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  1. I would be really thankful for anything you can provide. Thx again. Best regards.
  2. Hey @HallBricks! Fantastic design! Congratulations on the podium. Did you perhapse make some digital model of the fantastic upper mechanism? Or maybe do you have some additional photos from different angles. I would really like to try to build this... Best regards, Miha
  3. THx for suggestions @Doug72, I'll give it a try over the weekend.
  4. That is great news @Berthil and fantastic achievement. My eleveator still has a lot of issues, I noticed that when batteries in trains are not as fresh anymore the lift sometimes jams on top or at the bottom. The rotary dumper on the other hand indeed works flawlessly.
  5. I changed the rail switch and had no problem afterwards. But those guardrails are a nice solution as well. So far I had no problem with the passing module, except the 6x1 plate that holds the inverted gear rack fell off once...
  6. I missed that post, sorry. Great work again Doug and on that rotating platform as well. It's true what you said about the original versions of the both contraptions and you succeeded improving them with exelence! Again I have to admit, I will grab on to your fine ideas
  7. Wow, some really nice entries and well deserved winners. That Ranger Rover looks fantastic! I am guessing those rims are from RC? Do you happen to have the link to those?
  8. MajklSpajkl

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Yes, but I am taking about the "broken" truck which you makes your tow truck harder to pull because of the "dead" motors in the "broken" truck.
  9. MajklSpajkl

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Very cool! But is there any problem since the hauled truck has driving axles connected to motors. I guess if the hauled vehice has a neutral gear it would be much easier to haul.
  10. MajklSpajkl

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Fantastic! Any stickers in the making?
  11. Yes maybe, but 152 pcs in 100 pcs pack??? :-) Seems silly, but good for us ;-)
  12. Yes, that is correct, I am familiar with the procedure. But I believe even in LUGBULK a 1000 bals are worth at least a new Rough Terrain Crane - It would still hurt my eyes and ears when I'd saw them flying all over the exhibition area I saw that Mr. Atkison from the US updated his ball collection with all new whites and had them custom printed with Brick World logos.
  13. Quercetti balls are made of plastic. The manufacturer from Italy sells also plastic marble run sets of different elements and setups. I am really satisfied with them. The declaration says that diameter is 14 mm, I measured some and there is some tolerance regarding size but no more than 0,2 mm. On our events I am ususally the only GBC provider and I run my own balls (this might sound different as it was ment ) Buying larger quantitites of original LEGO balls, that are currently available in white with no print, is, as far as I know, possible via LUGBULK option for recogognized LEGO user groups (RLUG). There are several rules and restrictions how a LEGO fan club becomes RLUG and then it is possible to buy bulk quantitites of bricks that LEGO makes available once a year.
  14. I am using these:;psc=1&amp;smid=A11IL2PNWYJU7H Perfectly round and the same size. Bought three boxes of 100 and got total of about 350. I guess they don't count very well :-)
  15. Great work @Doug72! Thx for all your effort so far! Very nice summary of the now rather long topic. It's been a hectic week so far, so I didn't have time to comment on you compact ball loader. Did you notice any ball jamming in the shaft maybe? Great work again. Might be good to make that hopper a bit larger in order to bbe able to take more balls in when waiting for the train. Best regards! Miha