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  1. Lok24

    Pybricks Q&A

    That's a great pity.
  2. Lok24

    Pybricks Q&A

    @David Lechner thanks, As I already mentioned I want wo store user-defines values in the name. That works fine with the remote, I use this feature already to set the motor speed to a predefined value when connected. Will this feature be implemented in the future or never? That would be important for me to know, cause two other projects would not work without that. Thanks for your efforts.
  3. Lok24

    LEGO Trains 2022

    This discussion has absolutely nothing to do with the topic "LEGO Trains 2022" Could that please be seperated into a special thread?
  4. Lok24

    Pybricks Q&A

    Hi @David Lechner and Pybricks-Team, is there any (good) news about setting the name of the (city) hub within Pybricks code? With the remote it works fine! Thanks in advance!
  5. Lok24

    Legonino + ESP32 + Arduino

    Thanks for explanation. But for stopping a train if there is another train in front you only need to control the second train itself, no need to send command to the leading train? I cannot imagine any scenario why trains should interact with each other.
  6. Lok24

    Legonino + ESP32 + Arduino

    Hi, that's completety different, @Sano23 wants to add an ESP32 to each train to add sensors. Each train should be autonomous. (Whay should they communicate then?) @Kalindor71 uses 1 ESP to control up to 9 trains, this is what I showed here already. So @Sano23 could you please describe the desired architecure including all(!) HW-components? Interesting question!
  7. Lok24

    Legonino + ESP32 + Arduino

    Hi, I think it has nothing to do with legoino. Have a look at ESP-NOW, but it's WiFi
  8. Hi all, please note: V 2.5 cannot be compiled any more, Use 2.6. instead (which does exactly the same) or change line 251 in line 2.5 to speed_limit, acceleration_limit, torque_limit = Motor(port).control.limits()
  9. Lok24

    Powered up sensors DIY

    Thanks! I thougt that there is an idea (circuit etc) to use the interface of the Spike prime distance sensor? What I'm looking for is a simple switch. What might happen if I disconnect ID1 or ID2 of any sensor (after it has once been connected to the hub)?
  10. Hi all, perhaps I missed any article here? Did anyone build his own sensor or modify an existing sensor? And how?
  11. Lok24

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Ah, good hint! So there is hope. But I don't expect something really new.
  12. Lok24

    LEGO Trains 2022

    which category would you expect? the "City" sets are all kown already, no train at all....
  13. Hi, yes I'm not working with ESP any more, cause interest in programming some "libs" was zero, and this issue was not successful: https://github.com/corneliusmunz/legoino/issues/38 I have a bunch of "useful" routines for that all, including webserver, read/write parameters and so on. As I saw you opend an issue, lets see what happens.
  14. Add two XL Motors with load to one port, that shoul stop on V1
  15. Sure. Speed is held global in v, look at line 200 function "drive", this is where motors are controlled Just add some if (v> 6) : remote.light.on(....)