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Found 275 results

  1. Hi! Today I start my new project: Winter in the Raven's Wharf This will be my biggest MOC to date and there are quite a few topics to cover I plan to build a medieval port somewhere in the far north. I did surveys on YouTube and Instagram, I asked what season to choose... ...Winter won! The project will consist of several parts, the whole thing will be divided into several baseplates. The size of 60x150 studs is planned. On the waterfront, I will want to build a lot of buildings for residents, but also military ones. The main attraction, however, will be the large ship I'm already building There are several inspirations, I will definitely turn on the Witcher 3 game more than once to explore Novigrad and look for interesting ideas. The main ship will have about 1500 parts and I will definitely make a PDF instructions for it. I've already built a small boat for a fisherman, I'll probably build more of these. I'm going to need a lot of parts, especially for building water. Since I'm building winter, I'll want to use the new animals from the City Arctic series - I'll add some seals, but I'm tempted to add a killer whale as well. You can learn more about this project from my video, link below. I will be glad if you write what you think about this project, but also write your ideas what I can build here :) In the next episode I will definitely want to show the finished ship, I will have to make sails and instructions.
  2. My latest MOC, hope you鈥檒l like it 馃槂
  3. My brother and I ( @soccerkid6 ) have been writing quite a few tutorials on techniques we often use in our medieval creations. We will be using this topic to share these designs with all of you, and will keep an index of our tutorials in this first post while also posting new replies as we add new tutorials. Index of tutorials: Curved Thatch Roof Tutorial Corner Thatched Roof Tutorial Technic Rockwork Tutorial Stone Wall Tutorial Tilted Plate Landscape Tutorial Simple Angled Wall Tutorial 8x8 Octagonal Tower Tutorial Irregular Base Tutorial Shingle Roof Tutorial SNOT Stone Wall Tutorial Half-Stud Offset Wooden Wall Tutorial. Basic Arrow Slits Tutorial Turntable Stained Glass Window Tutorial Stone Cottage Wall Tutorial Medieval Hand Cart Tutorial Furniture Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #2 Round Well Tutorial Wagons and Carts Tutorial Snow Tutorial Four Sided Castle Roof Tutorial Simple SNOT and Studs-Up Rockwork Tutorial Wagons and Carts Tutorial #2 Furniture Tutorial #3 Furniture Tutorial #4 Simple Roof Gables Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #5 Middle Eastern Tutorial #1 Furniture Tutorial #6 Tree Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #7 Furniture Tutorial #8 Slanted Rockwork Tutorial 45掳 Skyrim Roof Tutorial Curving Staircase Tutorial Mixel Joint Tree Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #9 Doors and Gates Tutorial Large Onion Dome Tutorial Mottled Stone Wall Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #10 Flying Carpet Tutorial Stone Bridge Pier Tutorial Turret Roof Tutorial Elegant Fountain Tutorial Hexagon Tower Tutorial Hinge Brick Well Tutorial Semicircle Tower Design Stone Footbridge Tutorial 4x4 Dish Dome Tutorial Podium with Mosaic Tutorial Small Carts Tutorial Stepping SNOT Wall Tutorial Al-Danah Tower Design Small Onion Dome Tutorial Stone and Timber Wall Design Market Stalls Tutorial SNOT Panel Water Tutorial Doors Tutorial #2 Middle Eastern Tutorial #2 Furniture Tutorial #11 Winter Tower Roof Design SNOT Tudor Design 6x6 Octagonal Tower Tutorial Monastery Window and Roof Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #12 Large Round Tower Tutorial Bar and Clip Brickwork Tutorial Window Tutorial Free Floating Cobblestone Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #13 4x4 Roof Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #14 Dormer Roofs Tutorial Footbridge Tutorial #2 SNOT Water Tutorial SNOT Rockwork Base Tutorial Photography and Editing Process Headlight Brick Cobblestone Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #15 Wagons and Carts Tutorial #3 6x6 Elven Roof Tutorial Irregular SNOT Base Tutorial Furniture Tutorial #16 How to Angle Buildings Round Tile Cobblestone Tutorial Wagons and Carts Tutorial #4 Furniture Tutorial #17 Middle Eastern Tower Tutorial Diagonal Tudor Tutorial Fireplace Tutorial Textured wooden wall and window tutorial: Stone archway tutorial: 7 Micro castle tower designs: 4 Pine Tree Designs: 3 Tree Designs: 5 wagon and cart designs: Fireplace Tutorial: We hope you find this thread to be a useful resource for all your medieval creations.
  4. _TLG_

