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  1. Finally gotten around to making the Liebherr and this, it’s really an excellent moc. I do have one question however, is it normal for the lateral tilt to constantly read 45 degrees in this moc? It responds to movement but defaults to 45, all the time. Tried recalibrating twice, no help. Can anyone advise? The vertical tilt seems to be reading normally.
  2. Recently bought the set but haven’t had a crack at it yet. Is it possible to transmit the drive from the staircase rotation to instead power ripper angle? Also, @efferman, how is your mod going? I’m very interested in moving the drive motors to their correct position.
  3. trinitechnic

    Porsche 911 10295

    Thank you for your reply. I'll keep looking out for it on the US site.
  4. Hello, Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, I'm only familiar with the technic forum. I wanted to ask, would 10295 ultimately be available from retailers? I live in the Caribbean and have to order my lego from Amazon US, but I've noticed that 10295 is yet to appear for sale there. Is it that it would only be a lego store exclusive? The US lego site won't ship to me. If anyone can advise me I'd be most grateful. Sorry for being a bit off topic.
  5. This is bloody amazing! I love the complexity of backhoe loaders, especially side shift models. You've really nailed this and the aesthetics are perfect as well! I'd love to see this in action and I hope for kindness in you making instructions available for this. It's easily one of the best technic backhoe loader designs I've seen. Keep up the great work!
  6. Appreciate the reply @MisteryMan, I wasn’t too certain as the box art itself shows the first gen, round base pump. Thanks.
  7. Hello all, Further to this post: Can anyone confirm if 42080 contains the revised pump variant, with the square, reinforced base? I know that the updated part was implemented in 2018, but I'm not sure if it made it into 42080. Thank you.
  8. I'm a huge fan of CAT equipment and a grader is not an easy machine to replicate, you've done an amazing job here! The colour scheme is perfect as well. Excellent use of pneumatics, hope we can get a resurgence of pneumatic sets soon so that experts like you could make more beauties like this! Well done again!
  9. trinitechnic

    42108 availability

    Thank you all for the replies, very much appreciated. I live in Trinidad, WI and am therefore usually limited to ordering via Amazon US. As one of you pointed out, it is available on amazon us but the price is a bit steep for me at this time. I'm waiting until it goes back to its MSRP before purchasing. Thank you all again, best wishes and be safe.
  10. Hello, Has 42108 been retired? From the US retailers, its seems difficult to find and usually at least 50% markup. On, its listed as out of stock, along with 42082, which must be getting put out to pasture by now.
  11. trinitechnic

    42098 availability

    Thank you @TechnicRCRacer, much appreciated.
  12. Hello, can anyone give a rough estimate of how long again 42098 should be available from lego us? Hoping to be able to buy it at the regular 180usd in a month or so.
  13. I just want to say that this was a genuinely heartwarming little thread to read; really nice to see us help one another and really happy to hear another young one being introduced to technic. Best wishes to all of you.
  14. Thank you for the reply @Costas and @Timoonn