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  2. [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    Fantastic job! I love the front half of the car the most. Headlight and the mask are pure joy to look at. Too bad we won't be able to take a sneak peek into the model instructions, but that is totaly reasonable if it is meant to be one of a kind. My only thought of improvement would be a bit more editing to the photos which are a bit too dark IMHO. Some playing with shadows and highlights would make the car pop out much more. However, this observation doesn't mean that this creation is nothing but a masterpiece
  3. Very good!!! It looks fantastic. I like the front a lot - and those long lines from front to end . Maybe the back, behind those curved panels above rear whells, looks a bit messier compared to the rest of the car, but that is just a minor observation. Congratulations again!
  4. Great news! Not that I would need 20 motors, buwizz+s-brick is just fine :-)
  5. Wow, this is a dream come true! Thank you very much for sharing your work. I just need to purchase me a joypad :-) Is it possible to use buwizz as a power source for s-brick on one port and still use other three ports for functions - so that would mean 7 functions with combined 1x buwizz and 1x s-brick?
  6. Lego GBC Wave Module

    Suuuuuuuppppperrr niiiiiiiceeeee!
  7. Looks fun-tastic. I especially like the smaller supporting wheels for those massive tires. Excellent idea
  8. Effe's MOC Corner

    Indeed! Would be nice to see the hokus-pokus in the back of that front panel :-)
  9. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I second that I was hoping to see this. Very well done. Even this video helps a lot to reproduce this, so thanks for sharing. I wonder if Akiyuki's next module will include a bunch of small trucks :-)
  10. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I am using this. Indeed a whole less strees to motors and axles - it does leave some greasy filth on the bricks though - so not exactly dry :-)
  11. In addition to other questions - so there is no chance to upgrade the so called buwizz 1.0 to 2.0? There is an actual hardware change/upgrade made in orther to get ludicrous on not just some software which allows more current to the components?
  12. Six teeth sprocket

    Thanks for your answer. Your english is just as good as mine so yes, I understand what you mean. Best regards, Miha
  13. Six teeth sprocket

    I agree, the track is fantastic (and heavy) but I meant your sprocket - does it grab the track well under heavy loads? Or does it skip? I am asking this, because you've shown only "air" test and not, lets say, "up your stairs" test ;-) Best regards, Miha
  14. Six teeth sprocket

    Briliant! Have you tried it on one of your tanks? How good is it under some/heavy load? I will definetly try it out. Thanks for sharing