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Found 26 results

  1. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Cross Bone Clipper

    I finally got around making a new ship... boat... dinghy... Yes, it's quite small . The Cross Bone Clipper is based on the classic 1997 Pirates set with the same name (6250 Cross Bone Clipper). I never had that set though, I believe it was never even sold in Europe. As this is an entry in a LEGO Ideas contest, I worked with a brick built sail. But I might add custom rigging later, she'll do well as a cutter I think . I actually considered having a limited sleeping compartment in the aft of the boat. However, earlier designs ended up being too gritty to my liking. An interesting fact: while my version is only half the size of the original set, it does contain twice the amount of parts. I'm hoping to build more of these small ships as they are very suitable to fill my Island harbor.
  2. Lego Technic Tugboat Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tugboat by makushima Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tugboat by makushima
  3. It is a bright, clear day. Across the calm warm sea, a small rowboat slowly travelled along the sea. In it sat two men. 'She' s small,' said Sean Greybeard, to Quatermaster Jack Galsworthy. ' She maybe small, but she's manoueverable.' Climbing carefully out of the boat, Sean and Jack surveyed the ship, Sean's first command. For once in a while, He was Proud to be a Sea Rat. The Cutter Sea Wench is my Free Class 2 Vessel. She is armed with 4 18 pounder carronades and 4 3 pounder swivel guns. woohoo! I'm so happy! I can post photos now! She'll soon be licensed. Edit: She's licensed as a class 2 warship.
  4. kurigan


    Here is “Bumblebee”, a Bristol Channel style pilot cutter. She is based on no one vessel in particular but is more of an interpretation of the type from many sources. Some parts of her make up may seem a bit dubious to the trained eye, but such is the limitation of this scale. I started this one with the intent of entering it in BoBS. Though it may sound a touch arrogant (it’s really not) my motivation came from a general disappointment in what I had so far seen in terms of BoBS ship building. I saw few risk taken and little done in the way of trying something new. I thought to foster some more of that by presenting this as something to be one-upped. After all, isn’t the game supposed to be about growing as a builder, not just grabbing at points (or did I miss something?). In the end I find the learning curve of the game far too steep for someone who’s never been a role player. I also went over budget and would still need to apply sails. I had figured on 12 hours total for the whole build, but at 14 had only got this far. It’s not a new concept, I’ve theorized it on other threads before and even had a mock up on my desk for a while. It is the first practical application I’ve done though. Where it stands, I wouldn’t find this technique on such a small scale useful for anything but late period/modern boats. I simply couldn’t get the curvature any tighter as to make the bow any buffer, nor could I reliably twist the sides to mimic tumblehome either. The rigging is a marginal success partially because I cut a lot of corners but also because, had forgone internal support in favor of good sportsmanship for BoBS. My other ships are aided by having dowels in their masts and spars to add stiffness. This one is all Lego aside from the string, so too much tension has the opposite effect. It all has to be just right otherwise it’s prone to collapse. Only the one side is actually photogenic. The starboard side is still just mocked up from cast-offs and knock-offs as I only ever intended to show the larboard side for the game. It’s from one of these evil imitations that she draws her quirky name though. A sticker still stuck to one of the bricks bears the name of a particular transformer. I felt she was telling me her own name since the placement wasn’t conscious or intentional, thus “Bumblebee”. I think it works and besides; its bad luck the change the name of a ship. Tough she’s not quite finished I’ll still issue the challenge to anyone interested in rising to it. If I can do this in 14 hours what can you do?
  5. "Are you quite sure this is a good idea, sir?" the mate asked the bowler-wearing gentleman. "We haven't exactly seen much success up until now... Which, by the way... How do you secure the funding?! "Never you mind the funding, my friend" he found himself being cut off. "One little cutter did not do the trick. A larger lugger did neither. But together! I have had them drawn up by the same line as the Rover and the Defiant, you see..." The Gentleman Privateer never gives up, despite a few... minor... setbacks. So hereby sistershipping the Rover and the Defiant as the Maverick (cutter) and Audacious (lugger).
