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Found 24 results

  1. First time I post here. I generally build trains moc, related buildings and accessories. Now I'm courious to know what do you think about this moc I made to complete the harbor area in our diorama city at Model Expo, our lug main event which was on March 17 / 18th. (you can see something else, a huge Dolomite mountain here in the Train Tech ) When we made the project, we had an harbor full of cranes, containers, hopper wagons, industrial plants and so on, but nothing for reproducing something like a little village of fishermen or something else to put near the new Lego set of fisherman house. While my daughetr and his boyfriend were building up that set and I had only to watch them (it was MY Christmas gift ), I thought to build a market of fish and vegetables to put beside. At least something to build on the topics with the instructions only on my mind! It was funny and unusual to me searching into BL for finding fishes, lobsters, cherries, carrots and other "strange" Lego pieces that I never considered before. I went to a fellow of my group for rummaging among the peces of her "Friends" collection . Found watermelons, juice packs, commercial insignias and other usefull pieces. I also found a very interesting box full of white old used Lego pieces ready for the trash. As I experienced yet, did a mix of new and used pieces for the buildings with good effect to my taste. Found even a shark head into an Harry Potter big mix: at first I thought it was a broken piece but at the end found a reusage. Unfortunately we had only a day for setting up the diorama of nearly 30 meters full of moc, trains, carousels and a reproduction of a Dolomite, so we couldn't finish well the pier to merge the old fishing store and the market as we lost the little bag with pieces. Two months for gathering into a large box the pieces I thought suitable then five evening sessions of building up. Thanks to my fellow Jader who supplied the minifigures, as I'm not so teached about. Of course lots of particular to improve and your comments to consider. Well here it is: the fish work and exposure area great catch and a very kich insignia the vegeables and fruits area The people The ice creams and sweets vendor machine An old warehouse needed a modern refrigerator to preserve the fresh fish. A quicly solution came out with a container from my trains collection, a bit inclined for liquids draining.
  2. Hi all! old pics are gone so take a look at new one on 2 side ;) TX
  3. This is my entry to the "Life of Cedrica" contest: Cedrica Outer Port Office At the entrance to Cedrica´s harbor is a small island, which is completely built up by a Port Office. Many ships stop here to be guided by the pilot the last stretch to the main port. Entering the quay is Seigurd of Updale in his small cog, to clear his cargo at the port office. In his office, the port manager keeps a log of incoming cargo.
  4. Ymarilego

    Chemicals terminal

    This is render of a commissioned model I am working on. 90% of the bricks are already ordered so building can soon start. The model has about 50k bricks and is 2m75 x 1 m in size
  5. Sebeus I

    LW 2019: Windfall Island

    I wasn't going to post this initially but decided to do so anyway, It's going to take some time before it gets into the next stage. Windfall Island, as it was when I presented it at Lego World Copenhagen in Februari; I apologise for the quality of the pictures, the lighting on these events is rarely optimal for taking sharp pictures. One of the latest additions was the Firenze-style tower, which served as the most prominent and tallest building in the center of the town. It is however going to be replaced later. For the next time I exhibit the Island I'll be bringing smaller ships along, these big ones tend to obstruct the view. The northern cliffs, with the small soldier fortress on it, is currently being completely reworked into actual cliffs. The light bluish grey rocks were from the beginning a temporary solution to compensate for the lack of bricks and allow me to present a complete Island in the earlier phases. Time for some closer views . There are quite some rough edges still. I can tell you it's not evident to keep up the quality of a MOC this big, especially considering it has to be moved time from time. I don't know where that guy got his drink, the bar isn't finished yet. Good old Redbeard seems to have chosen this place to spend his retirement days. On this side I originally intended to have a complex structure of piers and scaffolding which I would have called 'Little Venice'. I'm not sure now if I'll ever build that part. The greatest challenge remains transport solutions. Well, I hope you like it. It might look quite different once finished. If you were interested in some of the ships part of this display, these can be found on this forum (some of them are quite old though); Christine, HMS Elizabeth, Red Beard Runner, HMS Marianne, Flying Dutchman, Piercing Flame, Raging Fire, Trading ship.
  6. Marine Surveyor On the docks of Quinnsville's busy harbor, is the office of the marine surveyor. QV 2.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr They are in charge of checking the goods and state of the smaller vessels and in unison with the harbor master keep the docks running smoothly. It takes great skill to perform this job so the harbor doesn't become a complete mess! ----------------------------------- As my first build in quite some time, I just wanted to do something simple. This will be licensed as a Large Commerce in Quinnsville for December. This isn't my best or most elaborate work but, as always, C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking!
  7. soccerkid6

