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Found 16 results

  1. Terrasher

    [MOC] 8-Wide City Pizza Van

    I instantly fell in love with the new Speed Champions, 8-wide Ferrari. It soon became the first Speed Champions set I had ever bought, and I decided to put it in my modular city layout. The car looked incredible, but way too big next to the other 6-wide vehicles in my city. So I got the idea to begin "upgrading" my 6-wide vehicles into 8-wide, starting with 60150 Pizza Van. The result ended up looking much different from 60150 than I had intended, but also much better: I gave the van a much more traditional, angular food truck look, which I think fits a lot better with the modular buildings. The inside features pizza ovens, a small countertop, a microwave, some storage space, a fridge in the back, and an air vent. Turns out extra Speed Champions wheel rims make great fans! Thanks to the stickers from 60150 and those from the Xtra stickr sheet, I managed to decorate the exterior of the food truck with City Pizza logos. There's also a door in the back! And, of course, two minifigures fit side to side in the driver and passenger seats. Now we're ready to sell some pizzas!
  2. It has been a while since I posted something new here, but don't worry, I have been building regardless, I've just been lurking a lot ;) Anyways, today I want to present my rendition of a MaK / ABB DE 6400 in DB Cargo design. Formerly the main diesel workhorse of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), nowadays a locomotive that also runs in Belgium and Norway, and which you can find even in Poland. I've always had a soft spot for these bulky machines whose design esthetics are mainly following the principles of modularity and usefullness (meaning they aren't styled at all to begin with) and to be honest, I already build it twice, but never to full satisfaction. I had several main goals while building this loco: Keeping it as closely scaled to 1:45, making sure the cab windows consist of 3 parts just like in the prototype (long live flags!), having it run on PFx Brick with it's own power, and hiding all the electrical components in such a way I didn't have to use any stickers for cover up. Also, due to the space available inside the loco, I knew I had to use the PF Lego Train Motor, which made doing proper shourding around the wheelsets a lot more difficult, since there is only one hole available in between the wheels. Thanks to a Lego Minifig Neck Bracket this turned out to be possible. In the end I think I managed to fullfill all objectives; I must however admit the loco only started to run properly after I bough a Lithium-ion rechargable 9V battery, because regular alkaline 9V batteries were emptied by the Lego PF train motor in less than 10 minutes. I never knew there was so little mAh in those blocks... Due to the way the frame is build it's actually a pretty stable locomotive, even though the hoods are only connected to the cab and only held in place by friction to keep them from wobbling. BTW, normally I model one particular number in the fleet, due to it for example having a specific name that reminds me of a town I used to live in. With the 6400 series this isn't really possible, since only several of them are named, and all of them after their drivers or people from within the company it runs for. (Acutally, three of them run with the same name as my grandfather, so maybe some day in the future it might become the 6407, 6434 or 6438!) NS 6400 #2 by raised, on Flickr NS 6400 #1 by raised, on Flickr NS 6400 #3 by raised, on Flickr Hope you guys like it!
  3. Hello all, im not a very experienced train builder, but since i saw the movie "Unstoppable", i got inspiration to build trains, so, i made my own version of the 777 train of the movie in LDD, which if im not wrong its a BNSF GE C44-9W, so here it goes: Im not very talented for the aesthetics, thats why it is a bit ugly, it was supposed to have a yellow stripe on the sides, but i think it would look much better with stickers, however, i will see if i can make of bricks. I decided to make it 8 wide, to have more space for details and to make it more scale-realistic. The propulsion system its done by one battery box, one sbrick and 2 XL motors for each locomotive: And this is how it steers (it still can steer to take the normal curves) I hope you like it, i will try to post more pics of the working parts. Thanks.
  4. This MOC Tank Engine is inspired by the german Knapsack but it is not a scale model…. It is my very first MOC steam Engine, and I focused on the estetics…. hence no motor nor advanced connecting rods with brake cylinders etc.... To accompany these tank Engines I present two concept motorized wagons, with PF and PuP respectively. Please let me know what you think.
  5. It was time to rework my old Interceptor with newer parts, and I like the shaping a hell of a lot more this time around. It's WIP since the guts are all placeholder bits, but the shell looks good enough to post. •Raised the rear by 1 plate for an aggressive stance •Rear windscreen can be lifted off So far so good. I managed to work in the red light near the rear bumper by simply leaving the side of the [1x2 trans-red plate] exposed. Next comes reworking the guts to make them stable. Suggestions welcome!
  6. Henchmen4Hire

