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Found 56 results

  1. darththeling

    [MOC] Midi? Jedi Council Chamber

    Here's a Jedi Council Chamber at a smaller than System scale, accommodating 7 of the 12 council members with just enough space for a couple of minifigs to stand in the middle. It's riffing on the similar Coruscant theme from Palpatine's Arrest, where brick supplies allowed me to piece it together. This Jedi Council lineup is based on the positions held during The Phantom Menace. Size-wise, it's just about the amount of shelf space I can afford for this playset, but it is unquestionably a long-overlooked location for an official Lego set. Plenty of figures can be crammed in there. I was inspired to finish this up and put it on the shelf after seeing Kevii23's beaut of a build (lojaco's from Lego Ideas) here. The build of the baseplate isn't very remarkable. What I would have preferred are the new connection plates from the Carbon Freezing Chamber to complete the circle. The way I did it, using regular old 2x2 plates (and) bricks with hinges creates a circle well enough but the Lego won't connect two opposite sides together properly. The studs don't line up. I managed to use a couple of 1x2 modified with hole pieces to click into place on one end but this thing is bottom-heavy overall because of the extra weight in there. The floor's just a little off kilter, but as Jedi have no attachment / possessions, no one should lose anything down the crack, rite? I tried building it higher and possibly a roof using those big round slabs that I have too many of (i.e. from the Droid Gunship) but I want this playset to match the existing Palpatine's Arrest and this location looks best without a roof anyway. Otherwise you can't see inside easily and enjoy all the Jedi sitting in the circle. Bonus pic, here's the lightsaber rack outside the Jedi Council. "Okay, who brought the red blades?" Been trying something like this for a while with mixed results but I like where this particular build has taken me. I might decide to Bricklink new connections to make the circle more sturdy, though. For now it'll do. I'm certainly open to suggestions and criticism.
  2. My entry into the Desert Kings challenge, opposing the Desert King. The second MOC down is the one I am entering. On his way to visit his friend Eredhalion on Peregrinus, Lord Parimere and a band of his High Council supporters have been captured by a band of the Desert Kings soldiers. Intent on transporting him to the capital for trial for treason against the Desert King, little do the guards realise, they are the ones who are now being hunted. As they approach the Akhenaten delta, the Desert King’s forces are caught in a surprise attack of Lord Parimeres friends and fellow High Council supporters. They managed to free Parimere but are unable to free the rest of the prisoners before the Desert King’s soldiers rally and repulse there attackers, forcing them to flee into the delta. As the convoy approaches Petrea, part of the force of guards departs to swiftly travel ahead to bring news of there coming, the tables are turned and the remaining guards are sent fleeing to the capital by a group of cavalry. Little do they know that the force of cavalry is made up of only three war horses, the rest are steads borrowed from supportive locals, and are just used for intimidation. Anxious to save his honour, the captain of the cowardly guards exaggerates the size of the cavalry, leading the new ruler of Kaliphlin to send his forces to capture a large force of cavalry. Little does he know that the ‘large force’ has already returned there mounts to there local allies. They have already returned to Castle Parimere, hidden near the inland sea.
  3. A NOTE to all those who have not signed up yet: Please still do so!!! Even if you feel as if the challenge has already started, there is plenty of time to build for all three categories! Ulandus needs members the most, followed by High Council, then the Desert King. choose by skaforhire, on Flickr Kaliphlin Civil War Book 2, Challenge IV Starts March 1st, Deadline for Category A &B: July 1st Aftermarket products that cannot be replicated in LEGO are accepted, but should not be the defining element of a MOC. Weapons / armor from aftermarket sources is always fine. (Final Preludes will be up soon (ish), but I thought we could get rolling on general signups.) Chapters so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 The Civil War is a three way battle between the Ulandians, the Desert King, and the High Council of Kaliphlin. You may sign up for the civil war on this page. The roster is at the bottom of the post. When signing up, please note your first and second choice. We will attempt to put everyone on their first choice team, but if the teams get too uneven, some people may get their second choice. choosingsides by skaforhire, on Flickr There will be three categories to this challenge. The winning and runner-up side of each category will earn points towards determining which faction won the civil war. Category A: Consequences In this category you will show something that has changed since the war started. For example, It could be a MOC about a boy becoming a man because he has to work his dad’s farm, a MOC of a person turning to a life of crime after their livelihood has been destroyed, refugees, the aftermath of a battle, etc… Anything that shows how a individual(s) life has changed because of the war. The build should clearly represent a defining moment in a person or person(s) life. Story is not a major factor here, but it may help you clarify for the readers. Restriction: 32x32 studs with reasonable overhang. Challenge B Unlimited Build / Story Challenge The story of sir Brick-a-lot. It is your job to chronicle Sir Brick-a-lot’s journey in the Kaliphlin Civil War. Sir Brick-a-lot can be your sig fig, or another fig you used for the war (no, don’t actually name him Sir Brick-a-lot). The fig does not have to be a soldier, but you should have at least a couple builds to tell their story during the Kaliphlin Civil War. Each side will be judged on the quality of the builds presented and the quality of their Heroes’ tales. If you use your Category C builds in your storyline, there is a limit of ½ of your builds may be from Category C builds. IE: If you want to use 3 of your category C builds, you must have three additional MOCs to add to your story. Category C – Dynamic War and Map Challenge Please see this thread for now on the rules. This is the actual "game" thread. It has links to the mini-challenges for each week. Please do not sign up on the preliminary rules thread, please sign up here. Also, all discussion for Category C should happen in the category C threads, that is where you will report MOCs for that category also. Category D - Victory Parade Although it may be premature, each side is throwing a victory parade in their regional capital. Builders should put together a parade in no more than six pictures. There should not be more than six parade groups (bands, floats, military units, Zem Zem go-cart formations, etc...) in your parade. Although this category will impact the outcome of the war the least, it does show to some extent the pride your side has. There is no limitation in sizes, but remember to photograph carefully for detail so that all of your parade is covered well. Finally, there should be a final picture that shows the Grand Marshall of the Parade's stand with all the dignitaries inspecting the parade. The winner of this category will be known as the Grand Master of Ceremonies of Kaliphlin. LDD - LDD will be allowed in Category C and D, but not in Category A or B (as it has always been with official challenges). Since Category C is voted on by the public, there may be people that have some bias towards digital bricks, but we will let that play out. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Supporters declared: Ulandus Goliath Gunman Infernum Kai NRG Garmadon Narbilu Andrew Spader Lord Robin Alfadas Elostirion Gabe Bacon Potatoes Kayne Rconn0 Marcu22 Rogue Angel Dragonfire Igunnuk Eelu Desert King Hammerhand MKJoshA Tomsche Lord Vladivus MassEditor Emma Sir Gareth Blufiji Disco86 LordDan Jacob Nion Robuko The Lego Dwarf DrCogg Umbra-Manis Brick Man Studios Captain Braunsfeld High Council Carson Haupt De Gothia Gedren_y Soccerkid6 LittleJohn Mike S TheUtilityBelt Gideon Maxim I mrcp6d SarahJoy Mccoyed Bregir Adair Jakorin Scarst BrickCurve Graham Gidman MiloNelsiano J031 Ty3r IF I missed someone from the other thread, please let me know.
