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  1. Great build, I like how you managed to close the wheel wells and the bottom. But I guess it'd still be quite dusty inside when you take it apart. Very nice red tones, especially under the front grill.
  2. MajklSpajkl

    Impossible LEGO

    Well, it is not that dramatic...yes, it is not possible to do it without a sharp object, but it is perfectly doable without hurting the pieces. There is enough play to get the head of the stop axle out enough in order to reach beneath it with a tip of a knife...I just tried and succeeded with no effort at all. Will be interesting to see how will they try to solve this or explain it...
  3. Wow, this is brilliant and would be really hard to beat it in the contest if it could compete. Nonethelss - pure genious!
  4. +1 to therealjustin! Way better than the Porsche
  5. MajklSpajkl

    General Part Discussion

    Ahhh...silly me, I thought those were actually new.
  6. MajklSpajkl

    General Part Discussion

    I hope this is not a repost... I guess we can expect it in the new powered up sets coming after NY.
  7. I understand the laziness, been dealing with it for quite some time now I guess I would notice the axles, but I am building a digital model of my Kenworth and was right at those rear axles when you posted, so they fell into my eye immediately. I am glad you found them good enough to reuse them. Best regards.
  8. Beautiful truck! Wasn't there any chance to make the fan on the motor to spin as well? Nice rear axles 😉
  9. Very interesting reading and great concept of this diagonal AWD + fantastic and obviously very capable B model. Great job!
  10. I was looking/referring at the photos you posted in the beginning. Unfortunately the photo you posted isn't working. The yellow wheels are too shiny in comparison to olive green. But it only nitpicking ;-)
  11. Very cool, reminds me on the old Citroën Visa a bit, especially at the back. Looking forward to your video.
  12. The tractor looks awesome and very true to the original, but I don't like the yellow tires, maybe LBG would've looked better.
  13. MajklSpajkl

    Grohl's Creations

    2.0 looks much better. Well done!
  14. Well, I like this one waaaaay more than the Dom's Charger. It looks cool. Probably just gonna buy the black mudguards instead of the whole set, but looks cool to me. I like the agresive stance of it. Thanks for the review.
  15. This is next level! Bad to the bone!!!