    Imperial Port

    This MOC was a commissioned model builld. My client gave me the general layout, and some specific details to include, and then let me go from there. It’s 64×64 plus the two stud border, and is modular, allowing each 32×32 module to be easily removed, and also allowing for easy additions in the future. All the building’s doors/trapdoors are functional, the two cranes work, and the prison cell has a break-away wall. Total piece count, excluding figs and accessories (all the dock cargo) was 5696 parts, making it my largest MOC in the Pirate theme so far. See lots more pictures on my website: Feedback welcome
  8. Robenanne

    Boat Repair Shop

    My story For this modular (creator) building was that the Boat Repair Shop is based for a creation to fit in the Sea front Village. I built this one on Lego Digital Designer (LDD). I really believe that this model could have a lot of genuine interest for fans of my Sea front Village sets. This is the second of a series of modular (creator} buildings that I will be submitting. Summary If you're looking for trusted boat repair in Sea Front Village you've found the right place. With a full team of highly-trained technicians, Our Service Department has become one of the most trusted boat repair shops in Sea Front Village. From plastic boat repair to marine engine repair. our state-of-the-art equipment will get you back on the water as quickly as possible. The following is a list of the boat repair shop items: Minifig: Technicians (Carpenters), Captain, Fishing man. Boat: 2 type models, Tools: Drill, Screwdriver, Saw and more. The building consists of roughly 2460 parts and a boat ramp with a crane, work floor, and storage- attic. I used the colors sand yellow and olive green for the building that gives it a realistic feeling. And Siding technique for the clapboards. The roof just sits on the recess so it’s easy to take of and put on. If you like this design or the idea of the Boat Repair Shop – Modular (Creator) Building please support and follow, thanks for reading and Brick On everyone !
  9. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO City Harbor Truck

    Hello! I want to share with my new LEGO MOC. It's harbor truck. Every harbor needs some LEGO trucks. And i just decided to build one. This MOC is easy to build and you don't need a lot of bricks to make it. The truck's bed can hold only one container. Do you like it?
  10. Severus A

    [MOC] 60095 Wreck Revival

    I've seen the topic made by Lego Conductor user regarding the look of the wreck from 60095 set. I liked his idea about how the ship would look when it was on the waters. The mentioned topic could be seen here: Here is my version regarding the floating ship. LEGO Shipwreck 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Shipwreck 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Shipwreck 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Shipwreck 7 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Shipwreck 5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Shipwreck 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Shipwreck 2 by Severus A, on Flickr
  11. Severus A

    [MOC] Excursion Boat

    Summer is almost here and a journey on the river could be a beautiful experience :) LEGO Excursion Boat 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Excursion Boat 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Excursion Boat 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Excursion Boat 7 by Severus A, on Flickr
  12. Sir James made his way along one of the jetties of Arlinsport, accompanied by Billy, one of the youngest members of his crew. With trade among the islands flourishing and growth booming, the docks were full of fishmongers peddling their latest catches and in places there was hardly enough room to pass without fear of falling into the harbor. But amongst the hustle of the street Sir James spied out Gibson and hailed to him. "Come immediately to Arlinsport", Sir James thought, was easier said than done, seeing as he had built his fort in the easternmost island of the Corrington empire. Perhaps Gibson, acting Captain of the Jezebel was unaware of the distances involved when he sent the message, but I can't keep criss-crossing across the seas every month. TradeInThePort, on Flickr Sir James had been anxious for news from his ships after the recent hurricane. He had not been able to Captain Jezebel himself, for the last trade run, owing to need to oversee the construction of the fort. But now the ships had finished the business, unharmed by both the hurricane and pirates, although it seemed that Jezebel had narrowly escaped two pirate ships. Gibson led Sir James into one of the harbor-side buildings to conduct their business. “We’ve had a good innings with the trade this month” Gibson gestured to the coffer in the corner. “We had a stroke of luck in Terelli with Jezebel, the money we’ve made there should fund the investments you’ve planned for the new world for many months to come” They settled down to go through the monthly accounts. “Perhaps” replied Sir James, as he glanced over the ship’s log, “but a man’s fortune can change in an instant on the seas, it mightn’t be wise to spend it all at once”. The business of checking the books took some time, a tedious but necessary business and the conversation was not much more riveting so I’ll not bore you with more of the details. After they were done Sir James rose, took a couple of doubloons from the recently counted pile and made for the door, “perhaps you’ll accompany me for a drink in the Crossed Swords before I depart? Billy can take care this lot gets back to the ship. We’ll sail again in the morning, we must get going if we are to progress with our plans.” AMeetingInside, on Flickr
  13. Severus A

