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Found 24 results

  1. Eki1210

    Mocs, Mods and trifles

    Hello and welcome to this Thread, in which i want to share some stuff that i build. To not spam up the whole Train Tech Sub I decided to make a "one for all" Thread. First I have some Locos which i build and over the Time modified and refined to my liking. I build in 6 wide / City scale, so please don´t expect perfect replicas like so often seen here in Train Tech Let´s start with a diesel engine, meant for shunting and freight transport: (The stickers used front and back are repros from set "Load and Haul Railroad 4563") Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Next up is a japanese styled passenger / commuter Train. Due to its boxy shape it can easily be fitted with powered up and working lights: (I quite liked how it turned out, it uses many parts from set 60197, which i really disliked because of the giant "singefront-pieces") Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Next up are some Mods to existing Sets, starting with the great "4551 Crocodile" from the good old 9V days. I tried to lessen the gaps between the cab and the "snouts" of the engine. Other notable modifications are the new roof with redesigned pantographs. The goal was to get it looking more like the ÖBB 1020 series. Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Staying with Set 4551, the following engine is based on the B-Model of aforementioned set. A row of modifications were made and the color switched to green, like a lot of classic german electric locos. Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Next up some freight cars First an open freight car, loosely based on german EAOS: Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr A tank car. I would like it to be lighter und to use less parts, but this car can be build in a lot of colours. The basic concept has been used a lot in Tank Car so mocs, so credit to whoever came up with this solution Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr A stake car, loaded with trunks: Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr 2 passenger cars and a dining car with pantograph. Again, based on european / german rolling stock (IC/UIC coaches) Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Another mod, more so a redesign of the old TTX cars Lego released. I wanted it to fit 6 wide containers, but to keep the outsides of the cars like the original set. The solution i came up with was to use Lego train-baseplates as, well, the base . I haven´t seen this posted before, so maybe it is of interest to some. Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Staying on topic regarding containers, yet another mod of an existing set (or a part of it, to be more precise). The container crane of set 7939. Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr A closer look of the container car Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Now a building, the grat Metro Station (4551). I did not change much, mainly the Colour. Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr To stop the pic dump, what better MOC to use than a buffer Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr Ohne Titel by Henrik S, auf Flickr
  2. Top view with locations Impostor Green is waiting for red... The Reactor and upper engine. Upper part of the ship including the cockpit at the front below the arch. Views Side View The accessories of the characters can be easily swapped around and shared between them creating impostor and non impostor versions as well as looks of different skins, like in the game. Added a ghost version of the famous red player design. If you like it, it is also a set on LEGO ideas:
  3. This is my first share on here but I've been hanging around for a while sucking up inspiration. Here are some MOC's made purely for fun and for play. First up a British 0-6-0 saddle tank steamy. It comes with it's own coal truck and brake van in which I've hidden the power functions so they all work together as a set. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-1 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-2 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-6 by karen chappell, on Flickr The brake van hides the battery box and sits on top of the motor. This attaches to the IR receiver cleverly hidden in the coal truck. The whole set pushes rather than pulls but at sensible speeds this hasn't proven to be a problem. The drive gear is from Trained Bricks over on Bricklink. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-3 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-4 by karen chappell, on Flickr Next up is a simple modern tram set. 3 cars with the all the power functions hidden in the central car. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-7 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-8 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-11 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-9 by karen chappell, on Flickr Here's a diesel electric goods engine, not modelled on anything in particular, hauling a short train of logs for the lumber yard. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-12 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-15 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-14 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-13 by karen chappell, on Flickr This was my first MOC, a blue shunter obviously inspired by 60052. Everything power functions related is squeezed inside. The wagon behind is a refrigerator truck. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-20 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-22 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-21 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-23 by karen chappell, on Flickr And finally some short container wagons. http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-17 by karen chappell, on Flickr http://Lego_Train_MOCs_2018-18 by karen chappell, on Flickr Hope you all like them and apologies for the mammoth post. Thanks.
  4. Inspired by Holgi's MOC my friend rr76 and I built a 1:17 scale trailer (Arocs) for overseas containers. There are mountings for one 40', two 20' containers or one 20' bulk container in the middle of the trailer. Furthermore, the left box is free as a tool box. The rebrickable version is controlled with a Buwizz, because the Powered Up cables are too short, this is not feasible in the conventional way. RC functions: - Raising and lowering the supports - Raising and lowering the lift axle - parking brake - rear light My red one is a conversion to a battery box and Sbrick, i only need a housing in DBG. The grey prototype was build with PU, becaus the cables are to short and the PU-M motor is to expensive i used PU-PF adapters. The lights are custom LED with the Lego PU LED cable. Currently there is a 40' container and the prototype of a bulk container, we're still working on a 20' container. The instruction are available at rebrickable for free:
  5. REVIEW - 42024 - CONTAINER TRUCK One of the first images of the 1H 2014 sets which appeared was the 42024 Container Truck. It's is what you'd call a skip truck. A skip is a large open-topped waste container designed for loading onto a special type of lorry. Instead of being emptied into a garbage truck on site, a skip is removed, or replaced by an empty skip, and then tipped at a landfill site or transfer station. As usual the first opinions where very divided, varying from great looking truck to looks unfinished and ranging from color vomit to I love the colors. My first thought was that the cab indeed looked a bit unfinished, but the color scheme, although having a lot of primary colors, did appeal to me. Luckily I had the opportunity of reviewing this set, so let's find out what it's all about! Note: Pictures where taken with a Canon EOS 600D (18-55mm kit lens). Every image can be clicked to show a high resolution version. 360 DEGREE VIEW For this review there is a 360 degree view available. Unfortunately I cannot embed it here on Eurobricks, so I've created a support page for this. Please note that this 360 view is experimental and not yet as I would like it to be. First I tried a big rotating home made turntable, but the results weren't fantastic. Then I came up with the idea to make a Technic PF stand, which works better. The bottom of the stand needs to be upgraded, probably using white studded Lego (with SNOT, studs not on top) to make it look better. And I am contemplating making an NXT version, so I can hook it up to a computer. When I manage to get my own software communicating with the camera, I can fully automate the process. There's even the possibility to do multi-row, so you can rotate up and down to change the vertical view angle. Anyway, check it out further in this review! Loading can take a while since it's 42 images, totalling 16MB of data. SET INFORMATION Set Number: 42024 Title of Set: Container Truck Theme: Technic Released: 1H 2014 Part Count: 948 Box Weight: 800 gr Set Price (MSRP): DE 69.99 EUR / UK 59.99 GBP / USA 79.99 USD Price per Part: DE 0.074 EUR / UK 0.063 GBP / USA 0.084 USD THE BOX The box measures 48cm x 28cm x 9cm. It's the same width and height as the 42023 Construction Crew box, but slightly thicker, 9cm instead of 7cm. The set does have more parts, so it makes sense. FRONT SIDE The front side shows the truck, loaded with the container and in the upper right corner it's shows some functions, like extending the outriggers and tipping the container to empty it. BACK SIDE The back side shows that the container can be emptied or it can be removed to replace it with an empty one. It also shows the optional Power Functions setup. B-MODEL ROAD GRADER The back side also shows a fairly detailed image of the B-model, a Road Grader. There's a 2-in-1 sign and a reference to the building instructions, which can be found online. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Opening the box reveals seven unnumbered bags, a sticker sheet and two booklets. The set doesn't contain a card board back for the instructions, like the flagship sets do. The booklets and sticker sheet are in near mint condition. The instructions are divided over two booklets. Opening the bags and collecting the liftarms provides the color vomit people have refered to. Luckily things where sorted out pretty quickly. This set contains a nice collection of liftarms, perfect for young or starting builders. HIGHLIGHTED PARTS The set contains some new 2014 parts and some existing parts in new colors. 49.5 x 20 TIRE Already mentioned in my Construction Crew review, which has these tires as well, and I quote: 2014 would be a year in which new tires would be released. Well, here they are. These tires are perfectly suited for smaller scale vehicles. They use the same rims as the Tire 43.2 x 22 ZR, but as you can see the diameter is 49.5mm instead of 43.2mm. This provides a more realistic proportion, especially suitable for trucks and construction vehicles. Basically they are small Unimog like tires. Big thumbs up for TLG! 5L Axle with Stop One of the new parts for 2014 is the 5L Axle with Stop (or Axle 5 With Stop), basically the same part as the 4L Axle with Stop only one unit longer and in dark tan (looks like normal tan in this picture) color. BIONICLE CHAIN LINK SECTION Not a new part, but never seen in a Technic set before, is this very nice looking Bionicle Chain Link. My guess is that these will sell a lot more on Bricklink, starting today. 1x6 THIN LIFTARM This is a very rare part since it has only be released in one set, the 8457 Power Puller from 2000. No more 3 to 6 bucks a pop for a new one on Bricklink. 1x5 THIN LIFTARM WITH AXLE HOLES Already present in some of the 2013 sets, but still this fairly new part is worth to mention. 5x11 PANEL PATE IN BLUE The 5x11 Panel Plate has been around for a while, but never in Blue! It seems blue is getting special attention this year, so here it is. Next to it is a picture of all the panels included in this set. PART LIST This set contains 948 parts and then some. THE BUILD The build starts with the front of the truck. A 1x7 Gear Rack is used for steering the front wheels, much like the 8109 Flatbed Truck. The front part of the truck, located below the cab, is starting to take shape. The axle for HoG steering is clearly visible. After the front section, the gear box will be built. This gear box is not used to drive a fake engine, but it's used for driving the two main functions (besides steering), and switching between them. The two functions are operating the boom and extending the outriggers. Here you can clearly see the two new 5L Axles with Stop which will be connected to the Linear Actuator in one of the next steps. The LA's are used to operate the boom, for raising/lowering and emptying the bucket. The Technic Cam is connected to the Technic Changeover Catch which will switch between operating the boom and operating the outriggers. Building the gearbox almost takes up every gear in this set. At the rear (which is on the left side in this picture) the Mini Linear Actuator is visible. This is used to operate the outriggers. Switching between functions is done at the front of the truck, near the cab. To transfer controls from the gearbox to the front, the mechanism shown below is used. Movement of the lever is limited by the 18x8mm wheels with fake bolts. This image shows the end of the first booklet. Stickers are applied on each side, to explain the functions and switching between them. The functions are activated by turning the Black 12T Double Bevel Gear at the right side of the truck. It's not the easiest way to operate, since turning the gear is quite cumbersome. And you need to turn it a lot to fully extend the boom. The second booklet starts with building the cab. The picture below shows the finished grill. It's your average joe truck grill, nothing out of the ordinary, but it looks okay. The license plate reads CU11014. As far as I