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  1. No I don't and I did not intend to offend you. I'm just recalling things that have been said or discussed before. It was first suggested to lower the front suspension in this post and in following posts @KikoTube and me suggested some changes. I suppose you missed part.of the discussion and I don't blame you because there are a lot of posts. This is why I recalled why we lowered the front suspension in this post, which was before Jeroen posted his bodywork. When you asked again yesterday evening, I thought I'd simply explain it would collide with the bodywork, but now you have the long story. In the end I think we both want the best for this project. I appreciate a lot that you're taking the time to build this model and provide feedback. It's very cool to see it come to life. I hope we're good now.
  2. The 9l liftarm would conflict with the hood in @Jeroen Ottens's bodywork.
  3. @Jeroen Ottens, I updated the LXF-file in the OP with your first attempt. I moved your groups to a subgroup and added extra support for the 5L axles in the front. However, I doubt whether there is enough space for the wheels in turns. With a max steering angle of 20 degree the wheels collide with your flex-axle supports, but let's wait for what builders have to say. While looking at it in LDD I thought maybe the body could be two studs narrower. Then the flex-axle fenders could run along the outsides of the big panels. That might give a bit of a wide-body-kit-idea. Just a thought.
  4. Oh my, this is looking really good! I will work on that. I suppose I can replace the lower width-wise 9L beam running right behind those 5L axles with a 13L one. As for shortening the wheelbase, I will also wait for @BrickbyBrickTechnic's gearbox.
  5. Of course having this 9L beam there will be stronger, but the idea was to lower the front axles - especially in the middle - to allow for a Lamborghini-like hood, so the question is if the redesigned front axle is strong enough. If you don't like the illegal connection, you could also try this.
  6. A new Mini-Moc: 6WD-Offroad-Truck

    Good luck!
  7. A new Mini-Moc: 6WD-Offroad-Truck

    If BuWizz is not going to help I would be willing to post it on my Youtube channel for you, with your name in the title, and remove it after the contest. Could also do that as a temporary fall-back, so you can at least enter.
  8. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    This exactly how I feel about this too. If you arrive at a point where you need a part that doesn't exist, you have to go back and come up with something different. It's that puzzle that makes building fun, at least to me it does.
  9. Good to know. For.the front axles it wouldn't help though, because the 20t gear has to be on the front side of the diff, because of the gearrack being on the back side. So an axle.needs to run underneath the diff and dropping one stud is not enough for that.
  10. I had a reason for that. If such a 3l axle gets displaced a little after compressing the suspension several times, its end-stop might get stuck in a pinhole on the side of the adjacent suspension arm. And indeed, the spring is locked-up by the suspension arm. Yes, two pins with axle hole running through two 4l levers and a 4x2 liftarm, close to the springs. I have no problem with that, but maybe @letsbuild or others have.
  11. I updated the LDD-file accordingly. Is the front better @Jeroen Ottens?
  12. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I don't think TLG has a policy and budget to introduce a certain amount of new parts every year. Maybe specific parts such as rims for a licensed set, but such parts will only be produced for that set and their costs are directly covered by the sets price. Apart from that, introducing new parts only makes sense if they are versatile (like @Bartybum also pointed out), not because there should be a minimal amount of new parts every year, just to please a bunch of grown-up fanatics.
  13. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I agree. With so many parts this is going to be a model that is going to suffer from its own weight a lot. It will probably be a display model just like the Porsche. But still, to judge it properly, I would really like to build it.