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  1. legosamigos

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    I think it is enough space to put some Power Functions :) but, thank you for instruction
  2. legosamigos

    [MOC] Axl Rose And Slash

    Thank you :)
  3. legosamigos

    [MOC] Torch

    Just simply useful a torch :) BS Gallery YT Video
  4. legosamigos

    [MOC] Axl Rose And Slash

    Thank you :)
  5. legosamigos

    [MOC] Axl Rose And Slash

    Hello Everyone! This was my reflection on a mini scene with the most characteristic musicians from the band Guns N` Roses, i.e. Axl Rose and Slash. Of course, a mini scene when they were a little younger :) Now they look rather like in this movie
  6. legosamigos

    [TC18] Miniature Muscle car

    It looks like a new set 42111, but in cabrio version :)
  7. legosamigos

    Lego Technic Forklift SNSC Zoomlion MOC

    Very nice design, but you should add some side mirrors
  8. legosamigos

    [MOC]Jurassic Park

    Hello Everybody! Just simple mosaic with Jurassic Park
  9. legosamigos

    A quick comment on spam

    I have the same problem. A lot of notifications from Eurobricks with Chinese characters. I opened one od them and I saw some Chinese girl. It's like a plague :(
  10. legosamigos

    [MOC] Micro Forklift & Truck

    Lovely. I really liked it :)
  11. legosamigos

    [MOC] Lazareth Wazuma V8F

    I think, you should add a rider, f.e. Darth Vader ;)
  12. legosamigos

    [MOC] Technic Scania

    Sorry Milan, but Fig850 added some video and functions of his Scania :)
  13. legosamigos

    [MOC] Technic Scania

    I waited for your video :) Now I'm waiting for an instruction to Scania :D You should build also some trailer ;)
  14. legosamigos

    [MOC] Lego technic School Bus

    In my opinion is little too short :) Look at here: And where are the seats? :)
  15. legosamigos

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    It is 42078 set, not 42070, but anyway must have :)