  4. A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: and the builds before it for backstory. Long live Kaliphlin and the High Council! This is primarily a story post, so please read it! :) She was going to do it. She was actually going to do it. Adira's mind was running in circles, a fact she was barely conscious of. Her hands were shaking and she clenched the handle of her blade until her knuckles were white. Her eyes, red with lack of sleep, stared through the shadows of the tree she was hiding behind at the road. The idea that he would travel by any other road was unthinkable, and every moving shadow, every hare that made it's way across the road was him. Adira shook her head, furious with herself. What are you, some lover waiting for their sweet-heart on a deserted road? The idea amused her and she smiled. Absently her right hand closed around the end of a rope that hung down the trunk of the tree she stood behind. This is what she would do it with. This is what she would take his life from him with. A flash of gold caught her eye on the road. For a moment she stared at it, then hid behind the tree trunk, pulling her cloak tighter around her. It was him, she would know his features anywhere. Her hand reached for the rope, her fingers slowly folding around it. She listened as his footsteps drew closer, thudding softly along the road. One... two... three! The rope fell, and and a muffled cry came from the other side of the tree. Not wasting a moment, Adira pulled on the rope again and the old tree groaned under the new weight. Adira stepped out from behind the tree, shivers running up her spine. It was Sirhan, now dangling helplessly from a tree, Adira's rope pinioning his arms to his side. He saw her, and fear flooded his countenance. Oh, sweet revenge! A cruel smile curved my lips and I drew my blade. His eyes widened, then shut. “Your guilt has made you weak, Sirhan.” Adira walked up to where the masked man hung, smiling broadly. Drawing his sword, she tossed it into the underbrush nearby. She was no longer smiling when she turned back to him. “A certain friend of mine is asking for your head, though he is not quite able to receive it. You remember Udgr, don't you?” His eyes remained tightly closed. “Just get it over with, demon women! If you must kill me while I am bound at least have the decency of doing it quickly!” Adira raised her blade a placed the point on Sirhan's neck. His mouth twitched, and his breath came quickly. Twang! Sirhan fell to the ground, too surprised to break his fall. After a few seconds he scrambled to his feet, stepping out of the lasso. His eyes slowly rose and stared into Adira's, incredulous. Hers were cold, and the blade pointed at his throat froze him to the spot. “Tell your little King that the will to ressist him has not left Kaliphlin, and that in whatever he does he will have an enemy in Adira Magdeburg.” Adira gestured with her sword toward the road behind him. “Run, Sirhan, and don't look back.” He didn't need to be told twice. Sirhan backed up two paces then turned and bolted down the road as fast as his shiny armor, now plastered with the mud of the road, would allow. Adira watched him, a smug smile on her face. This was definitely the more satisfying option. Let him forever tremble in fear of her, just as the Desert King must be made to tremble before his foes, for they were many. To be continued... The build. This is, again, an old one (The last of the very old ones, I'll be reverting to my more recent ABS Challenge builds soon). With this build I experimented with my tree-making skills and adding dark blue to a landscape. It's a vig., really, but I liked it. And yes, I am reading Crime and Punishment. Amazing book. Thoughts and critiques are always welcomed! Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  5. Adair


    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: and the ones before it for backstory. This is also a cross-over with gedren_y, so please go check out his fantastic builds! Long Live the Kaliphlin and the High Council! The humid climate of the Nestlands was usually not very appealing to most Kaliphlinians, but to Adira it felt like heaven. The freedom this land brought her people was worth a thousand discomforts, though her own mind remained trapped in anger. And after the frigid cold of the mountain path behind her, the warm weather wasn't so bad. The people of Estolad weren't the only ones who had fled to the Nestlands, apparently. A large population of refugees already existed on the southern face of the mountain of Edst Nol where the people of the Nestlands had prepared housing for an occupation that never came. They, for the most part, gladly welcomed the refugees, among them, meeting them on the path coming down from the pass with blankets and food. Adira wandered among them, trying to help, but for the most part being ignored. She refused to show any emotion except concern, but on the inside her anger and hurt did nothing but fester and grow. What have I but the love and trust of my people? If they do not trust me, what reason have I yet to live? Yet the answer always came back with equal resonance, cold and ruthless. Revenge. The Desert King has taken everything from me, even my two most trusted friends. I will hunt down Sirhan until there is no place left for him to hide. Then I will kill him. The sound of someone standing silently behind her reached Adira's ear but she refused respond. She did not, however, walk away. Let them bring their complaints somewhere else, I no longer govern this people. I am a useless appendage. “Lady Magdeburg. I have heard of your loss, and bring you the condolence of my people. Please except any help we can give you and your people.” The voice had a slight Nestlands accent, but was still recognizable. Adira had met the Nestlands Minister of External Affairs Aturl Prndrn when she was first deployed in the Nestlands as a Guerrilla not even a year ago. “There is nothing you, or anyone can do.” She turned. “But thank you none the less.” Aturl nodded slowly. “If there is nothing to be done, then what does the Lady of Estolad plan to do?” Adira smiled sardonically at the title. “Bring my enemies down with me.” “A noble aspiration. And this will heal you?” The Minister asked. Adira paused, considering. Finally she spoke. “A shattered vase can not be mended, but it can stab the one who broke it.” Aturl was silent for some seconds. “I wish I could go with you, but since I am tied down here I will help you all I can. Tell us what weapons, disguises, and food you will need, and we will supply them as best we can. And when you wish for solace, come to the Nestlands. Perhaps your people will have you back.” To be continued... The build. Those on Flickr saw this several months ago, but I finally have been able to use it in GoH! Yay.... Also, please check out Gedren's builds: Expect my next post in roughly a week or two (most likely the latter). Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  6. Adair

    To Die For

    A free-build for the Guilds of Historica and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=116423 and the ones before it for backstory. You are a coward. You can not even die honorably. You ran from death! The words played over and over in Adira's mind, forming a cadence with the pounding of her feet on the rough mountain path. The wind bit into her, but that pain was trifling in comparison to the bitter pain of these words. After all, what had she ever lived for but courage and honor? And now she was running like a frightened hare, running as much from her defeat as from the death or torture that awaited her back in the valley. Finally her legs would carry her no farther and she halted, leaning on one of the numerous pine trees along the road. People passed her by, making for the pass to the Nestlands, but none of them made eye contact. They knew she had failed them. They knew she continued to fail them. But Adira did not care anymore. She had no pride left to protect. She was bled dry. Slowly she removed her cumbersome outer armor and laid it at the side of the road. It was of Mitgardian make, some family heirloom. As soon as she took it off she felt refreshed, no longer protected, but at least free to move around as she was used to. “Lady Magdeburg.” Adira tensed. She knew what she would see when she turned, but she did not want to face it. Why can't he just leave me alone, like everyone else? Slowly she turned and stared at Havers defiantly. “What is it, Captain Havers?” Havers returned her stare levelly. “There are still people in the town down there. We must do what we can to rescue them.” Adira sighed. “The town is lost. They will die there or in the mountains.” “That is NOT true!” Havers' voice was emphatic, almost desperate. Adira took a step back from the fury in his eyes. “Some might escape! What can we do but try?” Adira studied him coldly. “Who is it that you can not find?” Havers glared at her, groping for words. “Me Lady!” Adira spun around, her face red from her altercation. What she saw didn't please her. Adelwight, occupationally a goat-herder and a member of the town Council, stood on the path, armed with a heavy battle-ax and flanked by two young men similarly armed. Behind him stood a square, thatched, and carved log house that she now realized must belong to him. He had been the last deciding vote in making her ruler of Estolad, but he had been very hesitant. Now he would speak of her failure, and probably not in pleasant terms. The man's eyes were grim. “Where are me and me sons needed most?” Adira was taken aback by the question, but quickly regained her composure. “Wherever you most wish to die.” Adelwight let out a laugh that sounded almost like a bray. “That'll be right here, next to th' home of me fathers, and right where the flea-bitten varmints can find us!” It took a moment for Adira to understand what she was hearing. This man is staying here to die when he could probably escape with his family. Why? No. She refused to think of the answer. Instead she posed an indirect question. “What of your young ones? Who will take care of them?” The man's old but fierce eyes turned on her, and she saw immediately that he knew what her true question was. “Me Lady, courage has nothin' to do with charging into the middle of a fray, and all to do with standing where ye have always stood, even to death. We're doing this for our land, every tree, every hillock,” he paused, looking strait at Adira, “every person.” The patriarch leaned on his ax, staring out over the valley. “Ye still have a life to live, a people to lead. Protect me bairns, and all th' people of Estolad that go through that pass.” There was nothing Adira could say. These men were giving up their lives for a town who had spurned their council, and practically invited the enemy to their doorstep. They were giving their lives for her. A tear sprang from Adira's eye. Slowly she started up the path. She noticed that Havers was no longer behind her, but she did not care. Let him kill himself down there. If there was anyone left in that town they would be Desert King prisoners by now, but these few survivors still had a chance. She could help them. To be continued... The build. This build is approximately three months old by now, so most of you might have seen it on Flickr by now. I hope the story made it worth it, however. Back in the middle of the summer I decided I wanted to try something more Mitgardian (surprise surprise) so I made this. This also was posted for the Colossal Battle Contest on Flickr and brought to our County fair, where it won a meaningless little first prize sticker (along with half of the other open class entries. ). I hope to post the next installment, a crossover with Gedren, sometime this month. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  7. Adair

    Divided We Fall