  6. [GoC - Sloops for the RN] Class 3 Cutter From the shipyards of Quinnsville comes a ship built for greatness. A ship that is intended to serve in Her Majesty's Royal Navy and protect the shipping of Corlander businesses. To answer the call of Rear-Admiral Fletcher to build ships to protect the interests of the Crown, a cutter rigged vessel has been crafted from the fine timbers of Cocovia. Cutter 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The Ship is but lightly armed with 6 four pounders, but offers plenty of maneuverability thanks to its cutter rigging. Cutter 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Such a small vessel doesn't require a ships wheel, but merely a tiller to control the ships course. Cutter 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Currently, she is only staffed with a bare-bones crew as she makes her way to the other side of Cocovia to join the ranks of the greatest navy in the Brick Seas. Cutter 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------------ My first entry towards the GoC Oaken Shield Tasks. I am quite happy how the vessel turned out, especially considering my limited real brick collection, but there is always room for improvement. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking! @Ayrlego @Bregir @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  7. The Rover privateer The Rover privateer has recently arrived to Terra Nova, its origin unknown. Its commander is known only as "The Gentleman Privateer", and easily recognisable by his bowler and rapier. The only hint as to his origins is his distinct high-class Corlander accent and his noble manners. The cutter itself is swift and manoeuvrable, and well suited to snap up unsuspecting merchant shipping in the rich sea lanes of Terra Nova. It is manned by a hardened crew of buccaneers, and armed with 6 heavy carronades, and will be a match for most smaller traders, while being able to outrun most patrolling warships. Only time will show what mischief the Gentleman Privateer and his bunch of Buccaneers is up to. ______________________________________________ Thanks for watching - this was a fun little build I made for the quick start guide, and I figured it was worth trying out the black flag mechanics. C&C is as always welcome - more pictures can be found in my flickr. :)
  8. The commissioning of Cormorant has opened up a new path to small entrepreneurs or adventurers, here we have the Jacques brothers, who have invested their savings in a small cutter, filled it with vegetables and fruits, and sailed away. I really liked Keymonus's boat so I decided to try my hand. The hull measures 34 studs long and 9 studs wide, the hull is shaped by hinges and connected to the bottom plate with hinges as well. It's supposed to be a class 1 cutter, unarmed, it should count on maneuvrability to outrun a pirate. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  9. HMS Naval Cutter "Barracuda" of the Corrington Navy Imperial Cutter (IC) The HMS "Barracuda was built at the start of the Juniper War in 607 AE. It was crafted completely out of wood from the Juniper Province as a sign of Corrington's ownership on the land. In the terrible conflict that ensued this little ship was to be a most notable annoyance to the enemies of Corrington. It's small size and fast speed allowed the Corrington Marines to perform several blitz attacks on unsuspecting seaport towns and ships, especially when painted black for night missions. It only boasted a broadside of two 4 pounders, but what it lacked in firepower it made up for with speed. After the Juniper war it remained in service until being de-commissioned in 615 AE to make way for newer ships. It was sent to an auction in Arlinsport and was promptly bought by a local fisherman - for a fraction of it's value - to be used for fishing and hauling small amounts of cargo for extra cash. The owner was about to scrap it after he no longer needed it, but a young adventurer named Lieutenant Nathaniel Brickford saw it in the harbor and offered twice what the scrapyard was willing to pay for it. He had heard many stories about this little ship from his father and grandfather (both veterans of the Juniper war), and he hoped he could restore this forgotten icon to its former glory. (OOC) I hope you enjoyed this ship's backstory! This is my first of many ship MOCs. I decided to make a small lightly armed class 2 naval cutter. Limited only by size (per the rules and wanting to take full advantage of my free license!), I think I have made a nice starting vessel for my journey on the Brick Seas. I don't really have too much to say regarding it. It mostly speaks for itself because everything about it is visible, so here are just some additional pictures of it. Enjoy! Questions, comments, and constructive criticism are always welcome!
