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  1. Great little vehicle! And the video is excellent too. I suppose you can narrow the front axles by two studs like this:
  2. Others have said it already. This model breathes the true Technic spirit. Very nice work! Thanks for frontpaging this @Jim .
  3. Technic Pub

    LOL. Without this interest there would be no cars, trains, toys, money... ...Man thinks about little bit of baby girls and a baby boys Man make them happy Cos man make them toys And after man make everything Everything he can You know that man makes money To buy from other man...
  4. Aha, I see. I'm looking forward to it! @kbalage Btw, I would be very interested in knowing whether this would add to the performance of your steroids version? I know it runs much lighter for manual models. Besides making the tire harder, this also gives the tire more grip on it's rim, which prevents the rim from slipping inside it's tire. I know you have 4 of those motorcycle tires .
  5. The video says something like "check back next week". What's next?
  6. What a great evolution of this already great car! Funny thing is that I just started building the original in LDD to learn about motorized building. This will make it even more valuable as study material. Thank you so much!
  7. That was the one I was referring to in the OP. The problem with Sheepo's version is that it allows only very little disalignment of the input and output axles. That's what I wanted to solve.
  8. I don't intend to but who knows...
  9. Maybe a non-motorized version, but Im not sure yet. Main goal is to have an RC version.
  10. Thanks! Glad to hear you're still working on it. I'm thinking of using this to connect the wheels to a fake engine. Motorized drive will be routed separately. Not a WIP-topic this time. If I can keep my mouth shot I will present what I'm working on after I'm done. Building will probably take all winter.
  11. I thought this would be worth sharing. For the suspension of an RC model I'm working on (yes, I will keep my promise @DugaldIC), I want to have a telescopic transmission shaft that can take quite some vertical travel while spanning a constant distance of 6L, the length of a non-telescopic arrangement with two u-joint. I know about Sheepo's design, but that one can only take little vertical travel before the slider axles collide with the u-joints. So I've been playing with this a little and found an arrangement that works very well. It can take quite some torque actually, even though I'm not planning to use it for transferring motorized drive. This will only connect the wheels to a fake engine.
  12. [HELP] 60° degres stepper

    Yes, but the catches iterate through 4 positions each, which is unusual. I think @TechnicSummse is right with his assumption they have two middle positions. I suppose they run freely in the middle two positions, otherwise they would obstruct the engaged gear. The video also shows there is always exactly one catch in extreme left or extreme right position. Also, it seems that the inclination of the catches in extreme position is not much; the driving rings won't insert the clutch gears very deep. This has probably been done to make sure the middle positions don't make the driving ring engage.
  13. [WIP] Tigercat Skidder

    Very clean build sofar . Looking forward to seeing more!
  14. [HELP] 60° degres stepper

    You can read from the video how the stepper works, but I don't know how the 60-degree steps are translated into gear shifts either. I remember asking when @Zero (Zblj) posted about this,.but that was just before his break from LEGO.