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  1. I think this is only because the option "connect automatically" ist buggy, especially if you have more than one hub. Having only one sometimes it connects when turning on, in most cases yot have to tap on "connect" in the BT dialog , sometimes you only have to invke the BT dialog without tapping on "connect"
  2. Thanks. On exhibitions it is quite normal that you lose connetion to the engines because you are to far away. That is why I use some python solutions there which automatically reconnect. But I'm looking for a solution with my App-Prog, which is obviously very similar to yours, driving 1to 4 locos with multiple profiles each.
  3. How did you solve the problem of reconnecting to a hub? This is what i'm urgently looking for, perhaps you have an idea?
  4. That's why it is much easier to zip the folder ;-)
  5. I copuld not download because there are strange windows asking for eMail-Adress and buying something. Each "program" is just some json-fiiles in one folder . Sharing is possible via LEGO LIFE.
  6. This is my approach as well, where each loco may have different profiles to be configured. You could offer a zip file with the programm as download.
  7. Yes, that's similar to my solution. It's no problem to do this with sliders, I can run 4 engines , and all of them can be set up with vmin, vmax, acceleration and so on http://www.werner-falkenbach.de/bricks/lokv30.zip
  8. @LegoDW That is not new, the stores had and have only a small number of electronical parts, EV3, PF, PU. I always order via S@H or check availability in store via phone.
  9. Sure, that's the idea. And it works fine for me.
  10. Yes. But here is a first idea to resolve this by using the two knobs in the middle The 1x8 plate belongs between the knobs to control the two stop buttons. It's not yet finished, just an idea .... please feel free to improve ....
  11. 1.) One hub / one motor on each port / Use App or Handheld 2.) Two Hubs / one motor on each Hub / Use App or Handheld So you got a solution, what does it mean "doesn't fit train model"? I have a program here that uses the slider and can control up to 4 engines.
  12. Lok24

    [APP] BrickController2

    In German description this Info is missing....
  13. Lok24

    [APP] BrickController2

    Seems that this Info isn't correct Obviously only v1.1 may be installed with android 4.3. But App Version is 2.6.
  14. Lok24

    [APP] BrickController2

    Ah thanks a lot. Thats what i was looking for Did not find in Google Play store