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  1. Solid start to Mando S2, lots of really cool moments. To be honest I think we'll be doing the "what if that's the vehicle from 75299??" thing every episode.
  2. I was thinking of picking this up and swapping it to blue or phoenix squadron given its a bit easier on the wallet. Unless there are any printed details in there it shouldn't be too hard to colour swap parts, and realistically any OT x-wing is going to be from red squadron.
  3. That's what I like about the current canon 'rules' - you can think of the Legends stuff as just that, legends, that in-universe might have been passed down through hearsay and word of mouth rather than 'official' written records. It means that apart from contradictions you can almost pick and choose the bits of Legends that you like. There's what, eight episodes in a season? That would make the last Mando Monday mid-December, with a set that comes out in February. Possible, although I do feel like they'd wait until the season finishes. Maybe there'll be one last Mando Monday after the season finale.
  4. TeddytheSpoon

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I may have come across the wrong way - I agree completely with what you're saying! TPM is pretty well represented in the LEGO Star Wars line, perhaps what I meant is that TPM may not be the obvious choice for 'good vs bad' toys when compared with the Clone Wars era stuff, which is a bit more clear cut in that sense. I will never be disappointed with more TPM sets. As for the Naboo cruiser... I would of course love to see it represented, especially as it's such a central part of TPM's plot. The colour is the big issue; yes, flat silver would work, but even then I don't think it's particularly cheap to accomplish, especially in the numbers a set of that size would require. Since I'm lazy, does anyone know what recent sets have had the highest proportion or number of flat silver parts?
  5. @Makin Bacon 18 quid in fact! I picked one up cheap earlier this summer, it's a decent parts pack as well. It is listed as retiring soon on the site so if you have warriors want some scout troopers, now is the time.
  6. TeddytheSpoon

    Future Star Wars Sets

    A podrace microfighter twin-pack could be a good way of getting some of the more obscure characters. Aldar Beedo vs Gasgano, Dud vs Clegg Holdfast... You could have any combination.
  7. This I think is the root cause of most of the things you mentioned in your later post. For all the stick they get, the prequels were spread over 8 years, were properly planned and had a single creative vision behind them. The sequels were released within four years and with two or three different directions suggested by the directors. The result is what I'm gonna call story whiplash - going one way only to be pulled in another and then back again. They should've done something similar to the Mandalorian IMO and had a Favreau or Filoni in charge of the story, and you can have whatever director you want to give the film its own schtick. ANYWAY. I like the idea of the hero vehicle being the ITT looking thing from the second trailer. I reckon they could make it fit the $30ish price range well and you could easily have Mando, Greef, Cara and/or a scout trooper in there. I would also like to lend my support to anything GNK related.
  8. LEGO seems to really struggle with printing on orange for some reason. As for the rubber vs plastic, I imagine it's one of two things: either the figure has features that would be liable to snapping off easily (Labria's horns, Plo Koon's tendrils) or the rubber is easier to get into a mould to make sharper details. Purely speculating though. Star Wars has always been about merchandising, but I don't think the Disney era has been all bad. Eckhart's Ladder did a good video on this recently where he talked about the new things in Rogue One in comparison with the sequels, and it's almost night and day. Solo and Mandalorian have some cool additions to the universe as well. I do think that Disney+ and the High Republic stuff will lead to the Mouse taking more risks with Star Wars as the financial stakes are slightly lower, which can only be a good thing.
  9. TeddytheSpoon

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Tantive IV, in what will be probably be my last purchase for a while. Great set and a real looker, although there are a few annoying gaps that could do with being filled in.
  10. TeddytheSpoon

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'd add the podrace to that list. I think the lack of two big distinct factions works against TPM - rather than Republic vs Separatists or Rebellion vs Empire, it's a rag-tag group of Gungans, Jedi (even then there's only two of them and they don't really take part in the battle at large) and Naboo security forces vs Trade Federation. As a TPM fanboy this is a shame. That said I finished my Tantive IV yesterday and was just thinking I'd love to see an updated Radiant VII in a similar style.
  11. TeddytheSpoon

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I think the main difference is Bricklink prices tend to vary over time, and of course with multiple stores the shipping can add a lot to BL orders, so it depends on the market situation. Whenever I need pieces from BL for a certain model I won't tend to buy the pieces if they come from more than 3 or 4 stores to avoid getting mugged by shipping, I should probably use the LEGO store more.
  12. TeddytheSpoon

    [MOC] Trast Heavy Transports A-A4B landspeeder

    Nice work, the greebling is lovely. Looks great next to the M68 as well!
  13. TeddytheSpoon

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The simplest solution would probably be use mixel joints. Replace the grey 2x1 with bar with one of these, and put one of these on the end of the gun. That way you can flip it up and down and get a good range of motion, without doing a complete redesign of the interior. In other news, there is a Star Wars contest on LEGO Ideas to make Christmas versions of SW material. The prize haul is pretty lucrative as expected, with the Cantina and Sith mosaic in there along with some other stuff. The weird thing is that one of the other prizes is 75005 Rancor Pit, which was retired *checks notes* six years ago. Do LEGO just have a bunch of those lying around? It seems so odd that they would throw that in alongside a bunch of contemporary sets.
  14. TeddytheSpoon

    Imperial Arquitens Class Cruiser

    General Kenobi! Sorry, I couldn't resist. sounds great, it's a very impressive MOC.