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  1. Great little big subject. It seems coincidential how both the LEGO Group and Piet Mondrian are known for something they took from someone else and popularized. According to different biographies like the wikipedia article Piet Mondrian was inspired to use primary colors from Bart Van Der Leck early last century. No less noteworthy is the name of his exhibition back then: 'The New Plastic in Painting' ๐Ÿ˜… Regarding the exclusion of green in the brick sortiment (from when they revived thier colors away from the kiddi-palette) could be that green is not a (modern) natural color for houses and other structures. You want to reserve green for the ground and other vegetation. It took the Classic Space line for TLG to give in to introducing gray for bricks etc. Before that gray was not considered vibrant enough for children to be interested in them. I suspect TLG thought the same of black around the time of the redesign and patenting. White was a given or else the Christiansen family would not be able to recreate churches in the quintessence colors of that locality of Denmark that was very important to them ๐Ÿ™‚ So, when simplifying into a system you don't want things to be up for misinterpretation. In my own microscale MOC experience I exclude certain colors from buildings/structures because I need them elsewhere. No less in the upcoming revision of my Copenhagen-model. I don't use green (28 and 37) for structures because it's reserved for vegetation (grass, trees and bushes). I don't use red (21), orange (25) and other plasticy colors for structures because it works way better for vehicles (cars, trucks and busses). Blue (23) used to be strictly for water but I have switched water to Dark Blue (149) so now Blue has become available for vehicles. I don't use Dark Green (141) for vegetation because it quite frankly doesn't mix well with Green and Bright Green and like Dark Brown (308) often appears almost black in certain lighting conditions. Instead Dark Green and Dark Brown works quite well as toned blacks for roofing of different nature. Tan (5) and Dark Tan (138) are examples of colors that are "cought in the middle" as they can be used both for ground, buildings, roofs and vehicles. Thus a building standing next to a beach will never be Tan (unless the sand is then bright light yellow or something). Overall I am refining and modifying my model to become more photorealistic by mostly doing buildings/roofs in earthy colors while vehicles are allowed to stand out on the streets with vibrant colors. Part of this is switching all Orange rooftops to Dark Orange (38) and Medium Nougat (312). I'm sorry if this became a little off-topic. It's peculiar how limitations can create posibilities ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. Ulrik Hansen

    Rules for printing AFOL graphics on garment etc.

    Good idea, asking their legal team that should clear things up.
  3. Ulrik Hansen

    Rules for printing AFOL graphics on garment etc.

    Those different sellers are probably some of the ones I've stumpled upon. Since I'm from small Danmark and don't want to hide my activity from the LEGO Group, my plan now is to focus on artistic interpretations that do not infringe. Thank you for your feedback
  4. Ulrik Hansen

    Rules for printing AFOL graphics on garment etc.

    Ok, thanks. I realize it's a dead end to go down that road.
  5. Ulrik Hansen

    Rules for printing AFOL graphics on garment etc.

    Are the figure decorations copyrighted? Many variations are sold online. That is what I'm getting at.
  6. I need som help here. What are the legal implications of selling t-shirts with replicated minifig-decorations printed on them? I know I'm not allowed to print the LEGO logo. Thanks!
  7. 'Dannebrog falling from the sky'. According to legend that's what finally happened after the Danes had long been praying for victory during the Battle of Lyndanisse, Estonia in 1219. It also holds the record as the oldest continuously used national flag. Religion and nationalism aside it's my birthday tomorrow and since we Danes fancy to display our flag on such occasions I thought I'd give one of my older LEGO building techniques another run with a bit more context. As most of you already have gathered, it mainly consists of the piece 'Technic, Axle 2 Notched' in red and white, framed by SNOTed slopes, both inverted and not.
  8. As I was sorting and replanning my brick stash (again) I got the idea to create a small Ludo game. The thought occured when I talked to friends about the fun of playing this childhood favourite again, but non of us had the game itself anymore. First I went online to check out TLGs official version and then what other people might have come up with. I knew I didn't want to built it to include minifigs. I thought I'd rather use the Brick, Round 1 x 1 for the pieces, but instead ended up using the Cone 1 x 1. I did of course consider TLGs own cute microfigs, but chosing the right ones kept dragging and their size seemed a little too dominant compared to the size of the game/the scale of the board. It would of course have greater appeal if it were to be an official LEGO game via LEGO Ideas. This version includes the addition of stars and globes, which are very common in the Danish version of the game.
  9. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC City of Copenhagen

    Hey kciR. Thanks a lot for your honest considerations. I'm of course a diligent student of other people's creations myself. This model design must have a will of its own ? I hope you can find some of my improvements, and also notice that there are even less cracks in the snot slope mosaic than before ?
  10. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC City of Copenhagen

    Thanks. A very big honor indeed. The worst was the first two years (2012-2014) when I hadn't proven my vision yet. I'm glad I kept at it
  11. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC City of Copenhagen

    Finally, I present to you a new version of my City of Copenhagen model. This time it's done in a simplified color scheme to resemble a typical scale model of architectural projects. More importantly it needed to be elegant since it has been build for the LEGO House and will be exhibited in the Blue Zone. I continue to evolve my techniques so you may be able to notice some differences here and there. Also, a city is in constant change and thus some details in the model attest to that fact. Here is a link to the gallery. Below are a few samples.
  12. Ulrik Hansen

    MOC City of Copenhagen

    Another great LEGO World in Bella Center, Copenhagen is behind us, and I thank all the people who were there, and those who came by to visit me and my model.
  13. For some time I couldn't get the beta to work in my os x Yosemite instalation but a week ago it finally did show the parts that was missing on startup. I've been using both LDD, LDraw (Bricksmith) and Mecabricks prior to Stud.oi, and also Autodesk Maya. When I started using Stud.io I was soon missing a pan fuction when set origin does not make the right render focus. I finally found out that as you orbit around your build, you can pan by holding down the shift-key :D Edit: After finding the Stud/Manual/keyboard-shortcuts.html, fumbling time is pretty much over I think it looks promissing. I love the render part as I never really got started on that with my builds. I'll be back with more observations.