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  1. Instructions please
  2. Alright, so this is my second post on Eurobricks, and my 3rd alternate of the 10220. Here I have a custom Porsche rallycar with some additional features. The "costum" stuff is a huge spoiler and rear seats. If you didn't know, most Porsches don't have rear seats. Functions Opening hood with trunk space Opening doors with nice interior With doors opened, the seats fold down to access the rear seat Opening trunk with flat 6 engine Soon to be on Rebrickable for $2.50 for instruction, search "a1i2d3e4n5" and find this model. Enjoy!
  3. I have it on there now!
  4. Ok, this is my first post so I didn't know. Thanks I additionally added the wheels from a different set, although you can still use the original wheels from the 42093.
  5. 42093 alternate model, a Rough Terrain Crane. More on rebrickable.com