    Superbird: The Revengeance

    Recently found out about Speed Champions, so I downloaded and overhauled my old Superbird with new parts, build techniques and improved proportions. Superbird by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr The pics show the major beats; doors and trunk open, there's space for a brickbuilt engine, adjustable steering wheel, door handle/keyhole/speakers detail, etc. And yes, a minfigure figure will fit, there's even room in the backseat for 1 more. I think I spent over half the time just working on the rear. Specifically, I wanted to recess the tail lights and add the little raised black section between them, as well as work in a 180 SNOT flip so I could attach exhaust pipes to the bottom. Damn, that thing was complicated, but I managed to get everything connected (and hopefully kept it sturdy). Building for real may be a test of patience and dexterity. lol Odd Connections •I saw those axle pieces and really liked them, but they don't mesh with the Speed Champions wheels. So, the wheels connect to the axles with a bar, you'll have to snip one to size. If you use rigid hoses instead, I think you would get a suspension and steering effect since the tires will have some "give". •I wanted to recreate the steering column from a Roadrunner/Satellite, which meant I had to work in the gear shifter and blinker lever. My usual brute force building habits weren't working so I had to get more creative! To create that assembly, you need a bar running through it all, snipped to size. •The rear is ridiculous, there are headlight bricks in all directions, 4-stud snot bricks, clip tiles with a bar for support, jumpers, inverted brackets, cripes! Working out the minute offsets was a nightmare. •Really happy with the nose, it's easily removable via pins so technically I could pull it off and build a standard Roadrunner nose/face. I managed to create natural attachment points for the black wedges, something I failed to do in the old model. Some headlight bricks and 1x1 light clip plates (thick version this time) get the job done, it was just a matter of getting all the pieces oriented properly. Questions, comments, hatemail welcome. Alright, that's enough, now more pics: Superbird 2 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Superbird 3 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  7. Hello All, Finally after 3 years in the making I am presenting my first MOC. I wanted to start out with something easy and something local. This is obviously based off of Shup's great E7 NYC set, and shup helped a lot with some details a few years ago including the windshield design. I had a few tweaks of my own as I was trying to model this as close to 1:48 scale as possible. I hate doing decals, so this sat on my desk for 2 years gathering dust. Now she's all polished up and all that's left to do is decal her fully built sister! Without much further ado, some background and some pics: History of the L&N Spec drawing I went off of: And here's the MOC! All the photos.
  8. Hi =), recently I created many city vehicle MOCs to go with my modular houses. Unfortunately only few of them do exist in real bricks. But I am planning to build more ;). So here`s my city... The scale is a bit bigger than the original TLG scale. Cars are 6 wide+ and trucks 8 wide+. I think they fit quite well with the modulars. Civil - Cars hatchback blue car minivan_taxi sportscar3 sportscar4 red suv pickup_truck sportscar limo sportscar (original design by ER0L) fullsize pickup truck Civil - Trucks dumper truck container_truck tanker truck garbage truck mobile home transporter pickup tow truck (mod of 60081) truck Emergency Services baywatch_pickup fire engine (front inspired by ER0L`s fire engine) ambulance2 ambulance (inspired by Spacy Smoke's Ambulance squad adu_truck adu_suv highway patrol (orginal mustang design by ER0L) police patrol car unmarked suv surveillance van (front inspired by Spacey Smokes ambulance) C&C welcome ;)

