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  1. powder12321

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    I really like that C-model! It have both- functions, and nice look without many holes and gasps. Actually, I never saw any of those in real life, but i know that they exists
  2. I'm actually making roller AND water coaster as one ride, with one cart :D I have some skills in using foil to make water stay in lego, i once make a fountain-river and it worked. Unfortunetlly i dont have pictures of it.
  3. Thanks. Today I'll start building, so a wip topic should appear on afternoon/tomorrow, I think my ride is going to be very unique.
  4. Thanks for replies @Jim When you will know the water rules please @ping me, thanks in advance. I hope that putting whole model in a bath/pool is ok as it's not certainly part of it?
  5. Hello! I have 2 questions about TC14, first is - can model use water in it, and the second one is about keeping water - if I will put model in plastic box/bath/whatever to store water and fill with it do this count as thirdy parts which are not allowed? Eventually can I use kitchen foil and mount it with bricks?
  6. powder12321

    [TC12] [WIP] "Panther"

    RC motor & subtractor part Double suspension system Subtractor by @Sariel Next update? Next weekend because of my trip to hungary.
  7. powder12321

    [TC12] [WIP] "Panther"

    I will add photos tommorow. I didnt do it before because i want to finish chasic.
  8. Hello, because i can't end my current model right now, i will made my entry for TC12 contest. I started building it today, but the photos may be next week because of my trip. Main things: -Tank style tracks -Porsche or Ferrari style (but my own) body -Subtractor with RC motor. Wacky Functions? You will see
  9. powder12321

    [GBC] Ball Catcher

    I also agree.
  10. powder12321

    [GBC] Ball Catcher

    I liked the idea, i just think you can make the part wich you select where the ball goes ( on field or straight thru machine) automatizated so some ball always goes and some are to play with them.
  11. powder12321

    [MOC] Passenger Airplane (Jetliner)

    But where are the windows
  12. OK! It's upgrade time! This time with better Quality! Overlook: Connection on back: OPEN: Close: And started work on the cabin: Any ideas for improvements?
  13. powder12321

    [MOC] Passenger Airplane (Jetliner)

    Nice idea! I also want to end my tractor ASAP But it will teke some time :)
  14. I think about it because its like third or fourth time i rebiuld the stering mechanism...