    A Free-build for the Guilds of Historica, and a continuation of the story of Adira Magdeburg. Please check here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=112694 and the ones before it for backstory. The setting sun cast long shadows across the street, painting what was not in shadow in a fiery glow. Adira ground to a halt, her lungs screaming, waiting for Havers to catch up. Soon the sound of uneven foot-falls sounded behind her, along with the higher notes of wood on stone, and Havers was beside her, breathing heavily. “Captain, I assume you have a course of action in mind?” His words came between breaths. Adira nodded, clasping her hands behind her head. “The town chapel... He'll be there.” Not waiting for Havers to reply, Adira set off again toward the center of the town. Slowly the dirt roads gave way to pavement, and the streets became narrower. As she ran, a sense of foreboding settled upon Adira's mind. She tried to ignore it, but it kept asserting itself. There is still a chance the mummy was lying... we might get there only to find the local priest, going about his business. Yet even as the thought presented itself Adira knew it was not true. There was no lie in that mummy's eyes, it is Sirhan. Tall buildings surrounded them, many of them quite strange in their style. The curve in the street that would lead them to the open square in which the chapel was placed grew closer and closer before them. Finally Adira turned, and stopped in her tracks. Her heart sank, and a cold finger of terror crawled up her spine. A small group of people, and mummies, surrounded the chapel steps. Adira's gaze passed over the Mummy general and several of his elite soldiers, one holding the local priest at sword-point. The one Mummy Lord in black stood on the steps, and beside him stood Sirhan, still wearing the mask, but now decked out in a magnificent suit of golden armor. Anger boiled up within Adira's chest, and she drew her sword, but then her eyes alighted on the two figures at the floor of the steps. One was a hooded man, holding a knife to an orc's neck. The orc looked remarkably similar to... Udgr. Sargent Udgr's eyes were hazy as he looked up toward her, but when he saw her they widened with a look of despair. “Adira?...” A guttural, raspy laugh echoed down the street as the Mummy General stepped in front of the bloodied orc. “My return is unexpected? Well that's too bad. I hope I didn't interrupt anything.” His voice lost all humor instantly. “Drop. Your. Sword.” A hush fell over the street. Adira could hear the ragged breathing from her left where Havers stood. All eyes were on her. Haver's voice was desperate. “Don't give in. You would be just playing to their schemes! For all we know the orc could be one of them as well...” The clang of metal against stone echoed around the square. For a moment all was silent. Then the same raspy laughed cut into Adira's mind, and the General took another step toward her. “Your pliability surprises me, Lady Navabi. I shall give your colleague, Sirhan, more credibility in the future. Now as for you and your friend here, Havers, was it? I want you both to...” A sudden thud yanked Adira's attention toward the chapel steps, just in time to see Udgr leap onto the hooded assassin's prone form, and cleave the man's blade into it's owner's head. Chaos ensued. Havers charged the temporarily distracted Mummy who had been advancing on him, plunging his cutlass into the creep's neck. An elderly wood-cutter Adira hadn't noticed before sneaked up behind the Mummy general and stabbed him in the back, only to get cut down himself. Adira grasped the hooded man's knife and flung it toward the other Mummy who was guarding the priest, embedding it in his neck. A sudden gasp drew Adira's gaze back toward where Udgr had been standing. The orc stood there, staring at her with unseeing eyes, the end of a curved blade protruding from his chest. Sirhan stood behind him, his gleaming eyes staring strait at her. Adira's heart stopped. She barely noticed the Mummy Lord in black advancing toward her. Udgr... A flash of color flew through Adira's line of vision as Havers attacked the Mummy Lord with flurry of cuts and slices that made the creature take a step back. Adira was momentarily distracted, and when she looked back Sirhan was on the church steps, still staring at her. Anger, like a volcano, began to rise in Adira's heart, along with something even more bitter. The hatred burned in her soul unlike anything she had felt before, and before she knew it she was picking up her blade and starting forward. A slow smile curled Sirhan's mouth. Then the Mummy Lord was retreating down the street, along with the wounded General. Sirhan's gaze flickered toward them before moving back to her as he followed them down the street. There was no malice in his eyes, only a lazy satisfaction that infuriated her beyond words. Havers pulled up beside her, panting hard. Together they watched the three of them retreat slowly down the street. Neither said a word. Suddenly Adira remembered Udgr. Turning on her heel she ran back and dropped to her knees beside the still body of the orc Sargent. Desperately she felt for a pulse. The orc's wrist was as lifeless as his eyes, clouded over and staring off into space. Numbly she held his hand, her finger still waiting vainly for the sign of life that would never come. Something in her mind snapped, though she couldn't care what, and she looked up. Havers was standing beside her, graciously silent, and the priest was beyond him, glancing around nervously. Seeing her eyes on him, the man spoke quickly and urgently. “The Mummy King's hordes are all 'round the city, m'Lady. Many citizens have fled, and we'll soon be surrounded if we don't hurry!” “We need to call the retreat, Captain.” Havers said, gently but firmly. “What are your orders?” Adira stared out over square and drew a deep breath. The silence hung. Finally she looked back up into Haver's face, a steely resolve in her eyes. “Gather the men at the Raven's-Brook tavern just outside of the city. The Desert-King scum have invaded Estolad, and they will die in Estolad.” To be continued... The build. Please ignore the random London paraphernalia lying about, and the general modern look of the second house. This is a reused build. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  8. Countless citizens of Kaliphlin lost their homes, belongings, and even loved ones during the drawn out war between the High Council, Desert King, and Ulandus. Many chose to take what little they had left and travel with makeshift caravans, to try and find a haven from the constant strife, whether within Kaliphlin or another guild: C&C welcome
  9. A freebuild for the Guilds of Historica, and the next episode in the story of Adira Navabi. Check here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110589 and the ones before it for backstory.Thud! Adira almost jumped as the book was slammed down onto the table in front of her, almost toppling it. Leonard Havers, Chairman of the Council, sure knows how to get people's attention. Havers, a short but trim man, former captain in the High Council Millitia, swept the Council with a piercing stare. He shifted on his peg leg, a memoir of his last battle in the service, and slowly removed his hand from the large tome on the table. The Council of Estolad was silent, all eyes focused on the Chairman. “We have come here together to decide whether or not we will have Adira Navabi, blood daughter of Addalar Navabi, as head of this our village of Estolad.” Havers' eyes focused on each individual Council Member as he spoke, boring into them. “In doing so we would be declaring open rebelion against the Desert King, to whom the last Navabi has sworn allegiance. With the war all but over, we can expect nothing but complete retaliation. If we do not, we will continue to live under the tyranny of the Desert King, keeping our lives, but at the cost of our freedom. This is our choice.” For a moment there was silence. Adira could hear Sargeanr Udgr moving about behind her, and she knew Sirhan was there too, watching them. She had barely been able to procure them a place in the Council room, but she was glad they were there now. It would be good to review notes with them on possible loyalties afterward. Finally a coarse, bearded man across the table from her, in the garb of a goat-herder, spoke. His voice was as coarse as he was. “We all ken the army from Sultan's Gate that was coming toward here several days ago, and we all know we will not be getting no help from Berigora or anywhere else. Many O' us have bairnes and wives to think of, and that Mummy in Sultan's Gate always left enough for us to live by. Why, in the name of all sacred, would we start a wee rebelion when it has no chance of surviving?” He continued without waiting for an answer. “I am a man O' the earth, and these mountains are me home. Why would I die and not be able to enjoy them no more?” “Becuase you believe in Freedom for your children, rather then letting them grow up under Tyranny.” It was Havers speaking. Adira noted him as one who would vote for, when it came to that. Havers continued. “Yes, we can not expect reinforcements, at least nothing substantial. Our only hope to make the Desert King pay so dearly in his attempts to conquer us that he decides we are not worth the bother. If we are successful, then others of like mind as us, former military etc., may join us, and evenetually we may be able to gain protection from one of the other Guilds that fought against the Desert King, and we will be able to live in peace here under our own rule. This is all specualtion, but it is a hope.” He turned, facing one of the Council members Adira could not place. “Even if we die in this attempt, our fame will spread, giving heart to resistance elsewhere. Those who can not fight can be sent across the mountains, to go into hiding with in the Nestlands, where the locals keep up a resistance, but where they will be relatively safe. The rest of us can make a stand for freedom, unencumbered, here in this valley. We are self sufficent, our goats needing minimal supervission, and our crops already planted. We could outlast any siege they put up against us in this valley of ours...” A loud noise, that Adira first mistook for a cough, but later realized was a clearing of throat, came from the only non-human in this Council, the Minotaur. He stared at Havers with large, solemn eyes, and his voice was deep. “I, too, hate the idea of fighting a war we can not win. But the Desert King has never been a friend of my people, and we, most of all, would suffer under his rule. I would not have that happen.” He turned to Adira. “Would you promise my people an equal share in all that happens in this village, Lady Navabi?” “Yes.” Adira said immediately. “I maintain the tradition of the High Council. All Peoples have equal footing under me.” Her gaze moved over the rest of the Council. “I can offer you nothing except freedom. Neither security or wealth, only the satisfaction of knowing that Tyranny did not conquer you, and that your loved ones can live in freedom.” A fist slammed down onto the table, almost cracking it. Adira looked up to see the Council member who Havers had addressed earlier, a large man with shoulderlength brown hair, staring at her, hate in his eyes. “How can our families live with nothing to sustain them? If we are uprooted from the valley, and if we ourselves are killed, then they will be homeless and without any continual source of nurishment!” “But they would have freedom, and a legacy of freedom for which to strive.” Havers answered levelly. “This is our decision, and our's alone. We will choose this day whom we will serve, whether the Desert King, or our conscience. Choose wisely.” He looked at the Minotaur. “Councilman Duraudth, how do you vote?” “Aye.” “Councilman Labersmith, how do you vote?” A middle aged, slightly pudgy Councilman to Haver's right shook his head. “I vote nae.” “Councilwoman Dalithna, how do you vote?” The woman smiled at Adira. “I vote aye.” “Councilman Strauhn, how do you vote?” “Nae.” The large Councilman said, his eyes on Adira. Havers paused. “I vote aye. Councilman Adelwight, how do you vote?” The goat-herder Councilman hesitated. Fear gripped Adira's heart as she thought of the consequenses of his vote. With Mardil not present, he is the deciding vote. He could tie it, or swing it in our favor. And he did express his opposition near the beginning, though it's possible he could have cghanged his mind... “Councilman Adelwight, how do you vote?” Adelwight paused, glancing around the table. All eyes were on him. Adira held her breath. He gulped. “I, Councilman Adelwight of Estolad vote... Aye.” Adira let out her breath. The vote had made it. She was now the lawful ruler of Estolad. Suddenly she found all of the Council's eyes on her, some full of joy, other uncertainty, other hate. She swallowed, wondering where her voice had gone. “Um... our first coarse of action will be to send the non-comabtants over the mountains to the Nestlands. Then we shall meet again to for a Council of War.” She turned to Havers. He nodded, and smiled broadly at her. “The Council is dismissed.” To be continued... The build. This was just a quick build, only about 24x24 studs. It was mostly for story, but I hope the build is worthy enough. __________________________________________ I would like to claim UoP credit for: Trade and Law: Governing Body. Wall Techniques: SNOTed tile stonework. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  10. Adair

