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  1. [MOC] Jaguar D-Type 1956

    My experience is that when you make photos with too much distance and need to zoom in (or crop later on) to make the car fit the image properly, you loose a lot of perspective (depth) in your photos. When you would make a photo of a real car you usually don't take more distance than the length of the car you're capturing. With LEGO builds this would mean you need to get really close to the model to get the same perspective. Great looking build btw !
  2. The Technic Confessional

    I'm starting to like them too. I just love the way the modules of @Paul Boratko's Outlaw look with the red and yellow axles. I think it's because they make it more easy to distinguish parts, which is very convenient for perceiving technical modules. They shouldn't stick out too much after bodywork is added, but as part of the inner assemblies they are very okay, imo.
  3. PoC compact sequential shifter

    The only requirement is that gear 1 and 3 are on one (left/right) side and 2 and 4 on the other. You can switch 1 and 3 by flipping the (ox)-paddle on the same side. Same for gear 2 and 4.
  4. PoC compact sequential shifter

    Very nice and useful implementation ! And the 90 degree limiter is very original too! Btw, I tend to refer to the main principle as a planetary knob wheel shifter lately, with the two knob wheels and two half pins being the core parts. Are you looking out for a way to add a return-to-center to the shifter or is that impossible? I reckon it operates already quite pleasantly despite having to return it manually.
  5. I'm glad you bring up the 42056 for the knob wheel arrangement. I used the same principle for my rugged supercar, albeit a single pair of knob wheels to shift in both directions. I think we may conclude there was something good and innovative about 42056 after all, even though the implementation of the concept was not brilliant. I can imagine it takes some time to figure out a good implementation, but you sure managed to do that . They make this model an absolute novelty! I think it's not only about accessibility, but also about ease of use. If you would have a DNR shifter and an up-and-down shifter to select gears that are as easy to operate as in Paul's Outlaw and as in my rugged supercar, and they would be accessible via a seriously slanted wind screen, then I wouldn't bother including a HoG shifter either.
  6. Too bad. I have no plans to take it apart any time soon, so yes, I will still have it built during LEGO World. Why do you ask? It would be great to have it on display there as well, but I don't know how to arrange that... That's an amazing distance in such a small country .
  7. For those living nearby Boekelo, Overrijssel (The Netherlands): My rugged supercar will be on display during the 'Bouwen met LEGO'-event from 8th to 10th of August. I won't be there myself, but my twin brother will be happy to demonstrate the model .
  8. The modular setup is amazing! I took a good look at the HoG shifting mechanism. If I'm correct it's a variation on the symbiotic combination of a planetary knob wheel shifter and a #2-connector-based 90-degree limiter, something we've seen in other MOC's too, as well as the separate shifters for up and down shifting (@brunojj1's manual chassis for his MOC-6688 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 DTM). Nevertheless, you're implementation looks very neat and rock-solid !
  9. [MOC] King of the Hammers IFS Buggy

    The front suspension looks very weak. The suspensions arms and springs are not braced well.
  10. You're right. I almost forgot about Jeroen's DB11. I think because it's of a level I still find hard to grasp . Are these tan pins in the upper wishbones of the front module 3/4 pins or 3L pins?
  11. Thanks for this very nice review @Jim ! I think the two issues below are related. Because of the 'bending under its own weight' (which is something different from flex in a cruise ship, but that's not my point now ), the panels at the back side of the side-outriggers are slightly off-grid and come in too close to the outriggers. Perhaps reinforcing the chassis / bed will also solve the issue with the outriggers.
  12. Haha, you're quite right, I was already looking out for them, but they're not online yet.
  13. I would feel the same way if I hadn't read somewhere that Paul is not planning to post about this model here.
  14. The chassis sure is in need of some improvements. You could say, the chassis ends where the rear axles start. My fingers are itching, but I'm not buying...