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Found 36 results

  1. Greetings, shipwrights. Whether a novice, an apprentice, a master, or a veteran shipwright, following the process of others, sharing your own, and giving and receiving feedback can help everyone improve. What's the point? This is just a place for all of us liberally to post WIP's for feedbacks, tips, suggestions, and questions, without otherwise littering the BoBS forum with WIP's. You can post just one step in the process, or several over a period. It's all up to you. So I am working on a vessel/ship - what do I do? Post one or more pictures, questions, ship-plans, descriptions, etc. here, and hopefully someone will step in with some wonderful advice. At least, I expect to do so. I know NOTHING about ships - can I comment, and how do I do? Everyone with something constructive to say can comment. No need to be a scholar in historic vessels, medieval carpentry or sail making. Sometimes it might just be aesthetics, a crazy idea, a suggestion for a technique, use of a specific brick, or whatever you can think of. Just keep it nice and constructive. In return, builders posting here will pwomise not to take offense! I'd suggest tagging the builder you are commenting on. But I am not an expert - the arrogant elite will laugh at my puny attempts at shipbuilding! First of all, the arrogant elite was not invited. In fact, they have been given specific instructions to go back to their fancy little elitist coffee houses to talk about how brilliant they are. Secondly, regarding puny attempts, take a look at my first attempt at a ship just two and a half years ago... Well, you really don't have to look. Move along... Nothing to see here... The rather obvious point being, we all start somewhere, and no matter where you start, or how steep your learning curve is. The only requirement is that you want to share your process, learn from others, share your ideas, and/or improve. Soooo, is this something official? What will I gain from participating? EGS bonuses? HAH! This is merely me gone rogue - and I may hang from my toes for it! No official bonuses here. However, I'd like to see a bit more focus on the process and techniques of building here, and I think ships is an interesting place to start. This is, however, quite likely to be replaced, superseded, or added to by something official at some point in the future. Who manages this and keeps the record? Manages? Keeps records? Bwahahaha - forget it! Just post your WIP's and comments. Don't overthink it! ________________________________________________________________________ Kick off! Oooohkay, here we go: I have been working on a 4th rate, circa 50 guns on two decks. I present to you: The HMS Endeavour. Started here: Went here: And have ended here: She is supposed to be the first in a series of 4th rates designed for colonial waters. A 4th rate is a small ship of the line between 46 and 60 guns, just above frigate size. This one is (IC) specifically designed to serve as flagship for colonial squadrons, sailing in consort with frigates and sloops. Looking forward to hearing your comments! And to see your WIP's!
  2. Horlack Bricks

    [MOC][Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship

    Futuron - Retro Space Solar Ship [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr ================================== The beginning/Genesis : ================================== At the beginning of September, I re-watched the old animated as X-Bomber at 43 years old ! It was my birthday this month. Don't ask me what went through my mind at the time, I don't know at all! I wanted to go back to childhood, because I have the impression of having aged. I had to straighten "the bar", lol ! Seeing these old Retro solar boats literally “blew my mind”. I never realized that a lot of anime from that era had a "strange spaceship" conception, transforming old 14-18th century ships / galleons with engines for space. Yet it was so obvious! And it was there, that suddenly, I remembered Jayce, Cobra, etc ... In short, I saw all the ships of the anime of that time scroll through my head, like a comet in front of my eyes (which booms crashing into my head). And no one had done this in Lego. At least I don't remember. In itself, the beginning of an idea or impression that smelled good, and / or had potential. It was the very beginning of the inspiration and brainstorming in my head for Lego Classic Space ! ================================== The concept : ================================== I did something unusual, non-conformism, eccentric, disconcerting and crazy at the same time. I make a double combination and double ration, animated 70-90 which it was the fashion of space ships and Lego Space Futurons 87-90. For a good Retro nostalgia I combined elements of the Azuris ship from « Message from space : galactic wars », the Cephalus ship from Star Fleet X-Bomber, Glory of the universe of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, and the Solaris of the Mysterious cities of Gold ! 2 periods 70-90 in 1! Fashion Geek powa, total ! ================================== Animated Wikipedia source: ================================== ================================== Youtube animated credits for the nostalgic: ================================== Message from space : galactic wars / San Ku Kai Star Fleet X-bomber: Jayce and the wheeled warriors : The Mysterious Cities of Gold : ================================== I took again in inspiration: ================================== - The front and landing feet of Glory of the Universe. - Sails and propulsion reactors of the Cephalus. - The front spur and the hexagonal solar sail at the top of the Solaris mast. - Part of the sails and the structure of the Azuris. ================================== Remarkable elements, NPU, conversion of parts, techniques : ================================== I converted parts #4346 and #4345, in all directions, with levers, for the machinery. Part #44938 bionicle shield, with a "mechanical" aspect converted into an energy capacitor. Various parts of Droids (starwars) converted in the machinery and on the outer deck. Bionicle Shield #45275 converted into deflectors, on the deck of the ship. Kind of like "Viking ship/longship" shields. Big Trident Bionicle #40339 = excellent for large boat emblems in general. I used a slope technique for the sides of the hull. For the rear canopy in the hull, I used a SNOT technique with part #30249. ================================== Physical information : ================================== - 7,082 parts for 854 lots. - 2 weeks of brainstorming, intellectual reflection or "total blank" ...: passive or empty work. - 3 to 4 weeks of active work. - 60.8 studs width, 101.8 studs length, 78.7 studs height. - 48.7 cm width, 81.5 cm length, 63 cm height. - 5.77 Kg. ================================== Global : ================================== All Futuron figures, including the green Lego City minifigure and the lesser known "Educational & Dacta" minifigures. 9 crew members, 3 teams of 3 watch members. ================================== Exterior/outside: ================================== - Solar sails with 3 intermediate lookouts. They can rotate a bit. - Futuron logo, in stickers, on the sails. - 2 radars at the top of the masts. - Long electromagnetic barrel at the front. - 2 small laser cannon turrets at the front. - 2 large turrets at the rear, pulsed radius. - Wings with stabilizers at the end. - 2 small rotating turrets under the wings. - 4 landing feet. - Various elements of machinery on the deck of the Boat. - 8 deflector shields on the sides (Bionicle shield converted). - 2 large propulsion reactors. - Cockpit. ================================== Wheelhouse: ================================== - 1 captain / watch officer seat. - 1 seat Transmission of orders to machines. - 1 navigation control seat. - 1 communication control seat. - 1 alarm control seat. - Walkie-talkies, fans, fire extinguishers, binoculars, cups, etc. ================================== Interior/inside hull of the ship : ================================== - Small storage room at the front, with a ladder to grab onto the deck of the solar ship. - 6 beds with drawers below. - WC / toilet. - Sonic shower. - Kitchen / Cantina: sink, water, oven, cupboards, cups, bottles of food. - Table, bottles of food. - Machine room: control bar, control panel, turbines, fans, transformer, energy condenser, energy pressurizer, cooling circuit, heat transfer fluid, warning lights, ladder to climb to the cockpit, tool kit, tools behind the ladder. - Rear canopy - SAS by energy barrier. ================================== Conclusion: ================================== I built in a perspective of pseudo-realism, pseudo-likely and pseudo-consistency, with compromises with the Retro concept of the animated ones of the years 70-90's. I wanted something playable and fun at the same time. I had a lot of difficulty and trial and error, because I had never done a Lego boat. I worked several times until 4am ! I often work like this: as long as the inspiration is there, I must not lose it, and I work until I no longer see the time passing. But the opposite has also happened to me several times: several times the symptom of the "blank sheet" for 1 to 3 days, without knowing how I was going to build, find inspiration, think about the logic of the construction, etc. . This feeling of "emptiness", that you feel something is happening, and you have it on the tip of your tongue, but it does not come out! Annoying and horrifying sensation ! :) The inclination of the walls gave me intellectual problems. It took a long time to build the engine room. I had to redo it at least 3-4 times. I wanted a maximum of diversity and complexity at the same time. The confined space of the hull gave me difficulties: how to integrate "likely" elements in so little volume ? I have lost my hair several times. Just those damn shower and toilet, I had to spend 3 hours each, to do, undo and redo in all the sauces. Like a little monkey who tests all combinations. Shouldn't bring me a banana at this time, because I think I would have been screwed to make a monkey cry as a bonus .... lol [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 4608 pixels) [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, sur Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 6144 pixels) [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, sur Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 4608 pixels) Shiptember 2021 [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr ================================== Source / reference on my project (progression in the time) : ==================================
  3. Cruisers of Terra Nova Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas. The Royal Navy has decided to outfit several ocean-going cruisers for Terra Nova to counter the build-up of Olean, Eslandian, and Mardierian Forces. These cruisers will be sixth rate frigates, flanked by smaller consorts may be heavy sloops or post-ships. 6th rates and post-ships (bobs class 6) will be bought into service for a net of 100 dbs, while heavy sloops (bobs class 5) will be bought for 75 dbs. All vessels will be licensed by the crown as necessary and be granted the honour of bearing the prefix “HMS”. For each three vessels submitted, the best will be awarded a choice from the list of captured prizes. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet Pledged vessels: HMS Wentham ( @Flavius Gratian), Brig-rigged sloop HMS Royal Oak by sir Dirk Allcock (@Ayrlego), 6th rate HMS... by sir Micah of Wolfhaven (@SilentWolf), 6th rate HMS... by Sir Aidan Coyle (@Mike S) HMS… by Sir Dee ( @Captain Dee) HMS... by the Montoya Estate ( @Bregir), 18 gun ship sloop under construction The crown aims at commissioning these vessels as they are launched to give the Royal Terra Novan Navy the means to protect the interests of Corrington in New Terra. Sign up now to help shore up the Oaken Wall protecting our freedom of thought and action. All vessels will be used for a wide variety of tasks including combat patrols, pirate hunting, escorts and assisting our land forces.
  4. Gunboats for the Colonies Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas, and boatyards of Terra Nova. The Royal Navy hereby initiates a building program for gunboats to protect the harbours of Corrington. This building program includes two classes of vessels, both using oars as main propulsion for maximal maneuverability, often utilising sails as secondary propulsion: Gunboats (Class 1) Small vessels with a large cannon mounted in the bow or stern. Typically 4 to 8 oars and makeshift rigging. Gun sloops or light galleys (Class 2) Larger vessels with heavier armament carried in the bow or stern. Typically more permanent rig and better open sea performance. May carry mortars or howitzers for secondary armament. Once a design has been submitted, the Navy Board will review it, and send any requests for change back to the constructor. (OOC: You may be asked to improve on your design to have it accepted.) Accepted designs will be bought into the Royal Terra Novan Navy at 25 dbs for class 1 vessels and 40 dbs for class 2 vessels. They will be named by type (eg. "Gunboat") and number (eg. "No. 2") and constructors are invited to propose a gifted boatswain for command. The crown will then review the qualifications and make appointments accordingly. For the first 9 vessels, the best design of every three vessels commissioned will be awarded with a prize from the stock of dry-docked captures. (Class 1 or 2 vessel) The Crown will assign these vessels to harbours as they are finalised, based on tactical needs. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet PS. The Crown thanks the Montoya estate for its offer to finance this building programme.
  5. Captain Red

    POTC HMS interceptor

    Lego HMS Interceptor nearly finished. One of the most beautiful boats <I mean ships> as shown in the POTC franchise "Curse of the Black Pearl". A fast merchant brig, adapted by the british navy, to hunt down faster pirate vessels. As shown here in what i think nearly original Minifig scale
  6. This strange, pixelated-looking ship has sailed the digital seas and plundered many a helpless Minecraft village. Life was good for it's three man crew, but a chance encounter with a User Exit Portal (think like TRON) sent the pirate ship Inferno into the real world, albeit still in it's 8-bit form. Now, stuck in an unfamiliar world with strange logic, (Round surfaces? What is this deviltry!?!) the crew of the Inferno with it's Captain will have to navigate a way back to their computer paradise from the modern Pacific Ocean using 18th-century techniques. You may have noticed that some parts are missing decorations, including the cubed skeleton heads at the rear of the ship and the black pirate emblems on the sails. Also missing is the four dark bluish gray connectors between the masts and ship base. (two pieces per mast) I have removed the flick-fire missile / cannons as designed in set 21152, as I detest those parts. Let's just say the cannon's are just too small to see at this scale. The ship breaks into three parts for storage, and comes with a plank for walking people into a watery grave that slides left and right. (It is located in the middle section.) The ship also breaks up for use on the skull island part I did not use from the original set, as the ship can look like it's wrecked there. Does this sound familiar? It should, as the Pirates of Barracuda Bay (set 21332) uses the same principle about one year later! If you don't believe me, check out this Brickset link to the set, under more images. It will show you the alternate way to display the set. This is the Captain of the ship, One-Eyed Willy. He also does doctoring and is good at it. (most of the time) This is the first mate / cook, a mister Barbarossa. (this is from before the Black Pearl caught his eye and he deserts Willy to join a certain Captain Sparrows' crew.) ...and then we have the gunner / navigator, Long John Silver. (His navigating is what get's Willy trapped in a cave where the some children find the Inferno 200 years later. As for Mr. Silver, he slips away before the battle starts in a rowboat to the shore.) NOTE: the last three pictures (the figure ones) are taken from Bricklink! Any questions or comments? I plan on building this very soon, as I can't afford the big pirate set coming out April 1st, so this will have to do...
  7. A true Pirate fan or historic fan can only applaud the fact that people make true Replica's of ships long lost. One of these iconic replica's is without any doubt the Gotheborg, buit in Sweden and based on the Swedish East Indiaman Gotheborg who launched in 1738. Since I started building lego ships, I dreamed of bricking the Gotheborg. After a few years of learning and developping shipbuilding techniques, I started with the vessel in 2017 to finish it in 2018 (finished except the ratlines). And this year I finally found the time and motivation to finish those bloody ratlines A big shoot out to @Captain Green Hair, @Sebeus I, @kabel, @Legostone and all others of the BeLUG pirate crew for the advice and feedback during the process! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vessel. It was most of the time a real troublemaker to make everything comes together (difficult angles and other challenges). An extra picture: the Gotheborg together with another new vessel: Princesse Margot (can be found in BOBS forum) Just discovered someone filmed both ships at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend: Thanks for watching! C&C would be awesome! Flickr album
  8. Hello fellow builders, I present you the Flying Dutchman, the infamous ghost ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, in LEGO! The idea came to me a year ago, while I was sitting at my desk when I cast me eyes upon the 3 official LEGO POTC ships on the top of my shelf: The Black Pearl, The Queen Anne's Revenge, and The Silent Mary. For years I had been waiting for LEGO to release a Flying Dutchman, but to no avail it never came out. Determined to build the ship myself, I embarked on an exciting, challenging but rewarding journey to produce a MOC which would take up its rightful place among my fleet and make it complete. More information can be found here at LEGO IDEAS. If you like it, feel free to support! Here are some renders below (more can be found on my Flickr page): LEGO Flying Dutchman - 1 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 2 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 4 by Scarvia And with the crew: LEGO Flying Dutchman - 6 by Scarvia The infamous triple-barrelled chasers in the bow: Triple-barrelled chasers (Out) by Scarvia Triple-barrelled chasers (In) by Scarvia Thank you for your time.
  9. Hello Eslandolans, before even introducing my main character, I wanted to give a present to all the other factions. For you I have this little boat I built today. Even though I couldn't implement all the techniques and style decisions I had envisioned, because I ran out of the necessary bricks, I'm glad, I worked it out, without having to order new ones. The hull could have been a bit smoother, but I wasn't in the mood to destroy my first ship's long boat. Gladfully the lego football stadium came with a lot of green tiles. So after all these years, it finally was worth it:) The red touch was also a lucky accident, but it fits the coulour scheme well I think. And finally a ship I managed to use the official Lego ropes on. I intended this vessel to be a local fisherman's ship. Honestly, I'm new to these kind of games and therefore don't know, how to do it in the right manner, so you can benefit the best way possible. You as the faction can determine the usage and the best location for this vessel. If there are any problems rule-wise, consider it as a freebuild, that adds more feeling to the world. As for the storytelling part, I'm planning to include it in future posts, tight now, it's just a little raw. Greetings, Wellesley!
  10. In the colonies, port protection is often an issue. Both ships and fortifications are often in short supply. Hence, alternative measures are often considered, such as the Corlander gun barge. Built on a heavy raft of logs, it is almost impossible impossible to sink. Armed with 18 pounders, it may be unhandy, but it has quite a bite. Sitting low in the water, it is a difficult target in a close engagement, although the open deck does leave the crew exposed. The barge has no propulsion of its own, and is hence only useful as a defensive measure. It must be towed to location where it will anchor and stand its ground. By use of two anchors, the guns can be lain sideways, but the only option of retreat is to cut the cables and drift ashore. Outside King's Harbour Gun barge no. 1 is currently running through trials in the bay, offering one of the young lieutenants a command of much more firepower than normally. However, protecting a port is far from the independent command of a sloop or frigate dreamt about by many of the young gentlemen... ___________________ A "ship" based on the gun barges used by the Danes at the battle of Copenhagen against the British to supplement the fleet. She is fairly large (class 4/5) but I am thinking she is a class 3 in BoBS terms, considering there is no rigging and only a simple hull. If she is ever licensed, I am thinking range 0, manoeuvre 1 (minimum) and a lot of firepower :) C&C welcome - mainly a fun build after reading about the battle of Copenhagen *shakes fists at the dastardly British thieves... Little better than pirates...*
  11. The Montoya estate has seen no less than two of its vessels detained by Oleander authorities on pretence of an outrageous tax regime meant to control the workings of free trade. Ibn al'Sayeed has furiously protested to rear-admiral Fletcher, but the crown have so far done nothing - and perhaps there is nothing to be done, bar starting a trade tax war, something Her Majesty was unlikely to approve. That offers little comfort to the ambitious manager of the estate, though, so he has ordered an expansion of the fleet to compensate. When Montoya returns, there are to be no doubts as to al'Sayeed's diligence! The first vessel in this expansion is the unarmed coastal class 3 schooner "Amethyst". Relying on speed and upwind performance rather than defences to stay safe, she has a capacious hold, further added to by only carrying stores for shorter voyages. Her large deck hatches allow easy access to the holds, and by rigging a block in the gaff of main and fore sail cargo can be easily loaded and unloaded, even in small settlements with little infrastructure in the way of cargo handling. Newest vessel in the Montoya fleet. She is nothing fancy hull-wise, just a standard hinge based build, but I like the clean look of her decks, the overall shape, and the hatches I stole from @Bart. The rigging is also something I am starting to feel rather confident about - I am still on the look-out for a good material for sails that is easy to work with, but these turned out fairly well too. C&C welcome as always.
  12. I built this 103-stud long 1920's Adventurers tramp steam ship from two Adventurers sets: I used the boat from set 5975 (T-Rex Transport) and modified slightly to resemble set 5976 (River Expedition). The ship features a lifeboat, steering wheel, and a smoke-stack plus I have the bridge with removable roof for the top deck of the ship, and captain's quarters for the lower floor. I also have signs on the front of the ship spelling out the name of the vessel: the Eastern Star. Built in 1915 for the Octan Petroleum Corporation as an ocean going tramp steam ship (made for hauling huge pumping gear out to remote oil fields in the Middle-East), the Eastern Star ran aground off the coast of southern Italy in mid-1916 while heading to England. Captain Karloff (who now owns the ship after buying the wrecked hulk), with help from mechanical genius Mac McCloud, rebuilt the vessel to be sea worthy once more. This ship has been an great help in getting huge treasures, such as the lost golden dragon of Marco Polo, back to western civilization and into museums where they belong. The ladders hanging on the side of the lower deck lead the way to the ship's bridge on the upper level. The life boat is also back here, just in case of emergencies! Here you can see inside the ship's bridge (upper deck) and captain's quarters. (lower level) Some of the recent cargo of the Eastern Star includes: - a gyro-copter (set 70913 MOD) - silver ingots and coins - silver and gold nuggets - Dynamite (the accompanying plunger is in the Captain's Quarters / map room) - Ancient spears - the Maltese Falcon - the Burma Chicken (long-lost cousin to the Falcon) - two halves of a long-lost pirate's treasure map - Money - large rough-cut ruby - poison bottles - antidote bottles Here is a closer look at the gyro-copter model which was heavily modified from set 70913 (Scarecrow Fearful Face-off) from the LEGO Batman Movie line. I added the classic two seat Adventurers cockpit piece which is usually used on land vehicles, plus a new set of vintage 2003 landing skids. This model also comes with red and green navigation lights and two independent propeller blades. The gyro-copter is usually used in tandem with the Eastern Star steamship, scouting ahead for signs of villainy and danger and reporting back to the Eastern Star and / or home base at the supply depot. The copter is nicknamed the Lightning Rod, for it was Charles "Lightning" Kilroy who designed it. When not in use, the copter is stored on the cargo deck of the tramp steamer. As usual, comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints are always welcome!
  13. Captain's log, February 7th, 618 AE HMS Ironsides, moored in King's Harbour Today, I took the new brig-of-war, recently commissioned as the HMS Beagle, on her maiden voyage. She proved to be a sturdy, stable, and well-handling little brig, although a bit slow in stays, but I should think restowing her ballast will fix that. While King's Harbour has plenty of able seamen to man her, we are remiss of junior officers, which meant I had to take her out myself. In a way, it was a pleasure getting back to commanding a small vessel, feeling the water rushing by the hull. However, the situation is untenable, and I shall need someone to take command. Perhaps young Lavendwood would be an option? ( @Flavius Gratian) He has done good work with the gun boats and will benefit from experience in commanding a larger vessel if he is to earn his promotion to commander. I shall consider this. Something must be done about our lack of junior officers if the Royal Terra Novan Navy is to remain relevant in the Brick Seas. For now, I shall be working up the crew myself. They have already proven their skill in gunnery and seamanship, but it will take time getting them to work effectively together as a machine of war, and I can only hope a new commanding officer will not put them out of order. Signed Captain Jonathan Cooke The HMS Beagle is a 10 gun brig-of-war built for the Royal Nova Terran Navy. She carries eight 4 pounders, four on each side, and two 6 pounder chase guns at the bow. As a general purpose warship she isn't the fastest, or nimblest thing in the Brick Seas, but served by a brisk crew, she will be a valuable resource for any colonial governor. She will be licensed as a class 3 warship. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  14. The Building Ships for BoBS topic can be found here The General Master Index of BoBS can be found here The list of factionleaders can be found here Interested in seeing some of these ships in real life? Check out when the next BoBS lay-out is planned here! - Foreword First of all, enjoy this index, BUT DO NOT USE IT TO BUMP TOPICS where the last comment was posted 1 month ago!!! Making indexes is very time consuming, so please do not panic if your ship can't be found in this index! You may always send me a PM when it appears your ship is not in the list, but has been posted for longer than 1 week. A ship is always made by someone. But as ships can have different owners over the time due the MCRA system, there is also the "Owner EB name" where the current owner is stated. The ship can have a different status since last time you checked the INDEX. Some examples: (the status can be found next to "licenced/unlicenced" Active: this ship roams the Seven Brickseas Inactive: it has been a while since someone saw it (meaning mostly the owner became inactive) Destroyed: destroyed in a MCRA action without a renewed licence Sistership "original name": the original ship has been destroyed and a sister ship is made. For Sale: the owner wants to sell the ship, you should pm the owner if interested. [*]All ships that appear somewhere in BoBs can be found in this list. Also the ships made by someone belonging to another faction for a certain faction. These ships are ofcourse unlicenced and they may be for sale (see status). In the Faction Index, they will appear under "Unlicenced Vessels" and are added to the "Royal Fleet". [*]The Official Lego Sets are also included in this index as they are for some people a source of inspiration. Those ships can never be licenced by a member, only by a faction, but they can be used to depict heroic naval battle scenes. - INDEX Foreword Class 0 to Class 2 vessels Class 3 to Class 5 vessels Class 5+ vessels Faction PC Vessel index: Corrington & Eslandola Faction PC Vessel index: Oleon & Sea Rats Faction NPC Vessel Index Vessels for Sale Index Naval Flag Index Sails, Rigging & Masts Index Saved for expansion Building Ships Topic Master Index of BoBS BoBS on Lego Fan Events (your chance to see those ships in real life!) - The ship types - LAST EDIT: 1 May: completely updated 19 May: the KPA 4 - results are updated in the Faction ship index. Ships build or licenced in May are not yet included. KPA results are not edited in the Ship Index. - Sails, Rigging & Masts Index to be updated further, if someone wants to make it his responsibility to maintain this Sails, Rigging & Masts index, please contact me through PM
  15. WIP thread here: So I lied there. Looks like the final video is in this thread right here: Thanks for watching! C&C please! BrickbyBrick
  16. NOTE: THE FINAL VIDEO WILL BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD SO C&C PLEASE! Here's a WIP which is meant to be a 2-3 day build. As of now it's getting done, so here are the pictures of the building process. It has 6 RC functions controlled by 3 motors and a gearbox. The crane can slide 6 studs along the deck, it can slew, and it can go up and down (of course). Sorry for the bad picture quality. Finished model should have much better pictures. Here is the first instance of the wheelhouse. It has a helipad and sort of looks like a box, but it is not even close to done. Video of the crane: Thanks! C&C PLEASE! BrickbyBrick
  17. "Mr. Gardener!" Montoya exclaimed, delighted to see his old shipmate. "Doctor! How pleasant to see you well!" the young man replied, his voice carrying over the crack of sails and rigging. "In fact, it is lieutenant now. And, should you wish to oblige me immmensely, you could call me captain, being in command of this here fine vessel!" "Captain Gardener it is, then - And what a prodigiously fine little ship she is!" "Indeed she is, although some may call her a yacht, rather than a ship, not being ship-rigged... But a wonderful sailer, nonetheless." Gardener said with a smile. "Bah, you sailors and your jargon!" he said, shaking his head. "How is the wind for Celestia?" "As sure as your hand during surgery, Doctor! Hop on board just this moment and we will be right off. Been lying to here for long enough now!" Montoya had long since had enough of the fighting on Isla de Medio, or Isla de Victoria, as the Eslandians seemed to call it, and as the field hospital was established and would function without his participation, he had written to Cooke to have transport arranged. And while it had taken some time, Cooke had arranged for the Pioneer, under the command of his former midshipman, now Lieutenant, Gardener, to pick up Montoya on its way to Celestia. As it happened, the Pioneer was despatched to bring supplies and mail to Major Allcocks expedition on Celestia, whereafter it be at Allcocks command to support the expedition in any way he may wish. Montoya was happy to leave. Eslandian and Marderian wounded alike all seemed confident on victory, and the battle would be bloody. He was tired of war, and rumours of both Marderian and Garveyan (on the side of Eslandola) reinforcements suggested an escalation of the conflict. Soon, it would be full blown war. The diplomatic grapevine was buzzing with tension. The Pioneer is a yacht, a swift and manoeuvrable fore-and-aft rigged vessel type recently developed in Altonia. Adept at sailing close to the wind, low draught, and easy to handle even by a small crew makes it perfectly suited for running communications both inshore and on the open seas. Several of the type has been commissioned by the Crown for the National Surveyor, the service in charge of charting the territorial waters of Corrington. Apart from small-arms, it is unarmed, not intended for warfare. On board, in the cabin, young Gardener asked Montoya a curious question. "Who was that fellow?" "Who?!" "Did you not notice the man behind the bushes? A native, it seemed..." Montoya was leaving from a small pier just outside the Fuerte Unido city wall. He wouldn't be sad to see the island disappear below the horizon, once more devoting himself to the natural sciences. ___________________________________________________________________________ A fun build, and one of my favourite landscape builds ever. Rigging the yacht did obscure most of the build, though, which is why you get a "ship-free" picture. The yacht is a class 2 F, under the current nomenclature, and may or may not be licensed. If the greenies want the property licensed, let me know. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  18. Some time ago, Corlander escorts took prize a mid-sized war galley during a heated action with privateers. The galley was heavily damaged during the encounter, which, paired with its unconventional construction, meant considerable delay in outfitting and manning her for service with the Royal Navy. Armed with a single 32 pounder cannon mounted in the bow, she can pierce any warship of the Brick Seas. The nine oars per side ensures unequalled tactical mobility, especially when other ships are becalmed, and enables her to bring that single massive cannon to good use. The large crew at the oars doubles as marines in a boarding action, making her a very effective close-encounter machine-of-war. Her lateen rig ensures good performance under sail, allowing her to keep up with the slower convoys as escort. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Mainly an experiment with building a hull for a galley. A few hinge plates later, and I was pretty happy with the result. I am reasonably happy with the oars and upper hull too, but might one day give a larger galley a try, with a more elaborate superstructure and rig. It represents the 3A Carnage taken by Corlander escorts some time back. C&C is welcome.
  19. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Balls of Steel (Elostirion) Traitor at the Livery (Silentwolf) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Undercover for the Final Piece (Bregir) Plundering the Treasure Fleet (Ayrlego) The glass was falling, and fast, and large specks of grey cloud were forming an impenetrable heavenly roof, while the waves were growing taller by the minute. The Ironsides were on a chase, running under reefed courses alone through the swell. Only hours ago, the look-out had reported the flash of guns reflected in the heavy clouds, and short thereafter the thunder of the great guns had reached the deck, and since then. A hushed silence and tension had fallen over the crew. This would not be an easy battle, not in this storm, and not against this enemy. Only a few days since, Cooke had looked on in horror as the Black Oak had departed with Allcock and his consorts on board. Their plan had been simple: Allcock should have left the Oak under the cover of night after acquiring the "smoking gun" - the evidence to legitimise pre-emptive action against the privateer. Returning to the Ironsides, they would then have taken up station to intercept the Oak before she were to catch her prey. But as ever, the plan had only worked until the first encounter with the enemy, and he had had to improvise. Rushing back to the Ironsides in Mooreton Bay, he had taken on as many volunteers from Major Allcock's Light Company as could be accommodated aboard, and set sail to intercept the Oak. And they had been rushing on just this side of recklessness ever since, the timbers moaning and the rigging singing from the stress. "Deck ahoy" the look-out shouted through the cacophony of sounds, "Sails spotted, just off the starboard bow. Two ships, apparently damaged." Cooke, with a firm hold on a stay, trained his spyglass towards the enemy, and as they reached the top of a swell, his mark, clear and true. "An extra ration of grog to that man - AFTER the battle." he replied, before barking out a number of orders, putting the Ironsides about, setting her on a course towards firmly gaining the weather gauge of the enemy. "…and shake out another reef in the fore and main course. They shall not escape us now!" he added with a confidence he did not feel. In fact, he had little doubt of catching up, as the Ironsides had proven a very stiff ship, well-suited for harsh weather, and the crew would have their fight. However, he knew as well as the crew that the odds were now very different. It was clear that the privateer had taken its prize, and this meant he now had two enemies to deal with. But would this prove to be two undermanned, heavily damaged cripples, or two battle-readied warships? Cooke had seen the Oak close by, no doubt more than a match for the Ironsides, and he knew enough of the Eslandian Treasure Ships not to disregard the formidable power of the prize galleon. A plan was forming in Cooke's mind, which always seemed to take on a life on its own in these situations. He expected the Eslandians to have put up a ferocious fight, and therefore assumed at least some damage on both ships and crew, but more importantly, he expected the pirate crew to be in a state of disorganisation. With a prize just taken, some would be drunk, and all would be exhausted from repairs, as well as spread out across the two vessels. He reckoned he had three things at his advantage: The element of surprise, the sharpshooters of Allcock's light brigade, and the heavy, short range carronades. Armed with 24 pounder carronades and with a crew trained to near perfection by their former commander, the Ironsides could release a hellfire of heavy steel, if only she could get close enough. Cooke's mind lingered for a second thankfully on Ferguson, who, during the voyage to New Terra, had drilled the crew to near perfection at the great guns. He would rush down between them, fighting both broadsides, forcing them to a swift surrender. Two things worried him, though. First, if the privateers were ready for him, his command on the Ironsides might be ended prematurely, as would many lives under his command. Second, there was the risk of maiming or killing prisoners on board the two vessels, or Allcock and his men. But this was a risk he had to take. If only the privateers would give some sign as to the level of damage and fighting ability. If only…. "They flee, Captain!" hailed the lookout. Cooke smiled. "Beat to quarters! And let's show those ruffians a measure of Corrish justice!" Considering their current positions, battle would be inevitable… __________________________________ A few words on the Ironsides: She is a small razee galleon of considerable age, cut down in '04 to improve her characteristics. She is armed with four long 12 pounder chasers, two fore and two aft, and a broadside of eight 24 pounder carronades on the gundeck. Further, she carries a number of 18 pounder carronades on the upper deck, currently two per broadside. Alongside the scantlings of a much heavier vessel, she is a very effective brawler, able to take on heavier opponents if she can get to close quarters. However, her rather outdated rig makes her somewhat sluggish in light airs. While Cooke had the pleasure of a spacious cabin in the Athena, he must now content himself with a bulkhead aft, enclosing the aft part of the gundeck, allowing him to sling his hammock between the chasers and broadside carronades. Before being cut down, the Ironsides would have had a spacious cabin above deck, but in the name of true Corlander utilitarianism, this had to be sacrificed. ______________ Thanks for looking! We hope you have enjoyed our little story (even if you are Eslandian). For now, this is the final entry, but perhaps time will show the outcome of the battle? ;) C&C welcome as always.
