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  1. legosamigos

    [MOC]Pepsi Logo

    When I published my post, now I can see, that one brick 1x2 in Coca-Cola is missing :/
  2. legosamigos

    [MOC]Pepsi Logo

    Hello Eurobrickers! I haven't published anything for a long time and I rarely visit the forum. Anyway. When baseplates 32x32 in Dark Blue arrived at BOP last year, I immediately thought of building a Pepsi logo. I once built Coca-Cola logo, so now there are logos of two competing companies ;) Which one do you like better?
  3. I think, that front suspension is too high and there is problem with steering
  4. It could be like official set, but the front wheels seem to rub against the bucket a bit :) I like it
  5. I think, that your MOC needs some Power Functions ;)
  6. legosamigos

    [MOC] The Donald Duck

    Hello Eurobrickers! This is my second version of Donald duck. Donald Duck can rotate his head and has movable hands My YT video Brickshelf gallery And both versions of Donald duck
  7. I think it is enough space to put some Power Functions :) but, thank you for instruction
  8. legosamigos

    [MOC] Axl Rose And Slash

    Thank you :)
  9. legosamigos

    [MOC] Torch

    Just simply useful a torch :) BS Gallery YT Video
  10. legosamigos

    [MOC] Axl Rose And Slash

    Thank you :)
  11. legosamigos

    [MOC] Axl Rose And Slash

    Hello Everyone! This was my reflection on a mini scene with the most characteristic musicians from the band Guns N` Roses, i.e. Axl Rose and Slash. Of course, a mini scene when they were a little younger :) Now they look rather like in this movie
  12. It looks like a new set 42111, but in cabrio version :)
  13. Very nice design, but you should add some side mirrors
  14. legosamigos

    [MOC]Jurassic Park

    Hello Everybody! Just simple mosaic with Jurassic Park
  15. legosamigos

    A quick comment on spam

    I have the same problem. A lot of notifications from Eurobricks with Chinese characters. I opened one od them and I saw some Chinese girl. It's like a plague :(