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  1. @I_Igor ups, my bad Thanks for pointing it out. Apologies to @Milan, who was on the job of course
  2. I can't say for sure, depends on the timing really, and inspiration of course. Anyway, if this contest takes place, there should be no restrictions regarding parts usage (except that they are genuine LEGO) in order to attract as many builders as possible. Size limits also wouldn't be good I think. Definetly one module rule - as one module - one motor, or two at the most, but that is already out of GBC canon I guess...
  3. Indeed, I feel very Olympic today and I am realy honored and proud to make it to the podium again! Seems that 3rd time really is a charm - my third contest after a long time and third badge (... he bragged ). I hope I don't get banned A huge THANK YOU, to all who voted for me and to @Jim & @Milan for setting the whole thing up! Congratulations to @steph77 & @HorcikDesigns - they were my favourites as well! Great contest overall with many great models and ingenious solutions. Well, you've got that one wrong @Jim There is at least one that I know off, that owned the rainbow before me - @Doc_Brown - and I believe he was the first with the whole bunch. Unfortunately, this great builder has somehow vanished from the EB forum and haven't visited here for more than 4 years now. I wonder what happened to him. Maybe we hear from him again someday. Best regards to all and thanks again!
  4. Very relaxing mood. Nice truck. Seems it is leaning to the drivers side - does the chassis flex because of torque in the drive train? I hope to see more of the truck from the final scene in the warehouse...
  5. Excellent footage and great rover! I like the colours a lot and looks really strong. Seems unstopable. Well done.
  6. Thx Jim. I hope it is not to much trouble. I forgot about autobot doing the sum up. Wasn't ment to bring you more work. Best regards.
  7. I think that participants of the contest should be allowed to vote regardless the post count on the forum.
  8. Thank you for organising this contest. It's been fun and it is nice to see so many great entries, although it hurts to deny points to most of them. Just a minor observation: It would've been easier to vote, if entries were numbered in the entry topic, as they usualy had been. I also like the two stage voting. Good idea. Best regards, Miha
  9. 5: 10 6: 6 26: 4 3: 3 24: 2 20: 1 It is really hard to vote with so many great entries in the lineup! I always feel kinda guilty...
  10. MajklSpajkl

    [TC19] Wingblade R

    Do you have any photos of naked custom rim that you've built?
  11. MajklSpajkl

    [TC19] Wingblade R

    This one came out fantastic! Job well done! Jyn fits in that seat superbly. Looks really cool. Maybe it lacks some meat on the seat - that part looks really thin, when the rider is not there. But that is just a minor observation. I think you forgot to name it in the entry topic. Good luck on the competition!
  12. MajklSpajkl

    [TC19] Exocet

    Wow, you managed to build this in only three days?! Great job! The last version looks much much better than the red one. It reall looks good. I like the flexible part wrapped around the back. Makes for a nice detail.The red fueltank really pops out well. Good entry! Best regards!
  13. MajklSpajkl

    [TC19] The Red Blaze

    Thank you guys Meanwhile... another terrible problem has arrisen in the galaxy. The Dark Lord cannot choose which bike to ride... I borrowed the black baloon parts (as I did the red) from my kids, and managed to put together a black version too, although I don't have enough black bionicle teeth and no suitable cylinder for the headlight, so I used LBG one, but I'd rather not show it, cause it looks ugly. However, I do like the rear mudguard made with those axle connectors instead of bionicle teeth. And I do like that gray palm trunk parts for the foot rest so much more than just that old connector on the red one, but unfortunately they don't come in black (haven't checked to be honest). Overall, the red still speaks to me more, than the black, which looks a bit dull. Surely, it would be better with some chromed parts and fueltank stickers... Best regards.
  14. MajklSpajkl

    [TC19] The Red Blaze

    Thanks. You have a good point on the neck. Now that that I look at it, I don't really know why I haven't tried to make a smaller gap, one stud less would be achieved easily and it wouldn't be in the way of steering. Huh, he usual case of wanting to redecorate two days after moving in a new house I guess. But it is what it is now. It is not too bad, but could indeed look even better. Thanks Steph, I hoped for your feedback to be honest. I don't know, that front fork on 42036B model looks quite rough, even bulky. Not the kind of look I was going for, and I really like those new schocks, even if they are a bit wobbly. I wouldn't say they are too sporty or modern. I would love to build it in black as well. I have most of the parts except the bionicle teeth in black I am short of. And not sure if a black seat would look good on all black a different colour would be needed. Maybe I'll give it a go with some modifications and perhaps a new fork ;-) ...but those maybes of mine usualy stay unfullfilled Thanks again. I am glad you like it. The licence plate is a copy of actual plates for motorbikes in our area. GO is an abreviation for our region of Slovenia which is called GOriška and all the vehicles registered in our parts start with GO. Some people, who were willing to spent about 7 or 8 times the money of regular paltes make their own signs and as you can imagine the most know here is GO TO HELL , but I can't find it. Here are some other example: This last guy was a poor english speaker I guess... that GO IN HELL hurts my teeth... Thank you very much!
  15. MajklSpajkl

    [TC19] The Predator - Concept bike

    Nice curvy line with that red tube! Interesting idea to use two tires on one rim. Have yout tried how does it look with only single tire centred? It is hard to see how you transfered steering from the longitudinal axle to the hub, got any closer and a bit brighter shots of that detail?