    [MOC] R.C. Small Shunter

    I've built this small engine for a harbor freight terminal layout that I've made. It is not a real locomotive replica. I admit that I am closer to the playability side and I prefer the works which keep more of a toy atmosphere :) This shunter was built on a 14 X 6 studs base and has enough space for the cables, I.R. receiver and the minifig. The access to the battery box is easy from the upper side and the communication between R.C. and I.R. receiver is perfect. More pictures could be seen here: LEGO R.C. Shunter 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO R.C. Shunter 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO R.C. Shunter 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO R.C. Shunter 4 by Severus A, on Flickr
  14. MrBrick&BoB

    The Northland - Relief Map

    Hello Here comes the newest moc out of THE BRICK TIME - Building-yard The Northland - Micro Scale About 150 hours of work and nearly 2000 bricks flows in this project. A map of the Northland. The continent where all our story´s happens. First have a look at the facts: Scale: 1 Stud - about 3,2 Miles The map is a diagrammatic representation. The scale isn´t fixed. For example: The town´s are with intent bigger, because of their important meaning. But that downs´t mean, that they are really that big. One tree you see is a whole forrest in real. In the north lays the Loka-Massiv, a impregnable mountain range, and home of the barbarian tribes. To the south, behind the border lays a temperate zone and the realm: Northland. The urban and south is the granary of the whole continent. The three large towns are: Grimmhavn - Gate to the northland (located in the south) Dunholm - Capital (located in the middle of the urban south) Wehrhavn - largest harbor and home of the fleet (located in the north-west) Find out more on the FlickR gallery and on THE BRICK TIME. Best reagrds BoB
  15. Intro Mpya Stedor is founded when Lord Damaximus arrived at the lands of Historica. And has flourished ever since. Famous for this city is the trade network it has with other cities in Historica and other Guilds from other continents. The closest city is the legendary city of Berigora. Also the new town of Auner is very close to Mpya Stedor. Location Organisations MAESTRO: Mpya Stedor All-Encompassing Science Trade & Resources Organisation IAMS: Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor The Alleenridders: International Order of Knights The 1001 Tigers: Group of mercenaries Order of Eden (by Robuko) Trade Relations Claw Breaker Area (Nocturnus) The Banned Drow cities of Queen Yvonnel (Nocturnus) Shadowmere (Nocturnus) Stoneroda (Mitgardia) Thorshaven (Mitgardia) Arfelan (Avalonia) Kaliphlin Cities The guilds of Ximus, Amenor, Atlarka, Drakrydar & Mi Amazonia Sections The city is divided in different sections. West Mpya Stedor East Mpya Stedor North Mpya Stedor South Mpya Stedor Greater Mpya Stedor 1. West Mpya Stedor picture: Main Gate with Conference Room Great Wall West Gate Statue of Liberty Statue of the Warrior Statue of the Ancient Hero Market (will be rebuild in August) Stock Houses M.A.E.S.T.R.O. Shop => Will be presented at Brick Mania Antwerpen 2014!! (14 & 15th of November) 2. East Mpya Stedor picture: I.A.M.S. Headquarter Gate of Amenor East Gate Statue of the Assassin Library University Therms & Hospital => more pictures => Will be presented at Brick Mania Antwerpen 2014!! (14 & 15th of November) 3. North Mpya Stedor Coming in 2015 & 2016 Palace Palace Walls Resident Housing Student home Mines MAESTRO Golden Window Company The Barville Inn 4. South Mpya Stedor Coming in 2016 & 2017 Embassy Square (Mitgardia | Nocturnus) Alleenridders Fortress Quai 5. Great Mpya Stedor Maybe coming somewhere in the far future Workers housing Events The Easter Archery Tournament The Battle of Mpya Stedor The Wedding Fleet The Amazon The Slave The Golden Swan The Atlarkan Fleet Armies check out this topic: Armies of Lord Damaximus notes: All buildings are still complete, it is my goal to connect one day the 4 sections of the Inner City :) There is an old topic of Mpya Stedor, but it looked wiser to make a new one
  16. eurotrash

