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Found 6 results

  1. paupadros

    [MOC] Canal Lock

    Welcome aboard the little narrowboat! Hi everyone! Haven't been very active lately, but I do lurk . Anyway, after 2 years! I've finished another custom modular building, my thirteenth! This model began from wanting to have a modular that you can easily interact with. My models have rarely had much motion, so I wanted to have a go! I chose to build a lock because I love all kinds of infrastructure and because I could come with with a nice industrial cityscape, something I had wanted to build for a while. Coming up with a good layout was quite difficult because there are a few limiting factors. You need to connect to other modulars on either side with a continuous pavement, while having to go over the canal, leaving enough clearance for the boats and leaving space under for the mechanism. Finding a reliable and compact mechanism took a lot of work. I ended up with a design with design four vertical worm gears that activate an axle lift with bushes. It can get jammed from time to time, hence why the gears are easily accessible. Mechanism: If you want to take a closer look at it, I have the CAD uploaded to Mecabricks. I take suggestions as to how to make the mecahnism simpler, because it's currently quite gear-heavy. Interiors: The ground floor of the building has a little ticket shop in front and the exposed mechanism for the lock behind, so both minifigures and builders can access it! If you've seen my models previously, you know interiors is something I can struggle with, especially when I have too much room to work with. This is probably my favourite interior of mine. It's a cosy cinema, with a camera build I'm quite proud of. The grandpa and kid seem to be playing a Lego version of Casablanca. I wonder if it's a reference to anything... Finally, under the roof, there is a bit of a cluttered mess. This area is accessed via a retractable ladder from the cinema, so it's only natural things get forgotten up here! I quite like the candle build here. I've also always wanted to add cobwebs to a modular, but never had the space to do it! Architecturally, it takes cues from industrial architecture in England (such as the Camden Lock, the Birmingham Canals...), America (such as the Distillery District in Toronto) and especially architecture from the Hanseatic cities in northern Europe (Speicherstadt in Hamburg, L├╝beck..., the first being a major inspiration), but as usual, I get the gist of the building without copying exact details from the reference material. I've uploaded the model to the Bricklink Designer Program. This is the fourth time I've tried it without much luck, so I'm not too hopeful, but we'll see! I was already designing this when the oportunity came up, so I thought, might as well! I genuinely think this would be a great product. The techniques are interesting, and the end result is sturdy. A modular with as little building as this would not get released as an official model, but maybe through this program it might! Hope you like it.
  2. Inspired by the release of the planetary hubs and the diff lock idea from Zetors I decided to create a proper, realistic Tatra 8x8 with the following goals: Use of planetary hubs - Keeping it realistic, so no portal ones No load bearing axles - Most other models used the same drive axle to also hold the half-axles in place which increased friction in the driveline Realistic steering setup - Using a smillar mechanism the real trucks use Differential locks on all wheels - Each axle has it's own diff lock + a central one Here's what I came up with so far... The concept uses the blue bevel gears to transfer the power to the half-axles without spinning the pivot axle. This also allows for wheels to turn at different speeds when cornering. Once the power is transfered to the half-axles an additional gearing is used before the power is delivered to the wheel. Total gearing on half-axles alone is 1:9. Differential locks work by locking one of the differential's output to the main drive axle. As mentioned before all 4 axles have lockable differentials along with the central differential. Steering uses a couple of 9L links turned by the turntable acruated by an 8 tooth gear. This setup provides the front axles with slightly different steering angles. The model will probably powered with 4 of the BuWizz motors. Total gear ratio is 1:21 which should give the model around 900-1000 Ncm torque. I think the concept looks very promising so far and I will keep on building it virtually until I'm confident enough to order parts.
  3. Hi there, While building a small rc car using a RIM 55982 (18 x 14) I needed a way to lock the wheels to be able to drive it with a motor. Almost started drilling holes ..... and then, after removing the tire, it turned out there is a little notch inside the wheel. Looks like it is a space for a tiny piece of plastic to slide in, to lock the axle to the wheel. Exactly what I'm looking for! Have I missed something? Is there a LEGO part that fits this notch and locks the wheel? Or should I make it myself.
  4. I have been thinking of putting my safes on Eurobricks for quite a while, and I've finally got around to doing it, thanks to the interest from @Leonard Goldstein. So, starting with the smallest... 1. Micro Combination safe Size: 4 x 6 x 6 1/3 studs. Instructions: No. Digital Model: Yes, for LDD. Video: Yes, see below. Photos: Video: 2. Mini Lock with key Size: 6 x 6 x 2 2/3 studs (not including shackle). Instructions: Yes, available on Rebrickable. Digital Model: Yes, for LDD, LDraw, and Video: Yes, see below. Photos: Video: 3. Mini Combination safe Size: 6 x 8 x 7 2/3 studs. Instructions: Yes, available on Rebrickable. Digital Model: Yes, for LDraw. Video: Yes, see below. Photos: Video: 4. Big Combination safe Size: 8 x 16 x 9 2/3 studs. Instructions: No. Digital Model: Yes, for LDD. Video: No Photos: That's all I've got for now, though I do plan to make some more (bigger/better) safes and (better) locks in the future...
  5. Hello everyone, I have many old sets which are using this differential and as you can see, you can easily create differential lock using part But I was wondering - is there any official set which actually uses this parts combination?