  10. weight(only Lego parts): 1300g weight(with cutting board and knife): 2000g lenght: 50s width: 45s height:45s The main function of this device i cutting fruits in squares. For the driving part i used 2 motors, one of this motors move a knife. Second motor is responsible for driving. This machine also have a safety system. When you move hand in front of knife, everything will stop. After cutting, the machine pushes the fruit into the bowl. "Agresive mode" - this is my brother's creative idea... All functions can be seen in my movie. Have a nice watch. :)
  11. Hello! It's my first topic on eurobricks. After i saw many beautiful lego tractors, and equipment i think about one thing: Why they dont work like real one? So, i want to biuld a tractor with real working attachments: seeder - it will place the seeds in rows sprayer - for watering the plant. cutter - willl cut and load the cuted plant on the trailer trailer - for transpot. Photos soon. P.S. Sorry for my bad English
  12. kurigan

    HMS Reckless (WIP)

    Presenting my latest “master work” His Majesty’s Sloop Reckless. She has been built and commissioned to replace the aging Ramcat. The new design takes inspiration for HMS Alert and other such cutters. She remains a 10 gun sloop but is now in a more appropriate fashion for a commissioned man-of-war shedding her stern gallery and overly large bowsprit. Her scale has also increased to something much more like Mini-fig scale. This renewed effort was brought on when an opportunity to participate in an exhibit of “Toys as Art” at the Morris County Museum, NJ came along. Before committing, I made a thorough inspection of my fleet to determine readiness and completion. After careful consideration I simply found Ramcat wanting. She was a prototype that just kept going and was never intended to be finished. What started as an attempt to correct a few issues, quickly turned in to a complete tear down and rebuild. The second version was about as hapless as the original though and that too wound up scrapped. For this latest iteration I went back to concept and found new inspiration. Models of Alert captured my interest and I found a lot of useful and free information to help me make a most accurate interpretation. Alas, limitations of the scale and medium have caused me to deviate from an exact replica, as is quite typical. The wealth of information on Alert and sloops of her type though made finding reasonable alternatives simple and easy. At the time of this posting, we are about two weeks from our deadline and thus two weeks from completion. She is as brick built as all considerations can make her until her rig is in place and any subsequent needs become apparent. Because she is a replacement for Old Ramcat, Nick and crew will be shifting into Reckless to resume their normal duties. Her construction technique is the same I’ve been touting for some time. This time around, however, I was able to further refine my method and take into account needs and limitations previous versions did not. Though I did try to keep the “illegal” stuff to a minimum there are still a few element which may make purists cringe. Sometimes that’s just what it takes when you’re trying to force the system to do things it was never intended to do. Thanks for taking an interest. Do check back as updates with greater detail, better images, and perhaps a bit of story worked in, are forthcoming. Go ahead and talk her up, share her around and ask me anything. If it’s not obvious I’ll tell you, I love to talk about this stuff. For more images check out Reckless here. To take a look back at her predecessor, Ramcat, click here.
