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Found 44 results

  1. I'm getting a little behind on posting some of the projects I have finished. Either way, here is a mid sized manual tractor, based (can't we get some red medium sized wheels) of the Claas Atos. A full gallery may be found on Flickr, and much more at Features: Rear wheel drive Steering 3 cylinder engine Front PTO Front Drawbar Rear PTO with on/off Rear Drawbar a couple of implements, more coming (probably)
  2. [MOC] Ursus Bambi C10

    Hello, friends! Let me introduce the model of Ursus Bambi C10 mini-tractor. In the model 49 parts, 1 of them is slightly modified (steering wheel). Description of the assembly scheme can be found here: The mower can be moved to the working position: Best regrards, AMV
  3. Below some pictures of a WIP i'm working on. Plan is to make it fully working with rc pf. This means, forward-reverse, left-right, working PTO, and rear hitch. This is my first ever MOC using pf, rc and studless building. You might say i'm kind of a 'old school' Technic builder. Hope you enjoy, comments and questions are welcome.
  4. Hi! That is my entry for the new contest: a tractor mixed with a dragster with a cartoon style! I amplified the shapes of a real tractor: I put huge rear wheels compared to the frond ones, there are 2 big headlights on the front of the hood... The only fonction of this MOC is that it is powered by a pull back motor. (Also, you can move the spoiler because it is fixed with a pin with friction, but that doesn't upgrade the playability) The anti-roll bar has a real utility. Without, the tractor finishes on its roof. The shock absorber is really useful: without, at the acceleration, the drive wheels "jump", they are not in contact with the floor anymore, so the motor is not used at 100%. So actually, the tractor does wheelies smoothly. That's all!
  5. [MOC] Staub RT4

