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Found 24 results

  1. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Infected Aurelia

    Undersea Creature Compendium Vol. 1: The Aurelia is prone to being infected by various parasites due to its standard diet. Being at the bottom of the food chain, parasites have evolved to use the Aurelia as a common entry point into larger creatures higher up the food chain. [Click for more] More on Instagam
  2. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Skeleton: Online

    (Click for more) Initializing.... Connecting to server.... Downloading memories.... All systems online. Now commencing operations. Instagram Twitter
  3. the Inventor

    [MOC] Hirska (Demon deer)

    Bestiary entry for Hirska or "Demon deer". The Whispering Woods harbors many dangerous creatures, one such creature is the Hirska. When seen from afar it looks just like a normal deer, only when up-close one sees how big it is, between 1.5 and 2 times the size of a normal horse. It's most defining feature is the single big eye where it's face is supposed to be. Many wonder how such a creature can survive when no visible mouth is observed. Studies into the creatures are sparse, because no-one is crazy enough to get up-close to the beast. A theory of some scholars of Rindael suggest it absorbs it's nutrients from the forest soil through its hooves. It doesn't like visitors, so when encountering it, make sure you leave the area as soon as possible, when it notices you, be prepared to run. It will attack anyone with it's legs or antlers. Hiding behind bushes won't work, because it's eye will see through it, climbing in a tree sometimes helps, but please, find a strong tree, because the power of the beast is enough to fell small and middle sized trees with slamming against it with his head. -- My entry for the Fantasy Creature category of CCC XX. Hirska by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  4. Hello there! For my entry for the creature category, I chose to recreate one of my favorite mounts from the saga: Boga the Varactyl. She is a beautiful creature and desperately needs a remake in Lego. Here is a reference image for comparison: Here she is carrying Obi-Wan to his confrontation with General Grievous. She is highly poseable, allowing you to recreate various scenes, such as when she rears up. Her beak can be opened and closed, and even some of here blue feathers are adjustable. Like in the movie, she is very long and carries a saddle on her back. Her tail consists of four segments, making very flexible. Let me know what you think, and may the force be with you.
  5. Top view with locations Impostor Green is waiting for red... The Reactor and upper engine. Upper part of the ship including the cockpit at the front below the arch. Views Side View The accessories of the characters can be easily swapped around and shared between them creating impostor and non impostor versions as well as looks of different skins, like in the game. Added a ghost version of the famous red player design. If you like it, it is also a set on LEGO ideas:
  6. By accident I stumbled across Scrat's face from Pixar's animated movie 'Ice Age' while messing around for a different MOC. Fate? Maybe. A reason to complete him? Absolutely! So here he is, in all his disaster provoking glory. Because he retired from film making a while ago and had a good deal of vacation in sunny Hawaii he turned out to be more brown than tan (so not at all because the required parts weren't available in tan, no of course not...) Hope you like him. Instructions & more pics also available @ And if you want Scrat chasing after the acorn on your desk/mantelpiece/DVD collection or in your kitchen/bedroom/toilet (ok, better not in your toilet), you can get the full set here.
  7. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Jörmungandr, the Sea Serpent