    [MOC] Gothic Cathedral

    Hello modular building and City fans, This modular Gothic Cathedral was my entry to Bricklink Designer Program Series 1. I have received many kind comments and support, but unfortunately it has not been selected, therefore I decided to make the instructions available here: Kit is available here: It is not actually based on a real building, but it contains many typical details: lancet arches, double lancet arch windows, a ridge turret, flying buttresses, portals with series of receding planes, rose windows etc., and there is a matching street lamp too. The roof assembly can be removed as one piece and in this case the internal details are visible: there is an altar with a cross, a candle holder, a church tabernacle, a brick built bible, there are benches, an organ, a holy water stoup etc.. The middle door on the facade and the side doors open outward, and work perfectly, the side doors on the facade open inward and they can be opened if the door handle pieces (the taps) are removed, but it is not se easy to close them in this case. It is a studless build, the unnecessary studs are hidden by tiles. When I started the design, the first version included appr. 4600 parts, so I had to optimized and simplified it a bit, but I am still really satisfied with the result. For example it could be very nice if there was trans color plates in the holes of the window fences, but it would mean too much additional parts (and I am also not sure if it is a legal technique). The building instructions guidelines have been followed. It is built from the palette "BDP Series 1", so there are some color and part restrictions. The part 15744 could be awesome as rose window on the facade, but unfortunately it is not available in black or light bluish gray. However, the technic gear 40 tooth works too. The bells could be pearl gold or something similar, but the best available option is the black which is ok. I hope you like my design, I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for visiting, _TLG_ Gothic Cathedral 01 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 02 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 03 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 04 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 05 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 06 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 07 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 08 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr Gothic Cathedral 09 by L谩szl贸 Torma, on Flickr
  5. Two years ago, I've built a small medieval horse stable inspired by the Medieval Blacksmith 21325 (you can read all about it on its dedicated topic) : Shortly after that (I think it was in August 2021), I began working on a second model, I wanted to do something original, so I thought I'd do a joiner's workshop. Again, the inspiration comes from the Medieval Blacksmith, because I wanted my models to go together with the set, so that the village would look like a real village and not a collection of random medieval Lego creations. So I looked at the set, and noticed that there was a beautiful bed, with fine details. Surely it was made by a talented craftsman. So I decided to build his house and his workshop. Again, I used Mecabricks to design my model. It went through several iterations, over the course of about a year : The stairs moved a lot in the early stages. That's because I tried to think of the model as a real building, and for example I didn't like the idea of having the stairs inside the building because it meant the joiner and his wife would have to go though the workshop to go to their house that's above, I thought it would be better to have a clear separation between the working area and the living area, so I needed two doors and the stairs outside. But then it didn't make sense to have the stairs on the opposite side of the workshop door, so I'd have to move them to the "front" of the building, or at least the main facade. I wanted to make sure every side of the model was interesting to look at, so there's the "front" (which would actually be the back), with the workshop and house doors, the stairs, and the logs, a more relaxing / garden side with the pergola and the vines on the wall, the customer's entry with the balcony, the chimney and the sign, and a big door on the fourth side, with an oriel window above. But at one point I got stuck because I needed parts that aren't in Mecabrick's library for the roof. I tried to do something innovative with the horse stable by using the quite recent 2x4 oval tiles, and this time I wanted to use the small Technic panels 71682 and 89679. I ended up rebuilding the model with (I would have had to do it anyways to create the building instructions) and I gave it a try : Sadly it didn't quite work, I think this technique would be easier to use on a simpler model, with a square or rectangular footprint, so I'll save it for later. So I decided to reuse the technique from the stable instead, and here's the finished model : The interior is fully furnished : There's the workshop and a "showroom" on the ground floor, and a kitchen and a bedroom (with a small desk) on the first floor. I like when Lego models allow storytelling, so I thought it would be fun if the joiner made toys from his wood leftovers, and that his toys were so popular that even the prince and princess would come to buy them. It's also a nod to Ole Kirk Christiansen, who was a carpenter before he created Lego. The toys include knight figures, a watermill (which may or may not hint at my next model in the series ?), a carriage, a house, and of course a huge castle, made of interlocking wooden blocks. I haven't built this model physically yet, but I have submitted it to the BrickLink Designer Program, so maybe I'll build it when it becomes a set. You can vote for it here :'s-Workshop, and see more pictures in the Flickr album. While I was stuck on the roof of the joiner's workshop, I've built a bridge. Again, my inspiration came from the video game Skyrim : I've spent a long time wondering how I could build the curve of the road. It's the Ninjago set 71767 that gave me the solution : using rollercoaster rails. That technique allowed me to do a simple and modular build, so there's basically each end, a middle section, the rails, the road modules and the sides. I've displayed it with my horse stable and the blacksmith at an exhibition back in september : Instructions for the bridge are available on Rebrickable : I was a bit tough to break up the model in clean modules that would allow an easy build and customization, but I think I succeeded. It's possible to build the bridge as is, or to adapt it, to make it longer, narrower, the goal here was less to provide precise instructions to reproduce a specific model than guidelines to inspire people to build their own bridge. Here's a render of my two buildings with the bridge, or in other words the current state of my village (minus the blacksmith) : I'm thinking of doing a watermill next, but I'd like to do a monastic brewery as well. I'll have to do some research to make sure my model is believable, and see if I could make good monks minifigs. But maybe I could do something simpler, like a small watchtower. I'm not sure yet, and as you can see I can work on several models at the same time. Also, I'm already working on a condensed version of the joiner's workshop for the BDP series 3 if the current model isn't selected, but it could also very well become something else ! Anyways, I hope you like what you saw and that the bit about the design process of the models wasn't too boring, for those who read it all.
  6. Even the most fearsome Viking warrior needs to take a break from raiding, pillaging, fighting and feasting in order to answer the call of nature鈥. and where better to do this than in the peace and privacy of the Viking Privy! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr鈥淧rotected from the worst of the elements but with plenty of ventilation, the facility incorporates a gravity operated waste transportation system leading to a subterranean storage facility. A comfortable seat and absorbent, biodegradable plant based wipes to deal with any 鈥渕ess鈥 complete the customer experience.鈥 Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on FlickrThis build actually began as an experiment in fence designs for a historical themed MOC I have planned. I鈥檝e previously used flex tube to create the woven hurdle type texture but these flexible hoses are far easier to use and look much better. The idea for turning it into a toilet come from a reconstruction of a Viking toilet I saw online and I thought why not? Some pics of it with custom Viking figures from United Bricks Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Instructions for the toilet are now on my Rebrickable page Rebrickable Link Thanks for looking!!
  7. soccerkid6

