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  1. Lok24

    Moved to New Server

    Thanks. It worked for years with same server. It might be the emali-address. But as I don't get any emails from you I can't change the email, cause then I shold get a notifictation - which doesn't work. And new address would be on same server. As we are in contact here now I'll give it a try. Stay tuned...
  2. Lok24

    Moved to New Server

    Hi, is there anyone who could help?
  3. You can open the block with the EV3-Software, then you should see what's inside.
  4. Lok24

    Moved to New Server

    Hi, since a while I don't get notfication emails any more. Any ideas why?
  5. Lok24

    Some RIS 51515 Docs

    They should know, with EV3 there was a very good doc within labview (via Browser)
  6. Lok24

    Design Philosophy

    Yes, of course. Depending on the model scale, the smallest Lego part might be much to big.
  7. Lok24

    Some RIS 51515 Docs

    Great work, thanks a lot @Laid Back Koala
  8. Sure, and replacing that with "min( speedLimit,.." " is just what you want to do. All my programs work with that.
  9. Hi, just got no idea why code is called. But: if you change "min(100" in the callback function this should have the desired effect, or am I wrong?
  10. Just added my example to make clearer..... But as you say: they don't turn exactly 360°
  11. Sorry, I missunderstood, you're right. I meant "start all" , which means 4 commands for 4 motors. And that works . What I just did (in LabView, having no classroom installed): Start A Start B Start C Run D for 1 revolution Stop A Stop B Stop C That should work with classroom as well.
  12. Hi David, with LabView that all works. So it should not be the FW. But the program is wrong: of course first the command "run fur 1 revolution" is executed and finished, after that(!) the second. Which is correct and quite normal. You should start all motors fur "run" and then wait for an event to stop them all (sensor). Or use parallel blocks (if this is possible in classroom)
  13. Write two commands for 2 motors eachdirectly one after another or 4 commands for the 4 motors.
  14. Lok24

    Some dumb PU questions

    Yes, pyBrick works fine, but yet no connection to other hubs (which is on the roadmap)