    “We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature”, said the Elders in a time long gone. With the drop of the first snowfall, came the season of shortage, when not a seed grew from the soil and men would hide within their homes. In need of stockage to go through Winter, men raged against each other in pursue of a better crop, a better land, a better life. But as years passed, Winters became longer and colder, and the Elders presumed it was a curse from the Gods. “We do not live in harmony with Mother Nature, who gives so much, but asks so little in return”, they proclaimed, convincing all men to establish a ceremony of appreciation, hoping the Gods would be pleased enough to end the Winter season. For seven days, a selection of the most dexterous, cunning, strong, and sharp men were set to battle each other in a series of games for the appreciation of the Gods, to thank them for sharing their knowledge, protecting the mortals, and providing for the crops. By the end of the seventh day, guided by the ancient Elders, all men were sent to the seashore, where the golden sun would set on the horizon as a white mantel of snow covered the rocks. There, the results of the games were shared with the public and the man with the lowest scoring was pushed into the waves, as an offering to the Gods. Facing the edge of the world, to the eternal sea, the Elders called upon Jörmungandr, the sea serpent, and offered him a cleansed soul. But snow continued to fall. The second man with the lowest score was sent forth, and as the Elders proclaimed the sayings that would wake the giant serpent and bring an end to the cold winds. But once again, snow descended from the sky. This time, Fiandr, the strongest of all men, most dexterous and cunning, winner of the Games Ceremony took the lead. He walked along the rock wall up to the highest cliff, where a lonely tree hung with white leaves. Fiandr faced the eternal sea and called the serpent. [We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature. We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not seek your guidance, but our own foolish desires. We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for what we do cannot be undone. But here I stand, devoid of arrogance, proud or greed, offering my life, if you are merciful enough to take it. Take my flesh, for it does not suit me anymore. Take my blood, for it does not serve me anymore. Take my soul, for it does not scream, anymore. Take my life, and I will swim alongside you in your castle under the waves, protecting the world of the living and nurturing a life of balance and harmony until time stands still.] Fiandr screamed at the waves, his breath a smoke of frost. He took his knife, gleaming with the last light of the sun, and with a sharp movement, he cut open his wrist, letting a red current flow like the northern rivers. Before the first drop of blood reached the ground, a blue serpent emerged from the frigid waters of the eternal sea. As fast as its head left the water, it dove back in, taking with it the soul and flesh of the most skillful of the mortals. The Elders stood as the last snowflake detached from the grey ceiling that covered the world, and a warm breath of wind caressed the land. From this day on, when the cold winds blew and the Season of Shortage began, The Games Ceremony took place as a way for the mortals to show their appreciation for the Gods, for the winner to claim its rightful place alongside Kevin, the Jörmungandr, sacrificing his life, and for the Gods to show their mercy. “We apologize, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature” _______ Louis of Nutwood. _______ Really hope you all like it. Skol!
  8. badchriss

    Asian Dragon

    I got inspired by the ornamental dragon heads of the "Dragon Boat Race" set and decided to build an asian dragon. The build is rather simple and mostly just consists of a skeleton made from ball joints, on which all other parts are added to shape the creature. More pictures can be found in my album: klick The legs were a fun little idea because i wanted the dragon to have poseable legs, even in this size. Hope you like my creation.
  9. Admit it,we all were filled with joy when the news droped that 2018 will see new "Wizarding World/Harry Potter" sets. One set that caught my attention was that amazing black coach from the second "Fantastic Beasts..." movie with the introduction of a new mold for the Thestral,those creepy and cool horses with bat wings. Lego did a nice job,but i thought the Thestral could need a bit more articulation for the wings.Usually,they only move up and down,which looks okay and fits when dragging a victorian era coach through the air... IMG_20180906_230841 IMG_20180906_230826 But what if you want to have the Thestral in a MOC or just want to depict a wild Thestral?They don´t always run around with heir wings spread out left and right... How about folding them to the back IMG_20180906_231207 Or unfold them at an angle? IMG_20180906_230900 With the use of 5 additional bricks,you can do this as well... IMG_20180906_231011 IMG_20180906_231016 IMG_20180906_231049 I hope you like this neat little modification.
  10. The Loreman

    The Hungry Golem

    “The man desperately scrambled up the rocks, hoping to escape the giant stone hand reaching for him. Golems are not typically hostile, but they are very possessive of things they believe are theirs. The red-cloaked warrior struggled to hold back his enormous pet, and with no small effort shouted some words of wisdom to the fleeing man - “just give him the apple!” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The final result of this build is very different from the original concept. With little success, I struggled for a while in my attempt to build a complicated bridge on the rock base. I always have table scraps of random things I've built at a whim - one of them was the golem creature. He's not very complex, but he looked so humorous with the odd body proportions and the hammerhead skull, so I've kept him built for a month or two. I finally put him to use! - Loreman The Hungry Golem_2 by The Loreman, on Flickr The Hungry Golem_3 by The Loreman, on Flickr The Hungry Golem_4 by The Loreman, on Flickr The Hungry Golem_5 by The Loreman, on Flickr
  11. Ragnar

