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  1. functionalTechnic

    Semi trailer with sliding curtains

    Hi guys A further video about the functionality of my trailer:
  2. functionalTechnic

    Semi trailer with sliding curtains

    Yes, it is sad LEGO pushes so hard the 15 wide scale. Altought, it's also cool having several models in the smaller scale. Yes, it was challanging to get the symmetries all over the trailer and having everything still working as planned.
  3. Hi After bricking bavaria 2022 I could finish my trailer with remote controlled sliding curtains, landing legs and parking brake. the mechanism of the sliding curtains works with one PU L motor for each side and two winches at the front and rear of the trailer. Over the winches a cable runs trough the floor of the trailer which pulls the sliding curtains. I'm really happy how the mechanism works :) But check it yourself in the video: The instruction for the model can be found here: And some renders because I could not make any resonable pictures until now:
  4. It would be great to have an overview about most events in europe but it seems unrealisitc to get all the informations of the events. I think there are many people who could show great moc but if you don't know there are exhibition taking place it will never happen. For me it was also a coincidence that member of the ask me to visit Bricking Bavaria in 2017.
  5. Hi, did you publish this axle somewhere before. I don't know whether the other guy developped the axle himself. Anyhow, it seems to me to be a awsome concept to implement the hugs at a 11 wide axle between the tires. For me it seems important to use the follwoing triangular geometry: 4 studs for the opposite side of the triangle (between hub and differential), 5 studs for the adjacent of the triangel (between axle of the differential and the frame and 6 studs for the diagonal with the ball joint holder.
  6. Check this: you are wellcome. It depends where you are from. sometime you find informaiton at the LUG associations. But also there it can be hard to find the informations because often the websites are not updated. for instance here you finde the infos about Bricking Bavaria and maybe other events: Some guys drive with RC components. With those you dont't have any tuble. The most poeple us Sbicks, which also work great. With PoweredUp sometime it is difficult.
  7. Hi everyone Last weekend the Bricking Bavaria 2022 took place in Fürth, Germany. LEGO builders from around Europe travelled to Fürth to show their models. This year large cranes, lang heavy load transporters and even a technic locomotive in scale 1:17 were shown. It was really inspiring to meet other builders and learn about their building techniques, concepts and how their model work. For all people who had not the possibility to come to BB22 I cut a video with as many models in action as possible.
  8. I'm glad you like it :). Unfortunately, it broke down, because there was an issue with one sbrick. I have to fix it for the next exhibition.
  9. Hi The gravel plant and the conveyer belt was build mostly by one person. The dump station for the trucks was build by me. Two other silos were build by a forth person. Some elements are also owned by the AFOL Technic Team: Simon
  10. Hi everone Last weekend the Modellbaumesse Ried took place together with the LIGA+MP and the AFOL Technic Team action area. I was also there and made a video recap of the action area. New and old scale models were shown. This year the first time a large conveyer belt and gravel plant was presented and was fun to play with our models. The next exhibition with the AFOL Technic Team will take place in Fürth, Germany at the Bricking Bavaria from 18. to 20. of November.
  11. Hi guys I present you my WIP of the trailer for my Scania tractor with remote controlled sliding curtains. It is powered by Powerd UP L motors and the BC2 app. I'm happy how it works and lookinf forward to finish this model soon.
  12. you are welcome. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for watching. Hi, you mean the telehandler? it was also at the exhebition but I missed to make a video of it. I upgraded to boom extension mechanism with a worm gear and it works much better now. The new tires I haven't test because I don't have some. But I guess they are too wide. I will test as soon I have some. At the exhibition it drove on the new buggy (75mm) tires. Looks also great