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  1. Thanks! Good to know I'm on the right track. I managed to lower the engine by 1 stud and changed the headlights.
  2. Over the weekend I moved the cabin one stud forward to shorten the hood a little and to make space for a bigger engine. It allowed me to install my own W16 fake engine and make it very exposed. I also added long arrows in the back and rifles to be operated by the front passengers.
  3. Sorry to say, but the bracing is friction locked and the layout is nothing new, boils down to the same thing as the pumped up Bugatti or the 8-speed transmission tunnel that puts the 2-speed behind the 4-speed gearbox.
  4. Thanks guys! I updated the nose. There was some space under the hood for 2 extra seats . Actually I intentionally wanted the hood to repeat the roof to get some repetition.
  5. Didumos69

    LEGO expressing a sustainable world

    Nicely put, couldn't agree more. ...back to my MadMax competition entry.
  6. I added a V8 in the back. I will add exhaust later, but apart from mad finery, I also try to focus on crazy technics. For the drivetrain I used U-joints that follow a 3-4-5 triangle, which allows the axles between the U-joints to be supported properly. Also the gear mesh that connects the engine to the rest of the drivetrain is based on a Pythagorean triple. I've built these constructions in real life and they all run very smooth: This it what it looks like now. Modding the front will be the next stage.
  7. Thanks @Jim! It helps to see confirmed this is not entirely in the spirit of the contest. Your suggestion on changing the color to black got me thinking and I feel stupid that I didn't think of this before (due to the self-imposed rule that this should be a B-model). If it's okay with you, I would like to split this project into two tracks from this point on: Rocky II, my second 42099 B model, in fact this build in its current state Mad Nomad, my entry for TC17, a further development of this build As a starter, I changed the colors to make it feel rusty:
  8. I'm a bit on a cross road at this point. I think I will withdraw from the contest. When I look at all the other contestants I see many really messed-up builds with Mad Max-ish details, and this build obviously is not really messed-up. Well, maybe the concept is messed-up, but the details are not. And whenever I find myself adding Mad Max-ish details, I feel like, nehh. So the question is, is this build TC17 worthy as it is now, or not. If not, I will withdraw and continue as a normal MOC, because it just doesn't feel right to mess it up any further. Please let me know what you're thinking.
  9. Nice thing is that the gear ratios can be tweaked to one's needs, all without needing extra parts. In order of appearance: Road-buggy ratio, off-road ratio and crawler ratio Btw, here is a render without the wheels, showing how the wheels are confined and a render showing the main structure. All angled elements are 'in system'.
  10. Last change I did was to slightly lift the rear to make it lean forward a little. Made some outdoor photos of the final model:
  11. Thanks guys! @Philo, yes I will be making instructions. This weekend I finished building what I designed. Some minor modifications, but the concept did not change much. Itook it outside for a test drive and everything works fine. I'm content. I used 792 parts of the 958 parts, used all pins that come with the set.
  12. Time for an update. I moved the battery / control unit to the center, because I needed it to lock the center structure. The functional side is done now. This is what I have in mind for coachwork:
  13. Great! Is this also for sharing (links to) helpful generic building insights, like
  14. Nice proof of concept! Thanks for sharing.