    One Against All

    A Freebuild for the Guilds of Historica, and a continuation of my story with Adira Navabi. Reference this build: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109756 for backstory. The world was still. No wind, no birds, nothing. Only the ragged breathing of the soldiers, and the firmness of the mountains beneath them. The dry season had come to Kaliphlin, and the Rakath mountains were no exception. Adira wiped an arm over her forehead, regreting now her choice of outfit for the day. Sure, it was still cold, but with all the winter-gear she was wearing it didn't feel very chilly. Things got even better after you add in a brisk walk, more like a crawl, up the almost vertical mountain face that had swallowed most of their day into it's sweat-soaked depths. Adira wasn't happy. Judging from the silence behind her, the troops weren't in the best of moods either. Fattened by the fruits of Berigora, they did not take kindly to such a strenuous endeavor as this. Adira had only been able to obtain several score of them, but she could make do with those, she thought. But with the Desert King patroling all of the lowlands, she had thought it saker to take a rout through the Rakath mountains. So far, she had been right. A shaodw fell across Adira's path. Absently she wondered which of the men had ventured ahead of her and looked up. A lone figure, wielding a drawn sword, stood at the crest of the hill. The setting sun fell squarely on his chiseled face. That's definitely not one of my men! The man took a few steps forward, apparently unperturbed by the High Council soldier's evident show of hostility. He looked squarely at Adira and a sardonic smile passed over his face. She watched apprehensively as he raised his hand, then dropped it. Almost immediately, all along the ridge, a host of Desert King archers appeared, arrows notched. Adira gulped, and a sense of dread started to pool at the bottom of her stomach as her gaze swept over their ranks. Looking into the eyes of their leader, she knew this was no chance encounter. Their on to me! I must be compromised! But by whom?... Their leader strode forward, a swagger in his step. He wore strangely rustic apparel for a Desert King officer, but he was clearly was Kaliphlinite. At least he's not one of those undead helpers of the desert King, or even worse, from Nocturnus. The man stopped a few paces in front of her, smiling like one who has his enemies in his hands, and knows it. “Good day, Adira Navabi. I didn't think I would ever come across another of my family fighting against the rightful Ruler of Kaliphlin, but apparently I wasn't the last one left.” Adira's eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. Was it Possible? Had the renowned Amir Navabi switched sides? Gradually an anger, fiercer even then the anger she felt for her true parrents, started to fester within her. She felt a rough hand on her arm, and Udgr's raspy voice sounded in her ear. “We are ready to sell our lives for Kaliphlin, at your command. I will help you fight the traitor.” “That would be most unwise.” Amir said, his smile never leaving his face. “You know all your men would die, little sister, whereas they would at least have a chance at life in the hands of the gracious and merciful Desert King.” “All we need is your word, Captain.” Udgr said, not bothering to whisper now. Adira held up her hand, never taking her eyes off of the traitor before her. She knew what she was doing was selfish, and probably in the end, fruitless, but her anger called for no less. “Wait.” She motioned toward the sword in Amir's hand. “You know how to use that thing, do you not? Then show me.” A shadow crossed Amir's face. “You know the outcome of such a duel, and yet you still wish to fight? And why would I fight you, when I have nothing to gain by it?” “You have everything to gain by it.” Adira answered coldly. “If I lose, my men stand down.” A vicious smile crossed Amir's face, but Adira wasn't done. “And if I win, you're men let us pass.” Udgr grabbed her arm. His voice was urgent. “Do not do this, Captain! You know the outcome of such a duel! The traitor Navabi is one of the most renpowned swordsmen in Kaliphlin!” “I put the decision in your hands.” Adira said, ignoring the goblin at her side. “If you say yes, then we fight. If you say no, then my men will sell their lives dearly. Which shall it be?” Amir glanced over her, thoughtfully. Finally he nodded. “I accept.” Adira drew her sword, shaking off Udgr. Now was the time for revenge. Amir had died to justice, now he would die in reality. Amir made the first move. Stepping forward, he sliced toward Adira's head with lightning speed, then back-handed toward her abdomen. She blocked boith blows with relative ease. He's just playing with me now, testing me defenses. I should as well. I need to find a weekness while he is still warming up. Adira jabbed at Amir's torso, then made a cut towards his neck. Amir's hand moved lazily to block both, and for a moment Adira thought she saw him roll his eyes. Anger again swelled up in her, and she made a quick lunge at Amir's side. Amir seemed surprised at this, and was barely able to block her blow. Satisfaction filled Adira, and she pressed her advantage, slicing upward toward his chest. Suddenly Adira felt a pain in her hand, and her sword was wrenched from her hand. The was a dull thud as it hit the ground a few feet away. Adira looked up toward Amir's face only to feel his blade against her neck. His cold eyes stared into hers down the blade. Adira braced herself for the thrust she knew would come, but it never came. He jerked his head toward the silent soldeirs behind her. “Order the,m to lay down their arms.” Adira considered for a moment the possibility of ordering them to fight, despite thye blade at her throat, but then remembered her promise. If there was one thing she had learned from her adopted father, Magdeburg, it was to keep your promises. That was what made him such a successful businessman. Slowly she nodded. Amir smiled humorlessly, and sheathed his blade. “I considered killing you there, for a few seconds, but in the end decided it wasn't worth it.” He motioned toward the crest of the hill. “Take you're leave, while I am still in a good mood.” Adira stood motionless, her anger simmering within her. Finally she motioned toward Udgr and Sirhan. “I will not leave unless these two come with me.” An unpleasant look crossed Amir's face. He glanced over Udgr, and his eyes rested on Sirhan. After a few second he seemed to come to a decision, and he motioned for them to leave. “Fine then, take them with you. It matters not to me.” Adira slowly reached down for her blade and sheathed it. She felt more then saw all of her men staring at her, accusation in every one of their eyes. She tried not to think of what their fate would be. At least they will be alive... Slowly she strode up the hill, followed by her two silent officers. No one spoke. She glanced back to see Amir's eyes on her, condescending and triumphant. Her jaw set and she continued over the rise. Udgr's voice was at her side. “Do we attempt to free them at nightfall, Captain?” “No.” Adira answered, her voice hard and her eyes set strait ahead. “They will be expecting that. We continue on to Estolad.” To be continued... The build. I'm sorry for the out-of-focus Pictures, but I hope the build/story make up for it. From now on I will mostly be focusing on story, so please stay tuned! My next one should be up in a few days to a week. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  11. Warzone 18: The Battle For Eastgate Location: E2 Who Can Participate: High Council and Desert King (Unless Ulandus can get in range before the due date. ) Terrain: Eastgate sits on the Red River, and sits on a grassy plain, with the Wither Woods starting just north of the city. The Red River was named for its red water due to the color of the soil of the Wither Woods, which was the main sediment picked up by the stream. The river is mostly slow moving, making it easy to traverse the river northward. However, the entrance of the river is guarded by the fortified Great Bridge, which is almost flanked on each side by two massive towers called The Guardians. (they sit just to the north of the Bridge) Map here Eastgate is considered a safe harbor for ships traveling east from Avalonia into the coasts of the Badlands. (Also vice versa, but the winds are more favorable west to east.) Furthermore, it sits at the mouth of the Red River making it paramount to the great timber trade (live oak in large quantities, the finest in the world) and some river trade from upriver. It is a mix of styles, having some classic European architecture, mixed with Mediterranean and Arabian because it is a melting pot of cultures. The quarries to the east bring brown and tan rock, while the quarries up river bring red rock, with Avalonia so close, rock grey in color is also sold in the city. The city walls are mostly tan / brown in color, but some of the newer structures are the now cheaper Avalonian grey. They are often whitewashed to make them stand out in the inner city. Not only is Eastgate a port, but it also has some of the best ship building facilities in the known world (due to the large live oak supply that comes through its port) with a natural bay that has been artificially expanded around four hundred years ago. The inner city, The Old City, which held out during the War of the Brothers is mostly large and older buildings, while the New City is unwalled and more houses and buildings made of timber. History: The wiki link above has more about the city’s history. One note here is that the Greater Eastgate Article and Resupply Company owns most of the town, and elects its leaders. GEAR and Eastgate both have standing armies, although they were largely winnowed down through the War of the Brothers. The city is in good shape, despite being sieged, as Dugal’s forces controlled the New City and Petera’s controlled the Old City – neither side made a successful move on the other, leaving little collateral damage to their home town. Mini-challenge: The only way that Eastgate’s inner city falls is if the Eastern Guardian Tower is breached. While it stands, no ships may get out to the Inland Sea or up the river to the Wither Woods. DK builders, the task is simple, depict the great Guardian Tower, and show your forces breeching it. HC: Defend the Guardian to your last breath! Both sides should clearly depict the tower, which overhangs the Red River, and their forces should be winning the battle. Special: Whoever has the “best tower” as voted on in the voting thread will be known as “The Tallest man/woman in Kaliphlin.” Restrictions: 32x32 Due Date: May 31st