  13. Captain, are you really sure that the third last ship is the unarmed New Terraman that we can easily plunder for all their gold? Arr, off course I am! That's exactly what we've read on those plans in that wrecked postship we found 2 weeks back! Captain! There is a cutter flying the Jolly Roger! They are trying to attack us! Up the Topgallants, Up the Courses! Drop the boat! Prepare a broadside to welcome them! Captain, I don't think that's an unarmed Terraman. Its over now! FIRE! Goodbye, dear fellow. Jack, good hit on their mast. I bet just shaking their boat will break it any minute now! FIRE! *Cannon noises as some guns fire again* Also, aren't we forgetting someone? He could come in useful... We have gotten them good this time! They are done! Pull them in so we can board them! On it Captain! Our other sniper on the fighting tops wasn't forgotten about... *SPLASH* At least his friend got revenge for him... Clear their deck with the carronades! We can forget this cutter anyways! *BOOM* *censored screams* *terrible noise from bones breaking* Board them now! There are only two of them left, maybe we can find out how they found us! *Jump* You found a map and a letter in an lost postship? And you were looking for an unarmed Terraman instead of for us? Well, we knew about that postship, so we changed our positions in the convoy! Tell the devil I won't be there visiting any time soon! A good captain goes down with his ship! SET THE COURSES! SET THE TOPGALLANTS! WE SUNK THEM! I'll post more about these ships later, the frigate(28 guns, 5HA+) will go to Eslandola, the gunboat(10 guns, at least 2A) is owned by Kai NRG. The Frigate is named La Raya Venenosa, The Stingray, and the Cutter is named Dark Spirit. Edit: the bowsprit overhangs only slightly if both ships are placed diagonally. I was actually considering placing my Xebec in the battle as well and saying the 48x80 box is width x height, but I felt like that would've been cheating:P
  14. HMS Enterprize seemed lonely, so I decided to construct a little playmate, the privateer Oliver Cromwell from Boston: Enterprize spent most of the US Revolutionary War patrolling the coasts and hunting for privateers, so this seemed like a good foil. The design I came up with is based on the model plans for "HMS Mediator" (a 1740s British coastal patrol cutter) which are widely available on the web, with an assist from the book Armed Virginia Sloop of 1768. I was also visually inspired by the USS Providence, of which there is a replica ship (currently in need of major repairs, sadly). It's a 10-gun topsail-cutter rigged ship, roughly in the style of a Bermuda cutter. A very simple and straightforward ship, although with beautiful rakish lines.There were a number of Continental 10-gun privateer cutters to choose from historically, and I thought Oliver Cromwell had the most interesting name. From tip-to-tip the Oliver Cromwell is 37 inches long, 27 inches high and 13 inches wide. But a whole lot of that is bowsprit. As you can see it is vastly smaller than Enterprise (probably about 1/7 the tonnage and broadside weight). But it does pack on a lot of sail for its size! I hope you like it. Click for full album on Flickr
  15. Dannylonglegs

    [OL-FB2] The Singsong

    Here we have a fine trading vessel (Class 2 Cutter) which swears fealty to Oleon and is a member of the Oleon nationalized trading company. Captained and crewed by a trading outfit from New Oleon, the Singsong specializes in speedy transport of everything from fine Oleander wine (Best on the Brick Seas) and pepper, to purple and blue murex dye from the coast of New Oleon. The crew recently had a falling out with the Carno trading company "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Dye" and have been working exclusively for Oleon. However, they do have their own symbol, comprised of a lavender circle with white wings, which they've embellished certain barrels with. The Singsong by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Singsong by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Singsong by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Singsong by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Here we see the captain at the helm and his first mate on the quarterdeck The Singsong by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Singsong by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Singsong by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr From left to right. Kel-Kun: The ship's craftman. Can do anything from carpentry to rope-making. A jack of all trades, but master of none. Also a fantastic swimmer. Raised on the coast between Pan and New Oleon diving for pearls for the Order of the Faith. Monsieur Personne: A Member of the Oleon-wide nationalized trading company. Mostly land based, he helps the crew load and unload their stock in the busy port of Breshaun. Un-Ome: The Ship's cook an midshipman. Well-learned and faithful to the gods. He's also a skilled navigator, when needed. First mate Gars: A clever trader and honourable gentleman. Well-networked, and always knows the right thing to say. Not to mention, he is a true