    The Call of Cthulhu

    Just released my "The Call of Cthulhu" project on LEGO Ideas yesterday :-) As a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft's mythology I decided to build a set based on his short story "The Call of Cthulhu", which was released in 1928 and might probably be the most famous tale by this author. About the scene (might contain spoilers for those who haven't read the story yet): The scene of my model depicts the arrival of the norwegian sailor Gustaf Johansen and his crew in the city of R'lyeh which was built by alien beings aeons before humanity inhabited the earth and is described as a cyclopean city of titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths (decorated with strange runes). It was sunk to the ground of the ocean, where Cthulhu (an ancient alien being) had to wait for the stars to align the right way so R'lyeh would rise again to the surface. While exploring the ancient ruins the sailors accidently release the "Great Old One" from his prison and try to escape aboard the "Alert", a derelict ship, that was discovered by the sailors earlier... About the Minifigures: I've tried to build LEGO versions of this mighty "Old One" before but only the release of the 13th series of LEGO's "Collectable Minifigures" provided the minifigure-squidhead I was waiting for since it perfectly fits this creatures Appearance! The combination with the wings of the 14th series gargoyle, the 15th serie faun's legs and the 16th series little devil finally rounded up the list of needed parts to complete this awesome minifigure (although it would be great to have a more dinosaur-like tail like the 5th series lizard man - wich sadly can't be combined with the wings). To represent the sheer size of Cthulhu I used the minifig-trophy-statuette of the 9th minifigure serie's "Hollywood Starlet" for the sailors. They represent Gustaf Johansen and two of his frightened crewmen. If you like it, please support it! You might also be interested in my other projects like the life-sized human skull or my RPG boardgame.
  12. Nuju Metru

    Obashi Mist Dragon

    Hey all! Here's a dragon I designed recently as a prize in my Second Dragon-Building Contest. He's my first Asian-style dragon, and I'm pretty happy with how he turned out! Meet Obashi the mist dragon. All the above images link to their larger versions on my Flickr. You can also check out a few more pictures over there. Thanks for looking!
  13. The T-rex is the apex predator in the Cretaceous age, and the most perfect masterpiece evolution has ever managed to accomplish. Because 65 million years after its extinction, it is still the biggest and most powerful carnivore ever walked the earth.When I first watch Jurassic Park, I was immediately captivated by the power and beauty of the T-rex, and hopelessly fell in love with her. And what beats watching a T-rex movie? Building one yourself! At 59 cm length and 930 grams weight, This model is possibly the world*’s largest posable T-rex that stands on its own. * LEGO world :-) For more pics of the beast, please visit me on flickr: Features: 1. It grew bigger as the building went on, for we are all greedy in the detail department. As a result, at a certain moment, It suddenly hit me that this thing may never be able to stand on its own when finished, and that would be an ultimate bummer (Yes, it’s my second MOC, I never knew LEGO was so heavy!). But due to a technique (mixel joints served as tendons), a lot of time and effort put into banlancing, and many compromises made to aesthetics, the completed T-rex stands on its own. (It may not pose a problem for digital building, but I consider this the No.1 feature of this build.) 2. Play features: This beast is not only a display piece, It is moderately posable thanks to a lot of joints. And it has to be from the conveiving because there are so many cool postures and it would be a waste of bricks if it ends up to be just a statue. Again, aesthetics has to give way… to gaps. But the very essence of LEGO saves the day again: with a few parts (modules) added or removed, the gaps left by maneuvers can be covered. 3. Sturdy. Every time I had to choose between appearance and sturdiness, I chose the latter, for which I think is a virtue of official sets. 4. I try to get the proportions as real as possible. Oftentimes I see a T-rex MOC, the head is over-sized to stress the beast's ferociousness and the feet are disproportionately large to increase stability. 5. Stud-Not-On-Top design, and all “legal” LEGO parts and techniques. The T-rex is a LEGO Ideas project, if you like it please support me at . Thank you so much :-) Check another of my posts, Extreme Evolution: Arctic Triceratops: http://www.eurobrick...opic=135937&hl=
  14. Accordidng to Wikipedia, Some triceratops could grow up to over 9 meters long and weigh more than 12 tons. That put them in the same weight class as the ultimate predator T-rex. So their only appearance inJurassic Park obviously didn't do them justice size-wise. And if you know anything about polar bears, you would know Arctic beasts usually grow larger than their relatives in other regions of the world. Imagine how powerful and beautiful this creature must be. Features: 1. Play features. It is not a statue. It's moderately posable with tons of joints. I made it this way so it could fight a T-rex in the short movie below. You can have more poses with a few modules added or removed. 2. Sturdy. Every time I had to choose between appearance and sturdiness, I chose the latter, for which I think is a virtue of official sets. 3. Stud-Not-On-Top design, and all “legal” LEGO parts and techniques. The Triceratops is a LEGO Ideas project, if you like it please support me at . Thank you so much :-)
  15. Weird things are happening throughout Historica. Among these are that creatures which normally avoid the heat of Kaliphlin have been sighted in the desert sands. This worm actually looks like a being of the Frozen Beyond, north of Mitgardia! There must surely be some strange and ancient magic at work to make this happen... Run for your life!! The cold mouth of the beast. The entire build. I'd also like to claim a UoP credit for brick-built animal #1 [Agriculture and Zoology].
  16. Infernum