  12. The setting sun blanketed the landscape in warm colors, making the ground appear to have twice as many colors as it did. Towering above the hills around it, a gatehouse stood solidly, it's ancient walls still standing firmly on the crest of a hill, high up in the Rakath mountains. Beneath it, clustered within a small vale, sat the small village of Estolad, the traditional holding of the Navabi family. Adira strode down the path leading to the gate of the castle, lost in thought. Beside her walked Mardil, a retired esquire to the house of Navabi, and keeper of the family Histories and Genealogies. Adira glanced at him, taking in his gray beard, his trim, healthy body, and his firm gray eyes. He walked purposefully, with the measured step of one who has been to both King's courts and pitched battles. He held his head high, as one who has nothing to be ashamed of, but one who was equally ready to give his respect to others, as long as they respected him. Adira turned toward him, and he stopped, his eyes focusing on hers. Adira paused, slightly uncomfortable under his piercing gaze. “So, I assume there is a reason you sent for me to aid you, instead of someone you had more ties to? I don't believe I have ever met you before...” She trailed off, unsure of what to say next. “Ah, but I have heard of you, even if we have not met.” The Historian said. “You are one of the few effective High Council Guerrillas known to me, and when I learned of the Desert King's plans to remove the Histories under my keeping to their capital, you were the first person I thought of. Does that explain things?” Adira wasn't quite convinced. “But if you wished merely for High Council protection, why did you not send to Berigora, or some other, nearer, High Council outpost? I was weeks away from you, while soldiers from Berigora could have arrived in half that time.” Mardil stared past Adira, lost in thought. Suddenly he turned and started walking down the path again, away from where Adira's troops were, along with the captured Desert King soldiers. Adira fell in next to him, and for a while there was silence. Finally Mardil looked up again, his eyes thoughtful. “I have decided to tell you something, something I vowed never to tell you, but that I can not in good conscience keep from you, especially with you in the midst of such a war.” Adira's palms began to sweat, and she stared at the older man's face. Apparently he knows more about me then I thought, she thought. Perhaps he can even tell me why my father was targeted... He turned, and his eyes were sad. “I called you here because you are the only remaining member of the Navabi family that supports the High Council.” Adira stood rooted to the ground, her mind reeling. I am a Navabi? That's who my true parents were? So that is why My adopted father would not tell me who my parents were! The Navabi House is one of the most ardent Desert King supporters of all the houses of Kaliphlin! Except for that one Ulandian raider, and myself, there is not a single Navabi known to be anti-Desert King. Adira hardly knew what to say. “How... how did you know?” “Simple, I was the one who gave you to Magdeburg. Or his deceased wife, to be exact.” Mardil, paused, as if unsure if he should continue. “You see, your parents were not interested in any female progeny, and they already had three heirs, so when I offered to “do away” with you, they didn't ask questions. Thus you came into Magdeburg's household.” Adira tried to take it all in. “So it was just luck that I came to the Magdeburgs?” “I have lived more then half a century in these lands of Historica, Adira, and I have yet to encountered such a thing as 'Luck'.” Mardil said. Adira didn't bother with a rebuttal. “So, how does this effect me?” “How does it effect you?” Mardil smiled widely. “You are now the rightful heir to the village of Estolad, as far as the elders, myself included, are concerned.” He turned, gesturing toward the castle. “This is the Navabi castle, and that,” he moved his hand in a general sweep toward the village, “is the holdings of the Navabi family, which have now come to you, under the direct decision of the Council of Elders, with general support from the inhabitants of the village.” Adira stared at the castle, her mind still trying to comprehend what she had heard. I am the Lord, or Lady, of a village! Granted, a small village in the middle of the Rakath mountains, but still... I wonder how my relatives will take this... Adira glanced at the smiling Mardil. “My parents won't like it, or my siblings.” “They are powerless without the support of the people, or without some external force,” the Historian answered confidentially. “And why would the Desert King bother sending a force here, when he has so many other things to worry about?” “I'm sure that, being out of the way, you are not as informed, but if you haven't noticed the Desert King is winning this war, despite anything we can do to stop him. If the rumors are true, then he has even conquered the capital of Ulandus! It is only a matter of time before he will be at the very gates of Eastgate, Barqa, Berigora... He has already taken Queenscross, and is fighting for Petrea. It will only be a matter of time before he will destroy us!” Adira didn't mean to say it that vehemently, but it only reflected the bitterness in her heart. Mardil's face grew serious, and his posture more stiff. “The Council would not have decided on this, if it were not for good reason.” He turned to Adira, and for a moment she thought she saw a glimmer of tears in his eyes. “I... I have seen what the Desert King does to 'insurgents' and 'law-breakers', especially when the executors of justice are people like your parents and siblings. Believe me, we of this village do not want our children growing up under such tyranny!” Adira nodded slowly. “So you are ready to endure any hardships that such a rebellion would entail? The destruction of war, starvation, death of loved ones?” She searched his face for any sign of hesitation, of unnerve. The Historian raised his chin, his jaw set. “We knew what we would have to face. We are not about to back down. There may be some still loyal to the Desert King*, but the rest of us will fight to the death for the sake of our liberty, and our children's liberty.” Adira paused. They can not know what they are getting into, all the suffering that will come upon them by their decision... but would it make a difference if I abandoned them? No, if the look on this man's face is any indicator, then they will not back down, whether I help them or not. Adira nodded. “Then I will help you, as best as I may.” A smile of pure joy spread across the older man's face. “I Can not thank you enough. The village can not thank you enough. I shall inform the elders immediately, and then we shall gather all able bodied men immediately!” Adira shook her head. “No. We can not defend this village in our present state. I must first go to Berigora and gather a sufficient force to defend this place, along with weapons for those of the villagers who wish to fight. You must lay low for a few a week, or several weeks, until I can get back. While I am gone, determine who is on your side, and who is not, and start stashing food away in this fortress, for the defenders, and in the hills, for the non-combatants*. I shall get back as soon as I am able.” Mardil looked slightly disappointed, but he nodded. “Bring back as many weapons as you can, and as much food as possible as well. I shall inform the village elders.” With that he turned and started off at a brick trot toward the road leading to the village. Adira frowned. Who do these people think I am? I am only human. The Desert King, on the other hand... But I can not leave them to their fate. If this is to end in blood, then we shall all bleed together! To be continued... The build. This is one of my larger (good) builds, about 48x48, as I really wanted to secure this one spot for future story. *notes: I would appreciate if anyone countering this would not do anything with my characters (Adira and her Guerrillas, and please don't kill off Mardil), so I included these to note possible ideas for counters. “Anyone with ears{/eyes}, let them hear!” The interior. I know the doors protrude a bit much, but it was the best I could do, seeing as they are plumb up against the inner workings of the round tower (see this:, and this:, to get the basic jist of how I did it, though it was tougher since it was a smaller size). Hope the doors don't mar the results too much. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the build, and if you didn't read the story, go and do it now, since it is definitely better then the build. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  13. Hereby my build for war zone 15: The battle for Amrakect. Should I win, C6 should be the next war zone. It had been a long march since the desperate battle of Queenscross. Circumstances had forced Beorthan to lead his unit, now bolstered by a group of beastmen, out of the city before the outcome of the battle was clear. However, judging by the overwhelming forces thrown into it by the socalled Desert King, Queenscross would be lost. While their own skirmishes had been succesful, and seen many a mummy and goblin slain, they could not quite shake the feeling of defeat from their hearts, as their legs grew weary and Amrakect appeared on the horizon. Already, smoke was rising from the farmsteads and villages surrounding the city, obviously the result of Desert King troops approaching. After entering the city, Beorthan bade his unit to halt for a final rest, before again joining the frey, defending the city. He looked around at his unit and saw the rugged, ready-for-anything expressions you only see on veterans tired of war, but still set to defend their cause. "Will there ever be an end to war?" he thought to himself, before standing up before this troops, clearing his throat. "Even though large tracts of Kaliphlin and many old and famous cities have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Desert King and all the odious apparatus of his depotic rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the desert, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength. We shall defend every grain of sand, whatever the cost may be..." "...We shall fight at the gates..." "...we shall fight in the streets and in the alleys..." "...we shall fight on the rooftops..." "We shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, Kaliphlin or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then the Guilds beyond the borders, armed and guarded by the brave men and women, would carry on the struggle, until, in Gods' good time, Historica, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the people of Kaliphlin." Pausing for a moment, Beorthan looked around at his troops, all with determined smiles upon the their faces. "FOR THE REPUBLIC! FOR THE PEOPLE!" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: First of all, credits go to Winston Churchill for a slightly paraphrased speech. I have tried to emulate Erynlasgalen's style in the corner towers walltexturing, and in the city wall, while still adding something new. (Further, I have taken some inspiration from some of LittleJohn's brilliant Katoren builds. ) I rather like these builds with narrow passageways, but it is a real pain to photograph, which is why I have a included the first picture, where the wall is removed. Hope I have succeeded in presenting the build reasonably well. There are a few extra pictures on my flickr. C&C is always welcome
  14. A counter to LordDan at K3 Not all citizens of Easterbroke believe that treason is the best way to earn their right to join with Avalonia. Therefore, these loyalists have manned small, fast patrolboats to intercept the smugglers running weapons to fuel war and pain on Easterbroke. ______________ 1) Sorry for the photoquality, but light was getting dim... 2) This was a surprisingly complex technique for building a boat, but quite fun! 3) I have tried to recreate LordDan's rock technique 4) C&C welcome
  15. Warzone 14: The Battle For Qarkyr (or The Battle of the Partisans) Location: F14 Who Can Participate: Ulandus and Desert King (Unless HC wins Warzone 13) Terrain: Qarkyr, the gateway to the Rakath, the Eastern Emerald, The Protector of the Ocean Gate, and former Capital of the short lived Dwarven Empire of Varnforge, is the fourth largest city in Kaliphlin after Petraea, Barqa and Queenscross. It sits in the Rakath Moutains, within the Qar-Akhen River Valley. A wall stretches across the valley to stop movement East and West without paying the tolls at Qarkyr first. Long a defensive position, the city has magnificent walls. The architecture is a mixture of Eastern Kaliphlin, and Far Eastern Kaliphlin, the two cultures merged along the most common pathway through the Rakath Mountains that separated them. The Far Eastern Kaliphlin architecture relies heavily on pagodas, hip and gable roofing, enclosures within large buildings, and wood is the main building material. The classic Kaliphlin architecture of East Kaliphlin (the land between the escarpment and the Rakath Mountains) is also prevalent here with domes, arches, towers, stone and mud buildings. The town is somewhat divided between the two cultures, with “The Ocean District” representing a large concentration of people of Far Eastern culture, and the much larger “Trader’s Quarter” which is distinctly Eastern Kaliphlin traders, mostly from Petraea. The rest of the city is pretty much equally divided. There is not a water shortage in the city, and it is famous for its lush gardens and parks throughout the city. History: Despite having a great wall to funnel in all travelers east and west, Qarkyr is as porous as a net. The corruption within its walls is ancient, dating back to when the Dwarven King Archbeard claimed the city as his own a thousand years ago. It was under his rule that the modern blueprint for Qaekyr’s orderly streets and plazas was laid down. The city’s walls were built first by the dwarf engineers, and they have never been