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  1. Lok24

    PoweredUp device number as a variable

    It was promised for end of 2022.
  2. Lok24

    PoweredUp device number as a variable

    That works fine, but as far as I remember numbers are internally 0...3 This might be the reason why it does not run......
  3. But this is software only? As far as I know you can use the RI software o n the SPIKE hub as well?
  4. The 51515 has end of life 2022, and there ist no "Mindstroms" any more. Have a look at "Spike Prime"
  5. Lok24

    How strong does my motor setup need to be for this train??

    You can avoid this using alls other PU motors, where you cat set rotations/sec , with pybricks you can enter the "gear" in the commands
  6. Lok24

    help me automate my trains

    No, its also the method to trasfer power and signal via only two cable cores
  7. Lok24

    help me automate my trains

    yes, DCC works fine, but 1.) you hve to open each 9V motor to implement the DCC decoder (or use other motors and some pickUp for power) 2.) You need 9V-Rails only But you can also mix; trains however, switches and signals via DCC (but need then one (for the complete layout) seperate wire to connect all decoders)
  8. Hi, you should find the Software here: https://education.lego.com/de-de/downloads/retiredproducts/nxt/software Set from 2009 is called 8547: Mindstorms NXT 2.0
  9. Who should control them? Pybricks runs standalone on each hub. not yet, you can only connect a remote to a hub. (or multiple remotes? Don't know)
  10. Lok24

    help me automate my trains

    The barcode had to be app 4 stubs long per color to be detected properly, I suppose. Legoino, that's what I recommended , but ueses an ESP, I used the M5Stack ATOM. of course, like in the video, that's how i do that. And as the sensor is assigned to the train (mechanically) you can use one "contact" (like a red tile) on the track, and when a train passes you know what train is Have a look at the Brick Automation Project https://lgauge.com/article.php?article=trains/gallery/articles/bap But you will not find a solution without defining your requirements, cause all solutions do different things. No model railroader would automate multiple trains on the same loop, that's why you cant't use these ideas and solutions.
  11. Lok24

    Powered Up Tram/Train coding help?

    LEGO has some Ideas about that, perhaps coming with the new FW update this year. But for Android you find solutions how to do that now in the net
  12. Lok24

    help me automate my trains

    But , dependig on the color of the undegroud of the tracks. Best colors are res, yellow and white Or the 12V-System:
  13. Lok24

    help me automate my trains

    Yes, that's how my automatic layout worked, reed sensors. But all of them (6? or 7?) on one input. And then count in the program. 1. contact : close barrier 2. contact : signal red 3. contact: open barrier and so on.... https://youtu.be/N-xREk0E2J8 But that works brillant with a color sensor in every train and Powered up, too. Use ESP and legoino