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    <p> My favourite LEGO theme is LEGO Technic and my most recent set is 42083 Bugatti Chiron. </p>

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  1. MajklSpajkl

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    Thank you for sharing the file - it will be a great learning experience! Great renders as well!
  2. Coolness level 9000! Looks very disturbing... for that poor technic guy Fantastic creation. Does it run automatic, in a sense that each contraption starts the next one, or do you need to operate it "manually"? Best regards.
  3. With this lift of the chassis it definitely lacks some distance between the axles/length/needs to be 5 door variant ;-) It looked to short as it was as the original, but now being even higher this seems even more pronounced. Nonetheless - looking forward to the video.
  4. MajklSpajkl

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    Very impressive indeed I feel for you and admire your courage Only 1,3 kg??! I love it! Especially those very innovative axles!
  5. MajklSpajkl

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    I don't see nothing wrong here. It's a hobby, not school or work or contest with rules. Do what pleases you. Cutting 3L axles which come in abundance everywhere is no sin to me at all. And I totaly get your temptation about RC - been drooling on RC YT channels for months now, but haven't yet taken a step to the dark side of cash drainage 😁 I love your truck though. Unusualy panel-less but still looks very cool and performs great as well.
  6. MajklSpajkl

    [WIP] Fox 8x8 V2

    That climbing ability is really amazing! How heavy is it so far?
  7. This. Is. Crazy! In a very good (and expensive) way . Seems like a lot of fun! Is it just me, or does the chassis inside the treads seem a bit bent upwards in the middle?
  8. MajklSpajkl

    Darth Vader's SelfDriving WheelChair

    Fantastic Poor Vader, maybe he overdid it on my treadmill Are the arms run simultaneously or is each arm linked to a separate wheel? So when turning one arm swings back and one forward? When I used the imperial march music for my video of Vader on a treadmill, YT muted the video or it would be removed. I hope it doesn't happen to you as well. Best regards!
  9. MajklSpajkl

    Lego Mini Trial Unimog 406/427 MOC

    Fantastic! I like the portal axles, but I wonder whether 20t bewel gears holds up without skipping since it is only supported on one side. I guess it is really capable as it should be quite light. Can we expect a video? Best regards, Miha
  10. MajklSpajkl

    [TMC]8081 6x6

    Nice and compact chassis. What does TMC stand for?
  11. Very good job, especially because to me it seems really hard to make a recognisable and good looking motor bike! Congratulations!
  12. MajklSpajkl

    KAMAZ 43118 flatbed truck

    I like it a lot! Very nice achievement at a rather small scale
  13. 2: 10 7: 6 8: 4 1: 3 4: 2 6: 1
  14. MajklSpajkl

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Thanks ;-) It costs some money, but looks really good. I hope LEGO doesn't make one two months after I buy it :-)
  15. MajklSpajkl

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    It might have been asked already and if so, I apologise for not reading the whole last few pages, but has anyone considered, how much gearing down can the hub actually handle without damaging the internal gearing? I hope it is not even possible to damage it and that other cheaper components (normal gears) would break before the hubs internal gearing gets worn or broken. Best regards, Miha