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  1. That gearshift module is brilliant!. I like how the result is a compact and clean lever system at the bottom, in comparison to the version that uses the 9L link. I am building a Manual 6 speed gearbox, with a remote gearshift and this suits me perfectly and clearly in that case it brings many advantages over the regular method that uses a 9L Link. For example the force will be constant on every gear and you will not have the bottom ball joint sticking out to the sides when you move the stick sideways Thank you for sharing it!
  2. Would like the GMA T.50 but I know its´ not going to happen
  3. You can attach it, but the wheel will rub with the axle hub
  4. It´s confirmed that Grohl is the disegner of this set
  5. Does the new 24t-16t red differential mesh with the 20t double bevel gear with 16t side? I am wondering because the new differential protudes slightly on that side compared to the old version
  6. That was fast indeed. Thanks for the effort. Pretty nice review! What do you think about it's using the same gearbox and stepper mechanism of the Bugatti ?
  7. Wondering why Lego ditch the marriage stage and monocoque chassis. Agree with @Lipko, the chassis lacks elegance
  8. Personally the only mods I'd do are: 1. Center diff 2. Adjustable height ride 3. HoG 4. Optimized 7-speed gearbox 5. Re designing the door. They don't look right
  9. They used 7L soft axles. So, seems like they didn't want to bring back a 7L axle in black. _________ It appears that there is a lever mechanism to open the doors. Quite reminds me to the mechanism present on the Ferrari Enzo built coincidentally by Uwe
  10. "it seemed unfortunate to create a feature that simulates the intricate operation of an 8 speed transmision just to hide it inside the model. Thus, a small windows was palced on the lower part" I died with this. . Seems like it is the new feature this time Interesting how the gearbox is braced by the biggest technic frame available, BTW Using the same shifting mechanism of the Bugatti feels kinda lazy
  11. Lego revealed some official pictures on their website, and someone managed to get them before the site was down. Too bad that they used the same stepper mechanism from the Bugatti. I was expecting something new and different
  12. Who do you think is the designer? I bet it's Uwe Wabra
  13. I do not like that gap between the flex axle and front lights
  14. Well, that it has multiple shades of lime or color inconsistency