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  1. [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    incredible model!! I would absolutely support this on Lego Ideas, do you have any plans to propose it?
  2. 0-8-0 Tank locomotive

    Incerdible, perfect mix of simplicity and detail!! Great work :)
  3. Alternative weights?

    Ah, paint is an interesting idea. I've not needed friction bands with Big Ben Bricks drivers before, only now with these smaller ones. Unfortunately since Lego don't do them in that size there isn't much work around. My Mallard has friction bands to counter the slight added friction of the tiles covering the driving wheels, but the Scotsman with Big Ben Bricks wheels runs just as well without :)
  4. Alternative weights?

    I'll look into that, thanks! I haven't actually, probably worth looking into. Big Ben Bricks wheels don't seem to accommodate for friction bands and I'm not confident enough to try and amend any; but it could be worth a try. Side note: I got some weights (Zinc plated screw nuts) and hid them in the chassis. The result is MUCH better, but there is still some stutter on the corners.
  5. Alternative weights?

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, Will certainly look at the crank pins as suggested by @Tenderlok. If nothing changes (It has a remarkably light axle loading, especially at this scale) I'll have a trip to the hardware store. @M_slug357 Annoyingly I live in Britain and our smallest coin (5 pence) doesn't fit inside a two-stud wide gap (The largest space in the model I can put something)! @ScotNick @asleepatheswitch I like the idea of using nails or fishing/lead weights, Especially the latter since they are very heavy for their size. I'll see what the store has. Still open to any other suggestions!
  6. Alternative weights?

    Hi all, I've been working on a 2-8-0 locomotive with Big Ben Bricks' small drivers and Zephyr's connecting rods. It is tender driven, meaning there is very little weight in the loco itself, and as a result the driving wheels stutter every so often. I have reduced the friction as much as I can but there is still a noticeable loss of traction. The loco is just too light. I've looked at official lego weights and they're far too big to fit in the build. Are there any non-lego alternatives that I could hide somewhere in a hollow section of the body? Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Thanks! An image for reference. Taken before the connecting rods arrived:
  7. I adore these, so well made and shaped!! Keep it up man :)
  8. Nice Moc! I like what you did on the side with the ladder rungs :)
  9. Piston Rods for Winter Holiday Train 10254

    Very well realized! I tried to do the same for an animation last year but your method is much less temperamental. Mine used various bar pieces instead of Technic connections and didn't run too well. You can see the method in the video- looks fine on camera, just not in practice.
  10. Custom 3d Printed Steam Drivers

    These look great! Would love to use these at some point for a UK Bullied Pacific!
  11. MOC: Flying Scotsman - Classic look + American Tour

    Tinkered with my Scotsman MOC to add - quite literally - all the bells and whistles she wore on her american tour- Though I am shy one tender. Some of the additions will be permanent too, like the slide bars and name plate.
  12. MOC: Flying Scotsman - Classic look + American Tour

    Glad you like it! I've written the script for the Scotsman showcase and I'll film it soon as Uni gives me an afternoon to breathe. I have considered sharing/selling instructions since I do have some designs for them. However, they're on a program (Not LDD) where I can't get my head around the instruction book software, and neither can my computer it seems. I might give it some time, then release a file if I can figure it out :)
  13. The Blue Comet

    Incredible, It's such a striking engine and you captured the look of it perfectly. Wish I could see it in person!
  14. MOC: Flying Scotsman - Classic look + American Tour

    Thanks! The Big Ben Bricks wheels worked a treat for the model. Thanks! I have 2 BR passenger cars so far, aiming to have a full set of 4. Matching LNER - style cars will likely come later too.
  15. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    I like it! Would look great on builds that aim to look more like the real thing.