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  1. Bennemans

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Need your help for a sec, guys! Anybody know what this is?
  2. Bennemans

    [MOC] Nuclear Building

    so much fun!
  3. Bennemans

    MOC Bookshop and Tailors

    Ooooooh these are yummy!! Great details, gorgeous colours, clean lines, nice interior!
  4. Bennemans

    MOC - Flyboard

    Ah! What a nice little idea! So simple! Looks very faithful!
  5. Bennemans

    WIP - Old Town Center

  6. Bennemans

    What did you buy today?

    When I was at a local department store this morning (by chance) I thought I'd check the little toy section, since i was there. There were almost no LEGO sets available anymore, as they are going out of business. I was about to leave when I heard the two ladies working there say "Should I just put them in the shop?" "Yeah, just sell them for €1"... well now that peaked my interest! I was hoping it would be lego! Maybe some poly-bags or minifigs, those would be great for that price! So I walked up to the cash register, asked if they had any small boxes or polybags left, and the lady kindly told me they just found 5 boxes under the counter, which they were about to sell for €1... and they were actually 40086 EASTER BUNNY! Those are about a tenner normally, that means a 90% discount! That's unheard of where I'm from! The lady actually looked around if she could find any more, but she didn't. She made my day!
  7. Bennemans

    WIP - Old Town Center

    UPDATE FEBRUARY 3rd Second version of my Dairy Shop! I made it more sturdy, and converted it into a modular. The roof was changed and a cellar at water level was added. The dairy and cheese shop is run by Cam and Bert (... get it? Cam and Bert? Camembert?), who also live above their shop... seeing as nobody else wanted to live above that, erm, "aromatic" place. The shop has a large cellar where cheese is made. A waterwheel powers the butter-churn. Outside the shop a lot of wares are displayed; a variety of cheese, milk, cream, eggs etc. The home upstairs has a living/kitchen, toilet, and a bedroom with ensuite in the attic. Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr
  8. Bennemans

    [MOC] Ferry

    Great creation! Nicely detailed yet very playable! Thumbs up!
  9. Bennemans

    A good idea

    The difference between playmobil and lego is with lego you can just switch out torso's...
  10. Bennemans

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Isn't this already being discussed in the 'rumours and discussion' topic???
  11. Bennemans

    Have you ever felt judged for liking LEGO?

    I don't get weird stares when I'm oggling the pink Friends boxes at the toy shop, not even though I'm a massive bearded lumbersexual! But honestly I think it's a Dutch thing; people just don't care! I'm surprised at the amount of people who talk about judgmental stares and questions about who you're buying it for... Here you just grab what you want, the cashier scans it, a simple "no thanks" will suffice to the question if you want it giftwrapped, and off I skip into the sunset with a pink box under my arm. So no judgment from outsiders, no. But the utter disinterest from people close to me does really hurt. I need to listen to their stories about their interests, hobbies and jobs, but when I start to talk about LEGO (which I almost never do), they just yawn and change the subject. My partner especially finds it hard to take a minute out of his busy schedule of watching boring political programs to come look at something I've created. "You know I don't care about that", "nah I'd rather not" or "do I have to?" are common answers if I ask people to come look at what gives me great pleasure. And when I simply force a MOC under their noses I get a condescending "yeah yeah that's nice". I take great pride in my creations and not being able to share that with anyone is very painful, honestly. This utter disinterest is also a problem with birthdays and xmas... People don't wanna give me LEGO as a gift. "You only want LEGO, that's no fun", "can't you think of something else?", "I don't wanna give you just LEGO, that's stupid!"...your face is stupid! Just gimme the gift I freaking want!! I've got all the other things I want already! I don't need socks or a new throw or fancy place-mats, I want plastic bricks to build with! When I've confronted people with their condescending and hurtful ways, I've gotten mostly "don't be a baby, it's just LEGO (aka "a toy")" as a respons. Yeah... I'd really like somebody to share my interest with, in all honestly... Maybe you can buy that for my birthday...
  12. Hiya guys! Hope you guys can help me out here. Is there a way to check how these train motors work? I've got two of the black ones. They seem to be complete. I'd love to know if they are in working condition, but I haven't got a clue how to check... I'm a nitwit when it comes to electronics I'm afraid U_U Hope you guys can help me out! Thanks!
  13. Bennemans

    Steven Asbury Fire Station MOC

    Absolutely great! Very realistic! Finally a fantastic firestation that isn't freakin' red!