wine-connoisseur. Captain Mec: The captain is a fun-loving adventurous soul. He's well-meaning but can occasionally be too relaxed with orders... and the law... He was (probably) a member of the Oleon Navy at some point, but serving the law didn't suit him well. Nonetheless he is a savvy soul, and we'll liked by all for his natural charisma. He's also a talented musician. Monsieur Gen: A Member of the Oleon-wide nationalized trading company. Mostly land based he helps the crew load and unload their stock in the busy port of Breshaun. ____________________________________________________ I'd love to hear your critiques and criticisms. I'm really no expert on sails and rigging, and found that to be a lot harder than everything else. I know for a fact I messed up the front sails. Also I wish I knew how best to photograph this thing. Hull is inspired by the Organic ship hull technique. I originally thought I was basing it off of something specific, but couldn't find it when I tried to. Not entirely satisfied withthe hull shaping. It's something I'll work on in future builds. Any comments and critiques are more than welcome! this is my first age of sail boat. It was a learning experience, but I want to learn more. Any wisdom from the more salty of seadogs would be super appreciated ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  16. kurigan

    WIP HM Sloop Blanid

    To me she is His Majesty’s Sloop Blanid. Her name comes from old Irish, meaning “little flower” and references the floral decorations on her transom; which themselves are hold overs from her predecessor in my fleet. She’ll be rigged as a topsail schooner and is very much inspired by American revenue cutters of the 19th century. The configuration of her hatch gun was intended to resemble that of “Friends Goodwill” but I can’t seem to find any decent images of that system, not any longer, and had to go from memory. Historically she would most likely represent a converted merchant vessel, probably a captured prize. The building method is an attempt at a further evolution of my curved hulls. The intent is to add not only breadth curvature and tumblehome, but sheer as well. (That’s the curve along the water line which brings the focsle and quarterdeck above the waist.) There was also a lack of counter astern, of which I complained before, and ventured to better simulate by building the lower portion of the hull on two levels. (Counter is the underside curve of the hull which rises up above the water line near the rear of the ship, cause by the narrowing of the hull towards the stern post.) I’m utterly enamored with her myself so I find it hard to judge the level of my success in these efforts. I did ask for community feedback before expending so much effort on her but received little to no response. So, I forged ahead and here have a hull which is, in almost all respects, ready to be rigged. It should be noted that there are many “cheats” and “illegal connections”. None of this is of any concern to me. It’s not as though I am in a competition, and if you think we are, you should probably reconsider that sentiment, or at the very least, bring me into the fold. Yes the inner hull is colored with tape as well are the muttons on the skylight windows. The former is something I wanted to try for a while, seeing the only other alternative being a completely different building technique involving plates like on Bumblebee. The latter is something I did not innovate but have had used before to great success and critical approval before. The transom is held in place with “o” rings which replaced the original Lego rubber bands, they having been too weak. I tried every conceivable brick connection to no avail. As for the gun, if you’re in any way a purest, no you cannot recreate it as it requires Mega Bloks so old and out of date I wouldn’t even know where to tell you could acquire them. I’m not even sure they are Mega Blok brand, they are just the kind of junk you find mixed in with used lots of bricks from craigslist. It looks pretty neat though, doesn’t it? Comments, questions, concerns, it’s all good. Talk her up, please. If it’s not obvious I do enjoy talking about my works, so don’t be shy, save, perhaps where purism is concerned. What I’d most like to hear is how convincing the attempts at sheer and counter are. Really, have I pulled it off? I can’t tell after staring at her for so long, my eye sees what I want it to anymore and I just can’t trust it. Thanks for looking! More images available here.
  17. In his recent visit to Arlinsport, Sir James met his cousin Henry Davenport, a slightly cocky gentleman with a sense of adventure. Henry bored of being idol and longing for high-seas action persuaded a somewhat reluctant Sir James to purchase a boat on his behalf, his chosen investment was a cutter, The Morning Rose. MorningRose, on Flickr MorningRoseBehind, on Flickr She was well matched to Henry's style, her bleached white decks were fine to look at, but impractical to maintain, as a result her crew spent most of the time scrubbing the decks. MorningRoseScrubbingTheDecks, on Flickr And just incase you wish to see her underside...
