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  1. TeddytheSpoon

    [MOC] Chancellor Valorum's Shuttle (Episode 1)

    I love seeing lesser designs get the LEGO treatment, and from one of my favourite films no less! It looks great - some tricky curves in this one but it looks the part.
  2. I would probably explode if that first one were correct, but I feel they are both too good to be true unfortunately. Oh yeah, how could we forget the third Death Star, Starkiller Base... Colour me intrigued. The only other place a battle happened around the Death Star (if not on it) was Rogue One, right? Unless it's Rey vs Kylo in TRoS... Fulcrum has also replied to a few disappointed comments on Insta that the Yoda's training set may not be all we think it is, and not such a disappointment after all. Hmmmm.
  3. It seems at this point that the only information out there is names and set numbers, and I don't think pictures tend to pop up this early even with leakers (though I could be wrong, since I'm not one of them). Out of interest, what were his ideas?
  4. I'll bite. The one thing I'll say is that these sets at least have me intrigued as to what they'll look like. I'm interested to see what they will throw in to bring Yoda's training up to 80 bucks, and what exactly they mean by Death Star battle. I would assume it would be ANH based, since we just had the RotJ Final Duel. I think that is scraping the bottom of the barrel for this wave though. Of course we need an OT presence, but to have the wave so one-sided doesn't feel right, especially given the bias is skewed so far towards one film, let alone the trilogy as a whole. Even with Boba's throne it feels very samey, despite the fact that some of the sets have technically not been done before. As ever I'm reserving my final damning judgment for when pictures come out (and I am unironically quite interested in this UCS landspeeder). It isn't looking good though; if not a change of staff, I do feel the Star Wars team at least needs some fresh blood somewhere, be it in design, market research, wherever.
  5. I'm intrigued to see what these sets are, but this wave is looking more and more affordable for me by the day.
  6. The first ARC-170 came out after RotS, so that is a set that's been remade once. I agree, I think the issue is the production capacity on LEGO's end. With the 4+ and 18+ sets becoming a regular thing (and seemingly more prevalent for one-off things, as far as 18+ goes), there's less capacity for system-scale sets, especially bigger ones. Thinking about it I wonder if that was part of the justification for moving back to smaller X-wings and TIEs...
  7. There's only three accounts that have posted it so far, none of which are the usual reliable sources, so I'm taking this with a major grain of salt. It makes some sense based on what we saw at the end of Mando, but for all we know (so far, anyway) the show might not even touch Jabba's (ex-) palace again, so if we do get BoBF sets, I feel like we'll only know after we see the trailer.
  8. Possibly - Disney+ certainly will have changed that, although it hasn't been around for long. I think most people would probably have watched the films, then the Mandalorian, and then TCW off the back of the second season. I still don't think it would be a landslide but you could be right.
  9. I agree that in the grand scheme of things, it's nowhere near an X-wing or TIE fighter in terms of recognition. Compared to the two vehicles mentioned though, I think it is. Its close association with the protagonist helps (it's pretty much Luke's only way of getting around Tatooine, at least that he uses on screen). In contrast, the Venators and ARC-170s mostly play a supporting role to the main characters in that scene in RotS (I'm assuming that most people won't have watched TCW), and even then there isn't really any direct interaction between the main characters and the Venators. The further removed from the protagonists a thing is, the less likely Joe Bloggs will remember it, IMHO. Sticking with RotS, I'd say the landspeeder is on about the same level as the Eta-2 Jedi Starfighters, which is reflected in the number of playscale sets they've had - it doesn't scream Star Wars in the same way the Millennium Falcon or a Star Destroyer would, but I think most people will recognise them. The difference is that there are at least four unique colourways for those, so they may not feel as repetitive as the landspeeder. Hopefully that will be our next prequel UCS.
  10. For Star Wars fans (where SW is their main franchise of choice, I agree, and I'd love an ARC170 especially. However if you lined those three vehicles in front of your average Joe (i.e. has seen the movies but doesn't consume any other SW content) and asked them to pick out the most recognisable, I'd wager that the landspeeder would come up trumps because it's far more prominent in the films. Both the ARC and the venator got a few seconds of screentime at the start of RotS, normally in the background. The landspeeder was a bit more prominent and was the only vehicle on screen in multiple shots. That's my two pennies on iconicity, and probably why this has come up before either of those two.
  11. This has surprised me also. There's clearly one person with the list who is dripfeeding it to the community, so we're at the whim of what they decide to reveal really.
  12. The rumour is that three exist, but one is likely to be cancelled. It's a bit of a weird one for sure but that's what the various (reliable) sources are saying. Adding my name to the list of those in favour of the UCS landspeeder, BTW.
  13. Except maybe two and not three... Based on what we've seen so far, I'm tempted to agree. It's far from being dreadful but compared to recent waves it's not sounding strong for me personally. However we haven't had the whole wave revealed yet so I'll reserve my judgment for now.
  14. Oh man, people are gonna be upset about this... It's from Promobricks so unlikely it's a fake. I am actually quite excited by a UCS landspeeder though. Land vehicles don't get nearly enough love in the UCS line, and some of the fan-made ones are amazing. It could be a really interesting build and it'll make for a very unique display piece.
  15. Oh man, I'd erased that awful set from my memory... No thanks for reminding me Nice to see those two pictures together, being so used to the RotJ version does make the ESB one look quite odd! All I remembered was that is slightly spindlier... Since it's an 18+ set I have to assume it'll come with a base, I wonder if that means it'll need a stand as well. That would allow them to get some quite accurate shapes without having to worry too much about the physics of it. Having this many sets intended to complement a UCS is an interesting tactic for sure. Has this been done before? I know they tried to do it with the infamous Assault on Hoth (it was said to be UCS at the time IIRC) but delays kinda screwed that one up. On a separate note has anyone in Europe noticed anything weird about the distribution of the summer wave sets? I've checked in various shops in both Finland and Switzerland now, and the only ones they seem to be stocking are Duel on Mandalore and the Slave I. I haven't seen Gideon's cruiser or either of the Marauders anywhere.