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Found 24 results

  1. Hi Yes, again but with a lot new features! This Toyota Hilux 4WD / Pickup Truck in its most basic version with a simple cab and the largest possible cargo area is a typical workhorse One more extra body will be in the end;) You can use youtube autotranlastion functions to understand something:) Or just watch review and test drives. Common specs Solid axles Front suspension 4 link Rear suspension 3 link Openable doors, bonnet, tailgate 2-seater saloon LED front lights (option) Removable pickup bed and cab Wheels: 62-68 mm Power functions chassis Control: PF IR / Smart Brick (SBrick) / BuWizz Drive: PF XL motor, 4x4 transmission with axle differentials and rear auto-lock Steering: PF Servo motor Control+ chassis control: Control+ (Powered UP) / BuWizz 3.0 PRO drive: Control+ L motor, 4x4 transmission with axle differentials and rear auto-lock Steering: Control + L motor FACELIFT The exterior has been slightly redesigned and optimized, including the use of new elements and techniques that have appeared in recent years. However, I haven't given up on some simple and solid tech-style solutions in favor of smoother slicker solutions like in the Back to the Future Extra Detail version. The doors now have latch locks, since the old locks on the small cab cannot be implemented. The number of basic system elements has been reduced - now the front bumper is made in a technic style with a small nuance - the mounting of the lights in the bumper is illegal and orange tile parts can fall out and get lost. The interior uses a new steering wheel with a diameter of 4 (for PF cersion). If you do not have one, use the old one with 3. In order to prevent using boring monochromatic paints, retro-style colored stripes are added. You can refuse them in favor of plain assemblies. Initially, there are two color options - white and black. Maybe there will be other colors in the future! I believe you can build red, orange and blue versions with minor mods. CHASSIS: PF and C+ The chassis in PF version still runs on Power Function elements, despite the fact that they have already been discontinued by LEGO in favor of the new Powered Up - Control +. Power Functions are quite common among fans, in the secondary market, as well as in the market for third-party parts and electrics, which, at relatively low prices, makes the model affordable for assembly with low budget. On the results of operation, a number of important improvements have been made to chassis: A fairly common reinforced differential of a new type was used. This diff has a larger gearing of 12-28 versus the old 20-28, giving the model more torque at the price of speed. This is important when using larger wheels, both 68mm and 75mm. But more importantly, the new differential significantly decrease load the universal joints. When using standard 62 mm wheels and standard power, the cardans held the load well, however, with the increase in wheels and especially when using third-party more powerful power sources like BuWizz, the cardans could break. The new differential partially removes the problem, but if you modify the model by installing larger wheels that are more tenacious and using more powerful power sources, I advise you to also buy steel universal joints. In general, you can get by with the old differentials, but with standard 62mm wheels and standard power. By the way, in the rear axle drive, instead of a cardan, a reinforced new CV joint is now used. The second important point is the redesigned front axle mount to increase the front clearance by 0.5 STUD. This update is linked to the first improvement. For larger wheels, you need to mount the axle further from the frame. Moreover, during the operation of the front suspension, the longitudinal displacement of the axle is significantly reduced due to the longer levers and the angle of their attachment. Due to the use of a new steering servo differential, the motor had to be reversed And finally, new function! Rear differential with automatic locking in case of diagonal misalignment of the rear axle. Significantly increased off-road performance of the model will make you happy! The locking mechanism prevents loss of grip during diagonal hanging. The mechanism uses an orange wave shift clutch. The idea was adopted from idea of @Madoca 1977 . The rear axle design can also be used with older type differentials. In addition, you can build a simple and reliable old axle without a lock (but with a new differential), in case you need simple construction. Finally, I decided to upgrade to the new Control+ / Powered UP LEGO motor system. It was a matter of time, because new original PF elements are harder and expensive to find. This is especially true for the SERVO motor. New LEGO fans usually have Control+ elements only. First of all, C+ «bad» for its dimensions: all motors are larger in size. The 4 port HUB is severely limited by the layout of the model due to its large size and weight. Installing a hub in a model of my size while saving the interior will negatively affect the weight distribution and off-road performance of the model. Specifically, in this model, the Hub will be difficult to hide behind seats without adding a body cover. In the end, a compromise solution was made - to place the unit inside the cabin as low as possible. I had to sacrifice seats, but I managed to leave the backs and the instrument panel with the steering wheel. If you do not open the doors, you may not even notice that half of the cabin is occupied by the hub. Therefore, from the outside, the model looks like a regular PF. It should be noted that due to the low location of the hub, it was necessary to make the frame as thin as possible at the point of attachment of the block, which negatively affected the torsional rigidity of the frame. However, the HUB is integrated into the frame in such a way that it is an element