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  1. I'd argue that even accuracy isn't an objective measure, as the medium of LEGO is so limiting that anything 'accurate' is almost inevitably going to have to compromise somewhere, much like the debate around whether minifigure scale should be based around the height or width of figs. In some cases accuracy could even depend on which bit of source material is used. One of my pet peeves - and this isn't directed at anyone on here - is how the word objective has seemingly lost all its meaning thanks to arguments on the internet. Anyway, good points well made.
  2. I find Omega's absence more annoying than the helmets, in all honesty, although I'm remarkably unmoved by both. It's still a decent set and, crucially, a good toy. I think the LEGO =/= Hasbro argument has some merit, but only because the scales are so different. There's only so much you can do with helmets that fit comfortably within a cubic inch, and the cost of adding or subtracting more details at that size (molded, not printed) is far greater than it would be for a the mold for a Hasbro action figure, for instance. The helmets are all clearly different shapes in the show, but shrink that down to minifigure size and the physical changes are much harder to represent. Besides, LEGO has already been increasing headgear sizes recently, presumably precisely to fit more detail in (Vader, the stormtroopers, Tech and the short-lived dual-molded rebel pilot helmet all spring to mind), and that hasn't exactly been universally popular... The removal of the fin is a valid gripe (albeit a small one - kids aren't gonna disappointed with a subtly different helmet) since it's a relatively minor change to the mold, although I don't know how noticeable a change it would be compared to the P2 helmet. I think we had a similar discussion about the P1 clone pilot helmet, but the fin on the P1 helmets is far more prominent so would be more worthwhile IMO. Has anyone done a custom where they've removed the fin from the P2 helmet? It would be interesting to see the comparison. What I will say on arm printing is that it's now three waves in a row where figures have had some pretty sweet arms. Are we starting to see it become more commonplace?
  3. Better pics of Bo doing the rounds now - they're coming thick and fast. I can see what they were going for with the hair but it doesn't do it for me. The rest of the fig looks great though.
  4. That's not a bad call - completely forgot that was supposed to be coming. Any chance that's what the mystery 75369 is? I don't collect Brickheadz so can't remember if their numbering follows the Star Wars sequence or not.
  5. Paz looks fantastic. I think the eye holes are printed too low on the Armourer's helmet though, it makes it look like she has a bit of a fivehead.
  6. Well... Yep, this honestly would not surprise me in the slightest
  7. I'm not sure it would be stupid, we still haven't had a leaked release for it as far as I know. For all we know it could be coming in September with the AT-AT in like November, in which case it would probably be revealed around the last week of August. UCS sets are rarely revealed or even leaked more than two or three weeks in advance.
  8. If not the as-yet-unknown 75369, I'd say either the forge or Gideon's cruiser.
  9. TeddytheSpoon

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Picked up 75050 B-wing (minus Nien Numb and General Craiken, although I'm not too fussed about their absence) for the not unreasonable price of 40EUR from Tori.Had to supplement one or two missing pieces from my collection, but it now means the only alphabet fighter I'm missing is the elusive U-wing. Still waiting on a good deal for that... EDIT: I just noticed the spring-loaded shooter missiles are missing. I am, as you can probably imagine, utterly distraught. /s
  10. Apparently we will see a single new Star Wars set at LEGO con (I maintain that's a really unfortunate choice of name), so I guess we're all expecting the gunship? Any chance it could be the mysterious 75369?
  11. TeddytheSpoon

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Anyone know where, if anywhere, the Ford set is exclusive to in the EU? It was the only new one I didn't see at Prisma so can only assume it's exclusive over here as well. It being exclusive to Selfridge's is bizarre though - I can't imagine there's a massive crossover in clientèle there... Picked up the Elva and it's a delight, the back end is a lot of fun to build. New tyres look great, and I'm glad they seem to be paying more attention to the interiors this year.
  12. That would be yours truly! It has occurred to me that some of the advent calendar shuttles and Slave Is in particular would be the perfect size.
  13. Hey, I like Toyota Corollas! Just as long as it's the rally version. This is partly why I'm waiting for interior shots to pass judgment. I reckon you could still fit a reasonable amount in there - lift the middle section off, open up the two side compartments outwards similar to the Star Destroyer, maybe lift the bridge off as well. I'm erring on the optimistic side. I can see why they released ToT in the winter wave with all of this coming. With Mando in so many sets now they barely would have sold any!
  14. In terms of quality/execution of set: 1. Slave I 2. Light Cruiser 3. Gauntlet 4. Trexler Marauder 5. Mandalore throne But I'm probably only going to buy 2 and 4, as I don't much interest in either of the remaining three (beyond maybe the figs in the Gauntlet). On that note - it's a shame LEGO heads are so damn big, as having Bo's face print on the regular Mando helmet makes it look... I don't want to say fat, but you get the idea. Not sure a new mould would have really helped that though.
  15. I'm aware this is not a rare opinion, and you are of course entitled to it. For my part the issue is that a lot of the time, people connect the issue to one person based largely on rumours from often dubious sources, and subsequently demonise that person (while simultaneously ignoring the hundreds of others that are involved) based on an entirely subjective viewpoint. Usually it boils down to one or both of Disney = bad or KK = bad, without both of whom we never would have got all the new Star Wars content that you do like, whether that be the Mandalorian, the sequels, Rogue One, the Bad Batch, whatever. Anyway, if we want to continue the debate let's do it somewhere else or in DMs. I won't say any more on it here.