    MOC: Pirate Quayside

    [pid][/pid]229A <Takes deep breath> OK this is my first MOC to be posted in the Pirate Forum. I know it's a cruel, cruel place - full of scurvy dogs and salty tales. My only hope is that the ongoing Redcoat vs. Bluecoat skirmishes means that this creation can pass under the radar and avoid the scorn and ridicule that it deserves Anyway it's been a year since emerging from the dark ages and in that time I managed to plunder a few POTC bargains, but I found the sets a little disappointing so after several Bricklink orders and much building and rebuilding I present a Pirate-ridden Quayside. There's a lot going on so I broke it into a bunch of snippets It doesn't matter how many fish you catch I you can't get them in the bucket! Look out below when you empty the nightsoil bucket Not sure what Capt Jack's done to upset this man! Maybe the Girl in the window is somehow involved. Thanks for reading!
  17. Matteo1130

    Suggestion needed!

    Hi all, hope I'm writing in the right section! I'm trying to build somekind of a modular village/harbor to be used with prefab hull ships for play/display/comics. I know there are some beautiful land based MOCs in this forum, but they're really different from what I'm trying, because they're huge, complex and too detailed. I would like to mix old school/few pieces design with some new building technique... like old official LEGO sets, but slightly less "naif", like a lot of mini-sets designed for AFOLs instead of kids, to be connected to make different villages. To make an example: a house could not have more than three walls (enough in the lego world!), stereotyped rooms ecc.. or a shop may have the classic red/blue slope tent What I would like is suggestions about the "kits" I need. Dock sections? a simple tavern? a fish shop? a little guard's station and.. what else? Thanks for reading!
  18. Gary The Procrastinator

    Black Swan Tavern on Market Day

    The Black Swan Tavern serves the best food in the City of Durrough, especially on Market Day. Click on the pics for greater details. Thank you for your comments & cc, Cheers, Gary
  19. Sebeus I

    Port Retribution

    [pid][/pid] 249C During the third Tournament of Retribution I built a small port to serve as decor for the redcoat/bluecoat skirmish. I however forgot to post this MOC before I demolished it . Fortunatly I retrieved many pictures including some taken by other people. I also improved the lighting in the pictures using photoshop so they appear less dark. Some pictures were taken during the ToRIII, others during BrickMania Wetteren, where the port was integrated in a pirate layout. This is probably my favourite picture; "So this guy walks into a bar..." Actually it's a redcoat walking into a bluecoat bar My bluecoat sigfigy is preparing for the final battle which will eventually result in victory for the bluecoats. I really should work on my full hull ship sometime soon... Whenever I didn't have enough parts I made it look as if it was on purpose by making the minifigures perform "repairs". I never cared much about hysterical historical accuracy, especially on events, where there are many kids visiting I simply like to show off a cool diorama with many funny details. (note the artist on the left painting the windows). Look it's a taxi boat The Elizabeth lies in port, this ship never gets much attention on events... You know, many of us pirate builders like more merchant stuff but I think the truth is that these aren't just very popular with the crowd, a battleship is just more spectacular. That Tower in the background looks nice, doesn't it? Not part of my port unfortunatly , it's Nicks'. Hmm, looks a lot more impressive with that big fortress in the background. So, I hope you like it, it's a rather classic building style I have to say, you may be used to something more refined .
  20. TheUtilityBelt

    People of Carn

    I made some characters recently and decided that they would live in or serve Carn. So without further ado...I don't remember if that's a word...I present the characters of Carn! (left to right) Cavalry by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Cavalry swordsman, cavalry genral, cavalry spearman Foot Soldiers by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Spearman, swordsman, axeman City Gaurd by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr City gaurd The Dune Rangers by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr The Dune Rangers Now are some inhabitants of Carn. Western Desert Elves by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Western Sand Elves Dirk family by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Wilona Dirk who is an elf, Carter Dirk who owns one of the many bars, their son William Dirk who was born without a right hand, and Dog Jack. Dwarf brothers by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr The three dwarf brothers, Dunder the drunk, Gundar the Smith, and Sundare the...dwarf. Hope you like them! or ? C&C welcome.
  21. TheUtilityBelt

    Carn the port city.