of rigidity, and at the same time is quickly removable for battery replacement. The drive motor is now located behind the cab, flush with the luggage compartment floor. Using a flatter motor (instead of XL) now allows different main gear ratios 12-20 (standard), 16-16, 20-12, (even 8-24 and 24-8). On the PF chassis, only non-alternative 24-24. Due to the transferase shifted back, the lengths of the drive cardans have changed. The bending of the front cardans has decreased, which unloads a little. However, this low location of the lead motor made it impossible to use reinforced CV joint like in new PF chassis. In general, the weight distribution of the C + chassis is more successful compared to the PF, which is noticeable when driving on uneven surfaces and uphills. The steering L motor is mounted directly on the front axle. The front axle and its connection to the frame are made new. Control app You cannot use the existing profiles in the Control+ app to control the model (the profile from 42124 buggy has a limited steering angle) so you need to use the LEGO Powered UP app, BuWizz app, Brickcontroller2 (only with a gamepad) or Controlz (recommended): Android version. iOS temporary unavailable. The model is still modular, which makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, repair and modify. OLD BODIES You can use new chassis with old bodies and vice versa. May require minimal modifications. if possible, I will modify previous models to the level of this in terms of body and chassis. More about previous Crew Cab and X-tra cab BTTF: AUSTRALIA MOD Any aussies here? A custom tray, bumper, roof rack and snorkel available as mods. Australians will especially like these accessories. See pictures below: Could you count number of storages here? Accessories include: - Chrome Headlights (Designed by NikolayFX and borrowed from EXTRA DETAILED BTTF Toyota Truck) - Power Bumper (You can get it for free here) - Custom Tray (Inspired by Australian manufacturers) - Roof Rack (2 versions) - Snorkel (2 versions) - Fuel Cans (Big and Small) BONUS In the end I've promised one more body - kind of Dakar Rally Offroader Body is 100% alternate of 42093 LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette. You only need a chassis from Hilux (PF/C+). This Instruction is free. thanks @FX6000 for Instructions and cool renders Thank you and happy building more photos my rebrickable account Chassis Bodies Mods MEGA PACK (7 in 1)
  2. Impressions after three episodes: - Overall level of challengers is higher than season 01 - Brickman improved his scenic presence - The second episode regarding models' explosions was a boring repetition of last year's one - The two young girls may fulfill a target market requirement but, so far, they are not up to the other teams - Annie and Runa did not deserve the elimination
  3. I decided to start a new supercar project and after lots of thinkign decided to make an ute just because nobody else made one yet AFAIK. For those who don't know what an ute is, it's when a pickup and a normal or sports car really like each other and end up having a child like this: For this project I set myself the following goals: Unibody construction - The model will have no chassis per-se, the body will be load carrying, something @nicjasno is really good at. Convertible - If you have a sports pickup, why not make it a convertible? This will also force me to make the unibody extremely solid, since there wont be any roof support. Motorized with gearbox - I am using a new high efficiency gearbox idea. Power will be delivered by 4 PF trains motors Realistic suspension - High-gearing solid axle in the back and McPherson suspnsnion in the front Here's the current progress: The gearbox has a total of 4 gears. Wave pieces are used to switch between them. Here's a more detailed view of the setup. As you can see, I used a tilted axle for the overdrive gear: Since the wave selector pieces can't cope with high torque, the gearbox is designed to work with high speed and low torque. That is why it will be powered by the fastest currently available motors - 4 PF train motors spinning at over 2000 RPM generating around 10Ncm of torque. The rear axle is an inverted portal design. It' made to be low as possible so that the bed can be placed nice and low. The axle has a total of 1:12 gear ratio in order to get useful torque from the fast spinning gearbox. Double 24 tooth gears are used in final drive because I expect the car to be quite heavy. So that's the basic idea for now. I will update the topic as I build.
  4. Hello everyone, I built a model of holden\isuzu suv The vehicle called holden Jackaroo and based on the Isuzu Trooper Zebra color of The vehicle taken from a set 6672 And the base chassis is 10 x 4 There are side steps also to protect the body of the vehicle in off road croling. and also to help the driver climb inside. There are also icons of a "shell" on the side of the The vehicle, allegedly shell is the "sponsor" of this vehicle travel (like the journeys of the Land Rover company when camel were the sponsors' see "camel trophy") One wheel is different, seeing as the interchange Wheel. Here are some pictures of the vehicle that I built. The real vehicle:
  5. Are you going to be in Perth, Western Australia, at the beginning of June? Come see our annual city and train display at the Model Railway Exhibition! June 4-6 at Claremont Showgrounds, Claremont, Western Australia Our blog: Hosted and organised by the Australian Model Railway Association, WA Branch
  6. Now here is something different from me, a scene from 1960's live TV......In Melbourne Tonight with host (the king of TV) Graham Kennedy and his co-host (and life long friend) Bert Netwon. Graham was always the joker and hence in the images below Bert is going to receive a pie to the face. There is a camera with it's operator as well. More to come, keep watching and Brick On everyone !
  7. Mr_Jola

    [MOC] B Double Container truck

    Hi all, Thanks for letting me be a part of the AFOL community. I have had lego since I was a kid and I have always loved the trucks and trains. So I like to build trucks that I have driven in my career. I only build these models from left overs from sets. I have a few models I will share shortly but I thought I would share a model I banged up last week. I happened to be searching for other things when I came across 3x 7939 sets (Truck with 1x 20 ft container). So I decided to make an Australian spec B Double container skel with 3x20ft. Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr Lego B Double Container truck [MOC] adapted from Lego model 7939. by Jola Ramsay, on Flickr
  8. Two members of BrisBricks, Karll and Bel, have build this magnificent diorama of 'Paradise Cove'. The attention to detail is amazing. This will be one of nearly 50 fantastic displays. The Brisbane LEGO Fan Expo is on 3-5 October at Sleemans Sports Centre, Chandler. Book at
  9. Well this is my third MOC. It's approximately a 1977 HZ Sandman panel van. It was the 70's in Australia, so lairy graphics and goodies style fonts were standard. Two kinds of people bought sandman's. Tradie's and surfers. Surfers loved them because you could fit surfboards in the back, without needing roofracks. The other think you could fit easily in the back was a mattress. More than a few Australian children of the 70's and 80's were conceived in the back of a sandman. The real ones look like this: My lego one has the following features: Opening doors, bonnet, tailgate and rear window. Live axle rear suspension Front independent suspension Steering wheel and TOG (tailpipe of god) steering 4 + R gearbox V8 engine (thanks jorgeopesi) Lairy graphics Removable body So the lego one looks like this: 2015-08-23 12.14.28 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.16.36 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.17.05 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.18.32 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr 2015-08-23 12.15.58 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr And you can see more on my Flickr: Keen to see what everyone thinks.
  10. Banjo

