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  1. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Too narrow, ball doesn't sit well in it ...
  2. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Unfortunately, that is the saddest part of this story...therefore no cup-to-cup v2 for me. Thanks for the instructions anyway - this module is a true marvel indeed.
  3. [MOC] FTF FS-20 Roseboom heavy haulage (1:16)

    Extrordinary model with fantastic details - that would be really worth having on display! Definetly top 3 trucks ever built in bricks!
  4. Are you joking my friend? Cause that's what this set is - a joke! What milestones, what new options?! Yes options to save some greens :-) @Sariel: I actually heard Arnold saying the "ugly MF" the moment I saw your FB post of the video :-) Can't beat that quote :-)
  5. @jrx : Thanks, that is indeed useful information. Nice video! I was wondering how would it be running both apps at the same time, but haven't tried it yet.
  6. Nice implementations of the functions in a rather tight space. Did you use yellow at the back intentionally or was there parts availability issue? It looks good, I'm just curious. Also thank you for some learning experience - I didn't know that such vehicles actually lift the front of the aircraft by the front landing gear :-)
  7. [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    I'm not sure if there were any hard LBG shock absorbers ever released. I disassembled two soft ones and two yellow ones snd switched the springs :-)
  8. [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    I'm affraid it would need serious modding of the chassis, as Claas tires are much larger than Tumbler tires - the axles are just to close to fit. And the proportions would be way off too, I guess. Perhaps try using the LDD provided by @HDGamer2424 a couple of posts back and try them on there, or maybe @Pat-Ard can check, as he still has his own big bucket assembled. Mine rests in pieces already.
  9. [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    @Pat-Ard: That's a huge B...ed :-) I like your faster winch version a lot! @JDL1967: Thx! It's nice to hear that people like what you've made. Makes you feel all fuzzy inside :-)
  10. A pleasure to read and watch, thanks Jim! While reading about the rubber parts I thought that RC Tracked Racer also had them, but I was wrong obiously. It will be fun to see RC/trial mods by fans for this one. Unfortunately my purchase will have to wait for a while, but will defitely happen. THX again for your great review and for the time invested in it. Cheers!
  11. [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    Wow Julian, thanks for the LDD, I would never have the nerves to make it myself. I'm glad you find it worth the time. Thanky you very much Better late then never I must admit that I wasn't even familiar with Joskins at all, but now that you've mentioned it I did see it already - at least in some type of Brüder modell. Anyway - now that I can compare, it still is Krampe all the way for me - never mind the colour (red indeed suits Xerion better) but also the shape of the bed looks much more...right on Krampe. Thanks again for your nice comment. Best regards, miha
  12. Wow, the modularity is fascinating And so is the whole car! This is what an official TLG supercar should be like. I guess any other rims are to small for this beast, right?
  13. Finally - a redemption for Technic Line 2017. First set after Claas, that I will actually eagerly await to land on my desk. Thanks for a great review!
  14. I haven't read the text just yet, but the photos....the phoooootoooos man - I could eat them, they're so good!!! Despite the set is what it is, this review is a real eye-candy from top to bottom!
  15. [GBC] Egg Process Machine

    Thank you all for your great work. I was thinking about replicating this cool module by myself, but you are way to fast for me ;-) Hats off to the original designer as well! Very ingenious idea and execution.