    Hello! Let me introduce to your attention the model of mini-tractor Staub RT4 in Lego-City format. In the model 32 parts. For an assembly description, see Best regards, Andrew :)
  6. Studless 8859 - the ultimate. It has 1409 parts and is 75 cm long. It has four wheel steering, the front wheels turn more than the rear wheels. It har four wheel drive but it can be turned off to 2wd. It has differential lock in front and rearn it has mount for equipment in front and equipment in the front can be tiltes down. It is power take-off in both front and rear. Is has mount for trailer. It has mount for equipment in rear that can be tiltes up and down. Is has adjustable seat, and extra details like gearstick, dashboard, headlights on the roof and adjustable mirrors. It has a V8 motor with a big ventilator in the front. The hood can open. It is also very easy to motoize with power functions. You only need to change one crossaxle with endstop to one without endstop to get acsess to the steering and drive.
  7. Studless 8859 - the ultimate. It has 1409 parts and is 75 cm long. It has four wheel steering, the front wheels turn more than the rear wheels. It har four wheel drive but it can be turned off to 2wd. It has differential lock in front and rearn it has mount for equipment in front and equipment in the front can be tiltes down. It is power take-off in both front and rear. Is has mount for trailer. It has mount for equipment in rear that can be tiltes up and down. Is has adjustable seat, and extra details like gearstick, dashboard, headlights on the roof and adjustable mirrors. It has a V8 motor with a big ventilator in the front. The hood can open. It is also very easy to motoize with power functions. You only need to change one crossaxle with endstop to one without endstop to get acsess to the steering and drive.
  8. Hello, I present here a small agricultural tractor. The origin of this model is simple. It has an educational value. I used the subject to begin explaining to my son the basic principles to achieve his own models. The purpose was therefore to explain to him the following principles: - Steering rack, steering wheel. - How does a pendular axle work? - The U-joint how does it work? - Differential utility, - Realization of a simple transmission, - How to properly cross a transmission axle and a steering shaft, - What is a gearbox? ; simplified application in on / off mode for a function. There were finaly lots off things to explain. And the result is a nice tractor, playable simple to build. Here it is : About the design, we are on a MF235 base or something like that, (it's not really important;) Some other views: The rear linkage is three-point type, the PTO is in the central position, offset from the wheel axle for realizing a transmission axle with the gearbox wich is located under the steering wheel and allows to put the PTO on/off. Closer: The lifting is carried out by means of a simple mini-cylinder controlled by a crank located on the left side of the tractor: The hood is openable, of course, and we have a small engine L3 in direct drive on the differential of the rear wheels: We added some details, such as a pseudo oil gauge: Small zoom on the PTO control, under the steering wheel: The front axle is pendular (thank you to the neighbor who showed it in real life to my son), a view of the driving position, with the high exhaust pipe , in order to not 'Gaz' the farmer :) And finally the traditional view from below or we somewhat sacrificed the possibilities of crossing by installing the mini-actuator, but ...Who cares? In the end this Moc comes back to me rather well, it fulfilled its first role;) What else? Steph.
  9. Hi All, this is my first MOC post.. i've added pics to flickr but i'm struggling to embed the links properly!! Hopefully they get you there if you fancy a look.... this should take you to an album if the embedded one doesn't - This is a Case IH Steiger 620, it is 42cm long and 24cm high an the scale is 18:1 I'm using 3rd part tyres on lego rims, these are temporary as i have some better tractor tyres coming.. (i started this before Xerion was released!!!) ..the current tyres are 120mm in diameter and 42mm wide, new ones are 130mm and 60mm wide, should be much better! Here is a list of the functionality... 4wd using 1 XL motor and is RC Diff lock on rear axle using driving ring Pivot steer using 2 large linear actuators powered by 1 M motor and is RC Pivot uses the Case IH tri-point mechanism - 1 is the pivot then 2 & 3 are a bar with ball joints on each end. This stops the pivot 'sagging'. I've used a 6L pan hard rod for this. Oscillation is by a small turntable with 4wd shaft through the middle. PTO is driven of the main XL motor but an be disengaged - the is the second shaft that can be seen above the main pivot, as in the real machine. It uses 1 UJ and 1 CV joint to allow for the pivot and oscillation. Full pneumatics to power the rear 3 point linkage using 2 rams with the same geometry as the original. Also 3 take-off points for the pneumatics pneumatic pump is powered by 1 M motor and is RC I really need to improve the styling(!), my aim was to get all the functions built and working as close the original as possible, which is why i've used the tri-point pivot and 3 point linkage geometry.. it can make it awkward, but i wanted to get those kinds of things right. Ok, so i either get a message telling me the link has been embedded... but as you can see above, it hasn't! Or it says there's no image at the url... Probably something really simple i'm missing, but the link included in the test does work. I'll try and embed some images in the meantime...!!!
  10. Hello! It's my first topic on eurobricks. After i saw many beautiful lego tractors, and equipment i think about one thing: Why they dont work like real one? So, i want to biuld a tractor with real working attachments: seeder - it will place the seeds in rows sprayer - for watering the plant. cutter - willl cut and load the cuted plant on the trailer trailer - for transpot. Photos soon. P.S. Sorry for my bad English
  11. My husband got the idea to build a studless version of 8859 made in 1981. We made it together and here it is with youtubevideo and instructions and photos. Free nstructions here:
  12. This is a promo video for the agricultural Agricultural Power and Equipment Technician program at WITC (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College). This was made as a college assignment, but I ran short on time so it is not quite as complete as I had wanted it. So I already am aware of the lack of actual animation and the lengthy still shots. This was the first time we had touched LEGO stopmotion in almost two years, it was fun to have a reason to do something again.
  13. Hi, this is my C Model for the 42043 - MB Arocs, It's an articulated tractor with a tipping trailer! Tech specs: 1x L Motor 3x Pneumatic cylinders, 2x 11x2 to lift & lower the trailer bed, and a 1x5 cylinder to open & close the trailer flap. 10x Wheels, 8 on the tractor in a dually configuration, & 4 on the trailer. Well, now on to pictures! All pictures & more are available at my BrickLink
  14. Hi! Finally, I present to you my dump trailer for Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC, which I've built quite a long time ago and teased you with in this topic. My intention was to model a really cool looking trailer Krampe HP30 - a 3 axle offroad heavy haul trailer, which goes perfectly to Claas Xerion 5000 set. I didn't actually scale it, but scetches/blueprints on the official site were of good use. As you can see on the photo below, I made a fake front cylinder, which unfortunately doesn't exist in LEGO Technic, so I had to cheat and used a pulley system to lift this huge red bathtub. String drum located on the front of the trailer is rotated by rear PTO of the tractor. I used the fantastic Efferman's motorized remake, but an OOB 42054 model could run it too. The trailer is steered as well - BUT! - Shamefully, I've realized 1st and 3rd axle should be steered and not 2nd and 3rd like I built it. And that happened just an hour ago while editing the video! Oh well, I will have to put more effort in research next time Somehow, I missed the video explaining the steering part on YT. Steering is modelled by levers and works according to the angle between the tractor and the trailer. The 3rd axle has larger steering angle than the 2nd. As you can imagine, it has some play in it... All three axles are suspended (normal springs for 1st and 2nd axle, hard springs for the 3rd.) - I borrowed and altered axle designs from MB Arocs set. Tailgate raises automatically and is locked when the dumper is lowered. Here are some details, to make the trailer more juicy . ...and the underbelly - for those eager Technic fans, who can't do without . For the end, here's one with a little breeze and a video of course. I hope you enjoy it! You can find more photos here. Partlist and instructions here. Thank you for your attention and constructive criticism! Best regards, Miha
  15. A Reform Metrac is a two-axle mower. In real life : And my MOC : I chose to make the version H7X because of the disponobility of the DBG parts. This version has been more practical to do the color sheme. Only the Hood is black. (Not possible to be DBG) I also done stickers for more realism. I didn’t find patterns, so I sent an e-mail to the company, and someone sent to me that I needed. Thanks! The main objective was to do the best design. The exhaust is very descreet, so here is a picture just for it ! The headlights are different than the H7X version. They match to the G5 version, because they were more easy and nicer to do. Steering is like on the #42054. There are 3 modes: Only front wheels 4 wheel steer Crab The difference is that there is a 4x4 transmission to activate the 2 PTO, and the front axle is pendular. Frond pendular axle: By opening the hood, you can see the 4 cylinders fake engine: The PTO can be activated using the blue levers, near the hood. There are lifts to attach the lawn mower. The front has been very difficult to make because of the pendular axle and the compactness of it. Rear lift :
  16. Hey fans! Today I'm gonna to share with your my latest project. This is middle or even small scale American Truck. It's all RC. Also I/m planning to make a white cab for it from suitable parts. HD photos: It has the next functions: XL- motor for driving M - motor for steering M - motor for gear shifting. It has 4 speed Sariel's sequental gearbox M - motor for the pump A Pair of front and a pair of rare lights. Openable doors and hood Pneumatic PTO for the trailer. PLease enjoy the photos, click to enlarge. Video coming soon... Openable hood PTO for pneumatic, Fake Manometer (Air pressure meter), fake lights to light connecting trailer in the dark Now here are some photos with trailer. Loaded and not. As you can see, all wheels in the trailer are simply but suspended. Very expensive loading, though)) - Brothers? - Definitely not
  17. After a rather prolific March with three MOCs, including one that picked up a Hall of Fame nod, I'm finally back with another creation. After playing around with the 2012 set 9393, I figured I could improve it. So it did. Much more at, and you may find the full Flickr album here. Features: Steering Front Pendular Suspension 2 cylinder motor Front implement attachment point Rear implement attachment point Rear PTO Implements Implements Front Weights Front Furrow Front Snow Pusher Rear Mower Rear Harrow Rear Tiller Grain Cart with conveyor and folding auger Tiller Plow Original 9393 Mower Check out the links for more. I hope you enjoy, and happy building.
  18. MOC/MOD - Tractor & Machinery Dealer

