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  1. jensbrix

    Volcano RS Supercar

    After seeing these pictures, I'm also bigger fan of the new front. Can't wait for the instructions, at the moment I must say that this is the prettiest LEGO supercar I have yet to see. Astonishing bodywork and lines while still looking simple (eg. the body not being a mess of connectors and flex, which I often think some MOCs tend to be, no offense). Amazing work
  2. jensbrix

    Volcano RS Supercar

    It looks absolutely incredible, I like both versions of the front. Are there any chance of instructions for this beauty :) ?
  3. jensbrix

    [PORSCHE] Porsche Carrera GT

    Impressive MOC, one of the best so far! For some reason I always thought the Carrera GT was a flat 10, always good to learn something new :)
  4. Hello guys, This is what I've been working on for the past month or so, which will be my entry for the Porsche contest. It's of course one of the most succesful racing cars of all time, the 956. In the beginning of the 80's, it took 4 consecutive wins at Le Mans, before its successor, the 962, continued taking another few victories. The 956 and 962 still remained competitive into the 90's, and the 956 holds the 33-year old lap record of the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It's not finished yet, however I've reached the point where I know where most things has to go, and I will start rebuilding it and include the remaining features. It has: - 4 speed manual gearbox with shifter linkage - Flat 6 fake engine - Steering with steering wheel and HOG - Full independent suspension I choose to go with a very simple bodywork, partly because of the parts I have available, and partly because I like the chassis and its workings to be visible. The chassis is pretty rigid, and the car is easily picked up and moved by its roof. Next step is rebuilding it will all of its features, and add some details to the engine and chassis (exhausts, intercoolers, etc.), before taking some pictures with a proper camera for the contest entry :)
  5. Such an amazing build, I love watching the chassis and all of the axles used in rollcage, struts, etc. Too bad the curved panels aren't available in white yet, although I could hardly imagine it would take anything away from your entry :)
  6. I like it alot, simple yet recognizable in such small scale. Good job :)
  7. jensbrix

    Technic Pub

    Anyone here watching the 24H Le Mans? Glad to see Porsche on pole! Is it just me, or is the Audi the ugliest LMP ever?
  8. This is incredible, all those functions in this scale! Im especially fan of the adjustable ride height, have to try that out at some point :)
  9. I had an engineering internship down there 1½ year ago, it is so nostalgic to see this video :) Actually, 17:02 isn't the Technic designers, it is one of the main offices of the engineering department (lots of simulations, tests, etc. going on there)
  10. Yeah, I got that bit, but I didn't understand how they would get back in position again, without changing the gear back. I just found this video which shows it quite well, if anyone else is confused :)
  11. Are anyone able to give a good explanation of the shifting mechanism in the steering column? I have been looking at the instruction a few times by now, but unfortunately don't have the parts to fully recreate it, and I have a hard time understanding it. Thanks in advance :)
  12. jensbrix

    Lego Machine Gun

    Gotta love the slipknot to accompany it :)
  13. jensbrix

    [MOC] Lancia Stratos 1:8 Scale

    This is astonishing, probably my favourite rally car of all time, and you've recreated every bit so beautifully :)
  14. 9: 10 8: 6 5: 4 2: 3 17: 2 14: 1
  15. jensbrix

    [WIP] Megacar

    Amazing work here, this thread make me take apart my current supercar project just to rebuild the suspensions :) Looking forward to your updates!