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  1. Moc. Livestock truck with trailer.

    This is my Ldd moc of an livestock truck and trailer. Now my design is ready, i am going to order the right parts to build it. But i wanted to show it in advance of the build. I havent desided yet if i am going to build it in red or black. I hope you like it.
  2. New Volvo wheel loader in town.

    Today i finished my Volvo wheel loader. It is going to work at my dump site. I hope you all like it. Sorry for the bad quality photo's. I need a new camera. Here it is being deliverd by a truck. And the off loading begins. The wheels are mounted. And the bucket is the last thing to instal. A picture of the driver with his new Volvo. Now it is ready to go to work.
  3. [MOC] Adventure Office

    Realy nice. Especially the boat.
  4. Race trucks.

    I also grew up with the Shell collors. That's why i build this race truck. But maybe i build one in Octtan collors. It is nice to have a litle competition on the track.
  5. Race trucks.

    These are my new race trucks. One in the Shell collors; And a truck to transport the race truck to the race track. With a pit crew. Thank you for watching.
  6. Truck with trailer.

    This is my truck with trailer to bring the goods in my town. The truck; And let's pick up the trailer. Thank you for watching.
  7. Hookloader truck

    My last post hase bin a while. But i have a new build! It is a hookloader truck. I only have to order a replacement for the yellow brick in the liftarm. The lift arm moves to lift the containers on the truck. But i wanted to take two containers. So i also build two difrent trailers . And the flatbed trailer for containers. Next container on the truck. And ready to hit the road. Thanks for watching.
  8. Navy air base

    Really nice Jet's!
  9. MOC: Minifig scale Liebherr 724

    Nice, verry realistic!
  10. Heavy duty Wrecker.

    Here is one more picture of how the 3th winch and the rear boom works. Behind the door of the sleeper cab there is an axel to lower or rase the rear boom. And between the wheels there is one to operate the 3th winch.
  11. Heavy duty Wrecker.

    This is my Heavy duty Wrecker. To recover the wrecked Lego trucks after an accident. And here it is ready for action. In action. Getting the truck back on his wheels. Taking the truck home. And here some details; The back with the third winch to get the truck on the tow bar. The stabalizing legs to keep the truck level. And the 360" rotating,double winch, heavy duty crane. It is stil under construction. I stil want to change some parts for chromed parts. Like the rear rims. But i wanted to share it with you al. Tell me what you think of it.
  12. Landrover Defender Series 1.

    Thanks forr al the thumbs upp. It took me a lot times off taking appart, and rebuilding it before i was satisfied. And @ rrigs; Sorry didn't know that. Never too old too learn . But too late too change it.
  13. Landrover Defender Series 1.

    V-LC-11E & V-LV-29B I was browsing the internet and came acros this picture. And thougt by myself, nice thing too try too build. And this is what i made off it, Also made a small wheel based one, Here are they together, Hope you like them.
  14. Crashtender

    It is based on severall Crashtenders. I googled some pictures off them. And this is what i made from it. But I looked the most at the Rosenbauer indeed. I have the plans made on LDD. I am happy to share. Just send me a pm.
  15. Crashtender

    Thanks for all the thumbs upp. And here are some photo's off the suspension. The rear; The front;