    Hi from Banjo

    Hi everyone! I've posted a few times sporadically here, but mostly just lurked... but now I want to take a more active part so I thought I'd take the time to make a proper "hello" post (though not as long-winded as my other new post in the Pirates section!). Short version: I'm an Aussie in my late 30's for whom Lego was a huge part of their childhood, but drifted away from it into my own "dark age" until a few years ago. A random buy of a Heroica game set got me curious and interested to buy and build a few other random "regular" sets out of nostalgia, but it was the then-new Alien Conquest theme that made me fall in love with Lego all over again; so *fun* and (for me) mindblowingly different from what was around when I was a kid! After that, I discovered my childhood dream of "Lego Star Wars" actually existed, and the LOTR line was just coming out... and the rest is history. I now own *far* too much Lego at my age, but I love it as much as I did when I was eight years old! Glad to see that I'm not the only "big kid" who feels that way... not by a long shot! :)
  11. LukeWarmTea

    Lego Club ANZ

    Hi all does anyone know if the Lego Club ANZ has Green, Red and Yellow mags or just the Red they advertise? Thanks in advance, Al
  12. incomplet

    Hello from down under

    Hello All, I've kinda tried to go out of the norm and try to give an in-depth introduction about my passion for Lego. My name is Dan, and i'm just starting to get back into Lego. After a lull of around 9 years. I stopped buying and assembling Lego as a teenager. And have recently started picking it back up again. I'm a huge modular building fan and love how so many different existing parts can be used to create intrinsic and delicate elements. I guess Lego has helped shape my career in construction and also made me come back to this incredible hobby. I became a big watch collector but have stepped away from it in the hope my childhood/teen hobby can reinvigorate my imagination and my roots of Lego instilled in myself. I'm based in Sydney, Australia. So shout out to anyone located nearby! What attracted me to Eurobricks? I quite like the staff structure and hope one day i can move up the hierarchy. Heres to a new beginning and a 2nd chance with Lego. P.S Please be kind as i'm not very new with the terms and only just starting to pick them up!
  13. Everyone, It's taken me a while to get this up here, but this is my first ever MOC. I wanted to build a car, but I wanted to build something unique. Then when I was flicking through a car book I was inspired. Something Australian (like me) , and unique (like me). A ute. Even more relevantly, they will be stopping manufacture in a couple of years time. My MOC is based on approximately the VE Commodore, which when it is not made of plastic, is still made of plastic and steel and looks like this: It is RC, and uses two XL motors for drive and a servo for steering. No gearbox. That's a bit scary. There's also a fake V8 motor, driven by the two XL's. It also has an opening boot lid using a linear actuator. And the moment you have been waiting for, the pictures. I think my picture taking is improving. It is built mostly from 8070, 42000 and 42029, since I'm still building my parts collection. Lets hear it for cheap red panels. I'm very keen for everyone's feedback. 2014-12-27 18.01.21 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.07.07 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.04.08 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.06.01 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.03.35 by veryrusty82, on Flickr 2014-12-27 18.02.16 by veryrusty82, on Flickr There are a couple of more photos in my flickr album. No video, it's beyond my current skill.
  14. lightningtiger

    The Evolution Of New Mannum

    For post number........ I thought I would talk about the evolution of New Mannum. Okay, the name.....well, I'm a Buck Rodgers fan and in the early 80's TV series all of Earth's cities had New in front of their names....i.e. New London. Now that's the new part explained, the name Mannum is from the South Aussie river town that my family moved to in 1840 and helped build it. Hence since I'm building mine, add New and Mannum together......presto New Mannum. So back in late 2009 we started with this...... Not long after.....only about two to four months a complete rethink....the first of many took place Though changes happen again and again at Christmas 2010...... After Railshow 2011 I went a little crazy on the town's layout...... Late 2011 Mid 2012 saw the beginning of the 8x16 tiled roadways..... 2013 came along...... 2014 saw even more changes...... I was still restless in 2014...... And now 2015......... I guess I might never finish New Mannum or ever be 100% happy with it......though it's current layout works the best transport wise and it has a small country town feel like my very first one did back in late 2009. So here's to my next 20000 posts on Eurobricks.......Brick On and Keep Watching !
  15. erlogerik