know there aren't any designers with the initials CU, so it remains a mystery what this plate means. Some have suggested it might be the release date, See You in 2014 10th of January. If anyone knows the actual meaning, let me know! With the grill attached the cab, the truck is almost done. The seats are grey for a change, not the commonly used blue seats. The doors of the truck can be opened manually. This picture shows the steering wheel in a vertical position. Obviously it needs to be tilted a bit to have some angle. Otherwise, steering this truck would be quite a challenge. The next two pictures show the finished model, without the container. I must admit that the truck looks way better, than in the first box image. The cab doesn't look that unfinished anymore. It is a very simple can though. For starters, an extra liftarm could have been used to fill the gaps at the back sides of the truck, behind the doors, like in the 42008 Service Truck. So the cab is not bad, yet relatively simple. There is indeed a (yellow) 5x11 Panel Plate at the back of the cab, as some suggested. And there are two 4L Thin Liftarms which will be used to hold the battery box, when operated by Power Functions. MISCELLANEOUS BUILDING STEPS CONTAINER After finishing the truck, the skip (container) is left to build. Liftarm galore, if you will. The build is pretty straightforward, connecting pins to liftarms....and more liftarms. The back of the container shows two 3x3 L-Shape Thin Liftarms which are used to tilt the skip, when emptying. Here you can see the Bionicle Chain Links attached to the sides of the container. The chains are attached to an axle which is attached to the boom. That way the container can freely rotate when emptying or replacing it. The color combination of blue and grey, combined with the stickers, does make this container look very realistic. I like it!! PARTS LEFT I am still wondering whether I missed using two friction pins and two 3/4 pins. FINISHED MODEL Like most Technic models, this one looks better in real life than in pictures. The colors are very vibrant and having three different colors for the cab, loading bed and the skip is pretty common on a skip truck. The use of different primary colors actually improves this model. Otherwise it might look a bit dull. The yellow Axle Connector with Axle Hole is used to switch between operating the boom and operating the outriggers. The stickers show the corresponding action for the position of the lever. Looking at this picture, reminds me of a movie quote from Falling Down (1993) with Michael Douglas: "Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?". Well, can you? Although being a simple compact cab, it does look good on this truck. At the back you can see the mechanism used to tilt the container when emptying it. The 4L axle between the two 3x3 L-Shape Thin Liftarms on the truck will be stuck behind the Perpendicular Double Split Axle and Pin Connector which will tilt the container when operating the boom. With the outriggers fully extented, the skip won't tilt when operating the boom. Instead the container can move freely and therefor be put on the ground behind the truck. Replacing the container takes a lot of manual turns. It's nice to have optional Power Functions, but I would almost say it's mandatory for having some playability in this set. This picture shows the bottom of the truck, where you can see most of the functionality in place, switch lever, operating gear, mini LA, part of the gear box and steering rack. Chck out this cool 360 degree view of this model. You can swipe from left to right to rotate. Loading can take a while since it's 42 images, totalling 16MB of data. MISCELLANEOUS PICTURES OF FINISHED MODEL SUMMARY So what do I think of this model. I am halted between two opinions. First of all this set does look great. It's vibrant colors do this model justice. Compared to the 8109 Flatbed Truck and the 42008 Service Truck the new tires are way better for building in this scale. Secondly, the new tires and some new parts are introduced. In my opinion these parts are not as interesting as the ones in the 42023 Construction Crew set. Unless your name is Conchas and you really need those blue panels for your Dunechaser. So it all depends on your needs. Besided opening the doors and HoG steering, this set offers two main functions: Operating the boom Extending the outriggers Operating both functions by hand is very cumbersome. It takes a lot of turning until the boom is fully extended and the container is on the ground. For having actual playability using Power Functions seems mandatory. I hate to start a Linear Actuator vs Pneumatics discussion