penetrated since. Unfortunately, the trader section of the city, humans who had sworn allegiance to Archbeard, made the walls unnecessary. Archbeard’s nemesis, the Sea Goddess Calif – or at least someone claiming to be her – had a mighty eastern seaborne empire growing on the Eastern coast of Kaliphlin. She wanted the Qar-Akhen River valley as a gateway into greater Kaliphlin in order to continue her conquest. When her armies came to the walls of the city, her spies found easy access by bribing the merchants. They betrayed their new king, and he was murdered in his bed by assassins. Calif’s army slipped in soon after and took the dwarves by surprise. They fought to the last man, and not one dwarf survived that night. Calif rewarded the traders by giving them a quarter of the city – the same quarter known as “The Trader’s Quarter” today. However, Calif would not go on to take over the middle of Kaliphlin, as she too was betrayed. One of her new supporters, a trader named Mors’Qo brought her an emerald from one of the nearby mines within the Rakath Mountains. It was the largest emerald anyone in the region had ever seen. It was placed in a necklace for her, but when she put it on she was instantly transformed into a emerald statue. Mors’Qo had bought the enchanted emerald from a dwarf and had intended to kill the Sea Goddess to avenge Archbeard. His plan worked but her supporters through him into the deepest well they could find and sealed it. Her army was stopped, and many settled in Qarkyr, creating a bicultural dynamic that exists today. More recently treachery has played a part in Qarkyr’s history. It has only recently become known how the mighty city fell into the hands of the Desert King early in the Civil War. Its representative to the High Council, Ageven Deraim, Lord of Auner, is a staunch supporter of Ulandus. Likely many of the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites living in the city would have supported their representatives loyalties, but the Traders took quick action at the beginning of the war. Ageven had been preparing defenses back in Auner, when the trade faction opened the gates for a small Desert King force led by Regi Bar’nol. Regi became Lord of the city, and by the time Ageven made it back, there was nothing he could do with his small force against the mighty walls of Qarkyr. Mini-challenge: Ageven and Ulandus were not going to give up the city without a fight. The porous walls would help them as well. He began by bribing Desert King supporters to let his spies within the walls of the city. His spies made contact with the Ocean District, and began to put together a strike force. Soon hundreds of fighters had been smuggled into the city, and finally Lord Regi had caught on. The war in the streets had begun. The challenge here is to build a scene where the two cultures collide – in fighting and in scenery. MOCs should show both types of cultures within the city, as these battles are all happening between the walls of Qarkyr. MOCs should also show the distinctly different peoples of both sides brawling in some manner. There are very few regular troops in this battle – perhaps just commanders and a few footmen. Once side should be winning clearly in your depiction. Supporters of DK should be depicting the rich traders of East Kaliphlin as their allies, while Ulandians have the Far Eastern Kaliphlinites as their allies in this battle. Story and Challenge Addendum if HC wins Warzone 13: Now with Aymeri’s breakout complete, the HC forces have turned their sights on Qarkyr. Knowing that they cannot get their army into the city in masse, Aymeri turned to the tried tactic of bribery to get some of his men into the city. Being the latecomer to the battle, it was easy to see the people most neglected in this war of neighborhoods were the poor and underclasses. The High Council spies noticed something interesting about the lower masses, they had started to pick up on the High Council rhetoric “Viva la Republic!” Although this chant was created by the more privileged lords of Kaliphlin, it has become the chant of the masses. High Councilor Aymeri saw this as an opportunity, albeit dangerous in a time of lords and kings, he would give these people democracy, and thus bring them into the High Council fold – after all, his advisor noted, it works in Queenscross. The High council builders in this challenge take the rabble as their soldiers. They should depict a similar scene as the mini-challenge details, their MOC should show both cultures, but also show the poor High Council supporters doing battle with one or both of the other factions. Special Category: Best Urban Trap! Although builders do not have to create a MOC that has a specific “trap” in it, the MOCer with the best trap will win the title “Trickster of Qarkyr” The trap should be evident just by looking at the MOC, but the story can definitely help explain it. Restrictions: 32x32, with limited overhang. Due Date: May 10th Special Consequences: If High Council Wins WZ 13 and WZ 14, they achieve “March to the Sea” Victory condition, where they are awarded Zone F15 and G15. If Ulandus Wins, they secure G14 as well. If Desert King wins, they secure G13, as Ulandus has overstepped in its attack on Qarkyr, and the counter attack was brutal enough that they lost a zone.
  16. A slow, warm, desert breeze floated past Adira's face, bringing a hint of the smell of the river with it. She inhaled deeply, letting the dank smell linger in her nose. Almost like the smell that hangs so thickly in the Nestlands... Opening her eyes, Adira surveyed the work site in front of her. Not very far, seeing what terrible selection of tools we have, but they should be done with the barricade by the time the Desert King forces arrive. “Captain, requesting permission to allow the civilians a rest-bit and have the soldiers take over for a while.” Adira turned to see Lieutenant Sirhan at attention. She sighed. “No, Lieutenant, we can not afford to leave the site unguarded. With the soldiers working we would be much more open to attack.” “What do we have to fear? The Desert King forces are hours away.” Sirhan responded, annoyance showing clearly in his voice. A smile played at the corner of Adira's mouth. “The Unexpected.” There was a thud then a gurgling sound behind them. Adira spun around just in time to see their sentry, one of her Guerrillas, fall to the ground, an arrow embedded in his throat. There was a thudding of mail-clad feet on the dirt road and an inhuman shriek as a party of orcs rounded a curve in the road and charged toward them, shrieking their war-cries. Adira's thoughts flew out of her head as a burly orc wielding a large war-club charged her. She was barely able to draw her sword before he was upon her, his war club descending. She raised her blade, barely deflecting his, and retreated a few steps. Think! Remember your training! Adira fell into a swordsman's stance, her mind searching for the next step. He will attack forcefully and with momentum, use that against him. The orc charged again, slicing toward her head. Adira ducked and sliced toward the orc's leg. Her blade bit into flesh. Pressing her advantage, Adira got side stepped the orc's flailing war-club and scored another hit on his chest, bringing him down. Stepping forward she plunged her blade into his neck, bring his war-shrieks to an abrupt stop. Adira stood and glanced around her. One of the villagers was down, and Sirhan had decapitated one of the orcs. The rest of the workers were falling back in disarray, tossing down their tools. We need to form up, fast. Adira raised her voice above the clamor of the skirmish. “Form a line atop the barricade, are the workers!” The orcs were temporarily stymied by the losses they had been dealt, and fell back several yards, giving the High Council troops time to gather their forces. Adira made her way back to the mound of dirt that would have been a barricade, her mind racing. How did the Desert King forces get behind them? They must have crossed the river, but how did they get past the guard we set there? Adira saw one of her sergeants giving orders on the other side of the mound and strode over to him. “How are our chances, Sergeant?” The man removed his helmet a ran a wiped the sweat from his forehead. “With this rabble? Slight. If they can just hold the line against the Desert King charge, then we will be fine. Other then that, we're as good as dead.” Adira nodded toward the building to their left, some shrine or burial chamber. “What if they send a force around the other side of that? Do you think we could withstand a two-pronged attack?” “No.” The man said flatly. “In that case we would have to put our chances behind one charge.” The workers, with a large amount of orders from various sources, had finally formed a line on the top of the mound. Adira motioned for Udgr and he came after launching a few parting orders at the line of workers. “Udgr, I want you to watch the other side of this building, make sure we are not surprised on that side. You may have to hold them off until we can send reinforcements.” Udgr saluted. “It shall hold.” He turned and trotted off toward his position. There was a sudden commotion coming from the Desert King lines. Adira glanced toward them just as their lines parted, allowing a hooded Mummy in black armor to pass through, along with several other hooded men. The mummy surveyed their lines until his gaze rested on her, then it stopped. Adira felt a prickle of fear run up her spine. He's here for me... The mummy finally turned back to his men and motioned for some of them to move around the building. Adira was about to send someone to warn Udgr when the mummy raised his sword... then let it fall. The orcs and Desert King soldiers charged like a body of water bursting through a dam, letting letting loose their collective war-cries. The mummy Commander charged strait toward Adira, dodging the spears of the workers and the bolts of the Council soldier's one crossbowman. Adira's palms began to sweat and she readjusted her grip on her weapon. He looks dangerous, I wonder how much so... A blur of black and dark green rushed past Adira as Sirhan charged the Mummy. The Mummy, surprise written on his face, was barely able to bring his sword up in time to block Sirhan's blow, throwing himself off balance. Sirhan pressed his advantage and put his weight behind the blow, throwing the mummy onto his back, where Sirhan leaped on top of him. There was a short scuffle and the mummy struggled out from under the soldier just as Sirhan's blade descended toward the ground where he had just been. The mummy retreated, limping slightly, back along the road. Adira just then noticed that the course of the battle had been in their favor. The line held! We beat them off! They had maintained a few losses, but the Desert King had taken more, and were now pulling back, their force greatly depleted. One of the Assassins took down a High Council pike-man before retreating, and then the fight was over, as quickly as it had started. A clash of swords came from Adira's left and she spun toward the noise to see Udgr and another of his kind, the short, mountain orcs, exchanging blows almost faster then her eye could follow. Another assassin was trying to circumvent them. There was a quick, high shriek and the other orc leaped back, his hand on his arm. At the same moment the High Council crossbowman shot a bolt over the other assassin's head, forcing him to retreat back behind the building. The wounded orc let out a strange hissing sound and then retreated as well. Udgr hissed back then turned, and his eyes quickly turned from fierce, animal eyes back to their almost-human form. Adira turned back to the road, just in time to see the last orc turn the bend farther up. We have this skirmish, the Desert King will not get to Queenscross this way. We may yet survive this war! Queenscross may hold... I hope. The build. I was originally going to have an irregular base, but it was getting so square do to the restrictions that I decided just to go with a normal, square base. This is my first time building a completely dark tan building, and I think it turned out well. Experimented with some Gothic architecture for the shrine thing as well. And count this as a parting shot, and the Main Pic I was not able to include anywhere else. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! _____________________________________________________ I would like to claim UoP credit for: Military Science: Battle Scene. And if I win, I would like to have F8 as the next Warzone.
