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  1. And the maximum number of parts to 700? (*hint hint*) I'm trying to finish my entry in time, and it won't include any vehicles ;)
  2. Is it allowed to use minifigures, and a brick-built exterior? I have an idea, and it's definitely not model team but does use bricks and minifigures. (it will be mostly technic though)
  3. Name one lego set that has an compartment anywhere inside, it doesn't even have to be under the seat... As for the moveable seats: there is 1 set, the first (or was it the second?) supercar, but that didn't have a roof or windscreen, so it wasn't realistic at all. So the motorcycles win :D
  4. Most realistic? I think the motorcycles are just that. 2 cilinder engine, direct steering and chain drive.
  5. I don't understand half of your post, but I agree on the medium scale thing. When I use 8070 wheels, I have so much room left that stays unused. So most of the time I'm using smaller wheels, like from 8041 or 8445. I'm trying to build a full RC supercar with 8041 wheels like forever. It's a nice challenge though. I think RC is a good challenge, but most of the time it doesn't add much to playability and it doesn't make a model more realistic, since most real life cars aren't electric. So for an official model I prefer non-rc sets. As a building challenge, both RC and non-rc can be fun builds. Just build whatever you want! As long as you are happy with the result, it doesn't matter what other people think.
  6. Loving it! Why did they change this part (yellow circle)? Did they keep the winch? And is it dark blue or normal blue?
  7. Thanks! I had the same feeling when I saw NXT 2.0. I really like it, but what if I'm tired of building robots? I came to the conclusion that you can build tons of other stuff, that isn't a robot. One of my first Mindstorms MOC's was this game. It isn't a robot, but it still uses mindstorms
  8. Blablablablabla. It's a toy, people! Made for kids to play with, not for afols who want it to be an exact replica of the real thing!
  9. The service truck is amazing, best set of the last 2 years. The crane is just really big. 2602 parts. As said before bigger isn't better at all. Since the 4 functions are at the upper part of the crane, my guess is that the chassis is pretty empty.
  10. Sorry, I already did ;) But I'm glad you like it :) There will be better roller coaster coming in the future - hopefully also from other builders.
  11. Thanks for all the nice comments! As I said in the description, I used mindstorms in this MOC. At the picture below, you can see the NXT-brick, and the geartrain for the gates. Inverted LEGO Roller Coaster 7 by luc.2000, on Flickr And on ther following picture you can see the 3 motors, and 2 of the sensors: Inverted LEGO Roller Coaster 8 by luc.2000, on Flickr The chain lift has to be in the right position to pick the train up. I used a touch sensor and some liftarms, so the chain activates the touch sensor every time a wider chain part comes through. This way, the servo motor "knows" how much to turn, and the chain will always be in the right position when the train is coming. Inverted LEGO Roller Coaster 9 by luc.2000, on Flickr Well, I think about 3-4 months, building about 7-15 hours a week - lot's of trial and error I don't expect LEGO to make this coaster - not even my other coaster. I'm planning on making some sort of tutorial on building a small roller coaster, as an example set for LEGO. Target price will be around €40, so not expensive at all. Just a small coaster, lifthill, 270 degree left turn, small straight under the lifthill, 90 degree right turn, small straight, maybe followed by a small hill up, and a 180 degree right turn. I didn't try to build it yet, but it shouldn't be too hard. So about Cuusoo - just vote anyway, LEGO will design a completely different set, if it reaches 10000 supporters at all
  12. Inverted LEGO Roller Coaster 1 by luc.2000, on Flickr It's here: my newest LEGO Roller Coaster! Some facts: - 5 cart inverted roller coaster train - 10 minifigures per train - 4 person staff - Half corkscrew followed by a half loop (is this called a Diving loop? Reply in the comments!) - Total heigth: - Track: 79 studs - Overall: 95 studs - Track length of the track (measured from the middle of the track): 655,5 studs - Built on 4x2 baseplates (128x64 studs) - Powered by 1 Mindstorms NXT unit - 3 NXT servo motors - 3 NXT sensors: 2 touch and 1 color More pictures are available at flickr. Hope you like it! Want LEGO to make some sort of roller coaster set? Support here: I know there's a different roller coaster on the picture, but it's about SOME SORT of Lego roller coaster. If this reaches 10000 votes, LEGO will consider making a design themselves, and then produce it so you can buy it in your local store!
  13. Remote controlled DAF XF with EuroCombi trailer by Robiwan_Kenobi, on Flickr Cool front suspension you used!
  14. As long as the 10 finalists aren't up at LEGO's website, I still hope the Dunechaser made it through. It was the best entry!