    Delaware & Hudson ALCO PA

    Hi guys. I built this ALCO PA and I thought, why wouldn't I show it here. Background information The ALCO PA's are A1A-A1A locomotives built to haul passenger trains by ALCO and GE. Sadly, from the nearly 300 PA's built only 7 still exist today. The PA has gone on to achieve a legendary fame in railfan circles. Because of it's tendency to belch heavy, black smoke, the PA has even been declared to be an "honorary steam locomotive". Even the late, noted train artist Howard Fogg, a big steam aficionado, once called the PA "a nice looking locomotive". What else needs to be said? My own model Last year I built a 6 studs wide ALCO PA that I didn't really like because it was small and didn't have much detail. A few weeks ago I also built an 8 studs wide steam locomotive which led to me wanting to built a diesel locomotive in that same scale ( even though the PA is a bit to large) and seeing as I already built a PA before, why not make a new one? ALCO PA #5 by RIZING!, on Flickr I think she looks fine. At least an improvement if you see my older models... Almost everything is done now. I just have to know if the drivetrain works and how I can built the bogies because I've never done any brick built bogies. ALCO PA #6 by RIZING!, on Flickr As you can see, the bogies are geared 1:1 with a large motor. But does a drivetrain like this work? The motors are static in the shell and the bogies are loose under it. ALCO PA #7 by RIZING!, on Flickr So, the L motor in the locomotive doesn't move at all while the bogies are turning when it goes around corners. So I really need to know if that isn't a problem. Also, can jumper plates keep an L motor in place? ALCO PA #8 or so by RIZING!, on Flickr And yeah, I need to make better bogies ALCO PA # 9? by RIZING!, on Flickr But really, I've never built bogies for a train so I definitely need help there. ALCO PA #10 by RIZING!, on Flickr And here a quick comparison picture of the old model (in front) and the new one (in back) Bye
  10. Taking a break from my High Speed Train Project, I decided to once again attempt an Amfleet car, easier said than done due to the curved design of the car, I also plan on building a AEM-7 to go with it and upload the locomotive and passenger car to Lego Ideas. The carriage is 8 studs wide, I attempted to make it 6 studs wide since it's going on Lego Ideas, but because of the way the body of the passenger car curves inwards on the bottom (and top), it looked horrible being 6 studs wide. The car contains 22 seats and a bathroom (inspired by the Horizon Express bathroom), opening external doors, I have not built internal doors (yet), the real train has sliding doors, but that is not possible (at least for me, I'm sure someone else could do it) with LEGO, currently the passenger car contains 662 pieces, but that number will be increased when I add opening internal doors. The bogies are able to swivel 360 degrees which will allow them to turn with ease on the tight turns of standard LEGO track. Please also check out Shupp's Amtrak AEM-7 and Amfleet Coach from 2011. Thanks for reading, God Bless Christ be with you all .lxf file: http://www.mediafire...mp15/amtrak.lxf
  11. Stefaneris

    Trans Europ Express RAe TEE II

    Hello This creation isn't that new anymore, however after publishing pictures on brickshelf and flickr, I think it's time to present this train here in this forum. The prototype was the RAe TEE II 1053 which is today a historic train and was used on the TEE-Network some decades ago. The train consists of 6 cars: two cab cars, two coach cars, a dining car and a motor car. This train only had first class seats and was (or maybe still is) one of the most luxurious trains of the swiss federal railway SBB. The four passenger cars in my model have each 13 seats, in the dining car there is enough place for eight passengers. The passenger cars have gender seperated toilets, the women toilet even featured a make-up table. I tried to make it look like theres a mirror in this toilet room, since there is very limited space on creating something like that. Well, now let's continue with the pictures. Cab car by StefanEris, on Flickr Cab car front by StefanEris, on Flickr Toilet by StefanEris, on Flickr Dining car interior by StefanEris, on Flickr The whole train by StefanEris, on Flickr And here is a picture of the real train: RAe TEE II in Zurich by StefanEris, on Flickr The front of the train was quite a challenge to build and I still want to make some improvements, however the parts I need don't exist (yet) in dark red. There are more pictures on flickr if you are intersted. I also have a video there: Thanks for looking and reading, critics and comments are welcome! Regards Stefan
  12. GallardoLU


