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  1. i expected nothing less from the master of monorail! in all seriousness though awesome monorail that chain drive looks insane to come up with
  2. XG BC

    LEGO Trans Europ Express VT 11.5.

    this is an insanely good moc and a really sweet backstory! awesome!
  3. here are the pictures! the servo is mounted facing down and is screwed into the drive facing crossaxle hole of the technic liftarm thin 1x3 and is facing with its output shaft down on its output shaft there is a 12 tooth bevel gear screwed in ontop of a servohorn with the horn part removed to act as a spacer. I followed the method on how to mod one of these servos but i have removed the controll board entirely and soldered two of the three wires of the servo cable directly to the motor so it is a super compact dc motor with gearbox. I made multiple variants front wheel drive like the powerfunctions one, rearwheel drive which is better Imho and mid mounted just like the original monorail system. without further ado here are the pics: rear wheel drive: front wheel drive: and finaly mid mounted: sorry that all of these are just screenshots but i really dont have a good location to take pictures. if you need the files they are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ve1we7dixzi8jal/Monorail motor car mitte.io?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/9k2eq126y3koiv2/Monorail motor car servoantrieb heckantrieb.io?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9k2eq126y3koiv2/Monorail motor car servoantrieb heckantrieb.io?dl=0
  4. Guys i now have developed a motor solution tnat i can make even smaller i will post pictures of it tomorrow. it involves a modded cheap chinese tower pro sg90 servo but sadly isnt the king of speed. now the only thing limiting getting smaller are those dang batteries! ;-)
  5. XG BC

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    really awesome train! looks very realistic!
  6. why not just load up studio and try to make the smallest loco possible with this motor you will be surprised how small you can go!
  7. XG BC

    [WIP] Merseyrail Class 777 EMU - Stadler Metro

    i personaly think that the bottom left picture of the designs you built in real bricks looks best (the one with the slope pointing down). it in my opinion atleast looks closest to the real thing!
  8. i can only second this when the motor is going to release am am definitely going to buy one!
  9. XG BC

    Rolling Stock

    great model! if you are planning on making a rolling version i would like to see it go through curves that has to look so strange.
  10. very nice train I especcially like the coaches. You could try studio for digital lego building since its very similar and has all the modern parts.
  11. XG BC

    [WIP] EF210 137

    you absolutley did i dont know of any bricks that capture this shape either maybe you could try something with stacking plates to create the shape?
  12. I have tried dae but it looses color so thats not an option but ldraw and then importing it into blender works but is a little buggy.
  13. I mean their apus still use the vega architecture which does have opencl btw Is there any way to render the models using an external programm to render them which supports opencl?
  14. Ok then sadly my only option is to use cpu rendering because i have a laptop with an amd ryzen 3700u apu and therefore cannot change to the green side :-(. Thanks for the help anyways!
  15. Hello Guys I need your help: Do you know of any way to render bricklink studio models using an amd gpu with opencl?