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  1. robt

    [MOC] Mini tanks from WW1 and WW2

    Great MOCs! Your brickshelf gallery is private. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=548239
  2. Link to The LEGO Simpsons Series Poll is not correct. It redirects to [MOC] Heartlake Heavy Viper.
  3. Great review, ResIpsaLoquitur. Is there any complete list of all monthly mini-builds released since 2009? Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind. Just found it at You can find a lot of 4-wide vehicles in Creator 3-in-1 canisters and bags. I collected all of them and are perfect for playing with my 3 years old son.
  4. Containers are made of regular 2x4 bricks with top containers made of 2x4 plates and 2x4 flat tiles. Almost complete parts list is available on Brickset. You can replace some of grey containers with blue, green and red ones and you'll get a real-life ship with containers from various companies.
  5. robt

    (Moc)-Christmas Snow Globe

    That's definitely a great improvement. Congratulations for your MOC.
  6. robt

    MOC: Trenitalia FRECCIAROSSA

    Great MOC! Congratulations. The nose is really well done. A small suggestion, you shoul use some 1x1 and 2x1 slopes for the side oblique stripes using the same (or a simpler) technique you can find in Horizon Express side arrows.
  7. robt

    MOC: Italian regional train FS Aln 663

    Complimenti! E' talmente uguale che solo a guardarlo mi viene angoscia al pensiero di quante volte l'ho dovuto prendere sporco, caldo, stracarico di gente... Gran bel MOC!
  8. robt

    (Moc)-Christmas Snow Globe

    Nice creation! Where did you get that dome? Is a official LEGO part?
  9. robt

    1925 Rolls Royce - Miniland Scale

    Great MOC! Congratulation. I love the radiator.
  10. 5: 1 12: 1 13: 2 17: 2 18: 1 20: 1 22: 1 23: 1
  11. robt

    3-in-1 Creator Mini Sets

    Thank you, lousygulch and Gnac.
  12. Hi guys, I'm going to collect all 3-in-1 Creator Mini sets, the ones contained in that small plastic box. AFAIK the sets are 16. 4837-1 Mini Trains 4838-1 Mini Vehicles 4915-1 Mini Construction 4916-1 Mini Animals 4917-1 Mini Robots 4918-1 Mini Flyers 5761-1 Mini Digger 5762-1 Mini Plane 5864-1 Mini Helicopter 5865-1 Mini Dumper 6741-1 Mini Jet 6742-1 Mini Off-Roader 6910-1 Mini Sports Car 6911-1 Mini Fire Truck 31000-1 Mini Speeder 31001-1 Mini Skyflyer Did I forget any sets? Thanks.
  13. robt

    NEWS 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E

    Maersk One (if not main) reason is that Maersk as Lego is a Danish company.