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Found 9 results

  1. This modular station was inspired by a long since expired Cuusso / Ideas project, (not mine), and set 2150 Train Station from 1996 while the clock tower is inspired by Big Bentley Bust-Out (from Cars 2 set 8639) from 2011. I added a removable six track long platform and put a luggage ramp from the street side for use by the wheelchair pieces LEGO recently made. By the way: the logo right below the clock is the official LEGO trains logo built in bricks, while the words in the center (just between the middle pillars) reads "Ironwood Union Depot" in printed 1 x 1 tiles. The street side of the station has been extended towards the edge of the base-plate, allowing for a more room (and more details!) inside the building. The year of the stations completion, 1928, is right above the main entryway. The lower floor has the central ticket desk, plus pizza restaurant (complete with opening oven!) on the right side with seating available on the left wing. These wings also allow for access to the platform under the twin canopies. The second floor has the switching control room and station managers office which floats inside the exterior walls on some tile-topped pillars. This assembly is barely connected to the build by two studs. (NOTE: No stairs to the upper floor were made because that's how the official CITY sets are, so I didn't include any as I was going for an official LEGO set feel.) This a closeup of the four-sided clock tower and brick-built LEGO Trains logo. The modular station features two platform sections, two lower roof sections, one upper roof section, and the removable second floor on top of a cafe (with seating) on the lower level. The station platforms fit via Technic pins while the other sections attach via a few studs. EDIT 10/16/17: Added new pictures of the revised station. EDIT: 11/20/17: added revised photos in preparation for real life pictures come Christmas morning. EDIT 12/31/17: I just need two more letters and to cut up a 48 x 48 base-plate into 16 x 48 strips.... plus I need to build the platform on those strips. EDIT 1/5/17: it's finally DONE in real life! EDIT 3/19/18: Added clock tower and brick-built trains logos, plus revised interior details. Comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  2. So here is my latest airport terminal. It's a custom modular. While it's custom, there are some obvious takes from the lego city airport set 7894, but not many. The inside is a full functioning terminal with a security check point, help desk, restrooms, gate area, bag check and bag claim, a lego store, a lounge and dining area and a observation area. It has its own monorail station which also has a bus stop and bike share station. I'm still working on rebuilding the jetways.
  3. Hey guys. I thought I would post a video of my Airport. I "think" I am finally done messing with it for a while. It now has a general aviation area, a much larger main terminal, a rebuilt tower, a seaport and many other improvements. I also wanted to incorporate the new airplane sets that came out this year. So here it is. Hope you like the airport. Next project is finding a place for the modular coming out in Jan!
  4. This station was inspired way back in 2013 by a long since expired Ideas project (link to my inspiration: ), which was doubled in size and now features a double tracked platform + canopy and quad-sided clock tower. NOTE: You may want to cut two base-plates to a 8 x 40 size where the gaps are at the end of the platform. The station proper has removable upper roof and second floor sections. The top floor "floats" on tiles, and is removable to reach the sales counter on the main floor. Also removable is the platform and train canopy, as it is connected to the station via Technic pins. The double track train canopy was inspired by CITY set 60103, Airport Air Show, while the clock faces are supposed to feature this print: http://alpha.brickli...0pb024#T=C&C=11 The street side of the station has space for 8 printed 1 x 1 letters, allowing you to name the station what you want. If i ever did build this, which I probably won't, I would name it Glenncoe, after the location of a 12 inch ride-on real steam railway, The Wabash Frisco and Pacific Rail Road at Glencoe (spelled with only 1 "N") Missouri. (See their pretty cool website here: ) The second floor has the switching control room and station managers office while the lower floor has the ticket desk and inside waiting rooms. By the way: the upper floor floats inside the walls on some tile-topped pillars, and is not connected to the build by studs in any way. NOTE: This train station most likely will never be built by me as I already have 3 stations as of now. But it IS build able in real life, so if anyone of you guys want to take a stab at this station, be my guest and please post the pictures both here and in your own thread. As such, here is the LDD file to the whole model, grouped so you can edit the station as you please: http://www.moc-pages...1463871791m.lxf Once again, questions, comments, and complaints are welcome!
  5. Legoboy22