    Fdrjornol the Dragon

    Fdrjornol is a legendary dragon to the Mitgardian clansfolk. They believe this dragon was responsible for clearing snow for the first clanspeople to build a settlement. It is believed that the dragon watched over them for centuries until returning to the mountain caves he calls home. The Elders of several clans prophesize that one day, when the clans are in grave danger, the dragon will return and save them, and scorch the lands of their enemies. I hadn't built a creature in a while, so I built this massive guy for the Tourney, a castle contest on Mocpages. Hope you like this little guy!
  17. stigge72

    MOC: Monster

    Last night, my girlfriend told me that the fourth graders she teach, had had an exercise where she described a monster, which they then got to draw and paint. Having heard the description, I decided to do my own interpretation, but (of course) in lego.
  18. Monkey Wizard Wu by rolli, on Flickr He is a wise and old creature, wandering the wild lands, offering help and guidance to those in need. But don’t mistake him, if need be, his elemental powers will eradicate the enemy. Some say he’s a descendant of the old dragons that once ruled these lands with wisdom. Tonight his elemental powers will lead you the way, with a dim, green light he’s guiding you through the mist, making sure you’ll reach your destination. My friend Legopard and I both got us a 70734 Master Wu Dragon in the end of September. We both built the set - quite amazing in its own right - and then proceeded to create something new out of its contents. This creation was only built with parts from this set. Legopard created the imposing Master Wutos Zealot - and I delivered Monkey Wizard Wu. Both creations are also able to merge, creating a fused warrior: Fusion by rolli, on Flickr Anybody wanting to come up with a cool name for the fused creature? We were kinda stumped. Suggestions welcome! What do you guys think? Best Markus PS: I figured it fit best in here, being an alternate build to an awesome Ninjago set. Please move it, if you feel it doesn't fit :)
  19. Stormbringer

    The Hideous Zippleback

    The next dragon is the two-headed Hideous Zippleback. The one head head breathes gas, while the other one lights it, resulting in a fiery explosion! Instead of posting all the new dragons I've made from "How to train your Dragon" into one big topic, I've going to post them individually. The dragons eyes were made from minifig sideburns - The dragon is a remake of my previous model, which was built back in 2010. Thanks for viewing!
  20. SpacerSteve

    [M-D04] Asset Retrieval

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Ground Vehicle, MANTIS, Civil, Farming, Creature Spacer Steve and his team of explorers arrive on a MANTIS Agra colony with a special mission to recapture a genetically modified Reptoslicer. - Chogg - Why is Chogg here again? Chogg is hungry. Sooooo muuuch Food!!!! Agent L- Why is it always the food Chogg? Focus on the mission. There are plenty of grubs on the ship. Spacer Steve- Agreed. We are here because one of Doctor Arvan's assistance let his guard down and allowed the Reptoslicer to escape. We are here to retrieve the asset. Doctor Arvan is away investigating a strange alien race. Fortunate for his assistant the the Reptoslicer ate him. Better then becoming one or Dr. Arvans dissection specimens. - Spacer Steve - Now here is the plan team I will take the tranquilizer rifle up on the Locust Harvester! Agent L whe I give the word fire up your jetpack and grab the Reptoslicer's attention. Chogg, set you Death Ray Tm to disentigrate. Only fire if I give the command - Agent L- WAIT! I'M BAIT! Spacer Steve- Don't worry Chogg has our back if anything should go wrong Agent L- Thats what I'm worried about. Just then a piercing screech filled the air. Spacer Steve - Agent L Go! Agent L- Yes sir - - Chogg- Ahhhh Kill it!!! - Spacer Steve - CHOGG NO I have a shot... - ..... More shots of the Reptoslicer and Harvester Edit: Thanks for looking C&C welcome.
  21. Mikor