  17. A counter to Umbra-Manis's guerilla at E3. As the "Authority Figure" made his speech, the kids listening quickly became bored and started throwing fruits and vegetables at him. The result surprsised and delighted the kids, as the the "Authority Figure" started juggling everything they threw his way!: C&C more than welcome
  18. The dust had not even settled from the Desert King troops' wagon before Virgil and his eldest son Arash handed over the weapons the false king so graciously had hand-delivered to his jewelry shop, The Ruby Ring. Clearly the mummies did not know that Arash was a longtime Kaliplin Army soldier before being honorably discharged on account of a grievous eye injury. He and his father now serve as very effective spies for the High Council as his famous shop near the Witherwoods attracts people from all over Kaliphlin and the rest of Historica. Although, the shop's resident monkey, Sam, may spoil the subterfuge with his drunken chatter! A counter to MassEditor's guerrilla: Arming the Resistance I'd like to pick up UoP credits for: Trade and Law - Marketplace Geography - Desert (2 against) More on Flickr, C&C appreciated!
  19. Hereby my entry to warzone 8. Should I win, the next warzone should be I5. Only few of the channels of the Qar-Akhen River Delta are consistently navigable. To guide vessels towards these channels, small lighthouses has been erected on cliffs near the critical points of the channels. Control of these means control of most of the shipping, as only few captains can navigate the channels unaided... The Tower by Beorthan, on Flickr These towers are normally manned by a single keeper, but in these times of war, small garrisons of a few soldiers are stationed to guard the tower. Under the cover of the morning mist, Beorthan and Tauro has been ferried accross to the tower, swimming the last bit to avoid detection. After quickly dispatching the guard at the pier, they have now entered the tower, and are fighting the guards to wrest control over to the High Council. The Backside by Beorthan, on Flickr On the roof, Tauro is making quick work of the lookout, who will soon fall to his watery grave below... ...on the roofs by Beorthan, on Flickr ...while Beorthan is finishing off another guard from the balcony below. ...on the balconies by Beorthan, on Flickr Located off the coast, this lighthouse stands amidst the rolling waves of the southern sea, which often engulfes the lighthouse in soothing sounds. But when the seas run wild, they seem to struggle with the cliffs and stonework in an epic battle to wrest the tower off its foundation. Now, as ever, the seas roll on regardless of the drama above, and will wash off the blood of the skirmish before the next high tide... The water by Beorthan, on Flickr Thanks for looking, all. C&C is - as always - welcome. I am quite happy with my waves - a first for me, and the tower came out reasonable well, although a smoother transition between the lower, irregular part, and the upper part is high on my wishlist.
  20. Duel in the Sacred Forest Warzone 11: "The Battle for Cresentthorn’s Favor", C4 Ardeshir, a desert tribe chieftain, is battling one of the champions of the Desert King. They are fighting in an ancient ruin in the Wither Woods, the which is rumored to have been the place where Kaligem signed the first treaty with the Cresentthorn elves. Al’Meter has detailed a pair of his elves to watch over the duel. Ardeshir has managed to disarm his opponent and is now only a heartbeat away from plunging his fearsome weapon into the chest of his foe. My entry to Warzone 11: The Battle for Cresentthorn’s Favor in the Kaliphlin civil war. UoP credits claimed: Forest [Geography]
  21. Trial of Haxtarus Counter guerrilla build for the High Council against Ulandus, zone C5. Haxtarus, ruler of Cefivia, a location on the outskirts of the Witherwoods, has betrayed the High Council and handed over control of his territory to Ulandus. High Council soldiers have seized him and he is now facing trial and most probably execution for his treason. In any case, the treaty with Ulandus is declared null and void. UoP credits claimed: Courtroom [Trade and Law] Counter to guerrilla attack Signing A Treaty by Kai NRG: For the Republic!
  22. Patterns of light shifted over the surface of the ground as the branches above Adira's head waved in the wind. To her right a tall stone pillar stood solidly amongst the swaying trees. Letting her hand pass over it's rough, weathered surface, she let her mind linger on the story of it's beginning, of how it had been placed there by the ancient Cresenthorn elves and the men of the High Council to commemorate their alliance. Who would have known an alliance made by elves would be so fragile... “Captain, the dual is about to begin.” Adira turned to see Udgr standing in front of her, at attention. She returned his salute and looked past him to where the (very ugly) Cresenthorn elf was finishing up attempting to understand the half-intelligible grunts of the Desert King minotaur that made up the opposing party. Adira eyed his huge, spiked war-club nervously. “Do you have a strategy, Sargent Udgr?” The wiry orc broke into a wide grin, revealing two rows of yellow, cracked teeth. “Yes captain. Don't get hit, get in close, strike hard. From the look of him, he'll probably swing first, leaving himself open. If not, I'll find some other way.” Adira felt dubious, but she concealed her apprehension. “Ok, but if you have the chance, spare the Minotaur’s life. Our friends the Rudaur would appreciate that.” The elf put his book down and motioned Udgr to begin. The orc managed a quick salute to Adira before turning toward the Minotaur, sword drawn. The Minotaur, wearing only a pair of pants, stepped forward and took a defensive stance about fifteen paces away. For a few seconds neither moved. Just as Adira was beginning to think that Udgr's presumption would not come about the Minotaur let out a bellow and charged his footsteps shaking the earth as he neared. Udgr didn't flinch. Just as the Minotaur's war-club was about to hit the orc's head, Udgr ducked beneath it, letting it pass a mere few inches above his head, on of the spikes almost snagging on his hood. Fast as lightning, Udgr stepped in toward the Minotaur and sliced at his side. But as fast as Udgr was, the Minotaur was faster. Using his former momentum, he brought his weapon back just in time to block Udgr's blade with his handle. Then, while Udgr was still recuperating, he swung again at the orc, this time at his chest. Udgr leaped back, in a desperate attempt to dodge the blade. Adira shut her eyes, waiting for the sickening sound of cracking ribs. It never came. Adira opened her eyes just in time to see Udgr leaping through the air at the unbalanced Minotaur, blade raised. Surprise entered the Minotaur's eyes at seeing his opponent alive and at his throat. He made a move to bring up the handle of his war-club to block the incoming blade, but it was already too late. There was a thud as Udgr's legs slammed into the Minotaur's chest, sending him hurtling to the ground. The earth shifted underneath Adira's feet as the Minotaur landed, the orc astride him. For a few fateful seconds Udgr's blade hovered over the Minotaur's neck, then he slowly stood, sheathing his sword. The elf was running up now, waiving his hands, like that would make a difference. Udgr offered the Minotaur a hand, only to leap back out of the way as the creature nearly bit it off. He sidled over to where Adira stood, his eyes lingering on the red-eyed creature, which stared at the orc furiously, completely ignoring the outraged yelling of the elf official. “Poor creature. He has long been a slave of the Desert King, no doubt. I wish we could save him.” “We may yet, Udgr.” Adira answered her mind elsewhere. We may yet win this war, but it would be a miracle. Da build. Ok, so that tree trunk is weird, I get it, but it's the only full dinosaur tail I own, so... live with it. I'll put it under the “Exotic” category. The landscaping I like, though I couldn't do much with it because of the size. The Pillar... tell me what you think. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wow, no new UoP claims... I need to branch out!
