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  1. Thanks for that , that's really bad news. Indeed the Large Hub is obviously no Powered up device, cause connectors and LWP3 define that. So two more questions: Might the "Mindstorms hub" be different? And: it should be possible to load a firmware that makes it a PU-Device?
  2. It offers both, Wireless connectivity: • Enables users to connect wirelessly to smart devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and LEGO® LPF2 remotes and wireless components using Bluetooth • Bluetooth Classic 4.2 (BTC) • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 (BLE)
  3. That's the point, because there is no documentation for that. And for a child of say 5 or 6 years it is impossible to "invent" a mechanical construction like "Vernie the Robot" from the Boost Set. But having that, then it is very simple to move it around, I did that for years on exhibitions, and most of the visitors (5-10 years) moved the robot in less than 1 to 3 minutes. Not by hand and a remote control, but with a programm they just created (and had never seen anything before). To a predefined destination! Without the model this is absolutely impossible. I'm not familiar with WeDo (much too expensive), but for the others the PoweredUp App is more simple (the Boost App has losts of predefined icons)
  4. The Boost App for the robotic set 17101 contains the building instructions for five models and a lot of "lessons" to learn how to pogram and control these models. And all of them need the special parts of the set. In addition you have what they call the "white canvas" where you can write your "own" programs. And that is very,very similar to the Powered Up App. Yes, you can do that. And use the powered up App. I'm still not sure what is your intention? Learn how to program and control? Then you should use the Boost robotic set. Or the WeDo set (but too expensive for what you get). Both are 7+ and have lessons and tutorials. But you need the models as described in the examples. And that's what is missing when you just use a tecnic hub and any motor and any app.
  5. No The two Boost Apps are for the specific sets! And the technic hub + 3 motors + sensors is not self-explaining. I would strongly recommend for children around 7 years the Boost Robotic Set 17101 Its about 115 € which should be 180 CAD. And later you switch to the Powered Up App, which is very similar, and could add hubs, motors and so on. Yes. The Powered Up App is the central app for all branches of Powered Up. And the control+ App is set-specific as well.
  6. Relax. It does support all motors! Nice work. And yes, sequencer is running too. Doesn't support Move Hub, but who cares
  7. Sounds great and really useful. I'll give a feedback after a short test. Is is indepented from type of motor? M, Train, Tacho?
  8. Hi, What do you mean: "Profile"? A program newly defined under "Create"? They are still there, but all changes (add, delete) aren't visible without disconnecting and reconnecting USB (Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
  9. Lok24

    Automated Trains - A Pure Lego Solution

    Great Work! Thanks for the Videos!
  10. Thanks a lot. Sorry for such simple questions, just saw a video how to install micro-python on Mac or Windows. And yes, there is the selction for something that might be the board... Is it that what you meant? What you did: let it act as a hub. My idea is: act like the app, that means: connect to a hub and a handheld, and then the program could do nothing else but use the buttons and send motor commands to both parts, one in reverse, in 10 Steps, for every type of motor. The classic train application.
  11. Hi @GianCann I'm more than impressed. And never saw such a piece of HW. To undertstand it properly: - This is a complete ESP32 including display and touch sensor and BT? - Including BLE ? - it's ready to use ? - it's about 10-15 € - a programm can be stored permanetly ? - only 5V needed ? - a sensation ? Thanks for answering "yes" to all my questions.
  12. Lok24

    Walking Robot 2.0

  13. .... and here's my Pybricks prog: Running with Pybricks on Powered Up Hub without any App or Smart Device Program is a very small python script Movement is started when bringing the red tile in front of the sensor There are some parameters: Startfarbe =Color.RED # color to start Stopfarbe =Color.GREEN # color to sop V = 1 # speed U/sec > 0.5 Halt = "H" # H = brake, A = Coast Auto = "J" # return automatically J/N Warte = 2 # wait for return Richtung = 1 # Direction when starting 1 or -1
  14. Ah, thanks, then I can concentrate on other projects ...