    The port city of carn is located on the shores of the Inland Sea. Many of the men work as fishermen or traders. Estates are on almost all of the islands. Warehouses are all along the shore storing goods to trade and sell. As you near the gates it will look like the entry to a great temple. Carn by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Postcard Untitled by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Ports and warehouses Untitled by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Estates Dock Scene by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Updated WIP by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Heres an updated WIP of my latest Carn project! I'll take off the WIP pic when I have the real thing up. C&C welcome!
  22. soundwave_sw

    Seaside Town

    Hi all, Here is a layout I did recently. The front section was custom built for this event. It was inspired and supposed to loosely resemble Neuhoff in Denmark. I used over 40 different colors and fun trying to make as many different styles. It was a great exercise in using many of my random windows, doors, and roof slopes, and rare colors that I have acquired over the years but didn't have enough to do anything large scale with. Most of the boats were also recently made and came out well for what I was aiming for. The back section has some of my larger town buildings some of which are somewhat new. Total layout is about 8x8 feet. Enjoy! More pics on my Flickr stream
  23. soccerkid6

    Valholl's Southern Gate

    Much of this build was inspired by Ecclesiastes' builds. There is a full interior in the gatehouse (even murder holes), the portcullis works as do the doors and there is a full interior. The cooper's house also has a full interior. Story: The southern gatehouse of Valholl is also a lighthouse, as most supplies are delived to Valholl via the river. Sir Glorfindel was the first to greet Sir Edwyn as he arrived at Valholl's harbor. "Welcome Sir Edwyn, I've heard much about you. I am Sir Glorfindel, officer of Valholl and I am to accompany you on your mission." "Thank you Glorfindel, but my orders did not specify why I was to come to Valholl." "Oh, well we can remedy that soon enough, Elon Chorian will give us the mission specifics at our meeting. Come, he is waiting at the citadel." Portcullis down: Doors closed: Warehouse: Cooper's: More pictures here: I used a new backdrop for these pictures and I like it a lot. All comments/criticism appreciated
  24. Prelude to Chapter III, Battle of Mpya Stedor Prelude: (link to previous part of the story) As Lloth told Lord Damaximus, the selfcalled Queen Valsharess was on her way to Mpya Stedor. Razing every little building on her way. It didn't take so long before sir Tomvaximus (who is in control of Mpya Stedor in absence of Lord Damaximus) realised that the strength of his city would be tested very soon. Luckily for him, Sultan Steh V of Amenor recently arrived with some fearsome soldiers as a gift for the city. But the other promised reinforcements from King Mattiximus (Ximus) and King Donkon II (Atlarka) were still somewhere sailing towards here. Every day, Sir Tomvaximus still hoped that the watchers would yell they are arriving. But the chance that they would be on time shrinked with the hours passing by. Sir Tomvaximus looked at the map in front of him and placed the flag of Victor again some closer to his city. Within a week, the battle will start... Evacuation in Mpya Stedor: The golden clock, high in the gatehouse tower, banged slowly. Over and over again... Everyone expected this, so everyone had already packed their stuff. But still, the tears of crying babies could be heard at Peregrinus. The fathers helped their wifes with carrying their goods to the docks. Here they kissed each other goodbye, hoping to see their partner alive again... Harbor slaves loaded the sloops with crates, barrels and women with their childs. The captains row the sloops to the ships in the bay. If Mpya Stedor would lose the battle, they can quickly sail out, to other safer continents. (click on this picture (only this one) to see it in better quality) C&C ofcourse welcome!! Some notes: *I used this MOC to test my designs for the docks in the city *First time I have no studs on the flour *The water is kinda boring, but that's because all my round tiles are incorperated in another MOC atm (see the teaser for the battle)