    60022 cargo terminal MODS

    Hello I would like to see the mods everyone has put on their cargo planes. I have installed flat tiles in the middle of the plane for there to be more room for the cargo. I have added winglets and moving levers in the cockpit for realism. So please share your mods. If you do not have this set you can share the other cargo planes and all lego city passenger planes. Thank you in advance. Some winglets for more realistic wings
  6. After 7 months of engineering and building, I'm proud that I can present you my new video! In the video you'll see three coal trains riding around. They can load at two silos and unload at the main terminal. The unloaded coals are delivered by conveyor belts and an excavator to the loading silos, so a continuous loop is possible! The unloading part is the most complicated part of the structure: pneumatic cilinders will push a conductor to the bottom of the wagons, where also a conductor is located. These conductors power motors in the wagon which open a hatch in the bottom of the Lego coal wagon. The coals drop on a conveyor belt and are transported with other conveyor belts and an excavator to the silos. It's all automated by 6 Arduino controllers (including the arduino that controls the passenger trains). I cleared out the living room (GF was away for a few days, as planned) with a friend of mine and after 12 hours of setting the whole thing up we could finally begin with running some trains and commission the whole thing! Obviously the whole thing didn't work at once, so a hilarious fails-video is on the way too. Enjoy, share and let me know what you think of it!
  7. We (myself and teen aged kids) are wrapping up the bulk of the airport area of our city, so I thought I would post some pics. This has been a really fun project. We put a lot of thought into it and I think it turned out nice and is very playable yet as realistic as possible. So here goes: Overall shot of new runway. The wall has the gray tiles so we cleaned them out. We added the approach lighting and bearing markings with white tiles and flat clear and red pieces. While this is not exactly to FAA standards, we thought the detail of the markings would look nicer especially since we have no room for the actual lighting in advance of the runway. Here you can see the fire station area and general aviation area. We would like to add a hanger and fire station structure in the future. overall shot showing the runway, tower and gen aviation area is secure. Here is the commercial terminal area. It's a bit crowded, but we used the space as efficiently as possible. The jetway moves and extends. Main entrance to terminal. The parking garage is right next door. Here you can see the airport monorail station is just on the other side of the rail road bridges. The terminal has all the stuff a terminal should have, ticketing, screening, baggage check, seating. The top floor of the garage has been converted to a heliport. But there is a large surface parking lot behind the garage, so still plenty of parking Here are some more pics of the airport and a few of how it ties into the rest of the city. You can drive to the airport from downtown, but it's a long drive through the suburban and industrial areas to get there or you can take transit and it's one stop across the bay. Hope you enjoy the photos. Comments welcome, we are always looking for improvements. Thanks!
  8. Einzelspieler

    Straddle Carrier

    Let me introduce myself: I'm 49 years old and have been playing a lot with lego when I was a child. The good old time, when there were no sets, just bricks. Last year I decided to buy the mobile crane (#42009). My first lego set since over 30 years. I build both models and was really impressed by the complexity and how everything works together. Early 2014 I started building my first moc. A straddle carrier. The construction needed some planning, cause I've only own a limited number of bricks. So I build one edge, count the bricks and made three bags with the same bricks for the other edges. The most complex part of the straddle carrier is the gearbox. At first I implemented the function to move the spreader left and right. Then I added the ability to drive the straddle carrier forward and backward. And last but not least I build a worm gear with a winch to move the spreader up and down. The last one was tricky, cause the spreader tends to be crooked. So I changed the cable run and added some gears. After four months I finished my work: And cause I like video editing, I've made a small video showing the straddle carrier in action which you can find at YouTube: You can find more picture at Instagram: And, if you like my model, you can support it a Lego Ideas:
  9. The past three months I was building on my new project: a container terminal that loads and unloads containers from trains: all automatic. I designed the Lego buildings, hardware and software upstairs in my "Lego room", which isn't quite big. So in the end I had to install the whole shabang in my cleared out living room. Thank God I have girlfriend who doesn't complain about these things! I had one weekend to get it all working. I've built the whole thing up with a friend of mine but somehow I couldn't get the electronics working. It had to do with failing communication between the microcontrollers. Frustrating, since it all worked just perfect upstairs in my Lego room! So I did some last minute soldering to make the best out of it. That's why just one side of the terminal is functional. I working on an improved version to make it all work just perfect! And here the result! Enjoy!