  20. "Haul the main sheets, men. Bring her close to the wind!" Captain Norman Monroe commanded, his eyes fixed on the sails and rigging. The "Blazer" was fresh out of the shipyard in Balondia, and she was proving to be quite a flyer. Closely observing her every move and the lay of her rigging, Monroe was putting her through her paces, finding the limits of her capabilities. For merchant shipping and privateers alike, fore and aft rigging was getting more and more popular on the Brick Seas. While not as fast as square rigged vessels with the wind abaft the beam, it is faster on a bowline and requires less crew, allowing for larger shares per sailor, when the profits are divided. (And, more for the owner...) After finishing the first few trials, and making the necessary adjustments, the Blazer will set sail for King's Harbour with supplies for the naval base, before seeking new employment. Captain Monroe had high standards, and outfitted his crew with uniforms rivalling those of the navy, and that out of his own pocket. The brass was polished and the white manila rigging spotless, and the Blazer was fit for an admirals inspection. Her captain would have no rude comments from his navy colleagues. Thanks for looking - I have included a few more pics - and as always, I would like to hear your comments and suggestions. I am certain I can still improve! (Well, at least I hope!.. ) It is my first go at cloth sails, and I quite like how they turned out. While not perfect, they allow for the next new thing for me on this vessel: The running rigging. While the standing rigging (stays, shrouds, etc.) is quite similar (albeit more advanced and historically correct) to my earlier vessels, the running rigging (sheets, halyards, etc.) is new. In fact, all sails and yards can be raised and operated from the deck, which was a very interesting challenge. It really gives an insight in how complex rigging was in the age of sail! And as the pictures below should show, that is a lot of ropes! If I find rest in my fingers again, I might show a picture where the sails are all lowered and packed away, but for now, I can't handle another round of fiddling with those tiny ropes.
  21. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC: Tiny Cargo Ship

    Hello. Quite some time ago I posted a MOC called Tiny Ocean Liner. Now I have completed another vessel that I call Tiny Cargo Ship.
  22. Out of the far west comes many things foreign to the average Halosian, things that are rarely seen East of the Molokai Empire. However, in recent times, several vessels have made their way to the Brick Seas, seeking part in the riches rumoured to be in New Terra. These vessels are of a curious construction and with rigging which baffles even experienced Halosian sea dogs, being so very different from the typical designs. According to scholars in Belson, this type of vessel is known as a junk, a very diverse classification covering everything from small merchant vessels to large armed privateers. This particular example is of the former, and named "The Dozy Dragon". Its capacious hull holds a large cargo space, and armament has been sacrificed to make room for even more. On its sides, orange gunports are painted to, at least at a distance, give the impression of great firepower. ________________ This is a build that has long been on my shelf (even photographed) - it was fun to experiment with something different, and I quite like how it turned out. However, those sails were a pain to fashion. If I ever return to "junk-building", I will find another technique. She is a class 2T. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  23. Without further ado, I may present you Captain Morgan's new flagship, the infamous and fearsome Queen Annetta's Revenge! The name is a subtly reminiscence to the time when Captain Morgan served in the Royal Navy of her majesty, Annetta Queen of Corrington. It is a class 5LA galleon and so far my largest ship. Pics are linked to larger resolutions. The Figurehead is a crowned harpy with an accidental resemblance to a young female sovereign of Halos. As mentioned, accidental. Thanks for visiting my ship!
