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  1. functionalTechnic

    6x4 tractor unit inspired by Scania

    Thanks, I'm glad you like and that you can use it.
  2. great modification of my valve and anyway superb model you created. It is exactly what I like: many RC functions, well working functions and pneumatics. How did you model the pneumatics digitally? With LDcad?
  3. functionalTechnic

    6x4 tractor unit inspired by Scania

    Thanks for the nice words and the front-page link. It is more and more difficult to model new generation trucks with round sections at the hut. First, I tried with panels and bionicals but in the end it worked for me best with half stud liftarms. The mudguards I copied partly from the dump truck but you are right it needs something round above the mudguards and this is the tricky part. Actually, I also like the 8x4 dump truck a lot because I like construction vehicles. But I think the 6x4 tractor unit has a lot of potential with the right trailers and lets many options open for creativity. Sure, the MAN TGS 6x4 is a convincing model with all the functions and clean hut built we system bricks. But this time I tried to built clean truck with Technic. Furthermore, the MAN looks clean from outside but I would be hard making instruction out of it, because it is a mess inside and I also used some illegal building techniques. The 6x4 tractor is almost a clean built inside and you can feel it when building it according to the building instruction. This was also the hardest part of the model to design and it need at least three versions. I'm glad you like it. Below the fifth wheel a rubber belt is installed. I hoped it looks more bad megablocks Yes, the result were some scratches. But the model is also not made to use it outside. As long as you use it inside it is now problem. Also, the real one has low ground clearance at the front.
  4. functionalTechnic

    6x4 tractor unit inspired by Scania

    Is already realized by @HUWI: It works but guess it need some adustments because not alle parts in white are also available in red. Yes, I like it but tried to reduce the system parts to a minimum. But the front needed some. Thanks guys Me too and it saves a lot of space at the rear axles. I'm glad you like it and hope it helps with your models The gear ratio is 2.33:1 from the motor shaft to the axle. Actually, the gear reduction is only at the new diff
  5. Hi guys Recently, I finished another model. It is a tractor unit inspired by Scania S-Series trucks. It has 6x4 drive and suspended axles. The front axle is suspended with normal LEGO hard shock absorbers. The rear axles have rubber suspension which imitates air-suspension as used in real trucks. The suspension at the rear axles is a bit hard but chassis is in return flat. The fifth wheel as a self-locking mechanism so that you can couple a trailer easily. To open the fifth wheel a small linear actuator is used. For steering a PU L motor sits directly on the front axle. For propulsion I used two PU XL motors. But check the pictures and video: Instruction at Rebrickable:
  6. functionalTechnic

    [WIP] 4x4 Unimog Trial Truck

    Hi guys @Teo LEGO Technic saw your e-mail and thought it’s better to answer here. I disassembled the Unimog already a while ago. But I made some renders for you of the front axle if you still want to use it for your model. the steering angle is with Lego always a problem if you want to have propulsion in the front axle and that is due to the old and new cv-joints. You cannot change that but only if you use cardan joints. In my opinion cardan joints do not fit for steering in front axle because of the pivot point of the steering axle. In real cars the pivot point of the steering axle is close the middle of the tire if you look on the tire from above. With Lego it is normally outside of the tire like in my axle. with cardan joints it is even further away from the tire. Another problem my axle has is that you cannot use Lego wheel hubs if you want to have a portal axle and keep the pivot point of the steering axle close to the tire. Without a Lego wheel hub, the tire is more lose on the axle but turns better. Now everybody has to decide how you choose. The performance you can see in my video of the Unimog. Regarding how you can make diff-lock: With pneumatics it is easier on the axle but you need in the model a compressor and valve. With mechanics like in the Zetros form Lego it is much harder on the axle but easier in the model an you need only one motor. With pneumatics you need at least on motor if you use a auto-valve on otherwise two motors.
  7. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    do you mean why not all of xl motors have the same rpm at a given voltage? according to my experience the rpm differ depending on the generation of the motors. if you use sbrick the motor has more torque due to better power supply. the pf ir receiver cannot handle alot of amps. but this should not influence the rpm without load
  8. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    I hope you find a solution for your boom. is it not an option to connect cross axles with connectors, so you habe the right lengh of axle? Or is something slipin gover the axle?
  9. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Yes, cleared some snow. For those how missed the video:
  10. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Claas Torion, and same configuration of pneumatic cylinders. also mine placement of XL and pumps motors are the same, not intentional of course. Looks great. I'm looking forward to see your model completed.
  11. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Check here. It is a bit hard to see. I hope I can do tomorrow picture of the real model.
  12. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    So what are you building then? Also a Wheel loader? Which linkage do you mean? Of the bucket?
  13. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Yes, if you are purist the it is not an option. As already mentioned befor it may works with the Mindstorms 51515 hub and the PU motors. Maybe I will transform it one day but I think the mindstorm hub is still rather expensive. I saw your progress. It looks great. Waiting for the final result. You are wellcome and yes, more is not possible
  14. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Hi Thanks for all your nice words about my model. great you like my MOC. Happy about this. What do you don't like about the Sbrick? Price? No we have PU but for this model PU elements are to big. Maybe it would work with the mindstroms 51515 hub. I love pneumatics but LA are better in many aspects. But here the LA hadn't fit in the front part. I'm also wating for more pneumatic LEGO Technic model. Everything is ready now, even for remote control pneumatic models thanks :) Check the picture: L120H_V35_wires_hoses.png Actually, the existing bucket linkage was not realy helpful. that was the hardest part the make it work. Somehow the bucket linkage of LEGO buckets are not made for compact builds. In my opinion there is no need for the new hubs. There is enough power coming from the PF XL motor. If you need more power you can still gear it to 3:1 in the hub. Now it is 1.66:1. realy deep analysis of the crank version in the valve system. never tought about this advantage. I like the small JCB loader. Is still assembled :) Shoveling arount bricks was the most fun part :)
  15. functionalTechnic

    Wheel Loader 1:17 scale inspred by volvo

    Hi, thanks. I geared down the PF servo motor. With a linear joystick at the gampad controller it the valve can be steered in small steps. check here: