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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone! After a brief 'dark age' spanning a few years, I've now designed and built a new cargo train locomotive. I wanted something that exudes a sense of 'heavy industry' and initially created a prototype that didn't quite meet my expectations (see image bellow). This model takes inspiration from both the Lego Creator Maersk train, incorporating most of its general structure, and the Polish SM31 shunter locomotives. The locomotive showcases a sleek, black exterior accented with yellow and white details. Because of the primary color, I affectionately named it the "Coffin" locomotive, akin to the real-life SM31's nickname (Trumna). The locomotive closely resembles parts of the the distinctive SM31 train, and the cabin is designed for a minifigure operator, complete with a control panel. Additionally, it's equipped with Power Functions, including a battery box, a train motor, and an IR receiver. Before settling on the black color scheme, I explored various digital iterations, considering options like yellow, red, blue, and green. Ultimately, I chose black for its cost-effectiveness, leveraging parts I already owned.However, it did result in the photos having slightly lower quality due to the darkness of black. The digital model is readily available for download using Lego Studio: The prototype version, mostly based on an elongated version of the red cargo train 3677. Please take note: Although the digital model featured a light bluish-grey windscreen piece, I discovered that no such part exists in that color when I started building it. I sourced the piece from a custom vendor, and it's not an official Lego component. In the future, I plan to replace it with an original Lego piece in white, which is readily available.
  2. Hello to the group. My daughter June complained about no trains in the Friends Series, so I tried to redesign the set 10219: Maersk Train (for me as a Noob in Trains one of the train sets I like the most) in LEGO Friends Style and Colors. The main structure of the objects remained the same, major changes were a) the interior of the locomotive cabine so that a friends figure fits in, b) the extension of 1 stud of the truck's cabine (a friends figure can also here sit in now), the front of the locomotive and the layout of the containers. All the parts exist in the corresponding colors, the light bluish grey train base plates are more or less the most "rare" parts. Maybe you like this mod of the 10219: Maersk Train. [MOC] June's Cargo Train by legolux1973, on Flickr Regards, legolux1973
  3. This is my humble tribute to the Classic Town Promotional MAERSK Truck sets 1651 from 1980 and 1552 from 1985 adjusted to my favorite 4-wide studs mocs. Both the Maersk Blue and the Old Light Grey colors were really hard to find nowdays .. :-) 11 by George Legoman, on Flickr 02 by George Legoman, on Flickr 10 by George Legoman, on Flickr 03 by George Legoman, on Flickr 02 by George Legoman, on Flickr 03 by George Legoman, on Flickr 04 by George Legoman, on Flickr 04 by George Legoman, on Flickr 16 by George Legoman, on Flickr 18 by George Legoman, on Flickr
  4. eliminator

    Discontinuation Speculation

    Any thoughts on whether or not the Maersk set will have a 3-year production run like the Emerald Night, or will it likely be a very limited run since they're using the Maersk name? I'm considering moving it up on my priority list....
  5. Now this is going to be a bit of a funky post I think. To be honest only 15% of the content is Lego (and none of it are my own MOCs either!) but I feel the subject is far more befitting of the Train Tech forum than the Community forum, because in particular today I got to go inside the real life Maersk locomotive. Seeing how 10129 is one of the most beloved Lego sets of all time among train fans; getting to go inside the real thing is a special treat. To be technical,the engine I went into today Dynarail 644 is not the same locomotive type which set 10129 is based on, 644 having received its Maersk paint on the ATSF, and the Lego set being based on a Norfolk Southern SD40 unit. However, if you happen to be one of like the five lucky individuals with a stockpile of Maersk blue Lego bricks who is considering adding an additional Maersk locomotive to your Lego collection, 644 is a great prototype that is visually distinct from the original Maerks unit (its wide body would make Power Functions easy in even a six wide build). Also it is a bit of fantasy fulfillment, being able to climb into the cab of a Maersk unit like the minifigures on our Lego train sets get to do everyday. Also as part of the train show today I did get to stop by the ULUG group. As mentioned before, I am not a member of the ULUG as of now; but I like to see their displays. In particular, a large portion of today's display was significantly different from the last ULUG display I saw a few months back, so I gotta give them credit for constantly being able to mix things up with their work! My pictures in the ULUG display came out blurry, so I didn't take a lot of them, but I hope you guys will enjoy what you are able to see. Forgive the blurry photo quality. The ULUG train display as always was a hit with kids and families. Here we can see the Disney Castle set surrounded by a lot of the smaller Disney Princess sets, situated next to a classic space monorail display. Another blurry picture of the ULUG set up (I never have had good luck taking photos inside an event such as this.) The layout's railyards are in the distance, with a display of mosaics, Star Wars, Technic, and other stuff in the foreground. The ULUG had a good location, between the Sherman Hill HO Layout display and the Rio Grande Modeling and Historic Society display. Honestly due to the traffic flow in the event, the Lego layout was the first layout I saw during the trip. Now for the 644 the Maersk unit. This was one of several Maersk units which worked different US railroads, and the only one I know that is in preservation. The unit's owner, Chris Fussell is planning on restoring it to its original Amtrak paint; but for now it wears the Maersk heritage proudly. Unit owner Chris Fussell in his appropriate "Maersk Blue" shirt opening up the engine for us. Unlike the Norfolk Southern unit set 10129 is based on, 644 worked for the ATSF (Santa Fe) railroad. Hence why the paint patterns evoke the Warbonnet scheme used on the Superchief. This is what it looks like from the cab of a Maersk painted unit. If you have been wondering what your minifigures could see out of your 10129 set, it probably looks similar to this. The cab of the real thing is far more roomier though, with three seats, and standing room for six or so people. Chris in discussion about his Maersk unit and its sister Daylight unit coupled behind it. Eventually the two units will return to their proper Amtrak paint; but for now they still wear their more ostentatious colors. If I had more time and money I would love to MOC up these two units in Lego. YouTuber and fellow Blogger "SconeEmpire" taking in the view from the engineer's seat of the Maersk unit. I hope you enjoyed my little Maersk locomotive interlude. I had so much fun with 644 today, I am really tempted to start seeing if I can capture the unit in an LDD MOC sometime (who knows, if I start that maybe this will become a work in progress thread someday? ) Although seriously, if any of you guys want to beat me to the punch in bringing in some more Maersk power into Lego, I'd be happy to see it! Until next time.
  6. Maersk window mod and relettering The Maersk locomotive set 10219 was one of the few Lego train sets aimed at AFOLs. It was inspired by NS 3329 a real Norfolk Southern locomotive painted in 2002 to celebrate the opening of Maersk's Pier 400 container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. The prototype was a former Contrail SD40-2 and after the ceremonies it kept the paintjob in daily service throughout the NS system. Through early 2008 it was often seen in the company of other former CR units that had not yet been repainted. The 3329 was damaged in 2008, after repairs it was repainted to the standard black livery and returned to service. Of course the SD class locomotives have 3 axle trucks while the lego model has 2 axle trucks, making it look more like a GP class. While I think 10219 is one of the best lego sets ever, there is at least one aspect of the design that continues to nag at me... or at least it did until recently. The cab windows are completely wrong for this era of locomotive. I preserved this design element in my instructions for a repaint of the set to a Conrail livery, but that was to keep the feel of the original 10219 set while offering a much less expensive option for this design for those only now getting in to the hobby. I have since rectified the design in my personal version of the CR repaint. I wanted to keep the ability to place a minifig in the engine, so that ruled out any clever brick built solution to get the windows. Instead, I used snotted 1x2x2 panels and a custom sticker to get the window frame. Now with this post I am bringing this modification to the original Maersk set as well. In this case the rebuild has an additional challenge given the rarity of the now discontinued Maersk blue pieces. So any Maersk blue parts in the design would have to be recycled from the original model. I also wanted to make sure any modifications were completely reversible. In other words, the 1x8 tiles below the cab would have to stay in place and the 1x4 bricks with "10219" would be flipped backwards. The lower cab walls are held on by two layers of white plates and bricks. While the cab windows are a collection of panels snotted in to place. One could stop here and simply enjoy the centered cab window, or use stickers from to finish out the design. Of course one could easily follow these steps to revise the window while keeping the original 10219 stickers facing outward. The engineer is much happier with the improved side view and faux rear windows. Compare the mod to the original Step by step instructions can be found here. Enjoy Full instructions can be found on
  7. [ available here] The Lego Corporation has built a fine collection of model trains with many train sets aimed at the adult fan of Lego (AFOL). These instructions replicate the design of the locomotive from one of the most famous of these sets: the Maersk Container Train, set 10219. These instructions are intended to be a gateway for the AFOL looking for a more detailed build beyond the regular sets. The locomotive from 10219 most closely resembles a GP40 or GP40-2. The choice of Conrail was driven by part availability. This build was intended to minimize costs wherever possible, e.g., at the time of this writing the 6x28 train base is quite expensive in many of the colors. However, set 60052 the city cargo train has two blue 6x28 train bases and is currently available from as well as many retailers. This set also has most of the expensive components necessary for the build, including power functions components to power the locomotive, wheels and couplers, and even a bit of track to run it on. You will need to add a lot of parts to the build, but whenever possible I used common parts. One key thing that is lacking in most fan-designed models are stickers or decals to decorate the final creation. Don't worry, I've thought of that too and I am working with a sign shop to print white on clear stickers for this model. If you are familiar with North American railroads, you know that locomotives like these usually run with multiple units. So the sticker sheets include the lettering for two units, each with different road numbers. These instructions include two variants. If you build power functions trains you can build a powered and unpowered unit to run as a set. If you build 9V trains you can modify the unpowered model with one or more 9V motors. To complete the locomotives (and help encourage more instructions like these) be sure to pick up the corresponding decals either from bricklink (via and look under "stickers") or drop a private message to zephyr1934 on Eurobricks. The instructions are available at At the moment I am offering two different sets of road numbers (3051+3166 or 3108+3245). If someone wants to buy stickers for more than four locomotives just let me know and I could add more road numbers. The actual stickers will be on clear material and look similar to this prototype. Here is an earlier thread on the build, and brickshelf gallery of the model Click here for the instructions Click here for my bricklink store where you can buy the stickers
  8. Hi all, inspired by MOC containers created by CamelBoy68 (please excuse me, CamelBoy68, if I "took inspiration" from your creation ), I've just created 4 new 20' standard containers that can be placed on Maersk Train wagons. Side view Front view Back view Some notes (and differences from official Maersk and CamelBoy68's containers): I've used 2 x 2453 BRICK 1x1x5 for the two back edges. This increases solidity, as in real containers. Green corrugated containers is made of staggered 30137 PALISADE BRICK 1x4 and 30136 PALISADE BRICK 1x2 (instead of 1x2 bricks only) to increase solidity. As you can see in front view, I've used 1 x 2431 FLAT TILE 1x4, 6 x 87079 FLAT TILE 2x4 and 2 x 3068 FLAT TILE 2x2 as flat basement in order to ease placing goods inside. I've replaced 3009 BRICK 1x6 above the door with 2 x 3666 PLATE 1x6 above the door and 2 x 3024 PLATE 1x1 below. This to perfectly center the door (3 elements below and 3 above including feet and roof). Blue framed container is created using 2493 WINDOW FRAME 1x4x5 and 2494 GLASS 4x5. Red framed container is created using 74968 WALL ELEMENT 1x2x3 and 87552 WALL ELEMENT 1x2x2. All the bricks are available except for the 2494 GLASS 4x5 in blue framed container. This is not a real problem as you can paint it (or cover it with a blue sticker) before assembling inside the window frame. Due to low availability of 3027 PLATE 6x16 in stores, roof and base plates can be replaced with 4 x 3036 PLATE 6x8. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want, I can share my LDD project.

    What should i buy?

    My birthday is coming soon and I really want to buy some LEGO trains. But i can't spend 500 euros on LEGO and trains are expensive. I'm looking forward to have a Maersk train on my layout but i don't have the feeling that im happy with only 2 container wagons. But i can't afford 2 sets and i don't need/want an extra locomotive. And it doesn't have motors. But the design is 10 out of 10. A city train is cheaper for what its got but the details are a non. I could wait for a new creator expert train. I won't buy the Horizon Express just because i would but two of it and my layout i to small for it. So i can choose from this things: Maersk train, i would need to buy extra wagons and power functions Red lego city freight train (3677) Emerald night, i would need to buy extra coaches and power functions Where would you guys choose for?
  10. Thank you for watching
  11. I am happy to finally be able to present my version of a Conrail GP40 [full gallery] The obvious resemblance to the Maersk locomotive from set 10219 is deliberate and I would call this build a MOD rather than a MOC. I wanted to approach the Maersk locomotive from a clean slate with the objectives of: (1) replicating a common North American locomotive (yeah, there was that NS unit, but that was only one engine, Conrail alone had a 275 GP40's). (2) With the lack of a "Creator Expert" train on the market right now, provide an affordable "gateway" build for new AFOL train fans looking for something more meaty than the city train sets. (3) Since this is meant to be a gateway MOD, keep the parts costs as low as possible. As of this writing, probably over $100 worth of the parts for this build can be found in set 60052. This includes a pair of blue train base plates (hence the pair of locomotives), the 6x16 tile to cover the PF gear, and of course all of the PF parts (not to mention a supply of track to run on). As my grandfather used to say, when TLG hands you blue train bases, make Conrail. (4) Having built a few heavy freight cars recently and acquiring wide radius curves from ME models, I am now in need of a few PF diesel freight engines. This build keeps the form factor from the Maersk, but a lot of the actual build is different, including a few new tricks (e.g., the exhaust stack). Since N. American locomotives rarely travel alone I had to build a pair (oh, and there is that second blue base plate in 60052 that would otherwise be lonely). One is powered (3051) and one is not (3245). Rather than use the 6x16 tile on the unpowered unit, I built the long hood on 3245 out of regular bricks. As I look at the two together, I like the smooth side better, but it is not easy to hide 4 wide PF in a 4 wide hood. With this MOD I have also addressed some of what I think are shortcomings in the original Maersk design, chief of which was doing away with the high friction technic axles for the loco trucks and adding a second motor under the powered unit for more pulling power. I am even using a purist PF reverser switch inside the hood, so there is a lot of wire stuffed in the space that remains. One of the things that really makes a build pop is the lettering. These locomotives have been complete for a few weeks, but the stickers misprinted and I had to redo the lot. I was finally able to apply them this past weekend (more detail on the sticker process can be found here) The basic design is meant to be customizable. I personally like the look of the unpowered unit and if I did not already have way too many 9v diesels I would probably put a 9v motor under it. I did my best to keep costs down by avoiding rare parts, of course if someone had a ton of 1x8's those could easilly be substituted for the 1x4's... or on the unpowered unit one could use 2x4's. There are still a few expensive parts that could be substituted out, e.g., 1x1 bricks with stud on the side are a little pricy in blue right now. There was the use of the blue train base plates, fairly common at the moment, hence the Conrail design. Then more subtle tweaks, for example the hand rails are completely different, borrowing the clip idea from the BNSF set 10133 to eliminate one set of expensive hoses and then using bars instead of hose for the railing to eliminate the other set of expensive hoses. I plan on releasing the instructions for free as a gateway to the hobby and selling the stickers for those who really like the build. The instructions will come out as soon as I can finish cleaning up the LDraw file (a few weeks) and if there are any early adopters I could start taking requests for the stickers now (send a PM). In my opinion the stickers are good quality (as shown in the pictures) but not perfect if look closely (also as shown in the pictures). [ full gallery]
  12. Hello, the user L@go recently shared pictures from the Lego World. In one of them a Maersk train in green color scheme is shown: I wonder if anybody ever tried to build it in further color variations? I am particularly interested in cheaper variants because I think about bricklinking that train and I dont care so much to have it in the original azure color scheme. It is a shame that I was too late to get the original Lego Maersk train. Edit: Attached a cropped image of the green maersk train:
  13. Legoboy22

    What train should I get next?