again, but Pneumatics might have enhanced the playability. Obviously this would have been hard, since both functions use LA's but when emptying the container, the LA's aren't fully extended. So I do understand why LA's have been used. Somehow it feels that this set might have been better with pneumatics instead of LA's. So I do like this set, but it is missing a clever mechanism, like the 8109 Flatbed Truck to make it a great set. PROS Authentic looks New tires Lots of liftarms in different colors (great for starting builders) Power Functions optional (which reduces the price) CONS Operating the outriggers and boom is cumbersome without Power Functions Cab design is very simple New parts have very specific use No wow factor anywhere in the build SCORE Design 8: When fully built, it does look great. Build 7: Nothing spectacular. No wow factor. Functionality 7: Besides HoG steering, two main functions, which is okay. Playability 7: Operating the outriggers and boom needs Power Functions. Parts 7: Some new, yet very specific, parts. Does have new tires. Value for Money 7: Average value for money. Might be valuable, depending on your needs. 7,2 A Bit Too Average For Greatness Thank you for reading! And special thanks to Bonaparte and TLG for giving me the opportunity of reviewing this set Please rate this set at the top of this topic! All review images can be found on my Flickr page.
  6. My dear fellow Eurobricks people, finally, again after a too long while, I managed to prepare something edible (I hope ) out of the finest ABS we all love so much. Let me introduce you my take on Kenworth W900... I’m a bit ashamed to admit, that this MOC was finished already in early 2018 and it took me until now, to prepare the photos and a video of it. This was built for our LUG’s 20th exhibition KockeFest, that took place in March 2018. It was the time when LEGO Technic Mack Anthem came out, so the theme of Technic section of the exhibition was, naturally, "container trucks and container handling machinery" in same scale as the Mack. We agreed on slightly longer containers, because, let’s be honest, the one on the Mack is a bit too short… so here it is… This whole eighteen-wheeler is some 108 studs long (87 cm) and 16 studs wide (13 cm), well the wheels might be getting close to 17 studs. The truck alone is about 50 studs (40 cm) long. The size of the containers, we agreed upon, was 15 x 15 x 37 studs (+1 for the door handles so 38 actually) and they represented 20 ft containers. As you can see from the photos, my semi-trailer could carry 2 of them. I used 1 PF L motor for propulsion and PF servo for steering. Another PF L motor was used for remote fifth wheel lock. It could be powered both with standard PF receivers and LEGO AAA battery boxes or with Buwizz. It was all hidden in the cabin’s sleeper. There was another AAA battery box on the trailer to power PF M motor for the trailer supports. Front axle is not suspended, but uses virtual pivot steering instead. It was the only way to make so tight mudguards above them and although steering angle is not the best, I think it did the job fine enough. Due to the bulky setup of servo and virtual pivot steering, I was a bit lazy under the hood, so there is nothing else there. I guess I could mock up some engine, but the way the hood was attached (it can’t be opened), it felt a bit pointless. There is some unrealistic pendular suspension on both rear axles, but I couldn’t do more on such a thin chassis. I used rubber connectors as dampers. Because the chassis is so slim, it slightly twists when throttle is applied. Here’s how this lady looks topless and below the skirt… There are some minor details in and on the the cabin, the sleeper was, as already mentioned, filled with electronics. Since this is a semi, it needs a fifth wheel, of course. It is remotely locked and I totally took the cream off of the brilliant 6x6 Truck with Tipper Semi Trailer by Pipasseyoyo, with great ratchet design for the lock. Ratchet for the fifth wheel lock below the sleeper… Fifth wheel + hitch/tow ball (I hope that’s what it’s called)... The trailer was built with Technic bricks - studs down and was sturdy enough for the two containers. It had its own receiver and battery box to operate the supports. The two tandem axles were damped with rubber connectors and adapted to the ground really well. Please forgive me for not filming the movement of the two . I hope the photos will suffice. Sexy back… Some posing to conclude... ...and a short video of course… Building instructions are available on HERE for a small fee. Thank you for reading and watching, I hope you like it, Best regards, Miha
  7. Ymarilego

