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    Guggenheim museum

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    Lego GBC, Skilifts/ropeways (other ski related stuff aswell), Trains in 4-7 wide, Monorails and mini Models!


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  1. XG BC

    2022 Winter Village Tram w 9v Train Motor?

    3 Weeks isnt old here i have bumped my own posts from like a year ago.
  2. XG BC

    2022 Winter Village Tram w 9v Train Motor?

    maybe use a normal powerfunctions/powered up train motor and this for power pickup from the rails: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/191833-9v-power-pickups/
  3. XG BC

    [MOC] 1930's Tram "Eletrico de Sintra"

    only one word i have to describe this: lovely!
  4. XG BC

    Thinking about a monorail project

    been a while bzt would work too. basic bricks have been available then as have technic axles and gears right?
  5. i made a mini version of the akiyuki catch and release module: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/88296-gbc-general-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=3632843
  6. edit: since the hyperlinks didnt work i will now link that post directly: https://www.doctor-brick.de/threads/mini-gbc.19227/ hope this resolves the issue.
  7. XG BC

    [MOC] My LEGO Renfe S-130

    honestly it will be fine as long as the roof has some structural integrity.
  8. Buggy motor (maybe multiple) can be fast enough i think.
  9. XG BC

    Coal mine

    having been to czech republic can confirm nice country. and good auto mechanics too that fixed a mk4 golfs window that dropped. 10/10 would recommend visiting. also home of my favourite electronics youtuber, diodegonewild. awesome model aswell of course.
  10. XG BC

    vienna tram rectifier car

    you know what? not that stupid of an idea tbh. for a track feeder especially. but either way here is the fenced in car:
  11. XG BC

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    lets go. so lego designed a g gauge model?
  12. XG BC

    vienna tram rectifier car

    ...and done (atleast the wagon)
  13. XG BC

    vienna tram rectifier car

    todays progress, i am not done yet, still need to iron out some details (mostly the rear side windows)
  14. XG BC

    vienna tram rectifier car

    everything including the fencing and the shroud where the cables go. actually the carrige is the substation. it contains all the equipment necessary the only thing that has to be provided externally is the high voltage supply.