    GoH 10 B: Wax and Wick

    This is an entry for the Old but Gold category of the current challenge. I took some time deciding which old build to revamp, and eventually settled on this candlemaker鈥檚 shop I built back in 2014 (is it really that long ago ). It was one of my favorite medieval buildings for a long time, and it was a lot of fun revisiting it. Like the original, it features a full interior and this time uses the floating cobblestone technique we have previously shared a tutorial on. Glorfindel and Eryl continued on their journey after stopping at the Wayfarer鈥檚 Den, eventually coming to Hradheim. There Glorfindel was able to visit his old friend, Kenan, who owns the candle shop Wax and Wick. It sits in the shopping district of Hradheim which is always bustling with folks going about various errands or hawking their wares. Some sweet treats purchased from a baker鈥檚 stall nearby were just the thing to provide energy for another day鈥檚 travel. See more images on Brickbuilt and full resolution on Flickr.
  8. Captain Flint

    GoH 10 B: The Witch of Heedwor

    This is an entry for the Old but Gold category. When I saw this category, I immediately knew which build I would revamp and it is a house from 2014. A normal day in a frigid wonderland, and for Gunther it's a successful day. He captured Ravynne the witch of Heedwor. Bad day for her, great day for him.
  9. I wanted to make a medieval village instead of a castle. Marketplace, windmill, barn, watchtower, village house, field, peasants, warriors, knights, wizards, and lots of greenery. It was a work that I really enjoyed doing, hope you like it too. I would like to join (Create a Theme Contest) but unfortunately it is hard to put a price for this big diorama. Although it is a 150cmx75cm moc, there is so much detail inside. IG: medel_brick
  10. Hello All, Most of us collect minifigures and display them side by side. Instead of displaying minifigures like this, I decided to create some small scenes. Yes, it needs more space but looks better. What do you think? IG: medel_brick
  11. Sarophas