    Chemicals terminal

    This is render of a commissioned model I am working on. 90% of the bricks are already ordered so building can soon start. The model has about 50k bricks and is 2m75 x 1 m in size
  8. This is my humble tribute to the Classic Town Promotional MAERSK Truck sets 1651 from 1980 and 1552 from 1985 adjusted to my favorite 4-wide studs mocs. Both the Maersk Blue and the Old Light Grey colors were really hard to find nowdays .. :-) 11 by George Legoman, on Flickr 02 by George Legoman, on Flickr 10 by George Legoman, on Flickr 03 by George Legoman, on Flickr 02 by George Legoman, on Flickr 03 by George Legoman, on Flickr 04 by George Legoman, on Flickr 04 by George Legoman, on Flickr 16 by George Legoman, on Flickr 18 by George Legoman, on Flickr
  9. Hi everybody, my last few mocs were quite small - but not this one ... It is a Luffing Crane with a container claw - a perfect fit to 42078 Powerfunctions: 1. Moving forward/backward on the rails 2. Rotating the superstructure 3. Moving the boom up/down (level of the payload does not change) 4. Moving the claw up/down 5. Rotating the claw 6. Open/close the claw All functions are powered by one XL-motor. Function and direction is preselected by six clutches and there is one main clutch that activates the selected function. The main clutch works much smoother (it is a friction clutch) than the Lego dog clutch 18947 and allows precise steering. This is the key function of the model: the container claw. Three ropes, three functions: up/down, rotating, open/close The rigging is quite challenging Here is the engine house with 6 sticks to operate the clutches. The red read lever on the right activates the friction clutch. The shovels work as counter weights (with some old batteries inside). The trailer can carry two 42078 containers and has suspension with torsion bars. The container in the background looks a little bit funny as it is made of tracks ... And now guess what this is: ... these are the leftovers from 42055. Yes, yes, yes: this is a C-model It is using about 3000 bricks. Can you imagine to run out of black connector pins with a 42055 on the table? If you are wondering how these claw functions work, have a look at this topic: Many thanks to @kolbjha; I adapted your idea using a closed loop to open/close the claw. My crane uses the closed loop to rotate the claw and an additional rope is used for open/close. Well, that's it for today. I know you want to see a video ... please be patient. I will be away from my Lego for a while and of course I want to pick up the 42078 before I start the shooting. At least you can see the pics in higher resolution on my Bricksafe page: Bye Leonard_Goldstein
  10. sander1992

    Container ship

    Hello everyone, A few months ago I received a Space Miner minifig from a seller during an event. I wanted to create a vehicle for the minifig. First I thought about a Rock Raider-like vehicle, but then I saw the amount of Chima crystals and thought about making a container ship. I used the same colors as the minifig and the visor was the inspiration for the front of the ship. A picture of the front of the container ship. Here you can see the depositing of the crystals. Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  11. Container Crane Hi all, today I want to show some models I created for the exhibition „Fantasie und Technik“ in Abtsgemünd, Germany on 2./3. december 2017. All models were operated with only an EV3 Set(+1 small motor in one modelll), the motors and sensors have been plugged in just a few minutes from model to model, here the visitors could help. It was important to me that the mindstorms components are not hidden, visible and out,. to reveal their function. The models should show that it is also worth about the travelling robots to automate homemade models. There are almost no transmissions, which would unnecessarily complicate the whole thing, most everything is powered directly from the motor shaft. Most of the models could be operated with different programs. All were operated almost exclusively by the visitors. And here ist he container crane: I only used the mindstorms parts of sets 31313 (EV3 brick, 3 motors, 2 sensors). The container terminal provides two container spaces, a railway connection and a truck Here the part that controls the on/off of the claw. The four threads of the claw are summarized in a small sled and only one rope pulled by the motor. When the claw is up (black slide left) the touch sensor stops the motor. To sink the motor moves defined turns. The second unit is the trolley drive for right / left. Through the colored tiles on the chain the IR-sensor recognizes the position of the trolley (1st place, 2nd place, railway, truck) , the yellow tile is visible just below left The last element of the movement is the adjustment of the claw. To open the claw must be lifted with the outer threads, to close it with the inner wheels. This is done by simply extend of the lengtht oft he threads The trolley of the crane 3 The four ropes are on the left attached and can be adjusted by turning the blue pins, like guitar strings The claw with the four threads, if the two outer/upper carry the load the claw is open, if the two inner/lower carry the load it is closed There are two programs: one for the automatic operation, and one for the manual mode pressing the keys of the EV3-brick. Usually the visitors used second mode and played, especially the kids... Here is a short deo showing the funtions (1:31) and the automatic mode (2:44) Hope you like it. cu Werner
  12. de-marco