    Side Tipper Road Train

    Hello all, I want to share with all of you this MOC that I designed in LDD and posted in the Lego Ideas page. If you like it please support me here!
  16. I'm Alasdair all the way from Australia I mainly build technic but also love just plain i'll lego! my facebook page is i would love you to help support me :D
  17. lightningtiger

    New Mannum Rebooted

    Okay, so you're what gives.......2015.....already ? Ha, well I must start preparing for Railshow and Bricktopia I don't leave things too late eh ? First cab off the rank to face a redo......True Value Hardware. Now I based this one more on this...... This one is in South Australia, though I kept the top section from the Western Australia store design......I think this one is a greater improvement - looks more genuine South Aussie and more items can be displayed in the windows. The Landmark store is next...only a few buildings are getting the treatment so the layout doesn't go back to being boring again ! Keep watching !
  18. I'm not sure whether to post this here in Technic/Mindstorms/Model Team or in the Events forum. On the one hand, it's clearly an Event, on the other hand, I need the exposure to the Technic community. I'll post it here, but I'll understand if a moderator wants to move it. My name is Owen, and I'm trying to get together a large GBC exhibit at next January's Brickvention in Melbourne, Australia. If you're able to get your modules to Melbourne, and are interested in helping celebrate 10 years of GBC, please email me at, or send me a PM with your email address. Thanks Owen.
  19. Hi i just wondering if anyone else has ordered from the Lego S@h (Shop at home) website and how long your order took to arrive in Australia. I ordered a set on the 03rd of June (qualified for standard free shipping) and it still hasn't arrived. Is it normal for packages from S@H to take over 20 days to arrive? The tracking i number i have says Fri 06 Jun 2014 15:35 Shipping information received by Australia Post. If i knew it would take this long i would have bought it from gumtree or Ebay for an extra $30 and got it two weeks ago. Just another Nail in the coffin for my hatred of all things Lego in Australia.
  20. Only a minute ago reading a huge full page ad in the morning paper..........AFL Microfigures.....they look a bit Mega-blok-ish with faces on them so Clone Wars looking it's not funny. It appears the AFL is joining a global trend......the NFL in the USA also has a similar series......but hey in both they include their respected footballs....very handy for our normal minifigs to play with right ? In the AFL series it also includes two puzzle pieces which once all collected forms a footy ground (oval shape) complete with goal squares, centre circle and 50m lines. I might just have to buy at least one to see how bad they score a ball......then I need to custom some minifigs......I can then have my own tigers team ! The only thing is they are only available at Coles supermarkets or Coles Express Shell service stations......though two bucks is a good buy. Even though I have a review in the RA to go......I might have to review at least one microfigure........I hope I can find a Crows or Tigers player......oh, to tell them apart in the blind bags.....they all have different hair styles.
  21. Day 1: Thursday. I got there at about 7:30 PM and set up my moc. After that i just had a look around and met up with Ben (SandMirror38) then continued looking until it closed at 9:30 Day 2: Friday. I went around 8:30 AM and checked up on my Moc then at 9:00 AM we had the introduction. When that finished the build in the bag contest began and then Jack (Jacka) sat behind me so we tried to finished the speed build in time but failed. After that Jack set up his Moc and i met with my friend James who i was displaying next too.Then it was time for Glenn Abell from Lego Australia to give his presentation. When he was talking about Chima i had a smirk on my face and he pointed me out, Lol. Afterwards i went and brought some stuff from Minifig World and made some figures with Jack, one of which was a photo bomber name Jihad Joe and the photo bombing began! There was one time where i was photo bombing a train track and didn't see the train coming around the corner and i derailed it.... Jack said he will not ever let me forget that. So i after that i met Lachlan (Refy L.S) and i hung with him, Jack and James until the Auction. So after the Auction it was dinner time so i went home for dinner. Day 3: Saturday: The Public was let in and the line was massive! I met up with Ben Cossy and saw his awesome Moc. After that Jack, Lachlan and i did some fig-barfing and talked to some more people. Then after the crowd died down i met Ryan Mcnaught who is the only Lego Certified professional in the South Hemisphere (Who also grew up in the same region and went to the same school as me, Lol) And got a photo with him and his moc the Sydney Opera House. he is such a nice guy he even asked see my moc so he came over with Richard (gasdoc_oz) and gave some feedback. Such a top bloke. That was a main highlight of the whole event for me. Day 4: Sunday. So i walked in, meet Jack & James in time to see everyone get in. Then the power box in my moc fried so i had to take in out and change batteries in front of everyone :( And that still didn't work. Its a shame because the kids loved the spinning Batmobile. After that i meet up with Shannon Ocean who brought his awesome Rivendell Moc and his Cloud City moc from last year (Now Rob's). Later i talked a lot with Nick who tells me is getting Flickr so thats good, his also a part of my LUG group too so thats more good news. then i walked around with Jack & Ben some more, Then sat down and had a chat with Gabriel (qi_tah) Who made a awesome Fabuland Hobbition then walked around with Jack some more. Then i got a picture with Peter Helliar, his a comedian and does some things on Channel 10. Then the convention ended. Overall i recommend anyone that can make it to come. its an awesome experience
  22. The Bat-Bunker is a secret headquarters underneath Wayne Tower established during the tenure of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin. It's intended as a counterpart to the Batcave, but personalised to Grayson's crime-fighting approach and located in the heart of Gotham City. Alfred Pennyworth helped Grayson build the bunker and also runs maintenance. Although the Batcave was originally left functional, Grayson and Pennyworth eventually moved everything into the bunker when a security breach was made by Two-Face. So this was my first time building something comic book based (Besides Scenes) as a full Minifigure scale sized moc. And to be honest i think it turned out ok, When i choose to make this Moc i was reading all the Comics from Grant Morrison's run on Batman and the Bat-Bunker made its first appearance in a Comic i was reading so i took a lot of inspiration and references not only from that title but multiple. As with all comic book locations it looks different in all the multiple titles so i have taken many scenes and location and tried to fit them together. But most of this Moc has come from my own imagination with inspiration from multiple sources Tv, Movie, Comic etc. Wideshot Exterior shots Interior shots Promotional Poster for the Moc This Moc was displayed at Brickvention 2014, Melbourne Australia. Thanks For Visiting!
  23. LukeWarmTea