  18. Update: The Wringe I has been taken by the Sea Rats. It got replaced by the Wringe II, which has been painted differently. The new Captian is Valerio D'Obarno. I am Jerome Monezterell and here is my first ship - The Wringe I. It is a fast cutter that has a bit of storage space, so she'll be registered as a class 2F. It is commanded by Jones DeRoy (the guy with the dark green Epaulettes) who is one of my most trustworthy men. It is not armed; I'll trust the escorting ships. I guess I'll just go on with pictures: Swapping load while on sea Sailing off I'm just trying through different types of hull techniques, if anyone has other suggestions besides the hull techniques by Captain Green Hair, Sebeus I and CB4 I would really appreciate those, as I don't feel like I want to go further with this technique as it seems a bit to flat to me. Edit 5th March 616: She has been captured by the Sea Rats. The crew is drifting around the ocean on a raft.
  19. So last week I started building a small vessel for my free licence. Currently that 'small' Xebec is probably around a Class 5F... so fail!!! Then I saw Kurigan's superb Bumblebee and read his challenge. I decided that whilst I probably won't be inventing any ground breaking new techniques anytime soon, I'd set myself a challenge. Build a small brick built hull vessel I could licence for free, before the end of the month, with only pieces I have on hand (no Bricklink orders!). I have never attempted a brick built hull before, nor sails, nor rigging. The Saucy Gibbon is the result. Built and photographed over the last 2 nights after work, she is heavily influenced by the Bumblebee, although a seriously 'dumbed down' version. Light Bley is not the colour I would have chosen for my vessel, but was the only colour I had enough 2x2 tiles for! I had in mind to licence her as a Class 2F, although looking at some of the examples in the Ship Index I feel she may be a bit small? Any opinions? Anyway without further ado, here she is: During his brief stopover in Arlinsport, Dirk Allcock made a number of small investments. The rumours amongst his regiment were indeed true, Dirk had financed this expedition out of his own pocket. While his family is quite wealthy, Dirk realises that he must build his own income to finance further voyages of discovery. His first investment is the small sloop 'The Saucy Gibbon'. Owned and crewed by three brothers, The Saucy Gibbon is a fast little sloop used for trading runs. Her owners had fallen on hard times however, after their last three cargos of illicit sugar from LeBellan had to be dumped to avoid Olean customs vessels. Having met and assessed the brothers, Dirk bailed them out by paying off their creditors in return for a silent partnership in the vessel. He hopes this small investment will pay off, and that he can open new doors and opportunities for his new partners.
  20. The dolphins were racing her, jumping to and fro in the jewel-like water, but even they were not fast enough to keep up for long... Introducing my first ship, intended to be Cutter (F2) and sailed by Sir James and his crew. Jezebel, on Flickr AViewOfJezzy, on Flickr Jezzy, on Flickr ShipJezebel, on Flickr JezFromBehind], on Flickr It is my first attempt at making my own sails, so feedback on those appreciated (I wasn't really measuring so I had to slightly rethink their arrangement at the front). Edit: Updated the photos, more on flickr.
  21. Sebeus, Captain of the Beatrix, pride of the Oleon fleet, is relieved of said duty as his experience and tactical mind is more needed elsewhere. The new captain, Cédric Gerardi, fortunatly is quite the capable man as well, the Beatrix will be in good hands. Sebeus takes command over a much smaller vessel now, smaller but faster, flexibility is everything these days. But this small cutter really is only a means to get somewhere fast for now, there is a greater plan that will not be easely shared with third parties. A new adventure awaits... Cutters like these are being mass-produced on Lebellan, which is quite unique for these times. Original Idea was to launch a huge wave of vessels to cover as much ground as possible. However, the production start-up did take its time...
