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  1. I seem to remember Landino or Falconfan said as much in their Insta stories (albeit without set numbers), but I'll let them correct me here if I'm wrong. I like this one
  2. I guess the more accurate term would be 'Big' Fortuna
  3. Interesting developments! Nice to see a Quarren minifigure, even if it is just the one. It being based on the post-credits scene does fit better with the usual timeline for LEGO sets based on upcoming material, and since the show uses flashbacks a fair bit I suppose there is a chance we'll see these figures in the show at some point anyway.
  4. For a long time it was rumoured we'd get just two helmets out of Mando, Luke's Red 5 helmet and the Dark Trooper, but a month or two ago it was confirmed that all three would be on their way, by most of the usual reliable sources IIRC. I'm not sure where any set number disparity would come from, but it wouldn't be the first time similar sets have had numbers out of sequence.
  5. I think the Bad Batch's shuttle is an Omicron-class shuttle, right? Or would that be too small at this scale?
  6. As others have said, it was a subculture in London in the 50s and 60s (think the Who or the Kinks). I don't think 'mod' comes from the word modification, but they did have little vespa-type scooters often with lots of mirrors on them. I thought it was quite a cool inclusion personally.
  7. Sorry, I was referring to the Star Wars construction figures - I should've specified. I agree that that Maxilos set was great value for money incidentally, I've still got that somewhere! Have the Star Wars calendars always been noticeably more expensive than the other ones? I could be imagining it but I feel like the price has been gradually creeping further away from the City and Friends equivalent. I found the Mandalorian calendar to be a bit lacklustre for the price, so I might have to pass on getting one if it's even more expensive this year.
  8. 87 pieces for 30 bucks? Even by the standards of the constraction figures that's a woeful ratio. I mean a minifigure takes up four pieces minimum! 329 for $45 is not great either, although of course it depends what pieces are included. At least the other two seem a bit more sensible - 1062 pieces for $100 and 282 pieces in 75333 for $30.
  9. TeddytheSpoon

    Playing around with the 2022 snowtrooper battle pack/AT-AT expansion

    The prints between the two figures are virtually identical in terms of outlines, with the the black undersuit substituted for grey where appropriate on the Hoth trooper. The only difference aside from that is the addition of a hose coming from the backpack-type thing that's printed on the rear, I presume for some sort of heating system. Other than that it's the same excellent figure.
  10. And Mando S3, although assuming that airs in December I guess they'd be part of the winter 2023 wave.
  11. I think the 501st set released in April 2020 right? So that would be the first instance of a 'spring' release outside the May the 4th sets.
  12. TeddytheSpoon

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Yup, although I don't think Europe has had the same distribution issues that the US or Aus has had. On the website they're listed as out of stock though.
  13. TeddytheSpoon

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Picked up the battle pack, rebel trooper pack and clone pack in Leicester Square. I was half expecting them to have run out based on some other experiences on here, but they had loads.
  14. I believe they're March sets. I would expect them to be officially revealed once the series ends in mid February, as that would line up nicely with a March release.
  15. Oh yeah, the Falcon is another one I don't have... For the stock point I wonder if it's simply LEGO tightening up their logistics. I also remember being able to pick up sets long after they'd been retired (Titan XP for 40CHF 6 years after it disappeared from the LEGO catalogue being a particular highlight), but certainly that seems to happen less often these days. That said this was in often smaller independent toy shops, and those are definitely more scarce nowadays than they were 10 or 15 years ago.