  24. Cooke was in high spirits - This was the kind of sailing he was made for - Cracking on through the waves at nine knots two fathoms under every conceivable scrap of sail. The HMHV Athena was heeling over, and the frequent spray of sea water reached as far as her main mast each time she broke a wave. Cooke we driving her hard, just this side of reckless, and he loved it. So did the crew - After weeks of lying moored in King's Harbour, keeping harbour watch and working hard on shore, they were now back were they felt at home. Familiar duties, meals, and watches that to most landsmen would seem insufferable, was their way of life - and they loved it despite Cooke constantly calling for sail trimmers to get that extra half a knot. Currently, most of them had a respite. It was nearing noon, and Cooke was occupied with his sextant, measuring the angle of the sun at its highest, a daily ceremony that would mark the start of a new naval day and allow him to lay down his latitude with the utmost accuracy. A landsman might have remarked that with the coast of Cocovia clear on the starboard side, this was perfectly superfluous. One had simply to keep it there, and they would invariably reach Quinnsville, their destination, in due time. In fact, Montoya had done so, but surprisingly (to Montoya), Cooke had not attended to his arguments and instead suggested that he should retire to the main-top from where he might spot some curious birds. Right ahead, some wreckage had been spotted, and some of the crew where now exercising the chasers, running out the starboard nine pounder to fire at an empty barrel. This was a procedure they had done countless times, and they were already expert gunners, yet they never seemed to tire from the joy of the great guns firing and hitting true to their mark. On the fore top-gallant yard, a midshipman and a seamen were in the progress of shaking out the last reef in the top-gallant as the wind had dropped slightly, and Cooke believed she would carry it. The HMHV Athena is a snow-rigged sloop-of-war, formerly of the Royal Navy. Originally built in Oleon, but captured at the onset of the last war, she had been Cooke's first independent command and allowed him a small fortune in prize money, as well as several chances to distinguish himself as an enterprising commander, none of which he had passed over. However, during the peace, the Athena had been sold out of the service and Cooke set ashore on half pay. Recently, Montoya had inherited a considerable sum and purchased the Athena, and had now outfitted her for an expedition to the new world. The crown had caught news of this expedition and offered its support, assigning a contingent of Royal Marines, protection from impressment of its crew, and access to ports and supplies, in return for claim to any land discovered. Therefore, the Athena now carried the designation HMHV: Her Majesty's Hired Vessel. She is armed with four 18 pounder carronades per broadside and four long bronze nines for chasers. The long range chasers enable her to harass an enemy from afar with swift and accurate fire during a chase, often allowing her to take weaker enemies, or escape from stronger, without significant damage. And while the carronades are ineffective in long range engagements, they give her the punch of a much larger vessel, if she manages to close with the enemy. Cooke had recently received orders from the Crown, which was the reason for all this cracking on. Not only had his appointment as military governor of King's Harbour been confirmed, but he had also been appointed Military Commander for Cocovia. A rank in navy terms comparable to commodore, and only in very few cases bestowed upon a mere commander, not yet even of post-rank yet. It should be of no surprise that Cooke was both excited and nervous to do a good job. This might well be his best chance for a promotion to post-captain, and perhaps the command of a frigate he had always seen as the pinnacle of naval enterprise. Currently, this new command included only a few forts, a gunboatand the HMHV Athena, plus whatever the mayor of Quinnsville had at his disposition, but his orders had also told him that a mixed battalion of cavalry and infantry was despatched for Cocovia. Therefore, the Athena was stretching out towards the East-coast of Cocovia and Quinnsvilleto discuss military dispositions with Sir Thomas Smaugton, the mayor of the settlement, and to get at better insight in the tactical situation there. At the same time, he would circumnavigate Cocovia to survey all possible landing sites and vantage points, as they may prove to be of tactical importance at a later time. _____________________________________________ Thanks for looking and reading - I hope you enjoyed it - I am quite happy with how this vessel came out, but C&C is always welcome - I would like my next one to be even better. The pictures are a bit potato, but they were taken in the rush of pacing everything up and moving out. I would have preferred a better background and I struggled abit with the sunlight, but I hope you can still enjoy the moc. There are a few more detail and overview shots in flickr. While the landsman might take her for a brig, she is actually snow-rigged, due to the small trysail-mast just abaft the mainmast. I think the Athena is best fitting for a 4A, but thoughts on this is welcome too. I am not going to license her for quite some time, as I will be using her for story purposes, rather than risk losing her in the MRCA. Plus, having her sail around wouldn't fit with my story.
  25. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka: Episode XI: Cracking Down I've been part of the rebellion for more than two years, so I got used to do all sorts of things. I visited numerous planets and met a lot of different beings. Many missions were successful and after some time, I was promoted in Alliance intelligence. I had to search for Boba Fett and report his locations to combat troops. But during those trips I learned many more things and if I complete my work in the next mission I may get promoted to a higher rank, Special force. But what exactly do I have to do? After unsuccessful mission in space, when Alliance fell in Empire's trap on Suprosa, all members involved must hide on Kuat. Furthermore, our mission is to crack the Super-computer or find a technician who will do it. I just landed on Kuat. In a secret underground hangar, to be precise. It was a hard trip, because I had to avoid Imperial trackers and I had to drive as fast as I could. I managed to get a quite good ship. Since I'm used to drive this kind of ship, I was happy to find out it has one large engine and one large wing. And it's small enough to squeeze almost everywhere. The hangar suprised me. I expected something a lot dirtier. I landed and got out of the ship. Instructions were to wait in the hangar, until someone comes to me and tells me furher instructions. During the waiting I took time to take a look of my vessel. I hope they will let me have it, I've been searching for something like this since I had to left my previous ship on Hoth. The ship is really small, but it has some nice weapons. Those small guns on the front couldn't be better for targeting TIEs. And that missile on the engine might be even a bit to heavy for this small vessel. I'm very satisfied with the engine, it's really strong, some small modifications could make it usable for a podracer. And the wing is quite well balanced. I just have to make some modifications on the back of the ship, It wouldn't be bad if it could hold some cargo. But I'll be thinking more about this ship some other time, I think I hear the steps ...