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  1. Well, what I experience is that the Apple devices disconnect all the time and my Android device works fine. I don't know if this disconnecting is caused by the current protection. It happens also in normal mode.
  2. I have also thought this was because of the safety kicking in, but I even experience this behavior in normal mode. But I only have this issue with Apple devices. With my Android phone it's okay. I also tried the Brickcontroller app, but it has too much lag. Steering is impossible.
  3. Probably to avoid the differential from slipping by sandwiching it.
  4. I did find a way to avoid the clutch gear by using normal gears. A perfectly fitting 24t-16t mesh. The auxiliary axle with the 16 gear is 1.5L lower, which makes a center-to-center distance with the left and right drivelines of sqrt(2x2 + 1.5x1.5)L = sqrt(6.25)L = 2.5L (actually a scaled Pythagorean (3,4,5)-triple). And here is a close-up cut-away of the gearrack assembly underneath the shifting knob-wheels: And some cut-aways of all the functions:
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! Are you saying that because it reduces the number of gear meshes in general or specifically because it avoids using a clutch gear? Apart from that, I don't see a way to cross the drive lines with only 2 U-joints while making sure they arrive at the same height. One driveline would have to cross with 2 U-joints and the other would have to make a kind of bridge with 3 U-joints. Don't know if this will really be more efficient.
  6. The Porsche rims are no option, because they cannot be attached to the turn-table based wheelhubs. Also, I'm quite sure CLAAS tires would deform over time, causing them to no longer fit the rims for which they have been intended. However, I certainly consider using 3rd party tires and I agree it can make a big difference. Something with the dimensions of the CLAAS tires, so people can always decide to use CLAAS tires instead of 3rd party tires.
  7. I updated the description on rebrickable with this note: Update 2018/12/08 - During rough rides the first and only link that can disconnect are the pins with towball that connect the gearrack assembly to the steering links. If you want to take this model to the limit, it's advisable to use set-screws to secure the pins. Drive the screws all the way in. They should surpass the outer ridges of the pin:
  8. 😂 Yeh, I know. I guess the current lightweight state of the rear section is more your style... oops 😁 (a style I sometimes envy btw).
  9. Sorry, the rear axle still needs to be designed, what you see are just a few placeholders.
  10. Didumos69

    [TC15] Concept Aircraft

    Cool render @JunkstyleGio, thanks! Haha, who knows!
  11. Thanks guys! I want to build during the days around Chistmas, so that's why I'm eager to get the chassis done, in concept that is. Here are a few more renders, a top view and some details in the gearrack and steering link area. Haha, yeah a copy and paste mistake. The tires on the left of the vehicle are correct.
  12. Did some work on the front suspension. I used the hubs from my Greyhound, I haven't decided about the wheels yet, so for now I also added the Greyhound wheels. No special angles this time. It does have Ackermann geometry and it is controlled with a Servo-motor. The max angle is about 20 degree, so the control should not be too nervous. The A-arms are 6 studs long (5 studs center-co-center). The gearrack is located underneath the yellow knob wheels used for shifting. It is actually a pleasure to not have a differential between the front wheels. It allows for the steering axle to run right between the left and right toggle joints at the end of the drive train.
  13. Didumos69

    [TC15] Concept Aircraft

    Thanks guys! I made a version with guns too, see OP. LXF-file here.