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  1. functionalTechnic

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    thanks. How is it going with your mocs?
  2. functionalTechnic

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    Hi everyone There was the wish to get instructions of my JCB Telehandler. After many hours I finished the instruction last weekend. The model is built in the 1:16.5 scale (and fits to trucks like 42043 and oder MOCs of this scale). You can find the instruction here: There, you can also find further information about the model. Cheers Simon
  3. functionalTechnic

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    Actually, about the jcb telehandler doesn't exist a lot of picuturs. The main built took place 1.5 years ago an at this point I didn't take many pictures. Here a few of different cabinets and other small adaptation. I will also take pictures about the final product now
  4. functionalTechnic

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    Let's say I focused last time on building and not on youtube. Therefore, you cannt find much about my newest creations but the videos will follow somewhen in the future. If you are intrested about my building proresses then you can find informations in the forum: In general: MAN TGS:
  5. functionalTechnic

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    There is only one steering mode because there wasn't space for a second servo motor or any mechanics I used these tires because I needed the model in the 1:16.5 scale to fit my other models. With the 81mm baloon tires the steering is more difficult and they doesn't look scale Picture will follow soon
  6. functionalTechnic

    MOC JCB Telehanlder

    Hi everyone After one year of delay I was able to produce a video about my JCB Telehandler at Bricking Bavaria 2019. I'm happy I was invited to BB19 as guest driver. I met many very friendly lego builders and many interesting MOCs there. The JCB Telehandler does have 5 remote controlled functions controlled via 2 SBricks. Check it out in my video. Cheers FT
  7. functionalTechnic

    Ingmar Spijkhoven Passed Away

    this is so sad. he was such a great person. r.i.p.
  8. functionalTechnic

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi Lothar, Welcome to the forum. I had a Sony xperia X compact and a Sony PS4 controller. Phone and controller worked perfectly together but it was difficult with the Sbrick app. I always had first to connect the Sbrick App with the Sbrick and connect the controller later. Otherwise, it was no possible to connect the Sbrick with the app. Same problem was also with the brick controller app. Somehow the PS4 controller hidered the connection between the sbrick and the sbrick or brick controller app. Then I changed to this controller: This controller is specially made for phones with android. Since I use this controller, I hadn't have any problems. Neither with the Sbrick app nor with the Brick controller app. But I cannot say whether the controller will work with your phone, but I think it should, since it is made for the android mobile system. Cheers Simon
  9. functionalTechnic

    new Sbrick app programmable with Blockly

    So you are only working with PF elements? I think the sbrick is bit expensive but with the new app or withc the brick controller app you do have alot of advantages. No, happily there is nothing transported in the container
  10. Hi everybody I had the opportunity to test the beta version of the new Sbrick app, which will be released in one or two months. The new app is convincing. It is perfect for MOCs with special demands. However, to set up a program is more complicated as with the present Sbrick Profile Designer. Nevertheless, there are now a lot more options to create custom functions for your models. Some of the new features of the app: It is possible to create loops Queries from the Sbrick can be made Sounds from the mobile device can be connected to slider positions It should also be possible to control functions with a gamepad (I haven’t tested it until now) mathematical operations can be used in the app I tested the app with my MACK Anthem MOD. With the new app it is possible to automate several functions of the model: [media] Cheers Simon
  11. functionalTechnic

    Caterpillar 990

    Hi I saw that you used at one point a differential between the auto valves. At the latest pictures of your Wheel loader it seems that you found another solution. Dit you once used the approach with the differential to power the pneumatic pumps? I like this concept. Cheers FT
  12. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Thanks. I was also thinking about the new valve but could not find a solution. The issue is that the lever of the new valve is longer than the one of the old valve. Due to this it is not working to switch the valve with the 2 studs liftarms. But I'm looking forward to solutions with the new valve.
  13. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    Hi everyone Before the year 2019 starts here a short video about my compact version of an auto valve. I used the principle of the auto valve from Sariel and Nico71 but change it so that it fitted into my pneumatic version of the MACH Anthem. The advantage of this valve is the aligned pneumatic pump along the valve. Like this the whole unit needs less space. Like that it was possible to fit 4 auto valves into the MACK Anthem trailer and one into the tractor for the control the fifth wheel. I wish a happy new year to everybody. Cheers FT
  14. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    I like your Unimog because I like small Technic models. How is it performing? But the scale of the Unimog is smaller than 1:15 right?
  15. functionalTechnic

    FT's Technic corner - Compact Auto Valve

    This sounds reasonable. Looking forward to your MOCS Cheers Simon