    [MOC] The Portal Cliff

    My latest MOC, The Portal Cliff. Hope you like it 馃槂
  12. Haddock51

    MOC Waldenburg Castle

    To build a medieval castle from my home districts in Switzerland has been on my mind for a long time. Last year, I initiated some searching. This resulted in discovering Ruin Waldenburg Castle which is situated approx. 30 km southeast of Basel. Based on excellent pictures and references provided by the archaeologist of Baselland, I decided to build a Lego model of this castle as it may have looked like in the 16th/17th century. Waldenburg Castle has a long history which goes back to the 13th century. During the uprisings in January 1798, the castle was put on fire by leaders of the Baselbiet Freedom Movement. Today, only ruins remain. And now 鈥 after just over 300 (!) working hours 鈥 this Lego model is finally ready! A long journey from idea to reality has come to an end. The virtual work with format and design in Studio 2.0 has taken most time, almost 200 hours. Inventory and procurement of all Lego parts 鈥 with orders placed at 32 BrickLink stores in Sweden and other Europe 鈥 were also very time consuming. To build the model itself took me approx. 70 hours. This has indeed been an exciting and rather challenging project. I am very satisfied with the result. The model is 85 cm long, 40 cm wide, with a maximum height of 47 cm above the baseplates. It is built in three levels and consists of approx. 5 300 pieces. Lego LED 9V accounts for the interior lighting. I would like to thank the Office of Archaeology of Baselland for their excellent support, without which this project would not have been possible at all. Attached are pictures from 鈥渕y鈥 Waldenburg Castle and its placement in my own Lego world.
  13. Small MOC of a peaceful backyard/garden.
  14. I've always been impressed by crusader castles. They are massive and they have a unique look due to the merging of European and Oriental architecture. The most famous example is of course Krak des Chevaliers, but I didn't find an angle to turn it into Lego without blowing it up to 10,000+ pieces. Instead, I took inspiration from the Fortress of the Knights Templar in Acre. I still had to shrink it a bit in order to not have it grow out of control, but I feel like I found a good compromise. I wanted it to fit onto two 32x32 baseplates which I just about managed to do. I'm close to finishing the model and I'm currently sitting at 4644 parts. I'm still looking to improve some details, the cobblestone in front of the castle is for example still very primitive and I might add more of a slope to the ground outside. Then there are still some gaps that I might be able to close better. Obviously, it's not minifig scale, that would have required a model that's at least three times as large. Also, it's not modular. While it would be easy to have removable elements, it would be difficult to build any interior at the scale I'm working at. So I saved pieces by having the caste be completely hollow on the inside. Anyway, here are some pictures of where I'm currently at.
  15. My latest MOC, dedicated to my grandfather who recently passed away. Hope you like it. It was custom for the four kingdoms to have an embassy in each others capitals. This made diplomatic work much easier than sending a traditional diplomatic contingent. These embassies quickly became important status symbols for their respective rulers. What had started out as simple townhouses, meant to house a couple of diplomats had since turned into mansions worthy of the wealthiest city-dwelling nobles. This was especially true for the embassy of the Archduchy of Rabenfels, also known as the Black Falcons due to their heraldry depicting a falcon on a blue or yellow background. Rumor has it that the bird is actually a raven or a crow, referring to the their ill-gotten wealth. The embassy is currently governed by the archdukes nephew Alexander Raben, who notoriously neglects traditional diplomatic duties in favor of knightly sport and diplomacy by the sword.
  16. Just a small scene showing a Medieval danish knight riding through a patch of forest.
  17. My entry for Brickscalibur 2021 - Rogues and Outlaws category. Hello everyone! Third MOC in the series of little Sarophas. This time arriving at Ravnsborg Castle, the stronghold of the Baroness and her henchmen. Far to long, these thugs have been taxing the local villagers to the breaking point, only to fill their coffers with their hard earned money, but no more! Heinrich and the Hatted Huntsmen are scaling the tower walls to gain access to the castle, in an attempt to 'liberate' the Baroness' treasure hoard. See the full album here Front Back
  18. legocanuck

