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  1. functionalTechnic

    new Sbrick app programmable with Blockly

    So you are only working with PF elements? I think the sbrick is bit expensive but with the new app or withc the brick controller app you do have alot of advantages. No, happily there is nothing transported in the container
  2. Hi everybody I had the opportunity to test the beta version of the new Sbrick app, which will be released in one or two months. The new app is convincing. It is perfect for MOCs with special demands. However, to set up a program is more complicated as with the present Sbrick Profile Designer. Nevertheless, there are now a lot more options to create custom functions for your models. Some of the new features of the app: It is possible to create loops Queries from the Sbrick can be made Sounds from the mobile device can be connected to slider positions It should also be possible to control functions with a gamepad (I haven’t tested it until now) mathematical operations can be used in the app I tested the app with my MACK Anthem MOD. With the new app it is possible to automate several functions of the model: [media] Cheers Simon
  3. functionalTechnic

    Caterpillar 990

    Hi I saw that you used at one point a differential between the auto valves. At the latest pictures of your Wheel loader it seems that you found another solution. Dit you once used the approach with the differential to power the pneumatic pumps? I like this concept. Cheers FT
  4. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Thanks. I was also thinking about the new valve but could not find a solution. The issue is that the lever of the new valve is longer than the one of the old valve. Due to this it is not working to switch the valve with the 2 studs liftarms. But I'm looking forward to solutions with the new valve.
  5. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Hi everyone Before the year 2019 starts here a short video about my compact version of an auto valve. I used the principle of the auto valve from Sariel and Nico71 but change it so that it fitted into my pneumatic version of the MACH Anthem. The advantage of this valve is the aligned pneumatic pump along the valve. Like this the whole unit needs less space. Like that it was possible to fit 4 auto valves into the MACK Anthem trailer and one into the tractor for the control the fifth wheel. I wish a happy new year to everybody. Cheers FT
  6. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    I like your Unimog because I like small Technic models. How is it performing? But the scale of the Unimog is smaller than 1:15 right?
  7. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    This sounds reasonable. Looking forward to your MOCS Cheers Simon
  8. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    it is in scale of 1:16.5. the scale is defined by the custom tires. I think it is not possible to make it smaller with all the functions. I think 1:15 is better to moc this model Interesting project. Looking foreward to it. I think 1:15 is a good scale for this model. 1:16.5 was really on the limit. Cheers FT
  9. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Hi, im glad you like the JCB telehandler. It is my moc which I finished recently. That is why you cannt find a video or picture about it. The video will come in one or two month. some picture of building process you can find here: I will poste also some here. Cheers FT
  10. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Hi everyone A week ago took the Bricking Bavaria in Munich place. It was a pleasure for me that I could show my models there with other passionated LEGO and LEGO Technic builders. I also took some shots of my unloading station for LEGO Technic trucks. Unfortunately, it didn't work probperly. Nevertheless, I made a video about some MOC which used my unloading station. You can see trucks from: 01:29 02:49 03:26 03:26 Cheers FT
  11. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Hi, I think it depends on what you want do do with them and how much space is available. I guess you want to use them remotely? For manual use it doesn't mather which one you take. For the manual use it simply depends on how you can fix them in your model. If you want to use them remotely, then it is more complicated because normaly there is only limited space available due to the PF elements. If you want to build a autovalve like sariel did or I used in my MACK Anthem with pneumatics, then I recomend to use to previous valves. Until now, I haven't found a solution to use the new valves as autovalves. If you need a compact autovalve, I can send you a LDD for that. If you want to use a PF servo motor for backcentering the valve then it depends on your space in the model: If you take the previous valves then you can build a unit which is 3x13x6 studs big. 2 studs in lenght are used for the fixation of the hoses. Anyhow you need aditional 2 studs in wide to fix everything. Therefore it makes in total 13x5x6 studs If you take the new valve then you can build a unit which is 10x6x5 studs in size including the fixation of the unit. The hoses are leaving the unit in another direction. Conclusion: if you want to build only one valve then the volume of the whole RC unit (Servo motot and valve) is approximately of the same size. then it only depneds from which direction you want to plug the hoses. If you need more than one RC valve then you can save space with the previous valve since you need in total only 2 studs for fixation in widths. With the new valve is probable that you need more space for the fixation since it is 5 studs wide. Cheers FT
  12. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Hi everyone For a project I developped the present axle in the video. Unfortunately, the truck belonging to the axle didn't work. Anyhow the axle showed nice performance. Therefore, I want to share it with you. The axles are 13 studs wide, do have diff-lock and most of the LEGO Technic wheels fit to them. Cheers FT
  13. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Hi everyone Finally I got the new pneumatic valves and started to test them for RC usage. It seems to work pretty well. For the first test I limited the deflection angle of the servo motor with the Sbrick. It works fine but smooth control of the valve is not possible due to the servo steps. With the first step of the servo the valve is still closed. At the next step of the servo motor the valve is already fully open. Therefore, I geared down the servo motor, so that the servo motor can deflect 90° and the valve only 40-45°. Like this also a smooth control of the pneumatic cylinder is possible at high pressure. Cheers FT
  14. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Thanks again for all your coments it was a tough project but in the end I could manage it. It only worked since I redesigned the trailer completely. The trailer unit I only changed a little bit. I'm glad you like my pneumatic solutions. Now, a new valve is ananounced. I'm looking fordward to this valve and hope that there will be new opportunities. This would be nice. Unfortunately, I need to make instructions and unfortunately I cannot find time for that. I do have some instructions made in the LDD. However, I haven't found a program to convert these lousy instructions into something usable. If you have any suggestions then please let me know. Exactly, much more load is anyway not possible Do you mean with instructions?
  15. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Thanks for all the nice words This was one of the main challanges to place all the pneumatics in the trailer. Fortunately, the original set does have alot of unused space below the trailer This was the greatest challange of this MOD. But with the splitted pneumatic circuits per cylinder it works well. However, it was important to have two pneumatic cyliners with similar friction within the cylinder. Otherwise, the movement of the arms was not synchronical. Cheers FT