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  1. VW T2 RC edition is now possible to build with almost any type of electronic parts(Powered Up, Power Functions, Buwizz etc). Think I found a good place to hide the IR Reciver. Altough Propane storage is permanently locked in PF version. What model do you like me motorize next?
  2. Lego released a new Creator veichle and as a tradition I have motorized it with remote control. A bit easier to hide all electric parts this time as the car is really big. But it is also heavy and slow with only one L motor for drive. There are some small changes to the interior, but all details are still there. I have created instructions to build it with Powered Up parts, but if there are any interest I might add instructions for other power systems later. Rebrickable Instructions Youtube Video
  3. Have now done a Powered Up version also. Buwizz 3.0 can also be used if you prefer that. Instructions are updated! All electronics are completly hidden, except the steering motor that is slightly visible.
  4. I have also made a Power Functions version now. Pretty happy with how well i was able to hide IR reciever Instructions are also updated with Power Functions version Will start to work on a Powered Up version now.
  5. I have tried to make a better presentation now and actually found the button to add pictures:) For the youtube video, I used a Buwizz battery. It will be a bit slower with CaDa but it have a geared up Large motor, so it is till moving at some speed. Can PU 45303 really be used as a servo? I believed that you need PU 88013 to get a motor with angle sensor.
  6. How do I add pictures to a post? I can only upload really tiny tumbnail pictures.
  7. I continue my mission to motorize the Creator Expert fleet, have already done a bunch other of them. I always try to make the motorization as inivisible as possible, you should not be able to see any electronics without looking very carefully. As the Porsche is pretty big and heavy I used ad Buwizz and a Large motor geared up 20/12 to give it the power that a Porsche deserves. If you do not need Turbo Power it could also be powered with a cheaper CaDa system. Since the PF servo is so big and bulky, i have used an M motor with a rubberband return to center function instead. Also added 2 pairs of Power Function lights, altough I am not totally happy with the front lights, but this was the best I could come up with. Because I am creating instructions for other to build this, I have not used any rare/expensive bricks and tried to reuse as many bricks as possible in new locations. It only requires about 150 extra bricks and electric parts. If there are interest, I might create Power Functions and/or Powered Up versions later. I have some ideas to hide the IR reciever and there is still space for a slightly larger battery and motor. Youtube video Rebrickable Instructions
  8. Remote Control Conversion of Lego 10220 VW Bus. Motorized with M motors for steering, drive and roof. 2 pair of Power Function Lights (front and rear) Using Buwizz or CaDa battery. Instructions available at
  9. Cyrix78

    VW Beetle RC mod

    VW Beetle RC conversion. All orginal details are still there(full interior, fake engine, gas tank, spare wheel etc), the "only" difference that it can drive:) Can be powered with many different power systems(Power Functions, Buwizz, CaDa, Powered Up). https://
  10. Cyrix78

    James Bond DB5 RC mod

    How do you like my motorization mod of James Bond Aston Martin DB5? All orginal gadgets and details are still there, the only difference is that it can drive:) Lego 10262 Aston Martin DB5 RC