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  1. No this did not lead to anything yet. I haven't had time for LEGOs the past half year. But what you made is really cool and is about as good as it can get I think, performance-wise.
  2. @Zerobricks, can I connect 4 Buwizz motors to 1 Buwizz 3.0, stacking them 2 by 2?
  3. Didumos69

    [MOC] 42099 - B model - Rocky

    I believe it's called rat rod. I have to admit the cabin was somewhat inspired by this Trophy Rat...
  4. Yeah, this one still makes me proud. When @Blakbird did his sale, this one was not on his list, so I always wishfully interpreted that as if he wanted to keep it (I know he had it built).
  5. Rebrickable user fredleg has posted better photos than I ever did. Awesome:
  6. Didumos69

    [WIP] Azure Racer XL

    You are quite right @Erik LeppenLeppen. And you're also right about the travel etc. I just tested it and the springs compressed substantially more. I do wonder where my reasoning is wrong. Will give that some study. Anyway, I won't be bothering this topic anymore too.
  7. Didumos69

    [WIP] Azure Racer XL

    Yes softer, but the car's weight will compress the springs just as far as with shorter arms. Suppose you have 6l suspension arms (5l center to center), you have travel of 2 studs and the car sinks in its suspension by 1 stud (50%). Now when you extend the suspension arms to 9l (8l center to center), while preserving the exact layout of the springs, you get roughly 8/5 times the travel (>3l) and the car still sinks in its suspension by approximately 50%. This is of course under the assumption that the weight of the suspension arms is only a fraction of the car's complete weight.
  8. Didumos69

    [WIP] Azure Racer XL

    You're right that the shocks can only handle a certain force. But I don't think you're right about the travel. You have to see it this way. It's not the arm that applies force, it's the car's weight that is the source of force. How much force the car applies to the shock with it's own weight, is defined by the geometry made by the mounting points of the shock relative to the car, not relative to the outer ends of the suspension arms. With longer arms, while preserving the exact same geometry, the weight will still apply the same force on the shocks and only make the arms articulate more, but not compress the shock more. So more travel yes, more compression of the shock no. Of course in practice the weight of the suspension arms is going to play a role too when they get very long. But when we talk about 9l suspension arms or 6l arms, that effect will be negligible. So I still arrive at the conclusion that longer arms don't affect how deep the car sinks in the springs under it's own weight, while they do increase travel.
  9. Didumos69

    [WIP] Azure Racer XL

    Alternatively, you can make the suspension arms and the steering links 9L. Btw, there's 2 simple rules when it comes to suspension stiffness and travel. 1. The percentage by which a given weight compresses the suspension is roughly defined by the distance of the shock and the rotation point of the suspension arm to which the shock is mounted. The closer the shock to the rotation point, the less weight it can carry. 2. When extending the suspension arms while preserving the aforementioned distance (keeping the shock mounting points the same) the same weight will give the same compression percentage. So by extending the suspension arms, you increase suspension travel without declining the weight the suspension can carry. Therefore I say, make them long if you want travel. Courtesy by @Erik Leppen.
  10. Didumos69

    [WIP] Azure Racer XL

    I believe I never shared this... And I love this one... Nice project btw! Good luck!
  11. Didumos69

    Rotating Paddles

    Machine Beauty "When something works well, you can feel it; there is a sense of rightness to it. We call that rightness beauty, and it ought to be the single most important component of design." - David Gelernter
  12. The piece serves no goal, so better be safe than sorry. Ditch it.
  13. I experienced this issue in my Dual Diagonal Drive build where I wanted to switch gears while driving. Even with gearing up the gearbox the torque was enough to have the driving ring clamp itself to the engaged clutch gear. One thing I noticed: This connector will rub against the 20t gear. You could use 2 3l thin levers instead. I think the only way to overcome this is to introduce a clutch (without the use of driving rings), which temporarily disengages the motor during shifts. However, in an automatic setup like this, temporarily interrupting torque will cancel the shift immediately.