    Medieval Bakery

    A must have addition to any medieval village...introducing the Medieval Bakery! Finally the hard working blacksmith neighbor has a place to treat himself! Featuring a detailed exterior with a balcony, flower and vegetable garden, shed, and modest stall for the family's sheep! Inside you'll find a cozy bedroom, spacious living space, and an oven popping out the tastiest baked goods! Inspired by the design of 21325, this set integrates perfectly into the medieval setting. Dark green tiled roof, with rich gold finishes prove that this family knows how to bake! Please check out brickstarsofficial on instagram for more photos!
  19. The Ruins of Green Mire Keep I present my MOC of the ruins of an old keep. A Knight and his guards hire a local peasant to lead them to these mysterious ruins known for strange goings on. These ruins seem to have become the home of a Necromancer. Thank you for checking out my MOC! The Ruins of Green Mire Keep by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Ruins of Green Mire Keep by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Ruins of Green Mire Keep by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr The Ruins of Green Mire Keep by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  20. With the reissuing of the Black Falcon鈥檚 faction in the current Blacksmith set and in the lego creator 3 in 1 castle set, I thought it was the right time to give the Black Falcons back a proper fortress. For me such a fortress has to be based on the iconic fortress in set 6074 from 1986. Lego already did a re-release in 2012, but this was an exact copy of the 1986 set. Now 10 years later, with modern lego bricks we can give it a fresh new look up to today鈥檚 standards. Like in the orginal set, in my build the front of the fortress has 2 octagonal towers surrounding the drawbridge. This special tower shape gave the 1986 set it鈥檚 iconic look, so this shape was a must to include in this MOC. In the back of the fortress, the defensive walls in the corners are also half octagonal shaped to continue this unique look. Also like in the original in the back on the right side, there is a square tower with a pyramid shaped black roof (with the old style slopes). In the back on the left, I deviated somewhat from the orginal layout to create much larger living quarters. The yellow-black wall in the watchtower in the 1986 set is replaced by a whole yellow-black dining room on the first floor and an attic on top in this section. The positioning of the roof and chimney are pretty close to the orginial, but way bigger. There's a lot of detail cramped up in a 40x40 brick footprint so it can be used as a display piece on a shelf. But like the 6074 set it can open up completely and every function becomes accessible. Play functions: a drawbridge a forge a kitchen a dining room an attic for storage with pulley system a market/shop a jail a water well a secret wall I鈥檓 still waiting on some parts to finish the live build, so therefore I finished it first in studio and created already some renders. Actual photo鈥檚 will be added later on. MOC Lego Black Falcon's fortress render front right side angle by Brick Duvel, on Flickr MOC Lego Black Falcon's fortress render front opened up front topview by Brick Duvel, on Flickr
  21. Hello to the forum, below a small (digital) project I designed in November 2020: Princess June's Medieval House. Similar to the carriage and the siege tower, I designed this MOC in the context of my Lego Ideas project Princess June's Castle. I also create some building instructions, you can download them (PDF File, 87 pages, for free, no registration) under the below URL: Princess June's Medieval House by legolux1973, on Flickr Princess June's Medieval House by legolux1973, on Flickr Princess June's Medieval House by legolux1973, on Flickr If you like the MOC and/or the Instructions I would be really happy if you would vote for my LEGO Ideas Project Queen Elizabeth II at the LEGO Ideas Website: I would really appreciate. Happy Building, stay safe and keep healthy. :-) #legolux1973 #junescastle
  22. soccerkid6

    Everdell Chapel [MOC]

    @LittleJohn and I worked together to create another Everdell scene, this time based off of the Chapel card. We built it in about a week working on it sporadically. John primarily handled rockwork, animals and some small details, while I built the chapel and helped finish the landscaping. John also handled the photography and photo editing. It鈥檚 always a treat building together, and I鈥檓 super pleased with how this came out! Our source of inspiration: Plain background overview Details and Characters: There are a few more shots on our website, Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, your feedback is always welcome
  23. Bryckland

    [MOC] The Narrow River

    The Narrow River Tenth episode of Adventurers of Bryckland MOC series Happy Halloween!
  24. Heddal Stave Church is the largest stave church in Norway. It was constructed at the beginning of the 13th century. I visited the church in 2019. Since then, I have been thinking about building a LEGO model of the church. But I had many other things I wanted to build. So it was only this year that I got time to build it. Here are some photos of the real church:
  25. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Iron Dwarves

    This is a combination of Medieval and Steampunk. The Iron Dwarves are mechanical dwarves, they defend their allies and themselves with powerful weapons and armour. 01_Iron_Dwarves by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Iron_Dwarf_Ranger by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Iron_Dwarf_Warrior by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 04_Iron_Dwarf_Warrior by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr: Maybe these dwarves are the beginning of a new MOC鈥