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  1. I could see the cantina set being one of two things personally. Ponda Baba, Dr Evezan, Luke and mayber Wuher, all with the bar and the gubbins behind it, would be a pretty neat exclusive. But equally I could also see them being Brickheadz of Ponda and Evezan; wasn't last year's exclusive a pair of Brickheadz as well? Where did the $40 rumour for that come from?
  2. Simple answer: because that's where the money is. LEGO is a business at the end of the day, and while they make the odd strange decision, they're not going to turn a blind eye to massive markets. The sets and packaging are designed precisely not to be in the LEGO aisle of stores, and instead to be their own thing, quite different to being a toy. Sure, it sucks that we haven't got Exegol or a yellow lightsabre or phase 2 Cody (at least yet, I would almost expect at least one of those to show up in the next year or so), but the way I look at it, LEGO expanding to other areas of the market means they'll have more money to spend on phase 2 Cody, Rex, Exegol et al. And besides, if LEGO did what we wanted, we'd have nothing to complain about on here, and we can't be having that.
  3. I've said it a few times before, but I think this is another one of these sets that are for people who aren't into LEGO. People like us who frequent LEGO forums are not the target market here. I won't be buying one, even if I do think they look pretty great.
  4. All in favour of re-naming it the Thicc Separator? I'm already excited thinking of the ways people could include that in MOCs. The small orange one seems to be relatively popular for those.
  5. Wahey, called it! They look better than I was expecting, going with the round tiles instead of standard 1x1 plates gives it quite a unique look. Not sure why they gave some sets tiles and these two plates though. EDIT - just seen each set comes with a bespoke soundtrack! I presume this will be a podcast similar to what the Bugatti Chiron had?
  6. TeddytheSpoon

    [MOC] Kef Bir Sea Skiff - Rise of Skywalker MOC

    Thanks! I do worry that that delicacy may translate to real life as there's some slightly dodgy connections on there...
  7. Love that Scimitar, that might be the best mini version of that ship I've seen!
  8. I could see them giving Vader a red tint, but even then I agree that Maul is too colourful for that. Mind you, if that was the case you could probably make the third one Kylo Ren with his repaired mask, which would be pretty sweet.
  9. TeddytheSpoon

    Future Star Wars Sets

    To be fair there's a few battle packs I'd like to see get a remake similar to the Stormtrooper one we got last year. I'd love to see what they could do with the very first clone battle pack, or turning some of the two v two packs into full size packs, like the Endor troopers as @Mandalorianknight suggested.
  10. TeddytheSpoon

    [MOC] Kef Bir Sea Skiff - Rise of Skywalker MOC

    Thank you! It is technically minifigure scale, or at least my approximation of it, but I was surprised at how big it actually is. It does make sense when compared with the sizes of some other ships though.
  11. Hi everyone! I'd like to share a MOC I just completed from the Rise of Skywalker... Kef Bir Sea Skiff by TeddytheSpoon, on Flickr This is the vehicle that Rey uses to get to the DSII ruins on the ocean world of Kef Bir. Quite a tricky build due to the lack of source material, and one or two connections that might need fixing in the brick, but I'm happy with the result! Kef Bir Sea Skiff by TeddytheSpoon, on Flickr Just like in the movie, I've added some functionality to allow the starboard wing (outrigger?) to swing up and stabilise the ship. Kef Bir Sea Skiff by TeddytheSpoon, on Flickr A few more photos are on my Flickr - I might be adding some more soon.
  12. I'm a fairly recent convert to Stud.io, and have a question for some more seasoned users. I have a series of hinges at small angles to create a curve on a wing but can't get it to connect to the straight trailing edge (not a great design I know, but hey). I know LDD has a hinge align function, and I'm wondering if Stud.io has a similar one - as far as I've seen the closest thing is the Connect tool, which I haven't really got to grips with. I don't really want to work out the right angles and ratios!
  13. Never thought I'd be so glad we're getting new heads, not only as it's more accurate but it means more diverse skin tones for custom SW characters in MOCs. Win-win!
  14. My point was that AFOLs are not who LEGO is targeting with the 18+ sets. There was an interview on the Brothers Brick with one of LEGO's marketing people, and she said that they were trying to reach out to adults who are not fans of LEGO (ANFOL?), so we can infer that that market is bigger than the existing AFOL market. While there is obviously a market for the custom figures, I'm pretty sure the size of the market doesn't anywhere near warrant LEGO going out of their way to meet its needs, as it's just not worth the time and as a result money.
  15. TeddytheSpoon


    Very nice, looks like a great mash-up of all the existing walkers! Is this an in-universe design or one of your own?