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  1. legosamigos

    [MOC]Jurassic Park

    Hello Everybody! Just simple mosaic with Jurassic Park
  2. legosamigos

    A quick comment on spam

    I have the same problem. A lot of notifications from Eurobricks with Chinese characters. I opened one od them and I saw some Chinese girl. It's like a plague :(
  3. legosamigos

    [MOC] Micro Forklift & Truck

    Lovely. I really liked it :)
  4. legosamigos

    [MOC] Lazareth Wazuma V8F

    I think, you should add a rider, f.e. Darth Vader ;)
  5. legosamigos

    [MOC] Technic Scania

    Sorry Milan, but Fig850 added some video and functions of his Scania :)
  6. legosamigos

    [MOC] Technic Scania

    I waited for your video :) Now I'm waiting for an instruction to Scania :D You should build also some trailer ;)
  7. legosamigos

    [MOC] Lego technic School Bus

    In my opinion is little too short :) Look at here: And where are the seats? :)
  8. legosamigos

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    It is 42078 set, not 42070, but anyway must have :)
  9. legosamigos

    [MOC] Supercharged Muscle Car

    Where are the front lights? :D
  10. legosamigos


    Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my new MOC - a bulldozer. This is not a specific bulldozer model, although I watched little a Caterpillar D9T. A blade and a ripper are full remote controlled, does it mean, can be raised, lowered and tilting. Dimensions: -length: 43 cm, -width: 26 cm, -height: 20 cm, -weight: 1738 grams. Power Functions: drive and steering – 2 PF L motors, blade can be raised, lowered and tilting by 2 PF M motors, ripper can be raised, lowered and tilting by 2 PF M motors, 1 x PF extension wire 20 cm, 1 x PF small battery box, 3 x PF IR receiver, 3 x PF IR remote control. Some pictures, rest are available at the public galleries Brickshelf gallery Bricksafe gallery Youtube video
  11. legosamigos

    Is anybody can help me with pictures?

    Yes, you have right. Thanks anyway :)
  12. Hello Eurobrickers! I would like to build a Lego truck show, something like truck from Lego Inside Tour, but in Technic version, but with European cab, so I need some pictures from profile a real Lego truck show, especially a trailer . Is anybody has these pictures?
  13. legosamigos

    [MOC] RC Defender 110

    It looks nice, but I'm afraid the cabin is a bit too big for the wheels
  14. legosamigos

    Slowly Disappearing Technic Parts

    F.e. I need a lot of these connectors in yellow , but unfortunatelly there are only 34 connectors on BL. I hope, that one day Lego will reactivate this connector in yellow