    So, Nissan has revealed its newest racing machine, the GT-R LM NISMO. its front engined V6 Twin Turbo, and Front wheel drive. oh but wait its also Electric and All Wheel Drive! that makes it uniquely FF/E-AWD with a combined power output of 1250 BHP. and just a day after the first images appeared here it is in LEGO form! (reference image included at the bottom) NISSAN GT-R LM NISMO (7) by kayjeb, on Flickr NISSAN GT-R LM NISMO (6) by kayjeb, on Flickr NISSAN GT-R LM NISMO (4) by kayjeb, on Flickr NISSAN GT-R LM NISMO (3) by kayjeb, on Flickr NISSAN GT-R LM NISMO (1) by kayjeb, on Flickr So, there it is, 8-wide and fits a mini-fig with helmet! the car is only 4 bricks tall from the ground, and 19 studs long. Originally this was a 6-wide, to match the current city race car, and the upcoming Speed Champion cars. but it never really felt right that way. I think 8 wide was the right choice. Comments and critiques welcomed! Real Car Reference image.
  13. Hello all, Today I would like to share my first train MOC designed from scratch. So for this MOC I wanted to create a train that would be motorized and run off PF. So I decided to stick to something relatively simple and go for a diesel train. First image to come up that I liked was the BR Class 2 Shunter. I begun designing the train in LDD and ended up finalizing on a design I was particularly happy with. After some tweaks I ordered all the bricks and built it. Now one thing I wanted to do was to use one small PF motor to power the train. This ended up being a challenge since: 1. Originally the Battery box was at the back of the train, however straight off I realized the balance was off, causing the train to tip. 2. The torque output from the motor was weak. So further modifications had to be made with the gearing. So I moved the battery box to the front to account for the balance issue, and then geared the motor down to gain more torque. Sounds simple on paper however the working space was very limited And finally I ended up with this: IR receiver wedged in the back Video showing how it all works Video of it running One thing you may notice is that the scale is way off. This was a mistake on my part for not really using any reference or checking size. I knew I wanted to go 8 studs wide, however I ended up going a bit too far. Yet I still think it turned out pretty nicely. So that is my first train MOC. Hopefully I will continue to get better at building trains and have another to show in the future. Also if anyone wants the LDD file let me know. Thanks for reading.
  14. Henchmen4Hire

    1970 Plymouth HEMI Superbird

    MOOOPAAARRRRRR! Satisfying my muscle car itch. Needs a few little tweaks, nothing a little colored electrical tape won't fix ;) Final Version -Interchangeable engines, see 4th and 7th posts -Doors and trunk can open -Minifig scale (8 wide) -Will attach those floating bits somehow More pics: Alternate Colors:
  15. Henchmen4Hire

    Ultra Duty Truck

    Not many people like 8-wide, but I'll keep making them anyway lol Here's not just a Super Duty, but Ultra Duty truck! I wanted to make more big 6x6 vehicles (like wreckers) but didn't want to keep buying bricks for all of them. So, the next best thing was to make this base truck and only build different modules for the bed. I kept the construction simple to maximize customizability. Notes -Going to add fender flares, I just need some 1x2 cheese slopes to stick on there -Can easily add extra axles, extend cab or bed, etc. -Can easily swap out modules to put on the bed -Can easily attach other things to front bumper by removing a few pieces -Roomy engine compartment This is a 6x6 version Here's the underside, very simple. Just use technic beams of a suitable size and reinforce them where needed. Use long 3L technic pins (I think they're only made in blue) to connect the wheels/chassis/axle together. Here's a shot with my Vactor 2100 and Wildland Ultra XT 6x6
  16. Henchmen4Hire

    City Ambulance (Type-2)

    Based on pictures of a sporty Dodge Sprinter Ambulance, though the wide nose makes it look like a "normal" van-ambulance. Eh, still good! Added as much detail as I could figure out from pictures, 8-wide is perfect for that :) I haven't added the sliding door because I'm not sure how to do that, any tips are welcome! -All doors can open -Fans/Vents (the grey circles with openings opposite them on the outer wall) -Oxygen port/power outlet (the green & red tile and grey circle on the inner wall) -Power Outlet near driver door (outer wall) -Board storage space behind passenger seat (I don't know what it's for but it fits!) -Oxygen tank storage in rear under the bench -Bunch of medicine/bandages/gloveboxes? on the wall -Chair/step storage? in rear on wall (fold down glass compartment) -Lights according to reference pics -Engine greeble under the sloped hood -ProCare colors (from reference pic, I'd rather use stickers though for a more efficient use of bricks) -Fits stretcher with patient -Fits a bunch of minifigures -Pistol-grip shifter for the driver because pistol grips are cool xD -Other stuff I forgot or don't know what it is lol