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  1. Yes, I had a lot of fun with it! More fun than you can even imagine ;-) Cold does not affect battery that much at -10 degrees. Lower temperatures really affect my hands, so I can not control the car with my phone ;-)
  2. Well done! Especially I enjoy 4x4 configuration and the rear axle, while the front axle is quite arguable for me: in the initial position joints are angled too much... Especially on the high gear car will have struggles with maximal steering angles. I would lower a car a bit to reduce extra stress form the joints.. Or even made the front suspension with 2 positions: lowered for high speed and lifted for low speed (for crawling). But all in all, this will be only a small "improvement" of initially good car (cant say this about improvements of Zetros set ) Also I would really enjoy seeing this buggy with different wheels: RC tires of motorcycle one! P.S. I think this car has no problems with extra weight as the original set
  3. Hello everyone! I know, that Christmas has passed, but i think it is not the reason to wait for the next one to show my new car. It is build on the same Chassis as my Jeep Wrangler [trial mod] Features: 4 wheel drive with locked differentials live axles suspension with 9.5 L shocks 4-wheel steering 120 mm RC tires with high grip 4x PF L-motors for propulsion PU L-motor for steering Buwizz 3.0 for power light tubular bodywork 1.15 kg of total mass (wheels are heavy!) 7 studs of ground clearance I would like to note, that this car is not a proper rock crawler due to the limited suspension travel. All this modifications took about 2-hours of build, but the car give a lot of satisfaction driving in the snow. It is capable for driving in the deep snow and climbing steep icy hills! I conclude, that this project is 100% successful! Hope you like it!
  4. Daniel-99

    [WIP] RC Heavy Buggy

    Well, your ideas are more complicated than mine. I basically used two sets of shock in such a way that second pair of shocks activates only at 1/2 of suspension travel. This solution does not require axles in pinholes but an extra pair of shock.
  5. Daniel-99

    [WIP] RC Heavy Buggy

    Here is my second version of a car. And as you can see, it became a trophy truck - sorry! Features: Soft suspension with big travel. It is well balanced, so the car compresses it by 1/3 under its weight. It allows to keep good contact with ground when the wheels fall into holes. Double wishbone front suspension with 9L arms - yes, I made it, since McPherson suspension was too weak for jumps and stability. Double steering arms and a PF Servo for steering Asymmetric discs and RC tired works a lot better than the tractor tires, lowering the resistance for steering Big caster and flat surface of tires provides a stability on straight lines. Anti row-bar for stability in tight corners RWD with 18L arms and progressive shocks hardness (learned form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNmC-PlUCp4) no gears in transmission 2 Buggy motors for propulsion 2x Buwizz 3.0 for power Low center of gravity (all electric components are placed as low as possible) 1.3 kg of total mass About 10 km/h Here is my first drive test: I never thought that driving on icy road is so fun! Is it worth it? - yes it is! And finally i got myself a car that goes with a decent speed and does not afraid of bad road (cant tell this about my Red Coupe)!
  6. Well done! Especially love the back of the car with a dynamical shapes! It is sad that the original set has L and XL motors instead of two XL motors... Different motors can not be directly connected in the transmission, and it limits the Trial capabilities of the car.
  7. Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about one of my latest MOCs. This model is build on the same chassis as my Jeep Wrangler. So it has a very close technical characteristics: Features: Universal chassis Live axle 4-link suspension 4 wheel drive 4x PF L-motors for propulsion (2 for each axle) PU L-motor for steering Ackerman steering geometry (not that essential for off-roader ) Buwizz 3.0 for power 1.4 kg of total mass, well-balanced >80% of parts are taken from 42069 set (except motors, new joints and few more pieces...) RC tires 90 mm I build this pickup for several reasons: I love pickups, especially Mitsubishi L200, this car has the best body, that tells about the speed and off-road capabilities of the car. I wanted to make a brother to my Jeep Wrangler. This will allow me to drive with my friend. I really like purple color from 42069 set I wanted to work on the chassis of Jeep Wrangler without disassembling it. RC tires has good proportions and give a lot of inspiration to me. For me the development of a car begins with the choice of its wheels. Beat any possible motorization of Ford Raptor (original chassis of raptor is only RWD and very weak for RC!) This car has modified chassis from Jeep Wrangler. I made several optimizations. You can compare it with chassis of RC cars - they have the same principles! Again this car has a good suspension with 9.5L shocks. While I was developing a body for a car I tried to hide wheels under the fenders. You can see on the pictures below that wheels can "hide" under fenders when suspension compress. Poor little 42069: The best thing about this car, is that it can drive really well! The playability is great! Here are several short videos with Purple Pickup: I want to make the instruction for this car as it was made for Jeep Wrangler. But it will take me quite some time, so be patient!
  8. Cool! Are you going to add a positive caster on the front wheels? It will help you a lot with going straight P.S. Look at the car on my profile pic - it has 2x Buwizz Motors and I made an electronic differential for it. Even with positive caster, camber and zero scrab radius it can not go perfectly straight, and it is a shame because then you go 9-10 km/h the straight position is 100% wanted ;-)
  9. Man! This is awesome! I really enjoy fast cars made of Lego technic! My only question would be to the front suspension. Is it OK to use small hubs for wheels especially if the car will jump form time to time!
  10. Daniel-99

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Hello everyone! Wana see a real driving test? Here it is: As you cam see, 4 L-motors can really make these cars drive! Jeep Wrangler has 90 mm RC tires while the Puirple Pickup 85 soft RC tires. The difference in resin is visible in snow: soft resin was always covered with snow... But it will work for summer rock-crawling I suppose!
  11. I would suggest buying RC tires that fit Lego rims: Inner diameter: 1,55 inches, and 1,10 inches wide! You can see how they look on my car:
  12. Daniel-99

    LegoDego MOCs

    Congrats! Your MOC is better than the lego set! 4-wheel drive is a big benefit to have! And it has a remote control with even a smaller size! Fantastic!
  13. Daniel-99

    [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Im glad to announce, that the instruction is available here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-93754/danil.nig/jeep-wrangler-rc/?sort_parts_by=2&sort_parts_dir=D#details
  14. Wow! That is genius! I was not expecting to see such a solution! Great!
  15. Daniel-99

    [WIP] RC Heavy Buggy

    Here is a small update. The main goal for me was to make the connection of a steering rack with a gear straight! At first, i tried to use joints and keep the steering motor horizontal.. After several unsuccessful attempts i understood that a single universal joint cant turn this big angle i have, and two universal joints brings too much unwanted structures - heavy, not very stable, messy... So i decided to place the steering motor at the same angle as a steering rack. Suspension will be mounted to the 7x11 frame