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  1. racedees

    Introduction to Lego Technic

    My introduction to technic was the 8020. Since then I was hooked. I saved all the money I got to buy other sets. After buying the 8862 I somehow lost interest, and the darkages started. But somewhere in 2013 I bought the 9391, a very nice set. Soon after i bought the 9391 I saw the 8043 for cheap at a store for only € 125,-. Couldn't resist and that's where virus returned harder then ever before. Since that set many followed. On this day I own 29 studless tecnic sets and 7 studded technic sets from the time before my darkages. Probably many will follow in the future.
  2. racedees

    What did you buy today?

    Added the 31032 to the collection. A very nice little set by the way.
  3. I still (after all those years) own the following sets. 607 6366 6641 6650 6654 6801 6820 6826 6872 8020 8720 8810 8815 8820 8850 8862 Oh and sadly teeth were used to diassemble those days. But most of them are still complete.
  4. racedees

    My vintage Technics collection

    I own the following vintage sets: 8020 8720 8810 8815 8820 8850 8862
  5. 42007 has to be 42006 I presume?
  6. racedees

    Favorite Technic Sets

    My top five looks like: 1. 8043 2. 8110 3. 42009 4. 8862 5. 42030 But I think that the 42043 will take first or second when it will be released.
  7. Until now I only puchased the 42020, 42021 and 42026.
  8. I have a few of the 80's / 90's sets. I did motorize the 8850 A-model and the 8862 B-model with the new PF. 8850 A: 8862 B:
  9. For me it was the 8043. Because...... what's not to like about it. Functions are great and a very playable B-model.
  10. Oops wrong topic> Deleted
  11. racedees

    How many bricks do you have?

    According to brickset I own 15680 parts
  12. racedees

    What did you buy today?

    Yesterday I got myself the 42021 in exchange for a die cast car I wanted to get rid off.
  13. racedees

    Best set ever?

    For me it is the 8043 excavator. Looks great and has great functionality.
  14. The 9398 I picked up recenty was equiped with the new wheels. Th eshopholder told me he had his stock for a few weeks already.