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  1. I love the detail on the armor plating, especially on the front of the tank. Great job.
  2. The barbarian in series 11 is undoubtedly based on Conan the Barbarian:
  3. In most cases same pieces have the same first 2 design numbers. In fact, these two numbers might be related to the piece type.
  4. It's a very good design, very compact and powerful at the same time The maximum image size allowed on Eurobricks is 1080x768
  5. Just a tip for the future: If you link the URL of each image on Brickshelf directly, you will not need to wait for the files to be open to the public. Click the 'Image' button and you can paste the URL to get the image in your post instantly.
  6. It is usually used for mounting worm gears, like this:
  7. Make the steering tighter on the front wheels and only use rear wheel drive Gear those XLs up That's probably the best way to achieve drift
  8. anton1678

    Guess that movie!

    I'm pretty sure that's from the Thomas Crown Affair I remember that painting
  9. Who knows anything about the B-Models so far? 42032 has a pretty nice one, is that a pneumatics cyclinder I see on the crane arm? Also, are pictured for all the models for 2015 1H supposed to be on the original post? If so, could the mods post the pictures for the sets not on there, like 42033
  10. This is a paint that leaves a 'layer' on your pieces, but it bonds well to plastic and is chip resistant once dry.
  11. From what everyone is saying on this, you'd think TLG is purposely trying to mislead us with these snapshots. (I'm not saying they aren't ) I've found a ball joint on this, another sign of possible steering. It's right where you'd think a ball joint would be on this One of those knobs in the middle might actually be used for the steering, like previously suggested, because there should only be 3 knobs for the crane One is on the crane (black 12t bevel gear) One is on the base of the crane (tan 20t bevel gear) One is the black 12t bevel gear on top of the black 2L axle extension This leaves one remaining knob (black 2L axle extension), doesn't it?
  12. This shock absorber looks like it is directly connected to the body, and it looks like it would restrict most forms of steering It looks like there's some sort of movable joint connected to the track, there's a red 2L axle visible in connection That might allow movement for steering, but it really depends on how it's connected to the body
  13. I thought that might be something to do with steering, but they are also on the back treads if you look closely This is probably an extra way to hold it together
  14. If it could steer, they would make it visible in the photo, tilting the tracks or rotating them. I was thinking about how they could put something like rotating tracks in, but those shock absorbers seem like they are restricting such movement