    [MOC] Waste container transporter

    Waste container transporter building instructions Parts list
  13. LittleJohn

    [MOC] The Anti-ABS Burger

    Guaranteed to conceal ABS, the new Anti-ABS Burger features a half-pound beef* patty, tomato, lettuce, and cheese with a medium side of fries included (for just a small amount more!). Stop by your local Burger Brick restaurant today and try this all-new special burger, guaranteed to conceal those ABS! *Patty is only guaranteed to consist of 1% or less real beef. My tenth entry for ABS Builder Challenge. This one came together quite quickly, though positioning all the splotches of ketchup on the fries was, shall we say, less quick. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  14. Here’s my new little MOC: I wanted a small MOC, using the container truck 42024 wheels. But I also wanted that the vehicle was not been done a lot. So I chose the reach stacker, not very famous. And TLC steal my idea I wanted a quite good design, "better than reality". (the real vehicle is not very nice ^^) I think the style of the real model is here. Functions are : Steering 3 cylinders fake engine Lifting arm Extending arm Clamp, to catch the container Steering is very simple. A "rack" is activated by a crank. Fake engine is activated by only one wheel. (not enough space to put a differential). The arm is controlled by 2 LA. You can torn the 2 sides of the axle, soi t’s easier to move the arm. The arm extension is very simple: there s just a 8t on a rack. It is braked by an other 8t with a pin with friction. It can be extended quite far. To catch the container, a clamp is closed on it. Do you know what element was the more difficult to do? The container! It was difficult to find the limit between weight and full design. I’m working on building instructions. I took screenshots on LDD and I’m assembling they on Photoshop. I though this idea would have been faster than a specialized software, but I’m not sure now. ^^' I don’t know when they will be finished.
  15. Legopold

    MOC: Arctic Supply car

    Hi, I recently bought the Lego Arctic Base set on sale and decided to build a supply unit car (although it is actually a very unrealistic idea). The unit consists of an intermodal car with two types of containers. The tank container is an improved version of the tanktainer I showed last year: http://www.eurobrick...tank +container I hope you enjoy this little build. My three-year-old daughter likes to load the container with huskies and ice bears ;) Cheers Of course the arctic base does not have its own train station. The containers will be delivered by helicopters and transported by this tracked vehicle (which is a longer version of the standard vehicle from the official Lego set).
  16. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC: Tiny Cargo Ship

    Hello. Quite some time ago I posted a MOC called Tiny Ocean Liner. Now I have completed another vessel that I call Tiny Cargo Ship.
  17. Hi all, inspired by MOC containers created by CamelBoy68 (please excuse me, CamelBoy68, if I "took inspiration" from your creation ), I've just created 4 new 20' standard containers that can be placed on Maersk Train wagons. Side view Front view Back view Some notes (and differences from official Maersk and CamelBoy68's containers): I've used 2 x 2453 BRICK 1x1x5 for the two back edges. This increases solidity, as in real containers. Green corrugated containers is made of staggered 30137 PALISADE BRICK 1x4 and 30136 PALISADE BRICK 1x2 (instead of 1x2 bricks only) to increase solidity. As you can see in front view, I've used 1 x 2431 FLAT TILE 1x4, 6 x 87079 FLAT TILE 2x4 and 2 x 3068 FLAT TILE 2x2 as flat basement in order to ease placing goods inside. I've replaced 3009 BRICK 1x6 above the door with 2 x 3666 PLATE 1x6 above the door and 2 x 3024 PLATE 1x1 below. This to perfectly center the door (3 elements below and 3 above including feet and roof). Blue framed container is created using 2493 WINDOW FRAME 1x4x5 and 2494 GLASS 4x5. Red framed container is created using 74968 WALL ELEMENT 1x2x3 and 87552 WALL ELEMENT 1x2x2. All the bricks are available except for the 2494 GLASS 4x5 in blue framed container. This is not a real problem as you can paint it (or cover it with a blue sticker) before assembling inside the window frame. Due to low availability of 3027 PLATE 6x16 in stores, roof and base plates can be replaced with 4 x 3036 PLATE 6x8. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want, I can share my LDD project.