    MOC - Elf Fortress

    Hello About 3 weeks ago I've created this LEGO Elf Fortress in LDD. What do you guys think about it? Any suggestions what I could change or how I could improve it? I've also added it to LEGO ideas, if you like it you can support it here: More pictures and info on LEGO ideas page.
  22. Hi all, I'm relatively new to the forum, so I'm not even sure whether this should go here, but... I'm trying to build a fantasy creature/mount for a minifig to ride (in LDD for the moment), and was wondering if any of you guys had any tips and building techniques you'd be willing to share. Especially for things like "bulking up" the body and such. Some inspiration so you guys know what I'm vaguely going for: http://digital-art-g...digital_art.jpg http://fc01.devianta...lin-d5rjliw.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot...s_character.jpg Any help much appreciated!
  23. Aanchir

    B/A: Koboldon

    My entry for the Before & After Brain Infection contest. For full disclosure, I built both models with the help of my twin brother Lyichir. Click through any of the images to see them on my Flickr photostream. In their natural form, Koboldon are tunnel goblins with a diet of metallic ore, which they mine for with their powerful, shovel-like claws. They are reclusive, but generally not aggressive. But once the evil brains landed on their home planet, many were mutated into grotesque, hulking fiends that burrow beneath cities, reducing buildings and infrastructure to rubble. Can any hero stand up to the might of Koboldon's radioactive power claw? More pictures: About the MOC: Lyichir and I came up with the foot design for a much larger model a few months ago, and we decided a bestial foot design like this would be perfect for this contest. The head was designed in an effort to create a brain-infected head that looked as detailed and fearsome as any of the official 2013 villain faceplates, but which had a unique character of its own. Lyichir had the idea to use Transparent Bright Green (the same color as the brain) to highlight areas most heavily affected by the mutation, and I designed the power claw with that in mind. Comments, questions, and criticism are welcome! Hope you enjoy this MOC!
  24. tchuk-norst

    MOC: Alien Uorre-tabat

    Introduction I've taken a break from steampunk/dieselpunk/sky-fi to work on this organic machine. But, bare in mind that this creature exists in the same fantastic world as the Central Machines and Attatech walkers. The infernal creation sprouted from the Mother's soft underbelly. The Uorre-tabat is blessed with the powers of control over machines. These creatures were known, during the Plague to latch onto the underbellies of war machines and airships and chew through the mechanical parts and replace them with veins, nerves, and fatty tissue. Naming I took much more time on delving deeper for the name of this creature than for say, my mechs, I wanted to create a Tolkein-esque meaning to the names of this creature and it's counterparts. In naming this, I've combined several elements. The first part of the name, Uorre, is derived from Ur, the ancient Sumerian city in Mesopotamia which invokes antiquity and age. Also, one of the Hebrew meanings of the word Ur, those who know better correct me if I'm wrong, is light. Cool, you say, what does this have to do with the creature, I'm getting there. Ok, now we get to the second part. According to Strong's Concordance of the Holy Bible, "ta" is translated in Ezekiel 40:7 as guardroom. And, as in Bat Mitzvah, "bat" denotes female, specifically girl. So if we put it all together I get the phrase "Guarding the Female from the Light". Obviously there is some artistic license taken there, so linguists don't get mad. The explanation for this name will be revealed with subsequent builds. Some clues can be gathered from the above description. This final shot shows the Uorre-tabat next to a Maane soldier for size comparison. For more pictures of this model and of my other models, check out my Brickshelf Gallery or flickr photostream.