    This is a MOD of a MOC, changed a hardware store to a tractor and machinery dealership. More to come please keep watching and Brick On everyone !
  19. Here is my first post and first ever MOC. Has taken 9 months to finally finish the model and upload it here. IMG_0496 by Technic Creation, on Flickr More images can be found on my flickr photostream Here is a video showing all functions. The tractor has a "Meripeateq" implement on the back. Here is a video of the real thing. Thanks eurobricks members for the motivation to do this. Dark ages lasted 15 years and I was amazed to find this site about a year ago.
  20. Now that I have something that I think will work, it's time for me to update you all with the progress of my TC9 entry. The A model is mostly done (see pictures below), and the B model is in an early WIP stage (Pictures soon). A Model HxWxL, 17x17x34=9826 Steering, HOG 2 Cylinder Fake Motor Rear Wheel Drive, Portal Axle Snowblower Rotation Snowblower Lift Salt Discharge/Moving Door Salt Spreader Removable Blower, Cab, and Spreader B Model HxWxL, 14x19x37=9842 Steering, HOG 2 Cylinder Fake Motor Rear Wheel Drive, Portal Axle PTO, Front/Rear Plow Lift Seeder Lift Seeder Spreader Almost final, as I am waiting on another BL order. Your critiques are welcome.
  21. The Obligatory Winter Creation

    Hello, It's that time of the year again when the snowflakes fall and everyone is looking forward to christmas. Maybe somewhere else, but in Germany we had 16,5°C / 61,7°F today. Feels like summer. To compensate for the Christmas stress and the inappropriate weather I built this "dream winter scene". If you like it, you can find more pictures here. Jonas
  22. Hey everyone! Normally I post in the Train Tech forum. I wasn't sure if this MOC belonged here, but Commander Wolf insisted that this was the correct forum. The Lombard Steam Log Hauler was the first commercially-produced vehicle to use caterpillar tracks. They were essentially a small saddle-tank steam locomotive mounted on a frame with a transmission driving a short pair of treads. The front of the vehicle was supported by a pair of skids or small wheels, which were steered to turn the vehicle. Operating the vehicle required a team of three: the engineer, the fireman, and the steersman, who sat on the small platform in front to steer the vehicle. This model uses the same general SNOT-based boiler as my narrow-gauge single Fairlie locomotive. As was the case for that model, I mostly freelanced the design while looking at reference images (this one in particular), rather than scaling an engineering drawing as I usually do (engineering drawings for both vehicles were hard to come by). The end result is approximately the same scale as my other models. Another angle. The interior of this model is identical to the Fairlie. I'd like to have a crew to operate it, but I don't have any lumberjack minifigs! Full Brickshelf gallery here (pending moderation). Let me know what you think!
  23. Not shure about B model, but A should be garden tractor. B could be simple lawn mover. I'm also thinking about some dragster. Some teaser picture
  24. This is a MOC I have made based off of the steiger line of tractors. I have decided to put this project on Lego Ideas, and was hoping many you could support it. I am striving for this to become a Lego set. I do understand that there is less of a chance for this to become a Lego set because it is Technic. I would appreciate no negative comments about this Technic creation being on Lego ideas. Only constructive criticism please. If you could share this around, or just support it. Every supporter counts! Here are a few pictures of the model: Link: This MOC functions include: Lights All wheel drive Articulated steering Working steering wheel Openable hood to reveal a in-line 6 engine Working PTO A VIdeo of the Tractor: Thanks for the comments and support!
  25. Superheroes teams up for some construction work. Spider-man´s spider sense is not what it´s used to be.....