    Hookloader truck

    My last post hase bin a while. But i have a new build! It is a hookloader truck. I only have to order a replacement for the yellow brick in the liftarm. The lift arm moves to lift the containers on the truck. But i wanted to take two containers. So i also build two difrent trailers . And the flatbed trailer for containers. Next container on the truck. And ready to hit the road. Thanks for watching.
  19. Mr_Jola

    [MOC] B Double Container truck

    Hi all, Thanks for letting me be a part of the AFOL community. I have had lego since I was a kid and I have always loved the trucks and trains. So I like to build trucks that I have driven in my career. I only build these models from left overs from sets. I have a few models I will share shortly but I thought I would share a model I banged up last week. I happened to be searching for other things when I came across 3x 7939 sets (Truck with 1x 20 ft container). So I decided to make an Australian spec B Double container skel with 3x20ft. Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr
  20. Dear all Eurobricks Users, From MTRkustoms Railworks we have the honour of presenting the RENFE Container vagons MMC & MMMC for normalized Containers type Maersk and some 20ft and 40ft Normalized Containers. These vagons are part of the actual fleet of RENFE Cargo for the transport of normalized containers. As usual in me some technic parts are used. VAGONS MMC Lenght: 50 Studs Width: wide Weigth: 205g A bare comparation with a real "dirty" vagon Y21 Boguies with standar wheelsets The vagon and its 40ft Container And a animated gif to see all the posiblities with 20/40 containers MMMC Lenght: 68 Studs Width: wide Weigth: 275g A bare comparation with a real "dirty" vagon Y21 Boguies The vagon with its 20ft containers And a animated gif to see all the posiblities with 20/40 containers And the full composition with the RENFE 252 "Taxi" Full resolution pics in the Flickr Album CONTAINERS 20ft Standar Weight: 115g 20ft Tank Container Weight: 85g 40ft Frigo Container Weight: 220g 40ft GENSET Container Weight: 290g Full resolution Pics in Flickr Album Enjoy it
  21. Hello Eurobricks Members! Today I would like to show you a roll off truck or container truck [b]Specifications:[/b] Length – 53 cm Width with mirrors – 18 cm Height with container – 19 cm Weight – truck only 1735 grams / with container 2035 grams Power Functions: 2 PF M motors 1 PF L motor 1 PF XL motor 1 PF battery box 1 PF extension wire (20 cm) 1 PF extension wire (50 cm) 2 PF IR remotes control 2 PF IR receivers More pictures in my gallery [media] [/media]
  22. Let me introduce myself: I'm 49 years old and have been playing a lot with lego when I was a child. The good old time, when there were no sets, just bricks. Last year I decided to buy the mobile crane (#42009). My first lego set since over 30 years. I build both models and was really impressed by the complexity and how everything works together. Early 2014 I started building my first moc. A straddle carrier. The construction needed some planning, cause I've only own a limited number of bricks. So I build one edge, count the bricks and made three bags with the same bricks for the other edges. The most complex part of the straddle carrier is the gearbox. At first I implemented the function to move the spreader left and right. Then I added the ability to drive the straddle carrier forward and backward. And last but not least I build a worm gear with a winch to move the spreader up and down. The last one was tricky, cause the spreader tends to be crooked. So I changed the cable run and added some gears. After four months I finished my work: And cause I like video editing, I've made a small video showing the straddle carrier in action which you can find at YouTube: You can find more picture at Instagram: And, if you like my model, you can support it a Lego Ideas:
  23. The past three months I was building on my new project: a container terminal that loads and unloads containers from trains: all automatic. I designed the Lego buildings, hardware and software upstairs in my "Lego room", which isn't quite big. So in the end I had to install the whole shabang in my cleared out living room. Thank God I have girlfriend who doesn't complain about these things! I had one weekend to get it all working. I've built the whole thing up with a friend of mine but somehow I couldn't get the electronics working. It had to do with failing communication between the microcontrollers. Frustrating, since it all worked just perfect upstairs in my Lego room! So I did some last minute soldering to make the best out of it. That's why just one side of the terminal is functional. I working on an improved version to make it all work just perfect! And here the result! Enjoy!
  24. I tried to get the best of both and make a mini Unimog container truck. This is the final result.