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  1. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [MOC] Ford Bronco pickup 2020

    Wow, it looks really good. I really like that you use the Control+ elements, in face of the small scale. Excellent work!
  2. I really like this gearbox and the way you use the Control+ elements. I am trying to create a gearbox with the Control+ Elements too, but I didn´t find any good solution for a gear Indicator. So I am really interested how you write the program for the gear indicator with the Powered Up App, could you explain how you created this?
  3. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Thank you for all your nice comments, I am glad that all of you like it. Yes you are right the headlights look a little bit weird when they are popped up. But I did not find any better solution for them, because the room in the front is very limited caused by the small scale of the Model, so I was OK with the result. The idea to replace all the blue pins with black ones is very good. I will buy some of them to replace the blue ones. Thank you for all the comments it helped me a lot, so I can improve my next creations in the future. See You :)
  4. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Hello everyone, I am really glad to present you my second MOC, a replica of the Ferrari Testarossa. This model is RC and has the following features: Rear wheel drive powered by a buggy-motor (this makes the car really fast (top speed around 11 - 12 kph (in ludicrous Mode))) Steering powered by a Servomotor Manual pop-up headlights Open able doors and detailed interior and exterior The car is powered by a Buwizz (I choose it, because Buwizz gives the buggy-motor enough power). Dimensions: length: 39 cm / width:15,5 cm / height: 10 cm / weight: 1,1 kg The door was one of the hardest parts to create, but then I saw Jeroen Ottens version of the Testarossa and how he created the doors. His version of the doors inspired me, when I decided to choose the Ninjago blades for the doors. So a really recommend you to take a look at his beautiful Testarossa version too With open pop-up headlights You can find more Pictures at: You can find the instructions at: (the instructions cost 10 €) Comments, suggestions and questions are always appreciated. I wish you all merry Christmas :) See you.
  5. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [WIP] pagani zonda c12 1:10 scale

    Good progress, looks good.
  6. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [C-model] 42106 - Pullback Vehicles

    Very nice ideas, very cool.
  7. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    GBC Detachable Cable Car / Chairlift

    WOW, this Cable car is amazing everything works so well
  8. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [MOC] The firsrt plane.

    Nice, cool idea :)
  9. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I also noticed that the MOCs have changed from own designed Models to ,,licensed"/ ,,scale replicas" Models (I know, that I am not as long here as many other users, so my experience is limited, but I am also watched this forum some years before I entered ... ). In my opinion this change is not a big problem, because it is also very challenging to create a ,,real" car (like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes etc.), but I agree with the point, that it is a problem when many models don´t have good functions and that the look of a model is more important than the functions. I personally think that it is important to compromise between functions and the look of a model, so for the best it should have both. Whatever I guess that more own designed models (with own functions) would be cool, but personally I am always very interested in these ,,real" cars too.
  10. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4X4

    Wow, that power is insane. I actually noticed your amazing Zetros 6X6 model, but I did´t know that it is that powerful. Really impressive!
  11. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4X4

    Thank you, for all nice comments. The idea with the planetary hubs from 42099 is great. I am already thinking of build another improved 6X6 version, without a crane (focus more on driving) with the planetary hubs. I agree to that, maybe the 12 teeth gear could be to weak for the power of the motors. More facts to the model: Length: 68 cm ; height: 28 cm ; width: 20 cm ; weight 3,8 kg Driving: 4x XL-Motors Steering: 1x L-Motor Pump: 1x L-Motor Pneumatic valves: 4x L-Motors for the pneumatic of the crane and the outriggers and 1x M-Motor for the pneumatic of the diff-locks Crane rotation: 1x L-Motor - The crane can rotate 180° degrees, the rotation is limited by the pneumatic tubes. Outriggers: 1x M-Motor Powered by 3x Buwizz In total: The model uses 13 Motors.
  12. Lukes_Brick_Studio

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4X4

    Hello everyone, I want to present you my first published MOC, a replica of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4X4. This model is fully RC and has the following features: All wheel drive Differentials on all axles - front, central and rear diff-lock Live axle suspension Remote controlled pneumatic crane Outriggers Detailed 6 cylinder inline engine Open able doors and bonnet Trailer hitch The truck is powered by 3x Buwizz, so it has a lot of power, but it is also very heavy, so it is not very usefully in difficult terrain. You can find more pictures on: You can find the instructions on: Comments, suggestions and questions are always appreciated.