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  1. Great job and proportions! Why don't you put together a dark azure color brand Bugatti?
  2. Silvavasil

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Have forum rules changed? It seemed to me that photos of leaks were not published here before.
  3. Silvavasil

    [TC18] PORSCHE 911 RSR 

    Sorry everyone who was waiting for this model at the contest! I will try to finish in the blog format!
  4. Silvavasil

    [TC18] Ferrari F355

    THANK YOU!!!
  5. Silvavasil

    [TC18] VW Rally Car

    The Best!
  6. Silvavasil

    Air cooled classic car

    @Джим The author spits on the rules. This Porsche began to be built in September 2019. and later photo (instagram RM8 screen) taken more than 2 months ago (19 feb)
  7. Silvavasil

    [TC18] Marocchino Rat Rod Wrecker

    @SilenWin Maybe you should create a Ford F-100 V8 55-56 y.e. from this?
  8. Silvavasil

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Please save it rainbow colors, it looks great!
  9. Bravo! I wish you a pleasant process and the completion of the project! Good luck! AHD Power!!!
  10. Silvavasil

    [TC18] PORSCHE 911 RSR 

    Hi everyone! The first photos of the process of working with RSR. My approach to creating models is that I first assemble the chassis, and only then build the chassis into it. Show some patience) At the moment I do not use the suspension on the front wheels. I'm already glad that I managed to put the wheels in width 49.6
  11. Silvavasil

    [TC18] Dart

    Brilliant! Allowed to be inspired?)
  12. Silvavasil

    [TC18] PORSCHE 911 RSR 

    Today I will restore my flickr to fully publish photos of the process.
  13. Hi everybody! Thanks to the organizers for this contest, I will participate for the first time! I chose the Porsche 911 RSR We are waiting for a detailed car with high detail. Doors and engine compartment open Rear independent suspension HOG and I will try steering control Mid-engine Maybe stickers Wheels 49.6
  14. WOW! Thank you very much! Now I'm with you guys!
  15. Hello @Джим Sorry for another question about tires, but how do you feel about tires 49,6 in this contest? They look great in the arches of Corvette.