  23. This is a counter to Lord Dan's Guerrilla: http://www.eurobrick...96#entry2185522 POV: Adira Magdeburg. Shadows flickered across the walls, matching the flickering of the flames on either side of the door. Adira's footsteps echoed across the dimly lit hall as she, Sirhan, and an orc Sergeant named Udgr followed a nervous young fire priest toward a shallow depression in the floor in which was situated a low stone table. The man stepped swiftly down a short flight of steps leading to the table. Adira followed, along with Udgr, her hardened leather boots making strange notes on the alternating stone and metal steps. At the bottom a ring of the strange, green metal bordered the low table. “Where is the entrance to the crypt?” Adira asked, keeping her voice at a whisper. The priest removed a large golden key from beneath his mail and tossed it on the table. “You're looking at it.” After a few more moments silence he elaborated. “This key unlocks the door, which opens out of this table. The artifacts are down there.” “How do we know you are not going to shut us down in there as soon as we walk through?” Udgr demanded. “How do I know you will not turn me over to the Desert King's operative?” The priest asked. “Believe me, we the common priests are not so driven by greed as those traitors on the Council. We still maintain a sense of honor, and we will not be brought under the banner of an Undead Tyrant for the price of a few trinkets!” “Then show us where the key-hole is and get us out of here before your shift is done.”Adira said impatiently. “And remember to say everything we told you to say. The Desert King took back the artifacts at knife-point, and told you it was the High Council that did it.” “Do not worry about me, I have this covered. You do your part, I'll do mine.” The priest placed the key into a nearly invisible key-hole and then gave a mighty twist. A dull thud sounded and a slab of stone rose out of the middle of the table, as if by magic. Udgr leaped onto the table and stared down it a second before entering. Sirhan was about to follow but Adira signaled for him to stay up above and watch the priest. Scowling, he complied. Adira stepped up onto the table and followed Udgr down a long flight of stone steps into darkness. The build. If any of you thought “sci-fi” when you first saw this build, then congratulations! 1,000 kudos or something. This build is a convertible from a sci-fi build on Mocpages, so that explains the lack of good stonework and the ultra-smooth floor. I did have to add the wooden door, switch the profile bricks around, and make a more medieval style table, and I think it worked. Anyhow, please give me your critiques/criticisms. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to receive UoP credit for: 1. Architecture: Wall techniques: SNOTed tile stonework.
  24. Warzone 8: The Battle for the Trade Lanes Location: L11 Who Can Participate: Ulandus and High Council (Unless A path is opened up by the Desert King before the end of the minichallenge) Terrain: This is the very tip of the Qar-Akhen River Delta, the wetlands often change, and there is no solid ground for long. The deep swamps have reeds and small trees, but usually nothing large. This zone is also part of the Great Southern Ocean. There are few outer islands that stand beyond the delta, some of these have rudimentary lighthouses to help guide ships to Ras-El-Akhen or into the river so that they may journey to Qarkyr. The location is important because it helps control river traffic, and troop supply. History: This region has been part of the maritime trade-ways longer than there has been a written language to record the ships that have passed by and up the Great River of Life. Although no major settlement is within this region, it has always been important strategically. Mini-challenge: Whereas large armies really cannot make their way through the swamps, and large troop transports try to avoid the shifting outlets of the river unless they have to, this battle will be fought by small parties. The High Council is looking to expand out from Ras-El-Akhen, and fight back against the large Ulandian wave that has engulfed the Southern Coast. Small boats travel amongst the reeds to take out temporary camps of First Centurion’s men within the delta. At Sea, the Ulandians dominate, as their navy has dispatched many small water craft to the region to stop all merchants and determine their loyalties. The builders should depict a battle within the reeds of the delta, or just offshore in the slightly deeper waters. It should be clear that your side has won the battle. Secondary judging category: Best water. Winner of this title will become “Aquanaut of Kaliphlin” Restrictions: High Council: 16x16 Ulandus: 32x32 Due Date: April 19th WARMAP318 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  25. The sun cast thick blankets of heat down toward the shimmering surface of the swamps at the southern-most tips of the Delta near Ras-El-Akhen. Only occasional breaths of wind came from the sea, and those didn't help much as far as the temperature was concerned. But the heat didn't bother Agel. Agel stared out over the expanse of swamp-land, his eye-lids drooping to the point of where they would appear shut to any casual observer. But they were not shut. Even in this state of restfulness Agel was as alert as if he were in a private audience with the First Centurion himself. Not that he would ever get near the First Centurion, or want to. He was a Leander from mainland Ulandus. He had grown up using the name of the First Centurion synonymously with the words Tyrant, and Oppressor. Everyone in his little village knew that those of their kind who “Visited the First Centurion” never returned, not that they could do much about it. Yet the rural Leanders never spoke his name without including the traditional spit. “They come.” Agel turned to see his mentor and main companion, Dijhar, standing a short ways off, his small recurve bow and one arrow in hand. Agel nodded and returned to surveying the landscape. They still had a few minutes, Dijhar always gave several minutes warning. It was Dijhar who had originally recruited Agel to join the High Council Guerrillas, all that time ago. When Agel's father was “hired” by a rich Ulandan Merchant, his mother feared the same would happen to him, so everyone was relieved when a distant uncle of his mother's stopped by and volunteered to take care of the lad. This “taking care of”, as Agel soon found out, involved a large amount of Guerrilla warfare, something the Leanders were expert at. Not that he minded much. A familiar squishing sound reached Agel's ears, from somewhere behind. Humans. Agel turned to see the bottom half of a Ulandan soldier passing on the other half of the stone pillar he was leaning against, their boots making the squelching sound made by humans unaccustomed to the to the mosses of the swamp-lands. One of them began to speak. “Darinthus, why is it that whenever I ask you a direct question you act as if you didn't hear? Is acting spiteful the best thing you can do with your time?” There were two of them. The one with a goatee was the one who spoke. Agel watched with interest as they continued. “Hmm?” The other, Darinthus, glanced up from whatever it was he was studying on the ground. “See!” The goatee man said, clearly annoyed. “You are illustrating my point exactly!” “What point?” Darinthus looked quite confused, as befitted the strangely shaped head that each of his kind seemed to like. “IN THE NAME OF ALL THE GODS!!!!!!” There was a splash as Darinthus stumbling in surprise, tripped over a vine, and fell into a small pool, barely as wide as him, yet deep enough for him to sink up to his waste. The goatee man threw up his hands in exasperation. “Of all clumsy fools in the word, you are the worst Darinthus!” Darinthus climbed up out of the sinkhole, his face showing his anger. “Well if ye hadn't hollered at me like ye did I wouldn't have felled in!” “Excuses, excuses. I'm tired of your constant excuses!” The goatee man waved off his companion's replies as if they were flies. A signal from Dijhar caught Agel's attention. The time had come. Sneaking forward, Agel readied his thick, short blade. He paused behind a small chunk of stone, the last cover between him and Ulandans, glancing back at Dijhar. The old cat nodded. Agel turned back and took a deep breath. With a single bound Agel leaped over the stone, uttering an earsplitting yowl, the trademark call of the Leander Guerrillas. The two Ulanders spun around, surprise written all over their faces, and brought their spears up to bear. Behind him Agel could hear Dijhar making enough racket to be mistaken for at least a dozen Guerrillas. The first Ulandan, Darinthus, made a clumsy thrust at Agel's neck. Agel easily sidestepped the spear and sliced at the man's torso, his well-sharpened blade sliding into a crack between two parts of the Ulandan's armor, and sinking into his side. The man doubled over in pain, whether real or imaginary, only to be pierced through the neck by one of Dijhar's arrows. Agel spun, just in time to dodge a thrust from the other Ulandan, bringing his blade down on the Ulandan's neck. The man crumpled, proof that Agel had hit his spine, just as Dijhar emerged from behind the stone block to dispatch of the Ulandan he had already taken down with his arrow. Agel delivered the death-blow and stood, panting, over his kill. Turning toward Dijhar, Agel prepared himself for the regular lecture that always accompanied their exploits, whether they be the killing of Ulandans, or the starting of a fire. Dijhar stared thoughtfully at the slain man lying next to Agel, his kill. “That one almost made a corpse of you. If you hadn't turned you back to him, you could have kept an eye on him, anticipate him. That yell also alerted them a second or two earlier then necessary. A few seconds can often mean the distance between life and death.” Agel nodded mutely, letting the words pass over his head. Dijhar abruptly turned and started back toward their campsite. Agel had to hurry to catch up with the older cat's fast lope. They remained silent as they traversed the swamplands, their current home. Agel allowed his mind to wander, let it bring his mind to memories of the past, and thoughts of the future. 'I wonder when we'll leave this God-forsaken marshland? Probably not until every single Ulander is annihilated, then we'll do the same somewhere else until we both make some fatal mistake... Yep. That's our life.' The build. So I'll just say it now, just in case your wondering, this build did eat up pretty much every single olive piece I own. All of my Olive. (Sorry, had to pull that one). Anywho, I hope you enjoyed the story, despite it's apparent complete lack of characterization. Just another character to use for different warzones. If I win, then I would like to have square D3 as the next warzone. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! I would like to claim UoP credit for: Trees: my third technique. Geography: swamps.