    Hello everyone, a spot has just opened up on my layout for one more lego train. I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best, and i already have the 7939 yellow cargo train, 7938 red passenger train, horizon express, hogwarts express that is motorized with power functions, one extra set of power functions and 2 4.5 volt trains from the blue track era. I was thinking in the maersk or emerald night but they are both expensive so i can only really get 1 with my budget for lego trains. So please give your feedback and thank you in advance:)
  14. Dear all Eurobricks Users, From MTRkustoms Railworks we have the honour of presenting the RENFE Container vagons MMC & MMMC for normalized Containers type Maersk and some 20ft and 40ft Normalized Containers. These vagons are part of the actual fleet of RENFE Cargo for the transport of normalized containers. As usual in me some technic parts are used. VAGONS MMC Lenght: 50 Studs Width: wide Weigth: 205g A bare comparation with a real "dirty" vagon Y21 Boguies with standar wheelsets The vagon and its 40ft Container And a animated gif to see all the posiblities with 20/40 containers MMMC Lenght: 68 Studs Width: wide Weigth: 275g A bare comparation with a real "dirty" vagon Y21 Boguies The vagon with its 20ft containers And a animated gif to see all the posiblities with 20/40 containers And the full composition with the RENFE 252 "Taxi" Full resolution pics in the Flickr Album CONTAINERS 20ft Standar Weight: 115g 20ft Tank Container Weight: 85g 40ft Frigo Container Weight: 220g 40ft GENSET Container Weight: 290g Full resolution Pics in Flickr Album Enjoy it
  15. Wabbajack

    A new crane mod

    Hello, so instead of studying I decided to plan a gantry crane inspired by the new 60052 cargo train set. So it is a MOD, not a MOC. I have already ordered some bricks, but not all. Here is what I came up with: I used multiple wheels, because I think it will weight quite a lot. I tried to make it compatible with the Maersk containers and keep it as simple as possible. Also being this big, I devised a way to make its strong - I used some technic parts to strenghten the overall structure as you can see here: I still don´t know how to make the winch work. I only came up with a temporary solution for a two rope variant. So all in all, I think this will look nice (maybe after some changes) with my Maersk train. Oh, and here is it compared to the containers and the .lxf file https://www.dropbox....qu6vu/Crane.lxf :D Oh, and of course I will have to add a shed of some kind...
  16. 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E Ages 12+. 1,518 pieces. Build the Maersk ‘Triple-E’ container vessel – a true giant of the seas! US $149.99 - CA $179.99 - DE 129.99 € - UK 109.99 £ - DK 1199.00 DKK Presenting the largest ship in the world – the record-breaking Maersk ‘Triple-E.’ Built from over 1,500 bricks, the model recreates the real vessel in amazing detail. Our LEGO® designers have included rare colors such as medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green. There are rotating gold-colored screw blades leading to the brick-built twin propeller engines, which you can view through the window built into the port side of the ship. You can even customize it by adding or removing the containers. This authentic set includes a display stand and fact plaque with detailed information about the ship and, as a finishing touch, there’s the gold coin that is added under the mast of all Maersk Line ships for good luck on their voyages. This model is perfect for LEGO fans! Features include rotating gold-colored propeller blades, brick-built twin 8-cylinder engines, viewing window into the engine compartment, adjustable rudders, detachable lifeboats, removable containers, rotating crane arms and a special ‘good luck’ coin Includes rare medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green colored elements Play with the model on carpeted surfaces or mount the model on the display stand Building instructions also include interesting facts about the real ship Includes 1,518 bricks Ship (mounted on stand) measures over 8” (21cm) high, 25” (65cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide Available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning January 2014 via, LEGO® Stores or via phone: US Contact Center 1-800-453-4652 CA (English) Contact Center 1-800-453-4652 CA (French) Contact Center 1-877-518-5346 European Contact Center 00-800-5346-1111 All pictures are clickable for high-resolution versions Plaque Engine Engine in situ Lifeboat Bow Mast Stern Rear view
  17. Here is my Maersk train with PF leds. I really wanted to keep the original look with the two lights above each other, and it worked out pretty well (no brick modification necessary): How do you build it? Attached is the LDD file. The wiring is pretty straight-forward if you are running on PF. If you are using 9V, you'll need to get this cable (the cable with 2/3 high connector bricks prevents the motor bogie from turning in corners). Please comment! Maersk train cab.lxf