  22. The HMS Otter is a Letter of Marque for the Crown of Corrington, currently being used mainly to carry despatches throughout the New World, where speed of information is one of the strongest weapons in furthering Corlander interests. The painting below shows her carrying word of discovery of a new Island by the Montoya-Cooke Expedition. Owned by Don Isaac Montoya, the Otter has sailed in consort with the HMS Athena as part of the Montoya-Cooke Expedition, exploring the New World. Now she carries a despatch from Cooke, with the position of a newly discovered island and charts of a naturally protected harbour. Along with this comes the suggestion that a single platoon of Royal Navy Engineers could easily fortify the entrance to the port, and with a single battery command a perfect staging point for local development and further New World exploits. The HMS Otter is a large topsail cutter, built in one of the finest Oleander shipyards before the last war betweem Corrington and Oleon. She is swift and seaworthy, and can outsail most vessels when going closed-hauled to the wind, her best point of sailing. In the last days of the Juniper War, where Cooke commanded the HMS Athena (at that time still in the Royal Navy lists) he captured the Otter (then "La Loutre") and sunk a larger brig-of-war in a, at the time, rather celebrated naval action. Currently, she is manned by a group of volunteers, mainly former smugglers and men-of-wars men, under command of Lieutenant Roger McLeod. McLeod was first-lieutenant for Cooke on the Athena, and took charge of the prize crew, and later the current crew, as she was bought by Montoya from the prize agent. Armed with four 8 pounders per broadside, and two bow chasers, she has a bite to match her bark. Abtly armed and manned, she is more than capable of escort duty, privateering missions, or minor fleet action. ___________________________________________________________________ This was a fun build - it is built by the same hull-technique as the Sphinx, and I hadn't intended it to become so large. However, to get the shape I wanted, I had to keep upscaling it! On the upside, I actually got the shape I wanted! Plus, the rigging is easier to do on larger scale. As to the rigging, it is actually done by only a single piece of string (apart from the Lego string holding the gaff), and is strong enough for the vessel to be lifted and/or tilted by the masthead! As to rating, I would like to hear your thoughts. As she ended up rather large, I had to reconsider her rating. I am thinking class 3, maybe even 4, but I should like for it to fit within the spirit of the rating system. Below is a few more pictures (and there are more on Flickr). Thanks for viewing. C&C is, as always, more than welcome.
  23. It had been about half a year since that fateful day when young Sebastion Clifton had acquired the Saucy Jack from the one and only Lord Pennington, Exchequer of Corrington. The Exchequer had seemingly spontaneously given young Sebastion a man of only 25 his very own ship with a fully payed license, with free rights to rename the vessel and enough money to fund a temporary crew. This transaction is one of the great mysteries of modern Corrington, how a minor noble barely able to get an audience with a government official managed to convince Pennington a well-known tight wad to give him a ship. DSC00419 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr THe rumors are abound as to exactly how Sebastion did it, some say Sebastion beat it out of him, others say he's a bastard son. When asked Sebastion will just say "Pennington has a thing for 'clean' rooms." and leave it at that.
  24. "What shall we do with the drunken sailor, early in the morning?" Well, setting sail ofcourse! Captain Ben D'Anvers was very happy with the trade he just did. The apples and swords he has in the cargo are very popular in the settlements he is visiting. The cargo is well covered by some soldiers and a 3 guns on both sides. Fresh apples from sir Felipe de la Manzana!! :D So ladies and gentlemen, if the Cutter "Knight of Stedor" is visiting your port, well be sure to welcome her friendly and buy the stuff!!! C&C welcome! Also, this is the third MOC this month, so approvals are very welcome!!! :D
  25. Captain Becker

    LDD MOC 12-gun Cutter

    Hello all again, last time I showed you my first ship in LDD after the "Come back". After that I started on another ship, this time I wanted to make a smaller and try to add some curve into it. I think this is a huge improvement in such a short time that I build this. The ship itself took some time to finish as my wife gave a birth to our son, so the project was in dry dock´s for a while. But now I have finished it, added some small details into it and ready to show it. Comments and Critism are more than welcome. Cutter 10A More Pictures: Captain Becker EDIT: Added more pictures