part on Monday... though I rather liked the yellow light for this one! This was a very fun little build, I've always wanted to try out these wall and roof techniques (and yes, the roof technique is upside-down! ) Thanks for viewing, C&C are always welcome!
  20. Many of the Kaliphlinians have tired of serving the Desert King, and now come in great numbers to sign up for the Ulandian army, who they found had been far better masters! A closeup shot: Figless (and structure-less as well! ): A guerrilla against the DK from me. Although it is not red on the map, I14 was claimed by the DK for an overwhelming victory - or something like that! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  21. The High Council soldiers had been travelling for a while already on their nifty little movable fortresses, highly hopeful of a successful - and hopefully undisturbed - trip to the sea. However, before long they found out that they had been discovered by a party of Ulanders and made ready for an attack. To their disappointment and dismay, however, they found out too late that they had put it together backwards! They were quickly finished off by the Ulanders. (The way it should have been! ) Here is a picture of the trebuchet by itself (I hope the protruding leg can be called reasonable overhang!) My entry to WZ13, I choose H5 as the next warzone if I win. I would like to receive UoP credit for: History - 1 Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  22. Hereby my entry to WZ 7: The Second Battle for Queenscross. If I win, G15 should be the next warzone. I am sorry for the crappy-ish photos, but I was a bit pressed for time and daylight... On this very day, war has reached the center of Queenscross. Specificly, the famous Merchant's Arcade. Here, the finest wares are traded in beautiful surroundings, which tends to make people less... "vigilant" to the prices charged by the merchants wealthy enough to rent a stand here. However, on this day, both merchants and customers have had to flee the fighting so rapidly, they have left their wares behind... Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr Until this day, Queenscross has been spared the terror of war. In fact, last the city felt the hardships of battle was during the Revolword wars, were Elemantals flooded over the walls. By the collaborative effort of citizens, soldiers and foreign allies, the battle was won, and to celebrate the victory, a small, yet exquisite Triumphal Arch was raised to their honour at the entrance to the Merchants Arcade. This very moment, Goblins in the Service of the Desert King is swarming through the Arch to join the battle in the Arcade. Triumphal Arch by Beorthan, on Flickr In the plaza before the Merchant's Arcade, battle is joined, as Desert King guards and Goblins clash with Beorthan and his bodyguards. With the number of Goblins swarming through the Triumphal Arch, the tide seem to turn against our heroes... Close-up - fighting by Beorthan, on Flickr However, from behind the Arcade, a group of Beastmen is rushing to lend their aid to Beorthan and his Guards. With them at their side, the Goblins will be defeated and the area secured under the control of the High Council, the Republic, and the People. Only history will show whether this battle too will animate the citizens to raise a monument in the honour of the victors. Reinforcements by Beorthan, on Flickr Thanks for taking a look - C&C is more than welcome. I am reasonably happy with the build, although it was finished under time-pressure.
  23. As the impetuous Ulanders carried all before them on the Oil Road, the Desert King mummies were desperately attempting to hold their ground. As they vainly endeavored to stay the Ulanders, the mummies vaguely wondered what had happened to their commander. However, from behind them they heard his voice saying, "Hang in there, I'll just have one more cherry if you don't mind!" Figless: My entry to WZ9, and if I win I would like to choose G10 as the next warzone. I would like to receive UoP credit for: Military Science - Battle Scene Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  24. The dust had not even settled from the Desert King troops' wagon before Virgil and his eldest son Arash handed over the weapons the false king so graciously had hand-delivered to his jewelry shop, The Ruby Ring. Clearly the mummies did not know that Arash was a longtime Kaliplin Army soldier before being honorably discharged on account of a grievous eye injury. He and his father now serve as very effective spies for the High Council as his famous shop near the Witherwoods attracts people from all over Kaliphlin and the rest of Historica. Although, the shop's resident monkey, Sam, may spoil the subterfuge with his drunken chatter! A counter to MassEditor's guerrilla: Arming the Resistance I'd like to pick up UoP credits for: Trade and Law - Marketplace Geography - Desert (2 against) More on Flickr, C&C appreciated!
  25. Duel in the Sacred Forest Warzone 11: "The Battle for Cresentthorn’s Favor", C4 Ardeshir, a desert tribe chieftain, is battling one of the champions of the Desert King. They are fighting in an ancient ruin in the Wither Woods, the which is rumored to have been the place where Kaligem signed the first treaty with the Cresentthorn elves. Al’Meter has detailed a pair of his elves to watch over the duel. Ardeshir has managed to disarm his opponent and is now only a heartbeat away from plunging his fearsome weapon into the chest of his foe. My entry to Warzone 11: The Battle for Cresentthorn’s Favor in the Kaliphlin civil war. UoP credits claimed: Forest [Geography]