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  1. sadly Dluders banned, I MIS HIM! why is he banned?

    1. Mechbuilds


      Weird how he did nothing wrong and got banned. I see no negativity or flaming on hes posts.

  2. I always liked Jurgen Krooshoop's Small RC Yellow Racecar and Small RC Red Racecar:
  3. That's a nice find, Daniel! Maybe The Lego Group can make something like this as a future Technic set....
  4. @ nicjasno: I like how you're willing to cut the Lego plastic with wire cutters and your lathe.
  5. Since 2010, there have been Lego Technic Challenges. For 2010 and 2011, they were monthly challenges to build a particular type of creation. Then in 2012, The Lego Group had a competition to design a different body to the 4x4 Crawler. All of the competitions were on the Technic.Lego.com website. There have been no specifics yet for a possible 2013 Technic Challenge. I bet The Lego Group is seeing how fast the 41999 4x4 Crawler sells out before thinking of a suitable contest that would attract lots of entries.
  6. There are some nice details on that big rig:
  7. On LUGPol, Piotrek839 describes his Lego Technic Terminator 3 MOC in detail. Here it is in the original Polish and in this English translation (where you can change the translation language to best fit your country). Specifications Height - 70 cm Weight - 3.6 kg 2 motors XL - walking 1 servo - body balance 1 motor M - trade body Two motors M - moving his head in two planes 1 motor M - raising the left forearm 1 motor L - Drive weapons 4 towers IR 2 battery packs 2 switches One light
  8. Rise of the Machines! That has got to be the most motorized Lego Terminator ever. :thumbup: I like the rotating torso, gun turret, and flexible drivetrains powering the weapon.
  9. @ Rishab N: Those Team Losi 1.9 Mini Rock Crawler Tires will fit the Lego 44772 wheels just fine, since they fall within the recommended 37-48mm width range. They have an Outside Diameter of 3.78" (98mm) and a width of 1.48" (37.8mm). The price you found is SUPER LOW, so get a set! As stated on this Eurobricks post, 1nxtmonster used two pairs of Team Losi "1.9 Mini Rock Claw´╗┐ Tire, Blue (2)" on his Lego Technic , and discovered that they were VERY INEXPENSIVE on Amazon.com and fit on the standard Lego 44772 wheel. They normally sell for a lot more on the Team Losi website.
  10. @ That_LEGO_Guy: Welcome to Eurobricks! Your MOC looks good:
  11. The Lego Group is a privately-held company, and it does not release its exact sales figures. The "limited edition" sets are an exception. Occasionally, TLG releases Annual Reports talking about general percentage of sales increases, but nothing specific. The owners are UBER RICH.
  12. WOW! It will be great to someday get Building Instructions for Dikkie Klijn's masterpiece! You make a great team! :thumbup:
  13. DLuders

    12V motor

    @ Good old Lego builder: You can download all four Lego Technic Idea Books in PDF format via the SkyDrive hyperlinks below: 8888 Lego Technic Idea Book (Expert Builder) from 1980 (100 pages, 9.5 MB PDF document) 8889 Lego Technic Idea Book (116 pages, 23.8 MB PDF document) 8890 Lego Technic Idea Book (52 pages, 4 MB PDF document) 8891 Lego Technic Idea Book (100 pages, 14 MB PDF document)
  14. DLuders

    Technic Tank

    It's great that the Eurobricks maximum picture size has been increased (up from the measly 800x600 pixels that Sinner had stated on this Eurobricks Member Guidelines topic).
  15. DLuders

    12V motor

    Here is a ToysPeriod.com inventory of the Lego 880 Supplementary Set; Rebrickable has one too. BrickPicker.com says that the Lego 12V motor is worth USD $26. Maybe you can take the motor down to your local auto repair shop, where they could mark the shaft with a white mark and shine a Timing Strobe Light onto the rotating shaft to see how fast it turns....