    Hi! Alexandra from NZ here.

    Hi all! I'm Alexandra, a mum from NZ and I'd love to meet other NZ lego fans. I loved Lego as a kid and collected Basic stuff, the Robin Hood series and Technics, but we couldn't afford the motorised stuff. I'm still in the same boat moneywise, I work part time as a cleaner and my partner Sara works on the lumber yard so Lego has always been a bit out of reach. My daughter is now 5 (and a half, the half is important!) and she's been given Friends the past year or so, which is slowly taking over from her Duplo which she still sometimes plays with. It has Bob the Builder stuff, so that's an incentive for her. She loves City and had some pretty neat sets which we've cannibalised (along with the Friends parts - those lovely colourful flat pieces are the best) into baby cots, change tables, high chairs and buggies, bunk beds and go-carts - all that stuff little kids are into. I want to build with her, for her and for myself too. For the longest time I was into Sylvanian Families and I should've been buying Lego! I would love to own a big modular building like the Parisian Restaurant - all those mod builds remind me of times in Europe and the UK (where my family is) and look nothing like NZ - I'd be keen later to take on the challenge of a NZ building, maybe a weatherboard villa or two. So that's it really. Oh, and I support those trying to address gender imbalance in toys, it's a bit of a thing for me I guess. I don't want my little girl to think she can't play with Ninjago, and I don't think her friends who are male should be unable to play with the Friends figs. I'd also like to see more advanced builds targeted to girls - like a motorised Friends range or something. Anywho, it's nice to meet you! Alexandra