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  1. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    What a masterpiece! Amazing... So glad to see it finished. it's only missing..... A video Ps. HOF
  2. Seller stated as Used, but there is not any trace of play - No scratches, cables/connections in mint condition-, I mean, seems like they were for a display model (42030)
  3. My last bargain was not "wow" but it's something: 4 PF motors (M,L,XL, Servo) for 44USD free shipping
  4. General Part Discussion

    Hmm....Is that wheel in white?
  5. Official Images of some sets (Not sure if pics are so big)
  6. Hi This is my entry for the Freighter Wars Contest . When it was announced, I seem an opportunity to build not your regular Technic model and I really enjoyed the experience This model is based on the YT-2400 Outrider,. As you may see, it has some modifications as the color scheme, canons instead turrets and a longer rear of the cockpit (I don't know how it is called) My main goal was built it with only existent Technic parts and make all details with Technic pieces, avoiding System parts as possible. In the end I used a LA, perpendicular connectors, towballs, axles, busshes etc for the details and only 5 tiles and 3 dishes. Also I wanted to create the body an getting the shape using Panels as much as I could to give an uniform, sleek appearance. (The new 3x13 curved panel in black was really useful) Since there is not a room and time due contest for functions, the only one is function is rotating canons using the central vent of the rear as knob. The model was partially built in real life, but I ran out of pieces because it was a side project. Also the color combination was really bad (White and bright green) So decided to finish it on LDD - despite all difficulties of building with Technic on LDD - and then this color combination comes that really pops out and is possible to build in real life. Unfortunately, right know is not possible for my to build it, since a lack so many black panels..... Someday... For now there are some pics/renders . Hope you like it
  7. Technic Pub

    Yeah! The GT90... I know this car thanks to NFS2 ... Also the Ford Indigo is another "classic"
  8. [MOC] Porsche 918 Spyder

    The car looks pretty good. As some advice, the bottom corners of the rear should be more round, and in overral all the rear. The trick is to place the panels in different angles using angle connectors AND bend liftarms/beams placed in angle connection
  9. Guys.... A preliminary picture of 1H 2018 Sets has been leaked! I could have posted some info on the 2018 Thread but It is locked ... Anyway, seems like we have a MACK truck as flaghship
  10. This. So the best candidate should be Chris Harris
  11. Thanks for the review and taking the time to make it... Personally I would not waste 2 building hours plus editing, rendering etc for such bad and ugly model About the B-Model: It happens when 1.The set does not come with enough variety of pieces 2.The main model is unfinished 3.The set has an ulgy color combination. I remember some interviews where the designers said they build the main model thinking to make a proper B Model, but seems like It is not the case - It comfirms the 0.6Kgs of unused parts -. Talking about unused parts, most of them are big or long pieces - beams, liftarms, gear racks etc. - so the use of them is limited .... Simply the problem is: This set does not have enough versatile pieces! Just compare the inventory with the 42069´s. Definetly is very strange to see how the quality of all 2017 models is so uneven and how the flagship is not on pair with other flagships ...... I am sill wondering how TLG aproved this model as the flagship of the 40th Technic Anniversary(!). The 40th Anniversary is something we should take in mind if we are going to judge the sets of this year. Ok, Lego is a toy and the main audience are kids, BUT if you are commemorating the 40th Anniver. Means you also are thinking in AFOLs, people who growed up with and collected a 8480, 8880, 8455, 8043, 8110.... So if you want to give some respect for the long-term fans, AFOLs, then, create and release something spectacular! And for the kids ,even a second hand 8043 is so much better in terms of playability Oh well, atleast the 2H 2016 are still on sale
  12. @r12ax7 42053 suits perfectly for your kid. I feel the helicopter a bit big for him and the playability is limited . About 42053: Though the bucket is similar to 42043, you could mod the attachment and make proper excavator. You may need another big/long pneumatic cylinder
  13. There are many advantages of linkage over gear-racks: More interesting to build, less slack, and does not require extra alignment when two or more axles have steering (As you must do in 42009) So in the end, could be easier to follow the steps/instructions
  14. Speed builds of 42070 and 42069 brought by AustrianLegoFan 42069 42070 IMHO only the first stage (Gearbox) of 40270 seems interesting and enjoyable. The rest seems so simple and unfinished indeed The 42069 has interesting building techniques (especially in both axles and doors mechanism) Indeed the final result is satisfactory, with many attention to the details. It does not feel like the set was rushed PD. Could somebody please tell me how embedd videos in my posts?
  15. Thanks for the clear explanation,now everything seems logic . So, - with wheel hubs - I could not imagine driving forward and the bogies "turning" on the opposite direction - while it steps over an obstacle -... ...Poor axles But I do not have the Porsche ... Seems like the fun is not going to be with me...