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  1. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    It is 42078 set, not 42070, but anyway must have :)
  2. Where are the front lights? :D
  3. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my new MOC - a bulldozer. This is not a specific bulldozer model, although I watched little a Caterpillar D9T. A blade and a ripper are full remote controlled, does it mean, can be raised, lowered and tilting. Dimensions: -length: 43 cm, -width: 26 cm, -height: 20 cm, -weight: 1738 grams. Power Functions: drive and steering – 2 PF L motors, blade can be raised, lowered and tilting by 2 PF M motors, ripper can be raised, lowered and tilting by 2 PF M motors, 1 x PF extension wire 20 cm, 1 x PF small battery box, 3 x PF IR receiver, 3 x PF IR remote control. Some pictures, rest are available at the public galleries Brickshelf gallery Bricksafe gallery Youtube video
  4. Yes, you have right. Thanks anyway :)
  5. Hello Eurobrickers! I would like to build a Lego truck show, something like truck from Lego Inside Tour, but in Technic version, but with European cab, so I need some pictures from profile a real Lego truck show, especially a trailer . Is anybody has these pictures?
  6. [MOC] RC Defender 110

    It looks nice, but I'm afraid the cabin is a bit too big for the wheels
  7. F.e. I need a lot of these connectors in yellow , but unfortunatelly there are only 34 connectors on BL. I hope, that one day Lego will reactivate this connector in yellow
  8. [MOC] Hamster Wheel

    Something for Sariel hamsters :)
  9. It is some problem with opening link with instruction
  10. [MOC]Hang Glider

    In dictionary I found as a hand glider. LINK
  11. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you a hang glider. Hang glider - an unpowered flying apparatus for a single person, consisting of a frame with a fabric airfoil stretched over it. The operator is suspended from a harness below and controls flight by body movement. I do not modeled on any particular design, that's my loose concept. Features: - piston engine coupled with a propeller, - a moving flap wings and frame to move just this wing, - steering front wheel by feet wingspan - 47 studs, length - 28 studs , height - 14 studs weight - 289 grams Brickshelf gallery
  12. 14.5 kg of plastic. I can say only one WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! How long did you build this monster? Of course, I liked it
  13. F.e. motors, battery box, IR receiver, IR remote control, maybe some gears/axles